US Military-Intelligence Double Agent
Plans, Trains, and Assists in Terrorism?
If so, it appears the US military intelligence community is guilty of continually aiding and abetting
terrorists in support of an Operation Northwoods scenario aimed at sponsoring a series of Middle East
wars for control of the region's oil

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14 Mysteries reveal more than 30 Indicators
Ali Mohamed is an American Double Agent, and more:

Am I a traitor for seeking to reveal US intelligence operations?

Fomenting terrorism via agent provocateurs is an old game

What is the nature and role of a double agent?

Media jigsaw puzzle - why does no one source tell the full story?

Meet America's terrorist double agent, Ali Mohamed: 1952-1981 time frame

How to create a double agent - Ali Mohamed: 1981-1985

Super weapon for agents: Political Control Technology

Insertion of a double agent in-country - Ali Mohamed: 1985

The mystery of the US Military and Ali Mohamed: 1986-1989

The mystery of the World Trade Center terrorists and Ali Mohamed: 1988-1989

The mystery of the defense contractor and Ali Mohamed: 1989

A murder mystery and Ali Mohamed: 1990

The mystery of al Qaeda power and Ali Mohamed: 1990-1993

The mystery of the WTC bombing and Ali Mohamed: 1993

The mystery of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Ali Mohamed: 1993

The mystery of a little white lie under oath and Ali Mohamed: 1993 vs. 2000

The mystery of Osama bin Laden's failed assassination and Ali Mohamed: 1994

The mystery of ignored evidence and Ali Mohamed: 1994

The magical mystery tour of al-Zawahiri and Ali Mohamed: 1995

The mystery of double agent CS-1 and Ali Mohamed: 1998-2000

The mystery of the crash of Egyptair Flight 990 and Ali Mohamed: 1999

The mystery of if Ali Mohamed is a double agent working for our side, or theirs

My voice is not alone. Key insiders, and others agree Ali Mohamed is a double agent

Source List

Major Ali Mohamed, Egyptian Army Intelligence,
CIA operative, Sergeant, US Army,
FBI informant, FBI Translator,
Top aid to Osama bin Laden
(BBC photo)

Ft. Bragg JFK Special Warfare Center
(US Army photo)

Operation Bright Star (USAF photo)

US Military-Intelligence Double Agent Plans, Trains, and Assists in Terrorism?

If so, it appears the US military intelligence community is guilty of continually aiding and abetting
terrorists in support of an Operation Northwoods scenario aimed at sponsoring a series of Middle East
wars for control of the region's oil.

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Am I a traitor for seeking to reveal US intelligence operations?

There is growing evidence the question above and its subtitle are true - instance after instance demonstrate a pattern of horrific and murderous deceit. A series of mysteries found in the life of Ali Mohamed reveal thirty separate indicators of his simultaneous relationships with terrorists and the US military-intelligence community. This article examines the question of if one Ali Mohamed was an operating double agent asset working for the US military-intelligence community in the time frame leading up to the 911 attacks. If true, I am exposing US intelligence secrets, an act contrary to declared 'national security' interests. One must ask why I risk harsh reprisals by so doing. Am I a traitor, or am I exposing traitors within these agencies?

The reason the matter is critical and must be explored and exposed is this:  If Ali is such an agent, then as seen in review of his role in the US military intelligence community, the US government is actually helping and freely allowing Osama bin Laden to carry out terrorism against the United States, perhaps even planning and fomenting it. This in turn means the sacrifice of significant numbers of American lives may have been sanctioned by the government in order to protect and promote Ali as double agent. This would seem to include 911 and the thousands of innocent civilian lives lost that terrible day, and prior acts which took many hundreds more to their graves, and injured more than 5,000.

Fomenting terrorism via agent provocateurs is an old game

History is rife with examples of governments committing acts of terrorism upon its own citizens for political gain. The most oft cited example is Hitler's Reichstag fire, which destroyed the beloved German National Library. Hitler blamed the fire on the communists, and through slick propaganda, leveraged this one relatively minor event into full control of the German government and the Nazi party, repressive laws, siezure of the free press, destruction of the free labor movement, and the creation of whole new security agencies to 'protect the homeland.'  Given his family's fascist leanings and historical ties to the Nazis in WWII, many people fear this is exactly what the Bush oil dynasty is doing here in America, step for step -- and they are not finished, yet. The strongest proof is found in Ali Mohamed and the existence of Operation Northwoods.

Ali, it seems, is seen to have been a key participant in various acts of deadly terrorism and just as key in planning many of them. We find him involved in Embassy bombings as well as both the WTC bombing attack and the plot to crash multiple airliners into buildings which led to 911. If this was done with CIA and military intelligence blessings, and no actions were taken to prevent such attacks, the US cannot claim no foreknowledge of such attacks, and is itself guilty of terrorism against you and me. It would further mean that an orchestrated Nazi like propaganda effort was being directed through media by government in what amounts to CIA style psychological warfare; a kind of mind control through disinformation and lies.

The only logical answer would seem to be a Reichstags fire scenario; a government fomenting violence against their own people for political gain - and profits. The payoff is increased political control at home through draconian responses to terrorism, and the creation of whole new repressive agencies such as Homeland Security and the Total Information Awareness Office. There is the additional control of oil resources abroad through puppet regimes established in the wake of wars against Islamic nations set up as 'sponsors' of the terrorism. And of course, there are other ways to make money in a war. The Bush family did that in WWII with American and German business partners, and were, along with cronies, even punished under the Trading with The Enemy Act (19) by Congress. They and their American and Islamic partners are well positioned to do it again, today.

As time goes by we learn of more and more details which imply the terrorists of 911 had direct ties to, were trained by, housed by, or employed by the military, military contractors, CIA, and even a company headed by George Bush at the time. We even learned that an Israeli spy ring investigating the terrorists was simultaneously investigating relationships with their US contacts in the military and intelligence communities (19.) The US simply threw the Israeli spies out of the country rather than investigate their actions or file charges, charges which would have resulted in court room descriptions of the terrorists cozy relationships to America's intelligence superstructure. It should be no wonder, then, that the Israelis warned select Israeli individuals of the 911 attack (19) just hours before the attack.

But Ali is the best single example and perhaps the only example of such things for which we have detailed access to information. He appears to be an actual double agent, which makes him a critical link and point of evidence of US complicity. This brings us to Northwoods, which is the original blueprint for an American Reichstag. Operation Northwoods was a Department of Defense plan signed off on by all five Joint Chiefs of Staff calling for staged terrorism against US military and civilian targets in the United States in order to generate support for a war. The game is an old one: blow up your own ships, bomb your own buildings, kill your own citizens, and blame an enemy. Hitler was expert at it. It seems that American fascists are no different than Nazi fascists. Amerika, like Germany, under the guise of such terrorism, is waxing very much towards becoming a fascist military-police state. We even give it a Germanic descriptive 'Homeland' security. Sich heil! Sich Heil! Sich Heil!

What is the nature and role of a double agent?

A double agent is a spy who works for you, but who is also recruited to be a spy for the other side. Usually, only one side knows the spying is in two directions, the side which has the spy's true loyalty. Of course, a double agent can be rogue, working both sides against the middle for self promotion, or actually be working for the other side all along, or even for a third country - a triple agent. And, it is even possible that both sides are aware of any such reality and simply using the spy as bait and to provide disinformation. A double agent plays the most dangerous of games, running the risk that either side will suddenly distrust him and end his game - permanently, or sacrifice him for some strategic gain.

