Ryder Mystery Expands - Implicates Pentagon in Oklahoma Blast
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Introduction - The Chain of Evidence...

Portrait of a Terrorist Organization: 
      The Joint Chiefs of Staff and
      Operation NORTHWOODS

The Ryder Truck 'Bomb Factory' 
      Images Made Public (background)

Washington Post Links Image to DARPA
      Secret Weapon Project

Anatomy of a Disinformation 'Leak' 
      and The Fourth Estate

Evidence Uncovered: DARPA Story Fraudulent

Scientific Image Dating Confirms DARPA Lies

Pilot's Death Linked to Photos
      Suggests Murder and Cover Up

Timothy McVeigh as Patsy, Front Man, Cutout

The New Math and New Physics
      FBI's Impossible Bomb Story

Image Analysis as ANFO Bomb Factory

Image Analysis as METC Bomb Factory

CIA's METC Bomb Technology Review

New Image Reveals Details, New Questions

Government's Response to This Web Site

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New Image Confirms Much, Raises New Questions
At no little risk, my field investigators have undertaken to provide this image of the site as it is today.  A first-hand visit to the site and interviews with National Guardsmen add more details.  Looking closely with an analytical eye will both confirm prior assessments and reveal new mysteries which demand attention.  Why, for instance, are materials deemed to be so important they are fenced in being allowed to be overrun with weeds - and why is the area adjacent completely relandscaped and well maintained when the weeds have visible control over the actual facility the greens front? This is not at all normal military thinking - where there are three rules: If it moves, wash it, if it don't move, paint it, and if it grows, cut it.

See original pictures         See picture full size below       Satellite Images of site

Demand A New FULL Investigation of This Matter with FULL Public Disclosure!

Image Analysis as METC Bomb Factory

CIA's METC Bomb Technology Review

I had planned to include an updated version of my analysis of this site as an METC bomb making factory.  This had earlier been displayed for more than two years with very few people signing on.  Most of what applies to the tube mixer and the rest of the image, especially those things which represent new information, also apply to METC.  As I have run out of time, and can no longer afford to delay the posting of materials which may help to stay McVeigh's execution pending a proper investigation, I must instead for the time being suggest that readers interested in learning about METC request that from me directly.

New Image Reveals Details, New Questions

Like an eerie ghost town and perhaps just as haunted, the image below serves to offer more clues, and generate more questions. Taken in late spring of 2001 by persons friendly to investigators operating on behalf of this author, it offers lighting and image/exposure qualities, it was made available to me just days before this material was written and posted.  This author has enhanced the contrast from the original and edited out a protrusion of the aircraft involved which might make it possible to identify the pilot/owner.  Taken later in the year, note the lone tree near the bottom cement pad, which like all the trees, is now fully clothed in green, and compare to the inset from the original series, where the same tree (younger at the time) was just starting to fill, and other species had not yet started to bud visibly. 

The purpose of the shed comes into question, it not being positioned or of proper size to be a guard shed, and no indication is found within the image for any other need of a structure. The fence is indeed still there, but the security pole which had held a camera or at least a light is gone (NW corner.) What is also gone is the gravel, replaced by dirt.  Why?  Does it appear in general to the reader that there is a slightly higher ground level within the compound than without?  Certainly, it must be higher if the inner fence post casing have not been removed, for there is no sign of them in the dirt. Does the soil appear even higher where the alleged nitrates pile had once before been (near NW corner) and which remained so persistently even in the satellite images?  Regarding that suspect chemical, note that now, there is a new pile of similarly colored materials in the SE corner, perhaps some innocent materials (analysis pending at the time of this writing) meant for investigators to perceive as the former, moved? Note they come very close to the fence, tempting civilian investigators to simply drive up and sample through the fence. 

Like an Eerie Ghost of the Past, The 'Bomb Factory site' is Now Only a Translucent Shadow of It's Former Self

And look at where the main trench had once run from the street diagonally along the path of the strung power line, thought to have been water or perhaps a gas feed... completely removed, leveled, and seeded.  Why? It has even been carefully removed along the roadway (the satellite image close up reveals this had run all the way to the first crossroads.) With the removal of the trench, the special utility boxes at the base of the pole have also been removed. The satellite image also suggested by lack of shadow that the large shed (larger than the one in this image) on the most easily accessed cement pad (lower) no longer present.  Here, we clearly see it is gone.  Why?  What was it's purpose? The entire area of the former compound has been mowed, but not the area adjacent left, which fronts the cross road just mentioned. 

But the point of greatest interest is the area described as the 'foot' in the satellite image.  Note now that even more trees have been cut down, and that the area has been overgrown or perhaps seeded as was the main trench line. Why?  Note that this overgrowth, unlike any other area in the entire image, including the general woods area, is perhaps showing the most dense and wild growth, and is the only area not 'groomed' at all. Why? Stuck away in the far corner of a camp not even inhabited on a regular basis, who would care about the visual appearance of the landscape when the rest of the camp is essentially wild woods?  Who, that might be moved to taking such care of the remainder of the area, would ignore the one spot where there are suspicions of something being buried?  Why?

This author would love to lead an expedition to this site to take soil core samples and test for buried items, and to investigate the area thoroughly - something which is now only a matter of time and expense.  Anyone willing to fund or otherwise assist in such an operation may contact the author. With the publishing on the Web of these questions, it is supposed that if there are any serious clues to be found by such a site examination, that those with something to hide will have only two options.  They must either revisit the scene of the crime and take further steps to eradicate any remaining chemicals and buried items... or they must move against this author in some way to suppress or neutralize the questions themselves.  I have allowed for both contingencies. 

