Ryder Mystery Expands - Implicates Pentagon in Oklahoma Blast
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Introduction - The Chain of Evidence...

Portrait of a Terrorist Organization: 
      The Joint Chiefs of Staff and
      Operation NORTHWOODS

The Ryder Truck 'Bomb Factory' 
      Images Made Public (background)

Washington Post Links Image to DARPA
      Secret Weapon Project

Anatomy of a Disinformation 'Leak' 
      and The Fourth Estate

Evidence Uncovered: DARPA Story Fraudulent

Scientific Image Dating Confirms DARPA Lies

Pilot's Death Linked to Photos
      Suggests Murder and Cover Up

Timothy McVeigh as Patsy, Front Man, Cutout

The New Math and New Physics
      FBI's Impossible Bomb Story

Image Analysis as ANFO Bomb Factory

Image Analysis as METC Bomb Factory

CIA's METC Bomb Technology Review

New Image Reveals Details, New Questions

Government's Response to This Web Site

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The Original 'Bomb Factory' Image That Suggested The Unthinkable 

Oklahoma City Bomb Factory? Yes, according to unnamed photographer, who claims it was taken over a high security compound in a remote section of Camp Gruber, Oklahoma in 1995 just two weeks prior to OKC blast. Elements within this image are consistent with requirements for either ANFO or  METC bomb manufacture. The significance of so many covered vehicles, especially those within the inner fences, implies the site has been inactive for some time, the process of reactivation taking place.  The rental truck would be an obvious new arrival.  There is a second picture. 

See both pictures         What the site looks like today       Satellite Images of site

Demand A New FULL Investigation of This Matter with FULL Public Disclosure!

Introduction To A Chain of Evidence Against The Military

Doubt me if you will, and question everything I say - healthy advice in any contested matter. But only a fool will form an opinion before examining the facts, so hear me and the evidence before you judge with finality. Because before we are through, it is my hope you will doubt media and government, and question everything they say.

Virtually all Americans would agree with the notion that any government which plots and carries out mass murders, unspeakable atrocities, and human rights violations upon its own citizens, in the process violating its own laws and the laws of God... that government is an outlaw and should be overthrown and its leaders brought to justice. Is the above representative of the old Soviet Union? Cuba? Red China? Iran? Probably all Americans would conclude one or more to be true. But I warn you here and now, with proofs herein, that it also applies to the United States of America. Incredible?  Yes, but more to the point, so frightening as to shake one's entire belief structure. 

These are the things I hope to demonstrate here,  though not necessarily in the same order: 

     1)  That only through manipulation of media, a Fourth Estate of government largely owned by military contractors, does your present doubt exist, 
          formed in blind acceptance as gospel whatever disinformation was fed you; 

     2)  STARTLING NEW PROOF That the Military has actually planed the kind of terrorism seen in Oklahoma, an is therefore capable of Oklahoma; 

     3)  That Timothy McVeigh is a likely victim of CIA inspired mind control, thereby a pawn and patsy intended to take the fall alone in the same 
          manner as others before me have claimed for Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan; 

     4)  STARTLING NEW PROOF the bomb may have been made at the image site, not a simple home-made fertilizer-fuel bomb, but instead a commercial-
          grade ANFO bomb or a top secret CIA bomb technology called METC,  together with additional interior bombs; 

     5)  That there is a subversive and dark motive or justification in the minds of the military for the destruction of a building and the 168 humans 
          which gave it life, many of which were children;

     6)  STARTLING NEW PROOF  that the photographer of the 'bomb factory' images may now be known, and that he may have been murdered;

     7)  That there are proofs that support these claims worthy of at least demanding the matter be reinvestigated to include that possibility, not simply 
           focusing on two conspirators who themselves have ties to the military; 

Let us start by first asking if there is any evidence that the American military is capable of any thinking, strategy, or deed such as I charge them with, here. And make no mistake, I charge the military with terrorism, and other crimes... of essentially declaring a Secret War (an official military think tank term) on America in order to remake government more to their liking, something closer to a fascist military police state. If you think such charges are ridiculous... doubt me if you will, but look what is in the public record...