But a good double agent offers the best chance to get access to the enemy's innermost secrets, or at the very least, to learn their methods and resources applied in spying and plotting against your side. Thus they are a valuable commodity, one typically left in place until they learn something that warrants taking action (i.e., to prevent an enemy action or breach of security caused by it.) Such moves usually require that the agent be sacrificed or pulled back to be protected from reprisals, as acting on such information frequently gives away the double agent's part in the matter.

Being a double agent often requires that the agent prove himself worthy of trust by the other side. He may be called upon to provide information about your side or to undertake missions to gather intelligence on your side, assassinate your people, reveal your active agents, or attack your assets. Often, a double agent is allowed to do such harm in hopes that the trust gained will allow even greater harm to the enemy at some point. The question is, who determines if and when should such lines be crossed and when they should be drawn firm and inviolate?  Someone must judge the risk and cost versus the intended and actual gains. As we will see in the case of Ali Mohamed, there seems to be no limit to the latitude allowed. Thousands of American lives and billions of dollars in assets were sacrificed. And to what gain?

A double agent has a goal -- to gather information which damages the other side, and often, to effect that damage directly (assassinate, bomb, etc.) This double agent resulted in no information whatsoever being acted upon by our government. No terrorist act of any kind was defeated or stopped. Multiple opportunities to get bin Laden and even a chance to get all the top terrorists of the world in a single strike were passed up. However, Ali was pulled - just prior to the attacks of 911, which implies that perhaps that event was the big payoff for his efforts. Yet  911 itself was even allowed to transpire. We must ask, if these were not the goals of inserting a double agent, then what were? What did we buy with nearly 5,000 lives?

There is another possibility. Sometimes double agents are actually agent provocateurs designed to stir political upheaval deemed beneficial to your side. Perhaps, rather than defeating the terrorist's efforts, it was to augment and direct them to their inevitable ends, in order that a Northwoods operation might better succeed. I make that charge, here, and back it up with facts to make the point clear: the United States government is guilty of terrorism against its own people, as well as a form of genocide against a whole religion/race set up as scapegoats, both crimes aimed at stealing their oil, and a means of gaining tighter political control at home.

Media jigsaw puzzle - why does no one source tell the full story?

This article was not easy to research and organize for presentation. For some reason, the American media, owned principally by MIIM* military defense contractors and/or infiltrated by thousands of CIA Project Mockingbird operatives, consistently fails to mention the most blockbuster facts which would make any news consumer want to know more, and start to demand answers. Instead, they reprint (often word for word) the same dry minimalist facts as offered them by government press statements, leaving anyone seeking the truth to look elsewhere. Not one includes all the important facts, though some might drop a tidbit not offered elsewhere. Indeed, one must go to the foreign press to get at the meat of things. Also odd... the foreign press frequently mentions US press statements, but the US press seldom quotes from the foreign press. 

* MIIM: a term I coined in my (unpublished) 1992 work, Fatal Rebirth - the Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Media complex, an enhanced and updated reference to the collective President Eisenhower described in his farewell address as simply the military industrial complex. He warned in his speech that such an entity was growing in this country and was a threat to its continued existence as a free society.

As a result, I had to scour through endless news sources to glean various select details not mentioned by others. Such study also revealed an interesting pattern of seemingly coordinated deceptions regarding Ali, a kind of shift in emphasis in media regarding the man and his actions once things reached a certain point. While there were commonly outright omissions of more dramatic and newsworthy story elements by virtually every US news source, the slanting of stories and the inclusion of outright misleading statements and 

government propaganda (how significant and large scale FBI counterintelligence efforts were, for example, as illustrated by The Washington File) was not uncommon. The greatest hat trick is when Ali went from being described as a US mole in the terrorist camp to being a terrorist mole in the US - almost overnight. This attempt to distance US complicity in his actions is somewhat transparent when seeing what foreign press writes about him -- and the actions of both Ali and government regarding each other in the final months of his career. As is often the case, only the foreign press dares tell the whole story and ask key questions you and I should be shouting at the White House. Our Jennings and our Brokow serve us not. Diogenese thwarted, again.

The picture created by these various puzzle pieces would be something entirely different than the US government, through a MIIM controlled media, has represented. A list of references will be provided at the end of document. This article attempts to sequence these facts and note their relevance to the double agent and Northwoods scenario. The reader is encouraged to read with a critical eye, check my references, draw their own conclusions and, if finding a strong likelihood that Ali was a double agent for the US, to spread the word: America is under attack from its own government - a new kind of terrorism called Domestic State Sponsored Terrorism (a nation terrorizing its own people to gain tighter political control) on behalf of corporate profits and an emerging police state, and global rule. Welcome to the New World Order.

Meet America's terrorist double agent, Ali Mohamed: 1952-1981 time frame

If CIA had inserted a double agent into Al Qaeda, the ideal candidate would fit a rather specific profile. Most such agents come from a pool of qualifiers which have a somewhat generic list of ideal credentials, experience, background, and circumstance. But to infiltrate an Islamic terrorist group would require some additional special characteristics. Ali Mohamed fits all requirements. This section examines how perfect a fit he is, shows how he could have been recruited and managed as a US asset while still operating as a trusted asset to Osama bin Laden and other terrorists, and at the same time, reveals how and why any such reality makes the US military-intelligence community culpable for 911 in an Operation Northwoods style plot. In review of the whole of his story, no fact or evidence would seem to contradict, and all elements would seem to support such a notion...
We find a perfect background for a double agent: Ali Mohamed was born an Egyptian in 1952 and raised as an Islamic (1.) Thus his heritage and racial background match that needed for infiltration into Arabic/Islamic groups. From his home in the township of Kafr El Sheik, (2) he was sent to the Cairo Military Academy (5) at a young age, something only the Egyptian elite could afford. This is the kind of social background from which intelligence agencies prefer to recruit. In recent history, those doing well financially in Egypt are generally financially attached to business abroad, most notably the United States. Many of the elite are therefore very familiar and friendly with elements of the US government in Egypt, which would include the State Department, home base and nesting grounds of CIA. Thus Ali's cultural and social circumstance is perfect.

Something about his personal background (family connections) and education at the academy must surely have set him up as a logical candidate for recruitment into the world of spies. He was apparently exceptionally bright and perhaps ahead in his academics by several grades. He was affluent in English, Arabic, French, and Hebrew, which would be extremely attractive to an intelligence agency, especially Egypt's. He was also probably taking Political Science courses at the Academy, which is CIA's favorite recruiting grounds both here and in schools abroad. He entered the Egyptian military in 1971 as a teenager and became an officer on a fast track to success in military intelligence (2.) Ali's immediate induction into intelligence and his rapid promotion to the rank of Major, and all that would follow... all point to some form of anointed recruitment and grooming. Somewhere along the way, he also received more than casual exposure to psychology (1) and its uses by the intelligence community, and in some circles is described as an expert in CIA political control technology (10.) More on that, later.

Note: both Ali and Mohamed (various spellings) are common Islamic names in the vein of Smith and Alan. However, given the details it is clear that all information herein relates to the same Ali Mohamed. There may be an attempt afoot to confuse the identity and trap those critical of government into confusing and misidentifying facts associated with Ali Mohamed with facts relating to one Mohamed Ali. At the very least, it is a confusing coincidence. This second person, a Taxi driver from Orlando with ties to Texas, is also a suspected terrorist sharing many ties with some of the same people, places, and events, and time frames as Ali Mohamed. When reviewing further materials by any author or news outlet, please take care to properly identify which Mohamed is being discussed -- especially when reviewing snipits of texts where only the first or last name is referenced.