Until an appropriate physical investigation of the site can be undertaken, several persons who have regular access to the camp who are friendly to the author and other investigators will be on the lookout for any further activity. I cannot divulge the details on the various means by which they will take note and document any such efforts, and encourage the other side to underestimate any such ability. For example, is proposed any so disposed might try a night-time operation, if they feel lucky and think cover of darkness will serve.  With respect to any actions against the author or other investigators, I suggest a visit to the 'Mysteries' page at this Web site (proparanoid.NET.)  It is simply a matter of how sweet the coffee will be for those who would prefer it remain black...  One lump, two, or perhaps three lumps?

Government's Response to This Web Site
Updated 12/98, 6/01

UPDATED: 12/98 CIA/FBI visits author after posting information below. Contents of this Web site (proparanoid.net) has apparently drawn intense interest from the intelligence community. Within 72 hours of posting METC/OKC and Flight 800 material, a "retired" CIA agent/operative known to me from prior surveillance of myself (which was at the time undoubtedly related to my post of 400 CIA fronts/200 CIA mind control fronts from my book, The Professional Paranoid, available on request everywhere), began dogging me at my place of work. He did not know that I had earlier made him. However, he must have gotten a clue when he lost me, only to discover me getting the license number of his (rented -- believed to have flown in from the Salt Lake City area) vehicle. He did an immediate about face and, according to reports, took a cab.

The next day, a person believed to be 'higher in the food chain' was there at work, and he spent some time and even engaged me in conversation (a retail environment). After an extended period, he left, just before my regular lunch time. I found him at my regular lunch spot, where he again spoke to me. Very nice fellow. Now, today, on my way to work I noticed a mini-van with illegal dark glass on all four sides escorting me part way to work. Impossible to see inside. As I go to lunch, my store's security team pulls me aside and warns me that the same vehicle stopped near my vehicle at the outer perimeter of the parking lot and four men dressed in identical dark suites and sunglasses spent some time inspecting my (wife's) car. This had taken place about an hour earlier. I walked to lunch and returned only to find the same vehicle tagging along an access road somewhat parallel to my path. Undoubtedly, someone has taken exception to my Web site. This time, the poor slobs didn't realize they did this under the watchful eye of a security camera with a 24 hr. tape -- which was how I was tipped off in the first place. Incidentally, I am not depressed...
The photo here is from yet another incident in more recent times, but likely unrelated to METC. Agency cannot acknowledge METC exists by making any move against me on issues related to topic. Other, more traditional 'solutions' or blind side attacks put them at risk in other ways. Therefore, it is better to ignore and hope readers decide the technology represented here is mere 'fiction', and not the fact I maintain.  Fiction thus becomes the very vehicle by which I can safely offer it here for your review. Outside of any such representation, I assure you, Agency would be forced to act. I would come to understand the true meaning of this incident - an agent was placed at my place of work, and he remained there for many months, befriending me and providing sympathetic 'helps' designed to cement a trusting relationship.  I never let on that I knew who he really was - and hold no grudge against him.  He was not only harmless, but helpful in many ways to my cause, providing a conduit directly to spook central.  Thanks Michael...
Low Profile?

UPDATED: 6/01  DOD/DOJ Visits to this site dramatically increased since work began on the OKC update. In the month of March, after coming into possession of new photographic evidence and other material suggesting the military involvement not only in the OK bombing, but also regarding the possible murder of the original pilot/photographer of the 'bomb factory' images, a number of unusual events occurred.  The Department of Justice (doj.gov) began visiting my Web site regularly in quantity (7 visits by two very close low-numbered terminals), and various Army visitors (nipr.mil, others) increased dramatically. Altogether, government visits rose several hundred percent (20 visits.)  Simultaneous to this activity, someone has hacked the Web site by way of modifying contents such that more than two-dozen links stopped working.  Also simultaneous to this event, someone removed seven files representing seven days worth of activity logs - which would or should have indicated the activity associated with any hacking efforts.  Five of these files were found in the wrong folders, as if someone was trying to return them after modifications had been made, but put them back into the wrong place.  Since these files are only created and used normally by automated software routines, and cannot be modified, deleted, or moved even by me, this is all very curious.  Not to worry though, since according to the records, these visits were chiefly to other files.  In fact, if we are to believe the records have not been modified, it would appear that the DOJ has decided to reopen the Kennedy Assassination - the most popular file being the CIA confession of same. Honestly!

Also in this time frame, I appeared on the Jeff Rense Show to talk about mind control for three hours.  Approximately 30 seconds prior to air time, the denial of service attack began.  Ten days later, it stopped, but not until after 90,000 consecutive page hits to a single file (the 25 Rules of Disinformation - probably their idea of a good joke.)  The hits were as frequent as two a second, certainly fast enough to bog down the hard drive of the server to the point of denying anyone else access.  A full third of the hits came from college systems, a third from unidentifiable URLs likely associated with DSL or similar direct lines, and a third of them unidentifiable except that they were from foreign soil. Simultaneously, also to the second, I suffered total denial of inbound email.  No one got an error message.  I couldn't even send email to myself.  Both of these blocks stopped exactly ten days later.  I am told that towards 50,000 page visits or more were bounced by the system, only the government attacks and about 5% of my normal traffic able to get through.  It has been explained to me that when a request for my Web site was generated, it was intercepted and replaced with one or more requests for truth.  It is not known what those attempting contact got instead.

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