Portrait of a Terrorist Organization: The Joint Chiefs of Staff and Operation NORTHWOODS

James Bamford is a former investigative reporter for ABC news who is well known for his 1982  book, The Puzzle Palace, which reveals the inner workings of the super secret National Security Agency (NSA), which is much larger and more secret than even CIA. Bamford has authored a powerful new book called Body of Secrets (April 2001) which perfectly frames this presentation. According to the book, the Pentagon created a secret faked terrorism campaign called Operation NORTHWOODS in 1962, which was intended to commit acts of terrorism on American citizens and blame Cuba as a pretext for invasion and overthrow of the Castro regime.

The book quotes from details of the plan, which was signed by the five Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon, and presented to President Kennedy who promptly rejected it. Immediately after the rejection, US Army General Lyman L. Lemnitzer, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, sought unsuccessfully to destroy all related documents to the plan, according to Bamford. Here is what the Joint Chiefs endorsed, quoted in their own words from secret documents uncovered by Bamford:

"We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington," "We could blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba," "We could sink a boatload of Cubans en route to Florida (real or simulated)." There was a similar suggestion that a CIA passenger flight might be shot down claiming evidence that Cuban military forces were responsible. "Casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of indignation."

Interesting to note that all of these military men are now dead, outlived by Robert S. McNamara, then Secretary of Defense who now conveniently has no recollection of the plan, which he himself describes as "CIA-type operations." I guess it would be OK in his mind if CIA undertook such deeds? Despite McNamara's claim, the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Paul H. Nitze, has stated he supported the strategy of provoking a phony war with Cuba. Even McNamara admits "I just cannot conceive of [Nitze] approving anything like that or doing it without talking to me." Thus we must conclude McNamara's memory is equipped with a built-in protective on/off switch, one impervious to Nitze's superior memory.

The above plan was conceived and signed off by the highest levels of military leadership. They were obviously perfectly willing to allow Americans to die in simulated terrorist attacks in order to, in this case, support a phony invasion of Cuba. Looking back on history which has transpired between 1962, and now, virtually all of the events described have taken place. They need not have relevance to Cuba to deserve our concern, as long as they are either NORTHWOODS like in description, or if the actual result can be seen as beneficial to the interests of the military industrial complex. There are, by the way, other reports of similar plans before NORTHWOODS, one having to do with phony invasion from outer space, and another called the IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT of which it was claimed laid out a strategy strikingly like the World Trade Center Bombing well before the event. But NORTHWOODS is a smoking gun...

We did have a phony invasion of Cuba, the Bay of Pigs, which led Castro to escalate by importing Soviet missiles, spawning not only the Cuban Missile crises, but also, a whole new arms struggle most profitable to military contractors. We did have sinking boatloads of Cubans, promoting in general the interests of military with respect to Cuba, and strengthening of American Naval forces in Guantanamo Bay. We did have, more recently, a US warship attacked by terrorists in the Middle East, and also more recently, two separate incidents where CIA passenger planes were shot down (one by Cuba, the other by Peru.) 

The benefits to military, if any, are not yet visible in these later instances, the ramifications not yet fully played out. In general, all of these matters have resulted in either new military spending or in legislation which Constitutionalists can easily describe as Draconian, which erode personal freedoms and enhance the military and intelligence communities opportunities to get away with what would earlier have been considered an illegal abuse of power.  I suggest that in light of all these coincidental similarities to NORTHWOODS, we must start to examine any and all such tragedies more carefully. Are they always terrorist acts as reported, mere coincidence that they fit a NORTHWOODS style scenario, or are they actually NORTHWOOD-like operations being carried out? The answer is not totally obscured.