How to create a double agent - Ali Mohamed: 1981-1985
Five indicators Ali Mohamed is a double agent

To create a double agent requires that you first create an agent with field experience as a covert operative. Ali became that with the Egyptian military, where his primary duties would naturally have involved investigation of domestic Islamic fundamentalist movements which were terrorist in nature. In fact, he was assigned to recruit informants (5,) a task which is exactly the type of covert field operations only a full-fledged spy would undertake. Egypt, like many of the Islamic nations in the region, was struggling to avoid revolutionary forces based on religious fundamentalism tearing the country asunder. This was extremely sensitive and dangerous work which required the svelte hand of a pro who had top notch training and support. The next key step in creating a double agent is to get them into the other side as a trusted friend.
A natural means for doing this was to have Ali investigate the terrorist groups and uncover some deep, dark secret that would damage the group. Rather than using that to make arrests and foil plans of the terrorists, it would be a simple matter to make known that the knowledge had been acquired but to also remain quiet about it, and to let the plans unfold, perhaps even providing key information or helps to insure success of the plan. By playing turncoat, the other side believes they have found a new ally. Complete trust not obtained, and is not the issue, but establishing a minimal working relationship, is. This would be an easy matter for a well placed and guided agent assigned to so infiltrate. The question is, are there indicators Ali took such steps?

Such an opportunity may have arose in 1981 when Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was assassinated by the very group that Ali was known to have been spying upon, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad (3.) That Ali may have actually used this murder to cement his relationship with the terrorists is indicated by a 1988 conversation with a US Military officer,  Lt. Col. Robert Anderson, in which Ali stated "Anwar Sadat was a traitor, and he had to die." (4) As we will later see, Anderson's relationship with Mohamed was itself rather interesting. This is our first indicator that Ali had been established as a double agent, if not for and by the US, then for the Egyptians, an asset perhaps to be passed on to the US, later. As such, it is a weak indicator, pending confirmations, which do exist.

The next step in establishing a double agent is to make the agent seem very valuable to the other side, to establish that element of trust. This is achieved by giving them actual access to broad categories of classified materials the other side would find of interest - to tempt them and to allow the agent to provide useful but not critical intelligence for the purpose. This was likely achieved when Ali was introduced into key circles of the US military intelligence network. This would likely have taken place during Operation Bright Star shortly after the assassination (1.) Bright Star is an annual joint Egyptian-US desert war games which is one of the largest such operations in the world. Again, there will be more on this, later. While it is not a documented event, other clues over time will suggest it played such a role -- and it is exactly the kind of opportunity which would excite a terrorist group. It is likely true, in that such a war game would naturally involve both Egyptian and American intelligence officers. This may thus be the first time Ali had an opportunity to catch the eye of future US handlers.

Indeed. This opportunity, our second tentative indicator, would seem to have been leveraged into Ali's being sent to the US for special military-intelligence training under a cooperative agreement between the two nations. Ali attended the John F. Kennedy School of Modern Warfare at Ft. Bragg, where he attended courses along side of Green Berets and Delta forces in surveillance, explosives, command and control, counterinsurgency and unconventional warfare (1.) While there, it is known that he had obtained Bright Star documents either from Egypt or while at Ft. Bragg -- they turn up later in this presentation. Given that access, and the fact that Bright Star comes up repeatedly in Ali's history, the value of the first two indicators is verified. Ali then returned to Egypt and, a short time later, left the Egyptian military in 1984 (3.)

The next step in creating a double agent is to establish a useful means of constant communications between agent and handlers which will pass scrutiny. To do this, you generally wish the opponents to think they are the ones obtaining a double agent, which will justify constant contact between both sides without raising suspicions of the other side. Ali achieved this soon after leaving the Egyptian military. He first became a security consultant to Egypt's airline, Egyptair, where he offered counter terrorism advice for eighteen months (3.) While in that position, he contacted the Central Intelligence Agency and offered his services as a double agent. Given that it is likely that Ali had already been in contact with CIA all along, this would be seen as meeting this step's requirement - a third indicator. To his Islamic friends, he is seen as trying to gain the trust of CIA. Egyptair, like Bright Star, will be revisited in this investigation.

This must have been a fortunate arrangement for CIA, though they would later use plausible deniability tactics to refute the matter. Ali in this time frame came into contact with whole new terrorist groups, to include the German branch of Hezbollah, which will also be an important element, later. Ali told this group he was associated with CIA, which is something he would likely do if seeking to appear as a double agent on the enemy's behalf - it would otherwise get him killed to make such a statement (5.) Yet this fact was itself reported back to CIA (apparently by another mole within the group) which in turn tells us that the action was, in all likelihood, a planned step as part of working for CIA to infiltrate the group. These two interlocking and mutually supportive facts brings us up to five indicators. What happens next as a result of this event is very telling, but will be put off for the moment.

Super weapon for agents: Political Control Technology

The topic of political control technology requires its own article. It is not, as some would have you believe, a fanciful X-files world of fictional construct. Indeed, I have written a book on topic, which specifically includes mind control tactics and the use of other psychological manipulations of targeted individuals. I will go so far as to say that EVERY American has already been victimized by at least one form of mind control -- that of a controlled media (disinformation), which causes our choices to often be those desired for us by others, and not those of our own volition. When this happens, our natural free will has been subverted.

As it happens, the story of 911 is very much under scrutiny as a psy-ops warfare enmeshed event, and on multiple levels using multiple techniques against multiple target individuals and groups. This is covered in some detail in my book, MC Realities. The great bulk of all research and application of such technology and methodology comes from CIA and the military. In my ProParanoid newsletter (e-zine,) I offer one whole issue which details over 250 real-world terms and devices, techniques, etc., based on these advances (free copy for the asking.)

The topic is raised here because of troubling reports that Ali Mohamed, in addition to everything else, is a psychologist specifically trained in how to apply drugs, hypnosis, and other tools of psychology for political control of individuals and groups. This could extend to the ability to induce terrorists to kill themselves - as well as to help plan terrorist events which are capable of producing maximum short and long-term psychological damage with respect to the nature of the induced terror. If these reports are true, then Ali is a very special person, one who has been 

carefully cultivated and trained for the purpose. This makes him extremely dangerous and increases his effectiveness as a double agent. It may be no accident that the military was conducting mind control experiments on unwitting Islamic students here in the US for several decades (11.)

Also of importance is the fact that one of Osama bin Laden's top aids is a similarly trained individual. Ayman al-Zawahiri is not only an aid to bin Laden, he is also his personal physician. But he is also a psychologist with special skills in political control (11.) There are credible reports, (ibid) in fact, that Osama bin Laden's more tactical decisions and actions are, by and large, being dictated by this man - who is described as single handedly convincing bin Laden to become a terrorist in the first place. It is interesting to note that al-Zawahiri and Ali Mohammed have met frequently. If CIA or anyone else wanted to 'manage' Osama bin Laden and his entire organization as an asset, perhaps for an Operation Northwoods scenario, this would be a perfect way to do it with centralized control. Two men, one in the Middle East with Osama, and one in the US with the terrorists, could do wonders. But as this is an exotic topic which may leave the casual reader skeptical, I do not include it as an indicator. It does, however, tend to amplify the meaning of several specific indicators, as we will see.

Insertion of a double agent in-country - Ali Mohamed: 1985
Two indicators Ali Mohamed is a double agent

Now we can look at what happened after Ali was reported telling Hezbollah he worked for CIA. CIA's response was immediate: they somewhat publicly 'terminated' their relationship with Ali. This is not something Agency would do even if thinking he was 'untrustworthy,' as they claimed was their reasoning. Agency would prefer to study the situation and find a way to take advantage -- if they were truly disenchanted. However, if they wanted the other side to think he really was a double agent, they might take such a step. For one thing, it would imply to the group that there was another mole in their organization, and likely, due to the nature of the information, allow them to pinpoint and eliminate him. Thus, Ali's termination was likely a sacrifice play resulting in the murder of the mole, to insure the new terrorist group trusted Ali, completely. All this may be deemed as mere conjecture, if the reader desires. But the next element will confirm it. Thus, this is the first indicator for this section that Ali is a double agent.
For another thing, CIA claims it issued warnings about Ali to all appropriate agencies advising  he had been put on the State Department's watch list and should be detained if possible (1.) However, almost immediately after this, in 1985 (1,) Ali enters the US using a specially arranged visa obtained under a CIA program within the State Department established by the Clandestine Services Office (5.) Rather than watching for and detaining Ali, he is anointed and blessed with trouble free entry. No. It only makes sense if he is still working for CIA. This is the second indicator, and it verifies the first.

The mystery of the US Military and Ali Mohamed: 1986-1989
Eight indicators Ali Mohamed is a double agent
Yet such a move (public termination as CIA operative) would require the establishment of a new communications mechanism, one replacing CIA with some other tantalizing target for the double Agent role -- from the terrorist's view. This was provided almost immediately. Ali marries a US citizen in Santa Clara and then joins the US military in 1986 (6.) In this event is further confirmation he is blessed by CIA, not condemned by them, since he is given a Secret security clearance which means a complete Federal Beaureau of Investigation examination of his past, especially given his status as a foreign citizen and military background, which in turn means a check with CIA. This is doubly clear since he is still a foreign national whose military records are known the US military and would telegraph alarm bells to all concerned. Regardless, before long, his terrorist connections would refer to him as 'Abu Mohamed al Amriki,' which translates as 'Father Mohamed, the American.'  This is the first indicator for this section.

What is interesting about his enlistment are several key points. One is, that he is quite old to be enlisting (35 years.) The military seldom takes people at that age. I was turned down by both CIA and the Air Force reserves, and the Sinai Listening Post projects as being too old at 35 - despite a great military background, top secret clearance, and significant additional qualifications. Two, is he quickly rises in rank to Sergeant (7.) Three, is that he is assigned to the same unit he had earlier trained at in Ft. Bragg - an 

eventuality which is about as likely as getting winning the lottery according to military experts (7.) Four, is that he ends up officially holding the duty of Supply Sergeant, which is a glorified warehouse attendant - but instead he is actually teaching courses in Middle East related topics at the JFK center to Green Beret and Delta types (1.) Collectively, these give us at least three more indicators. It reveals a dual role, indicative of a cover story for plausible deniability, and a true role which provides access to key people and resources.

While at Ft. Bragg, several interesting things happened in 1988 which further imply a role as double agent on behalf of either or both the US military and/or CIA. One (4) is that despite regulations and laws specifically forbidding it, Ali left America to fight in Afghanistan along side of other Islamics against the Soviets while on 'furlough.'  It is interesting because he openly bragged that he would be doing so, even to his commanding officer. As a result, his commanding officer, Lt. Col. Robert Anderson, filed an official report to Army Intelligence warning of this breach and requesting a security review was in order - if not court martial and deportation. This was ignored, giving us a significant indicator these actions were blessed and Ali was working for someone in American intelligence.

When Ali returned from Afghanistan (1,) where many investigators believe he actually first met Osama bin Laden, he brandished and gave away souvenirs from the war, and bragged of specific exploits killing Soviet soldiers. Again, this is a violation of regulation and law, and again, his commanding officer filed a second report and requested official investigation by Army Intelligence. This request was also ignored, giving us another indicator.  His commanding officer was nonplussed and has since publicly stated he believed Ali was working for CIA (4.) In his mind, as a military officer working in circles involving intelligence matters, no other answer would seem to explain the many layered curiosities. This confirms the indicator is significant.

Also, in 1988, Ali was once more (presumed) assigned to take part in Operation Bright Star. The assignment is curious, given he was officially a mere inventory clerk, and more curious still, that he returned after only three days (1,) well before the operation had gotten off to a good start. There were no explanations, leaving everyone in the dark, even his commanding officer - all signs of a covert operative who is answering to some higher authority involving classified orders. Likely, this trip to Egypt gave Ali an opportunity to meet with al Jihad members once more, and to arrange a future get together -- whch will transpire. This is the seventh indicator for this section. It should also be noted that Ali met with the Army's CIA Liason Officer at Ft. Bragg in this time frame(5.) However, information on that is limited and its presentation in media seems slanted towards reinforcing plausible denial.

I rather think it reinforces the notion of outreach to al Jihad. It is interesting to note that the CIA officer visit almost exactly coincides with Ali's affiliation with the WTC terrorists (see next.)  It is very likely this was a CIA orchistrated set of events. The means by which Ali met the terroirsts and helped them to form their cell, and then train them and help them plan the attack... all involved CIA front organizations which were themselves, at the time, also affiliated with Osama bin Laden. To anyone who understands the murky relationship between CIA and Army Intelligence with respect to operations and operatives, it is readily apparant that this coincidental set of events is the strongest indicator of all that Ali Mohamed was actively working for both CIA and Army all along. Neither Langley nor the Pentagon can easily escape responsibility for his actions.

The mystery of the World Trade Center terrorists and Ali Mohamed: 1988-1989
Two indicators Ali Mohamed is a double agent

Towards the close of 1988, Ali began to make many trips to the NY City area (New Jersey) on weekends where he regularly met with and trained Islamic terrorists (1) connected with the assassination of Anwar Sadat (7,) and who would later be involved in the WTC bombing. Chief among these Islamics was one young student named el Sayyid Nosair, who established such a close relationship with Mohamed that his home became Ali's home (1) away from home (Ft. Bragg.) Nosiar's story will seperately become a key to unlocking more secrets about Ali.

Towards the close of 1988, Ali began to make many trips to the NY City area (New Jersey) on weekends where he regularly met with and trained Islamic terrorists (1) connected with the assassination of Anwar Sadat (7,) and who would later be involved in the WTC bombing. Chief among these Islamics was one young student named el Sayyid Nosair, who established such a close relationship with Mohamed that his home became Ali's home (1) away from home (Ft. Bragg.) Nosiar's story will seperately become a key to unlocking more secrets about Ali.

And how did Mohamed meet Nosair? They met at the Islamic Al-Kitah Center which was associated with Afghan Refugee Services, Inc. (15.) These organizations were established to help the Mujahadine, sponsored and funded by CIA Operation Cydone and staffed by, among others, colleagues of Osama bin Laden (ibid.) Ali Mohamed simply went there and made friends, and the rest was history. How did he know where to go and who to meet? After all, CIA was fully aware of who each and every person involved in this matter was, and for the most part, had arranged for them to enter the country. This is how you insert a double agent and set up his organization - in this case, a terrorist cell. This is the first indicator.