We should be especially wary when superficial review of any such event offers any hint that government may not be telling the truth. In Oklahoma, virtually every aspect of what government tells us, and which an unquestioning media owned largely by military contractors reports as gospel, can be so challenged. Something is simply not right, here. The laws of physics, for instance, cannot be as claimed by government. But that issue will come later. In Bamford's footsteps, let us first look for proof that government may have been involved in the Oklahoma blast. Enter the so-called 'Bomb Factory' photograph, a label this report will likely confirm in your mind as accurate.  There are too many facts to simply dismiss the possibility out of hand, perhaps because media has not deemed to tell you it is so.

The Ryder Truck 'Bomb Factory' Images Made Public

This affair is a great enigma. The anonymously supplied images shown here would, as claimed by the source, seem to potentially portray a secret bomb manufacturing facility for the bomb used on the Federal Building in Oklahoma City -- actually capturing the Ryder rental truck on film. The images were reportedly taken over the US Army base of Camp Gruber, Braggs Oklahoma, in early April of 1995, just prior to the explosion at the Murrah Building. There are reasons to consider this might be so -- just as there are reasons to be wary...

The original image pair was posted in 1997 at <http://www.speedtrap.com/speedtrap>, which no longer offers the material (makes sense as the site has nothing to do with such matters.) The holder of the original images wished, at that time, to remain anonymous out of reasonable fear from harm. Subsequently, a second image was released through <http://members.aol.com/bardsquill/truck.htm>, a site which remains very active on topic and offers a significant collection of material, mostly opinions rather than evidential. I posted both images along with critical evaluation about a year later. Since then, the holder of the originals has come forward: Norio Hayakawa is an outspoken and controversial expert on Area 51 who has since retired and who has not personally promoted the images. He was affiliated with Ted L. Gunderson, a well known figure active in civilian investigations into the OK bombing, and it is likely that relationship which prompted release of the images. 

Unretouched, uncorrected images as taken from original Web postings (no copyright - see corrected image versions here)

We are right to express a healthy doubt the images are as claimed. The source of the images was not known (anonymous pilot), the story behind acquisition unverifiable. Flaws within the images and an extremely poor color and contrast quality suggest the "originals" are second generation. The original presenter is both controversial (as am I) and has himself never personally promoted the images. It was originally claimed by Mr. Hayakawa that the photographer would soon come forward to tell his story. This did not happen, increasing the natural skepticism factor, though there is now a growing body of evidence, presented herein, that the pilot has died under mysterious circumstance - in an amazing and suspicious coincidence, within a few hundred feet of the actual sit of the images. There is also a third party who has come forward to a certain government official to claim himself to be the pilot, but under circumstances which make his motives suspicious and his claims false - things even the official found peculiar.

Further, it would have been logical for Mr. Hayakawa to have given the images to his consort and OK activist, Ted Gunderson. That he did not implies that Ted did NOT want to be associated with the images, perhaps out of concerns they might be proven fraud and result in harm to his work and reputation. Many persons have already rushed forward to claim the image a fraud, or impossible to be as portrayed for many reasons. Even I found that high-magnification and image enhancement of the vehicle indicates it is likely a 1996 Honda Civic manufactured well after the bombing. That finding was immediately challenged by many as flawed analysis subject to human error and suffering technical limitations which made any such conclusion little more than 'a guess.' But if any of the cited negatives were true, the image and its relevance becomes suspect. However, new proof reveals the image was indeed taken prior to the availability of such a Honda.  I yield to it with a graceful 'Oops!' and point out that I myself had warned that the Honda conclusion was questionable.

But we are also right to consider the image as possibly being exactly as claimed. An amazing number of persons who have attacked the validity of these images have intelligence community and military ties, applying disinformation tactics, a matter in which I am considered expert.  A large number of them are also the same persons who have come forward to attempt to deflate other conspiracy claims regarding Oklahoma, Flight 800, and so forth. This smacks of orchestrated disinformation tactics and, in my mind, renders the images more likely to be genuine. At the least, it makes me want to take a closer look at the matter.