Personally, I find this all just a bit too convenient, given that the WTC bombing was essentially an agent provocateur operation of FBI and, likely, CIA. Some evidences of this will be found as the reader progresses, so I will not take up time and space here to explain in detail - it not even the topic of concern, here. But I make the claim based on FBI and CIA operative statements, media accounts, and court records. Ali fits perfectly into such a scenario, in that Ali trained the terrorists in explosives techniques, weapons handling, surveillance and other covert  methodology (1.) Later, court arguments would be that the US Army had sent Ali to New Jersey specifically to conduct these trainings (1) which, if true, would indicate an Operations Northwoods scenario in play. This is a significant indicator.

But it seems clear his trips and the purpose were generally known by others at Ft. Bragg, and many assumed his work there was on behalf of the Army or of CIA. Evidence this is so would not be uncovered until some time later, however, when a murder investigation would reveal just how extensive the helps had been. In 1990, Nosair would be charged with the murder of a Rabbi named Meier Kahane, an outspoken Jewish leader in the New Jersey area (1) who founded the Jewish Defense League.

But before this crime, Ali would be videotaped by FBI giving weapons training to five of the New Jersey terrorists, all of whom would eventually be convicted of the 1993 WTC bombing (9.) However, FBI does nothing in the way of questioning any of the terrorists or even of investigating Ali, a matter which his commanding officer would have likely been aware, if for no other reason than his earlier requests for investigation, which would make him a useful witness in any determinations. In fact, FBI would later claim their surveillance was presumed to represent zealot Islamics training for possible soldiering in Afghanistan against the Soviets. This is clearly a cover story which only makes sense if they already knew (likely through CIA) who and what Ali was; a double agent. FBI simply does not conduct surveillance unless intending to investigating those surveilled. I count this as a significant indicator.

Shortly after this, Ali would leave the military in 1989 with an honorable discharge, complete with commendations (4) for "patriotism, valor, fidelity and professional excellence." Given his commanding officer's opinion and concerns about Ali, one can only wonder how the Army came to this conclusion, or why they did so. It would, of course, serve the needs of someone running a double agent, by giving that agent a better cover and better credibility. This, therefore, is another indicator.

It should be noted that he continued to visit the New Jersey area and train Islamics (1) with classified materials, raising the possibility that separation from the Army was not total or perhaps even actual, but possibly, staged -- perhaps for plausible denial, if needed. Yet once more, as it was when CIA 'fired' Ali, he was now no longer blessed with access to the US military intelligence community. He would need to rectify that if he were to remain to be a valuable asset to the other side, and continue to be valuable to his CiA or military handlers.

The mystery of the defense contractor and Ali Mohamed: 1989

After returning to Santa Clara, but while still traveling to New Jersey to conduct training (7,) Mohamed applied for and apparently obtained a position in the security field. Reports describe an application for such a position with a major defense contractor located near his home (6.) This author believes, if for no other reason than to stir the pot of "what if", that this firm was the Raytheon Corporation, which is has some very sensitive operations in Santa Clara. Moreover, Raytheon is inextricably intertwined in the 911 attack in very mysterious ways which would seem to involve the Santa Clara facility, among others. As with political control technology, many readers may have trouble accepting that this technology exists, or could have been used in 911. The weight of circumstancial evidence alone, warrants a look, however.

Raytheon is involved in something called project Global Hawk, which is technology to pilot sophisticated multiple engine aircraft remotely. It has been considered for application in civilian airliners, bombers, fighters, and surveillance aircraft. It is known to have been installed in each of these types for testing purposes, and a special surveillance 

airframe of the same name has been constructed and flown between the US and Australia without a human on board. This aircraft was described as the size of a large civilian passenger jet  - and this test took place well before 911. Unverified reports are that each of the 911 passenger jets which crashed that day had recently been serviced at Raytheon facilities. I know nothing of this, but it fuels speculation, given that FBI and the airlines refuse to release the names of the passengers who are claimed to be terrorists.

The significance lies in persistent alternative theories that the 911 jets were not piloted into their targets at all. Easily dismissed as ëwild rumors' by those predisposed to do so (I was one of those for a time,) it has not gained wide acceptance among cautious thinkers. I am however less certain this is the best judgment, having separately discovered a number of interesting facts regarding Raytheon personnel familiar with Global Hawk, and the terrorists of 911. It turns out that there are a couple of very disturbing ëcoincidences'. For space' sake, I will review these in brief, here, without footnotes. All this is further documented in the Time Line, my newsletter, and by investigative author, Daniel Hopsicker, who gets credit for almost all discoveries in this section. Visit his Mad Cow Productions Web site for an enjoyable read.

First, Raytheon operates a facility believed associated with Global Hawk right next door to the flight training schools where the 911 terrorists trained in Florida. The specific Raytheon facility is set up specifically for flight simulators, a very key tool for operators of Global Hawk or would-be pilots of jumbo jets.  either way, this is important because it implies the possibility that the flight schools were intended to be cut outs for the true trainers of the pilots (via Global Hawk technology, or otherwise.) A cut out is a kind of patsy intended to take the investigative heat and, if necessary, blame - to eliminate investigation of the true guilty parties.

This Raytheon facility just happened to give a private open house tour to a group of Arabs just prior to the establishment of the flight schools virtually adjacent to them. The flight schools themselves were established by what are seen as CIA operatives likely associated with Iran Contra and drug smuggling through the ëDutch corridor,' as well as other CIA enmeshed businesses associated with current Floridian drug smuggling from South America and Jeb Bush (ibid). These same Arabs, members of the bin Laden and Royal Saudi family, and including the head of Saudi Intelligence, just happened to be in Florida within an hours drive of President Bush's location when the 911 attacks took place. Too many coincidences.

More than that, this same Raytheon facility was used to help fly these Arabs out of the country on a CIA provided jet associated with the Flight training schools after 911. This specifically required a Presidential order to the Federal Avaiation Administration and NORAD because all commercial flights had been banned as a result of 911. But as much a smoking gun as that tangled web of high-level governmet participations appears to be, it is nothing compared to this...

What is also separately documented and completely against the odds is that three of the four aircraft which crashed on 911 were populated with multiple persons employed by Raytheon with knowledge of Global Hawk, including very high program managers, engineers, and corporate executives. Thus, if there were any use of Global Hawk in 911, these would be the people who might be able to deduce that fact, and who thus might need to be eliminated - ironically, by the use of that very technology in 911. It is also somewhat disturbing that immediately after 911, Raytheon sold off its Global Hawk division and dismantled all infrastructure which supported it. It could represent a move to dismantle and cover up evidence, and establish plausible denial. Again, given the speculative nature of this line of thought, I do not include it as an indicator. But if I were the reader, I'd want someone, somewhere, to investigate further...

A murder mystery and Ali Mohamed: 1990
Two indicators Ali Mohamed is a double agent

Ali is by now traveling all over the United States and even the world; 58 trips undertaken abroad (10,) reportedly on behalf of Osama bin Laden (8.) Ali is conducting trainings of terrorists abroad, as well as in this country, and delivering messages and handling financial transactions (8) for bin Laden. In 1990, When raiding the home Nosair, the suspected killer of Rabbi Kahane, police would uncover a cache of evidence of Ali's training of and close association with the terrorists, and turn it over to FBI. The bulk of these are training materials consisting of US Army manuals and documents, and even videos. But also among the materials were Army documents marked ëCLASSIFIED' or ìTOP SECRET' pertaining to Ft. Bragg and operations there, as well as Bright Star, and other unspecified materials (1.) This is exactly the kind of low-level security material a double agent might be allowed to offer the enemy as proof of loyalty - a significant indicator.

Perhaps most condemning were the ëunspecified materials,' documents which discussed how to target and destroy (unnamed) tall buildings described as (9) ëthe pillars of their (American) civilization.'  This cache of evidence falling into FBI hands is well beyond the earlier videotaping of Mohamed's training actions. While these planning documents 

were not authored by Ali, it is established that he had seen and commented upon them, making it clear that Ali is involved at a planning level. But according to both Ali and FBI, FBI does not take any action to interview him about these treasonous acts. Both Ali and FBI claim their first point of contact was not until 1993, and it did not involve these matters (3.) Thus Ali comes to the attention of but is ignored by FBI for the second time prior to attack of the WTC; it is a very strong second indicator.

It is curious that these documents were not even used in the 1991 trial of Nosair (8,) who was in fact acquitted.  Just as strange, the existence of the documents was introduced into the trial, but the court expressed no interest in them. But they would be used in the 1995 trial for the WTC bombing (1,) which underscores the relevance and value of the material -- material FBI choose to ignore with respect to Ali and the trainees at the time. Media reports attempted disinformation to excuse the omission and FBI's seeming lack of interest by claiming the documents had not yet been translated (9.) This is ludicrous, and should have been quickly debunked by any newsman:  prosecutors do not take cases into court without exhausting all opportunities to obtain evidence. They would simply ask for an extension of time, and they would get it. Further, the most obvious materials provided by Ali from Ft. Bragg were not in need to translation, at all. They were in english. This is confirmation of the indicator's validity, as well as media complicity in a cover up.

The mystery of al Qaeda power and Ali Mohamed: 1991-1993
A potent indicator Ali Mohamed is a double agent

In 1991, Ali returns to Afghanistan and once more briefly fights the Soviets along side Osama bin Laden and other Mujahadine (1.) He next helps Osama relocate from the Afghanistan to the Sudan (3.) Other sources indicate the true relocation was from Pakistan (10,) which would make some sense as Osama and other Mujahadine fighting the Soviets were originally supported by and protected by the Pakistani intelligence service (ISI.) Osama and much of his organization were likely in Afghanistan, but their official 'safe house' headquarters were likely in Pakistan. But training camps and, likely, recruitment teams still remained in Afghanistan.  In 1992, Mohamed returned to Afghanistan to help train terrorist recruits in explosives and other topics (3.) His power, influence, and trustworthiness within the terrorist circle is now quite significant, and about to get even better.
This is the same year that Iraq invades Kuwait. The American response, which includes putting American soldiers in his ëholy' native land, Saudi Arabia, will cause Osama bin Laden to ëdeclare Holy war' on the US. Prior to this point in time, bin Laden has no known terror cells in the US. He instead seems focused on overthrow of the Saudi government according to Ali's own testimony (3) as well as bin Laden's public statements. In Kenya, Ali set up a cell and multiple cover operations in the capital to support Al Qaeda operations in Somalia (1.) This cell, in turn, with Ali's help, ended up training the Somalians which fought American Marines after their amphibious and air assault against Somalian ëwarlords' in 1993 -- the story-line source of the film Blackhawk Down. In fact, Ali was himself in Somalia in 1993 (8.)

Ali's travels on behalf of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad to visit and work with Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda were building needed trust and prestige. In his court transcripts (3,) Ali talks about several key terrorist forces which were essentially independent at the time, though perhaps spiritual bedfellows: Islamic Jihad, aka al Jihad or Egyptian Jihad; bin Laden's al Qaeda; and Hezbollah, backed by Iran. He tells of their uniting for coordinated efforts through a meeting which he himself, arranged. He goes on to express the outcome of that meeting which reveals specific cooperation: ìHezbollah provided explosives training for al Qaeda and al Jihad. Iran supplied Egyptian Jihad with weapons.î In both examples, Ali Mohamed's group, al Jihad, is a benefactor, amplifying their status and value among the peers. This outcome implies significant representative presence at the meeting by someone from Islamic Jihad.

He describes the representation at that meeting for of all the groups but his own Islamic Jihad, for whom he names no representative: ìI was aware of certain contacts between al Qaeda and al Jihad organization, on one side, and Iran and Hezbollah on the other side. I arranged security for a meeting in the Sudan between Mughaniyah, Hezbollah's chief, and (al Qaeda's) bin Laden.î The conclusion would seem obvious. He arranged the meeting, and thus, Ali himslef was that unidentified representative for al Jihad. The important thing to consider, however, is this. In this act, among other things, bin Laden now gains access to Ali's US based terrorist cell already trained and poised to attack in New Jersey. This assures Ali a high position in bin Laden's circle of aids and confidants.

Yet if a double agent, this also means that someone working for US intelligence not only passed up an opportunity to eliminate key terrorists from multiple organizations with a single strike... but the agent himself was the single most important catalyst for dramatically increasing the strength and altering the direction of terrorism in the world today. It is almost as if Ali's handlers wanted terrorism to succeed, helping and nurturing it not only at the lower cell levels (Ali's New Jersey cell,) but also, at the highest of levels, impacting and manipulating the very infrastructure and policy of al Qaeda in ways which make it even more dangerous and capable. This is yet another serious indicator, one which only makes sense in an Operation Northwoods scenario.

The mystery of the WTC bombing and Ali Mohamed: 1993
Four indicators Ali Mohamed is a double agent

By 1993, Ali was in Africa (3) where he participated in the planning stages of embassy bombings which would take place some time later. He set up a darkroom where he and developed covert surveillance photographs he himself took of the embassy compounds (and other potential targets.) According to his own testimony, he worked personally with Osama bin Laden to determine exactly where the bomb-filled vehicles would go based on those photographs (ibid.) But this planning session for bombings yet to come was nothing compared to what happened next. It was time for Ali Mohamed's efforts in New Jersey to pay off. Osama bin Laden's first terrorist cell in the Unitec States was about to report for duty -- with a little help from FBI.
Mohamed's New Jersey cell would indeed give Ali incredible points with bin Laden. Back in the United States, the men Ali had so persistently trained in New Jersey finally carried out the WTC bombing attack (Feb, ë93,) against the twin ëpillars of our civilization.' But, of course, according to news accounts of the trial to be held much later, FBI had much earlier infiltrated this group with an agent provocateur (my term, not theirs.) Someone working with FBI taught them how to build bombs, place them, and gave advice on almost every step right down to renting the truck used to carry the explosives. He testifies at the trial; he is Emad Salem, who happens also to be from Egyptian Intelligence. This is an indicator if we ask the right question:

If Emad Salem, FBI opertive, is from Egyptian Intelligence... and is simultaneously working with Ali to train the terrorists in virtually identical ways, this means it is almost impossible that Saleem did not know of Ali's background, and to a degree, vice versa. Niether man undertook to examine the other's bona fides and loyalty? In such a circumstance, each would be highly suspicious of the other... unless their true nature and relationships (to the US intelligence community) was already known and accepted. And yet a similar indicator from the same set of facts... can be found in the fact that nothing in government's case nor in Salem's testimony ever even mentions the existence of Ali, much less his role in teaching the terrorists -- despite the fact that it would give governmet a clear opportunity to establish a link between Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda to the attack.