The issue of harassment attacks on Mr. Hayakawa which caused him to retire not too long after these images were widely circulated and discussed, fits the profile of similar government attacks used against proponents of Flight 800 friendly fire, myself included. This, too, gives me reason to lean towards acceptance of the images. The image content, reviewed with the knowledge I possess about CIA's METC bomb technology lends great credibility in my mind that this is indeed a bomb factory. Late breaking discoveries show it could also be a facility for production of high-performance commercial grade ANFO bombs, and will be shortly presented as a cornerstone of this presentation..

Finally, in my book, Fatal Rebirth, I discuss a former CIA operative historically associated with CIA weapons research projects, such as the Ingram submachine gun and B.R. Fox killing devices (exploding light bulbs, etc.) A  former operative with a background in a number of agencies contacted me to suggest this same man, Jim Werbell, was peripherally involved with the bombing. And still another former operative told me (prior to any discovery by news or government) about a notorious German named Andreas Strassmeir who has ties to the East German Secret Police (the STASI) and who was alleged to be illegally in the country at the time, and thought to have been involved in terrorist bombings of night clubs in Europe which killed American servicemen.  Both he and Werbell are exactly the type of people who would be logically assigned to a covert bombing, and both were apparently in the same places at the same times, and met with McVeigh. All these things suggest suspicion is justified, especially since many of the elements have since been confirmed true.  A good place to test that suspicions validity is government's response through media about the aerial images.

The original images were posted in 1997, existing at first in only two places on the Web - note thus seen as particularly important 'national issue.'  Yet it did create at least some public concern, and this in turn resulted in citizens talking to their Congressmen and asking if they had seen the image and what was going on with it.  Mainstream media was also being contacted, but not one elected to investigate or write about the matter.  The reader might be wise to ask why not?

Still, one might reasonably assume that, if a military conspiracy was involved in the bombing (the photographs being a bomb factory as claimed), that some tactic would be in order that might insure Congressmen would not put too much thought into the matter... concluding the images was not a bomb factory at all, and the Ryder truck was mere coincidence blown out of proportion by 'conspiracy theorists.'  That thought will be revisited.  Something did happen to serve these ends, and it happened very quick on the heels of the debut of the images.  An article would finally appear in the Washington Post, and no where else. Congress dumbed down on the images.  I would hope the reader would ask why the issue was carried only in D.C., and want to take a closer look at the story and consider if it was legitimate, or disinformation.

Secret DARPA Weapon Project Tied to Ryder Truck 'Bomb Factory' Site by Washington Post 

The Oklahoma National Guard is cited in a 06/14/1997 newspaper article by  Washington Post Staff Writer, Richard Leiby, as admitting that  the facility in question was a classified DARPA weapon testing  project.  In the article MANY MILITIA GROUPS SCALE BACK, DISTANCE THEMSELVES FROM MCVEIGH, the author avoids pointing readers to any specific Web site, merely alluding to their existence.  This denies readers any means of looking for themselves to see what the writer is talking about, a matter which might arguably be described as an indicator that the purpose of the article is less than sincere, not willing to let readers be fully informed or draw their own conclusions.  Quoting...

"Other Web sites carry photos of a Ryder truck parked at a  military installation in Oklahoma, where conspiracy-minded  investigators contend the fertilizer bomb was assembled. The Oklahoma National Guard confirmed Friday that the aerial photos were indeed taken above Camp Gruber in the fall of 1994 and said the classified project involved weapons sensors and was overseen by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.  The National Guard's statement said the truck 'had no association  whatsoever with the tragedy at the Alfred P. Murrah Building."

Note a bit of smoke? The traditional derogatory (disinformation) tactic of labeling anyone showing the image as  'conspiracy-minded' sounds a bit familiar.  Such 'conclusion' labeling has no place in a newspaper-of-record journalistic effort which is supposed to report the facts and allow the reader  to deduce for themselves.  This tactic was first employed successfully in  like manner to cause anyone to shy away from asking questions about the Kennedy assassination - those who dared being labeled 'conspiracy theorists.' 

The tactic is still used today in general media,  despite hard facts which have surfaced to clearly show there was  indeed a conspiracy which involved CIA... facts which would likely not have come to light without the so-called 'conspiracy-minded'  citizens so villainized by media such as the Washington Post - who failed to do the investigation themselves.  Another good example is media's continued labeling of Randy Weaver as White Separatist/Supremist even though courtroom testimony has proven otherwise according to at least one honest local paper willing to publish the pertinent transcripts.  But government handed media a  piece of paper with those words on it in a press release, and  thus, media has dutifully reprinted and repeated (endlessly, unceasingly, and joyfully) the racial hate group labels as gospel ever since. Hitler's propaganda machine master mind, Dr. Gobels, explained the technique this way: "If you repeat a lie often enough, the people will believe it."

Of course, I should talk.  I use such labels extensively in my  own writing.  I use labels like 'disinformation' and  'disinformationalist', 'cover up' and 'conspiracy' to describe whatever seems to me to represent those particular ducks.  The  difference is,  They use such terms to suppress inquiry and challenges to their brand of truth, and I use them to challenge the reader to demand the truth.  The other difference, of course, is that I serve no master, am owned by no corporate entity, certainly not a military contractor, as are many of the major news organs of today. Thus, my labels are not friendly to  the NWO or  military-industrial- intelligence-media complex (MIIM, a term I originated in my book, Fatal Rebirth), and  theirs are. Seems to me someone has to challenge spoon-fed  journalism of the Fourth Column. I am thankful that at least one Political Science and one Journalism professor has seen fit to use my 25 Rules of Disinformation as part of their curriculum in two different universities.

Clearly, media (even such as the Washington Post) was not up to  the task to question government's actions and tell us the truth  in those instances.  In point of fact, I maintain there is hardly a mainstream media source which is not part and parcel of the general disinformation problem which would send Diogenes home empty handed. The ancient Greek searched all his life for one honest man, and if alive today, I suggest that media is the last place he should look.  Any superficial examination of CIA's Operation Mockingbird which started almost immediately after formation of the Agency in 1947 will reveal a deliberate ongoing policy of infiltrating major media groups to specifically control what is distributed through the American press and broadcast networks. It represents nothing less than an illegal covert attack upon the people of the United States which exactly mirrors the kind of subversive tactics and methods CIA applies when overthrowing the leadership of any other country.  Do you wonder why they do it, and why, Congress knowing they do it, allows it?  It is, in point of fact, a form of mind control.

More to the point, the Washington Post was quick to willingly sign onto that program, and actively play 'pocket paper' for CIA ever since. Now deceased (shotgunned to death under what some describe as 'spooky' circumstances) Philip Graham, publisher and senior editor of the Post has been cited as believing "...the function of the press was more often than not to mobilize consent for the policies of the government."  He is further cited as an architect of Mockingbird -  the use and manipulation of journalists by the CIA. Where were these citations from?  A critical book on topic by Deborah Davis titled Katharine The Great (the successor heir to the Post empire being his wife, "Kate".)  What happened to that book is equally telling. Some 20,000 copies (almost the entire production) were purchased by CIA and destroyed. So we might not want to believe everything we read in the Post - or any other mainstream media. Learn more here.

In this case, the photograph clearly  deserves that the posed questions to be asked, but we obviously  cannot well rely on media to do its job and ask on our behalf. Further, I object to the  inference that "conspiracy-minded investigators contend the fertilizer bomb was assembled" when In point of fact, not one Web site or activist in this matter who challenges governments claims or believes a fertilizer bomb was the principle weapon used at all - as the forensic evidence does not support  that notion. This, too, we will revisit. Since these tactics take on the 'look and feel' of disinformation, it might behoove us to take a closer look at the article in question.

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