Something else to consider about this notion of an inside agent in the WTC operation, is this: When FBI first investigates the WTC blast, they will pretend they don't know who was responsible until they do some really great investigative work based on a serial number traced to the rented van used in the blast. This work is fed to an eager press to show how hard FBI is working on the case. It leads them to literally catch the ëstupid' terrorists red handed at the rental offices who were trying to get a refund after reporting the truck ëstolen.'  This pretense would only be necessary if protecting a double agent or, more to the point, trying to protect the existence of a Northwoods operation. This ëpretend investigation' is another indicator, one confirming the first.

Only much later, when the trials take place, will media tell us about FBI's infiltration of the group and step by step knowledge of the operation, complete with video taped meetings within the terrorists base(s) of operations. Of course, no one in media bothers to seriously ask and determine ëif the group had been infiltrated, why was the attack not stopped?' Well, the answer to that, is that the plan was that it was to be stopped. But a high-level FBI official changed the game plan at the last minute and allowed the blast to take place, making FBI complicit in the attack. Shades of Northwoods. Indeed, the WTC bombing terrorist el Sayyid Nosair with whom Ali Mohamed had perhaps the closest relationship, claimed at his earlier trial (the Meier murder) that he was being trained by the United States government and had no intentions of terrorism (15.) This would confirm Northwoods, if not Ali's role as double agent. Yet we might presume Nosair lying, and thus, do not count his testimony as indicator, here.

The mystery of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Ali Mohamed: 1993
A clear indicator Ali Mohamed is a double agent

Also in 1993, a strange event in Canada reveals much about the double agent status of Ali Mohamed, and the ërestrained' relationship between him and FBI. Shortly after the WTC attack, at a time when all of North America is rather ësensitive' to the notion of terrorism, Essam Marouk, an highly placed aid to Osama bin Laden, tries to pass a Canadian border checkpoint (13.) Canadian officials discover he is carrying two false passports. As it happens, the man also appears to be using Ali Mohamed's driver's license (14.) This is a mystery in and of itself. Further, they learn that the man is expecting Ali to meet him when Ali shows up at customs asking for his missing party. This seems guaranteed to generate further investigation. It does, Dudly Doright style.
When the Royal Canadian Mounted Police question Ali Mohamed, his response is that he is working with the FBI. He gives them a phone number and the name of an agent, and FBI tells the RCMP that a blind eye would be appreciated (13.) While Marouk is detained under charges related to the false passports, Ali is allowed to leave, but he will return to aid Marouk in his legal defense, apparently providing additional financing from Al Qaeda (13.) This demonstrates Ali is a double agent - and that the terrorists are aware of his connections and work with FBI - but still trust him, the perfect position for a double agent.

The mystery of a little white lie under oath and Ali Mohamed: 1993 vs. 2000
A strong indicator Ali Mohamed is a double agent
The Canadian incident would generate a contradiction in evidence. In US court records of Ali's 2000 pretrial hearings where Mohamed pleads guilty to terrorism, the 1993 Canadian matter is explained as (14) "He was in the process of applying for a job as an FBI interpreter and did not want this (Canada) incident to jeopardize the application..."  Official court statements while admitting terrorism say only that he was an interpreter?

Hardly. Virtually every news source in media repeatedly refers to him as an informant. The Wall Street Journal specifically says that FBI first used him as an informant in 1993, the same year Mohamed told the Canadians he was working with FBI. Why would this aspect of his relationship with FBI be deliberately concealed from the courts when considering his role in terrorism? It only makes sense if trying to conceal the fact that he was a double agent. This is an absolute indicator.

The Canadian incident would generate a contradiction in evidence. In US court records of Ali's 2000 pretrial hearings where Mohamed pleads guilty to terrorism, the 1993 Canadian matter is explained as (14) "He was in the process of applying for a job as an FBI interpreter and did not want this (Canada) incident to jeopardize the application..."  Official court statements while admitting terrorism say only that he was an interpreter?

Hardly. Virtually every news source in media repeatedly refers to him as an informant. The Wall Street Journal specifically says that FBI first used him as an informant in 1993, the same year Mohamed told the Canadians he was working with FBI. Why would this aspect of his relationship with FBI be deliberately concealed from the courts when considering his role in terrorism? It only makes sense if trying to conceal the fact that he was a double agent. This is an absolute indicator.

The government did not want the courts to get a glimpse of the obvious: If a double agent working for FBI was part and parcel of the WTC bombing in 1993 and other acts (not yet discussed, here, acts for which Ali pled guilty in court,) then they would have to examine the relationship of Ali with not only FBI, but CIA, and the US Army. This would have led to the kind of review offered here, including Ali's serious role in amplifying al Qaeda's strength and altering its course in a way which made it all the more a dangerous enemy of the United States... and would have at least implied the existence of willful and knowing complicity in terrorism by our government. The political fallout would be catastrophic to those in power. This tells us government was aware of Ali's efforts in enough detail that they cannot claim ignorance - or there would be no need to avoid admitting his role with American intelligence.

Further, any such investigation might have led to even bigger things still afoot, such as 911, and the planning for the war in Afghanistan well before 911, and the connections to the Caspian pipeline through Afghanistan as motive for all that had transpired thus far. Any public exposure of these facts could prove even more catastrophic, perhaps even resulting in overthrow of a corrupt government by the people, and physical assault on the many MIIM corporations who stood to profit by and seem to foster these plans. Better for government to redefine Ali's role in FBI's 1993 contact as that of interpreter, even if it meant lying in court records.

The mystery of Osama bin Laden's failed assassination and Ali Mohamed: 1994

In 1994 there was a failed assassination attempt against Osama bin Laden (3,) one which has hardly been noted by all of media. Due to his increased standing and his particular background, Ali Mohamed was assigned the duty of training Osama bin Laden's personal body guards (ibid.) He personally handled bin Laden's security for several years afterwards (ibid,) especially when traveling to other nations or meeting with power figures from other organizations - the times where bin Laden and other terrorists would be most vulnerable to traps and attacks. Meanwhile, Mohamed continues to surveil potential terrorist targets for bin Laden (ibid.) He is thus a trusted defensive and offensive asset in the bin Laden camp.
The mystery is this. If Mohamed is a double agent, then we must ask why he would so fervently work to protect bin Laden? If such an agent, his role should likely be the reverse. This would be true, of course, unless there is an Operation Northwoods explanation... one which needs bin Laden and his terrorism in order to function to fruition: wars aimed at control of Middle East oil and increasing political control in the United States through oppressive laws and new draconian agencies such as Homeland Security and the Total Information Awareness Office.

The mystery of ignored evidence and Ali Mohamed: 1994

Also in 1994, FBI contacted Mohamed while he was in Kenya and indicated they wanted to discuss matters related to the WTC bombing (3.) Mohamed obediently returned to California and answered their questions in what the official line portrays as unfruitful (ibid.) This is a curious event for two reasons. If Mohamed was not a double agent, he would likely be very wary of any efforts to return to the US in such a matter. Given it was already known that FBI had linked him to the WTC terrorists through his training materials (the Meier murder investigation,) it would surely seem to a genuine terrorist to be a trap to capture him. In such a case, he would need only decline their kind invitation. However, if a double agent, it would not represent a true threat and he would even want to return in order to pass information and get orders. This is an indicator.
Second, the FBI did have cartons of evidence linking Mohamed to the New Jersey terrorists, and even to planning. Yet they made no arrests, nor did they seem to use Mohamed's statements in court against the bombers. However, they would use the very crates of evidence of training aids provided by Ali against the bombers themselves, in court. This makes no sense, unless they were protecting their own double agent. If protecting Ali, they needed to at least appear to investigate him, and then simply pretend he was of no further interest. This appears to be what they did, another indicator.

In the matter of the murder of Meier, there remains another mystery, one which should be of interest to Jews and the Jewish Defense League. The murder of Rabbi Meier was a significant blow to the Jewish community and the organization. While it is true that one might argue that radical Islamic forces might seek to strike such a blow, it is always wise to ask who else might profit - especially since the government acquitted the accused Islamic terrorist in court. Does this mean that someone else killed the Rabbi?  Perhaps. It might even have been sanctioned by the US intelligence community as part of Ali's cover - a sacrifice.

It could be more involved than that. The Jewish Defense League has often been accused of being a part of Israel's intelligence community. This may or may not be true, but if it was, it is very likely that someone within it, might have been watching the same people and groups in New Jersey that FBI had been surveilling, the same groups and people that CIA was supporting, the same groups and people that Ali Mohammed was training. Perhaps such a person might have learned too much for his own good. Perhaps someone decided to do something about it. If this was so, then the list of benefactors from his death extend beyond Islamics and lead to the US intelligence community. This may explain, in part, Nosair's acquittal, and the refusal by prosecutors to introduce the evidence of Ali's training of the terrorists at his trial. It may account for the fact that the materials were ënot even translated.'

The magical mystery tour of al-Zawahiri and Ali Mohamed: 1995
An indicator, and touching upon the Grand Game* for control of oil

The Grand Game is the code word used in various New World Order group writings when talking about control of the Middle East and Caspian region oil and gas reserves. The Council on Foreign Relations, for instance, has many articles and research papers in which the Grand Game is primary topic. CFR, though having no official capacity in government, can be shown to virtually dictate American foreign and intelligence policy.

Remember that Ali and al-Zawahiri have been identified as psychologists adept in manipulating the mind using intelligence community methods. Remember that al-Zawahiri is one of Osama bin Laden's top aids, and his personal physician. In 1995, Ali would host and manage a visit and tour of the United States by al-Zawahiri in order to raise funds for bin Laden's organization through the guise of charity donations. Money from this trip would be used to fund the bombing of the Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan later in the year, killing 17 persons.

The US has all along been aware of al-Zawahiri's role and importance with respect to bin Laden. It is inconceivable that the American intelligence community would not be aware of and disinterested in his visit to the United States - at a time the WTC bombing trial is taking place. It is even more inconceivable that they would not take an i

nterest in anyone helping him, and in keeping track of the money they raised in any such visit. Yet it is clear that al-Zawahiri and Ali Mohamed have a truely magical mystery tour, one without so much as a ëWhatís up Doc?í by US intelligence. This is a strong indicator Ali is a double agent, and perhaps al-Zawahiri, too.

The US has all along been aware of al-Zawahiriís role and importance with respect to bin Laden. It is inconceivable that the American intelligence community would not be aware of and disinterested in his visit to the United States - at a time the WTC bombing trial is taking place. It is even more inconceivable that they would not take an interest in anyone helping him, and in keeping track of the money they raised in any such visit. Yet it is clear that al-Zawahiri and Ali Mohamed have a truely magical mystery tour, one without so much as a ëWhatís up Doc?í by US intelligence. This is a strong indicator Ali is a double agent, and perhaps al-Zawahiri, too.

Also in 1995, the WTC trials were underway. Remember that Aliís training materials collected from the Meier murder investigation were used to convict Aliís terrorists from New Jersey. But nowhere at the trial was Ali, himself, likely because his role as double agent was not yet finished, and there was more dirty work to be done. It wouldnít do to mess up the a visit to America by al-Zawahiri, for instance. That more work remained might be seen in this...

Also in 1995, an exclusive firm, Petroconsultants, published a blockbuster report (20) for insiders to the oil industry entitled World Oil Supply 1930 - 2050. This 'Grand Game' report cost $32,000 per copy. It warned that oil supplies would peak in the vicinity of the year 2000 and that from that point forward, oil prices would start to rise dramatically and never go back down. Of course, whomever controlled the greatest portion of the supply would be the ones to profit most. Given the trillion dollar oil and gas reserves in the Caspian region, and the other huge reserves in the remainder of the middle east, perhaps someone, somewhere, decided that terrorism might yet serve a useful purpose.

Perhaps this is why Ali was free to continue in his efforts. The United States needed reasons to go to war in the Middle east and set up puppet regimes in the Islamic world, one nation at a time. First Afghanistan blaming the Taliban for terrorism. Then Iraq blaming Hussein for terrorism. Then Iran blaming the fundamentalists for terrorism. Then Sudan blaming Osama supporters there for terrorism. Then Syria blaming hard liners there for terrorism. Then Egypt blaming a corrupted and folded government for terrorism. Then pakistan for its double edged sword and dealing with Osama in the first place. Then Saudi Arabia and the Emirates for funding terrorism all along. That is the real magical mystery tour. As long as terrorism and Osama bin Laden survive, there will always be one more country to go after - until all the oil is under control. That, is the Grand Game.

The mystery of double agent CS-1 and Ali Mohamed: 1998-2000
Five indicators Ali Mohamed is a double agent

Was Ali Mohamed a double agent?  In 1998 the US Government revealed the existence of such a double agent identified only as CS-1 who provided critical information on the Osama bin laden operations to them. Intelligence supplied from CS-1 indicated  a number of things which would seem to be experiential matches with Ali Mohamed. For one, CS-1 said that there had been a three-way alliance involving the Islamic Jihad front, Osama bin Laden, and Iran in the time frame of 1993. It talked about specific things done as a part of this deal. It sounds exactly like the deal arranged for by Ali Mohamed which gave Osama so much power and capability, as well as direction (1990-1993.) There were other revelations from this same time frame, too. CS-1 was apparently quite chatty...
In 1996 the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia were bombed, killing 19 American GIs. Ali Mohamed would provide security for Osama bin Ladenís move back to Afghanistan (1) this year, too. This is good timing, perhaps, because the Taliban had just finally seized control of Afghanistan, and the Taliban and Osama bin Laden would both benefit one from the other. But these events were nothing compared to what was coming, and apparently, CS-1 discussed it, too... the Kenya and Tanzania Embassy bombings which Ali had helped plan and provided surveillance photographs for in 1993.  That CS-1 and Ali seem to have access to the same information all the way down the line would imply they might be one and the same person, a strong indicator.

On Aug. 7 of 1998, two trucks filled with explosives drove to the exact spots where Ali Mohamed and Osama bin Laden had planed, and took out the two US embassies, leaving 224 dead and nearly 5,000 nearby local citizens injured. The day after the bombing, FBI obtained a special secret warrant from a secret Federal Judge under FISA, the Federal Surveillance Intelligence Act, and visited Aliís home in California (9.) There they found more training manuals of the sort found almost a decade earlier (ibid.) Nothing exactly of smoking gun variety, but it would represent a suitable excuse to dig further. This is all-too convenient, just the sort of thing a double agent would leave behind for FBI to ëfindí in order to justify extraction if and when needed, for any reason. A real terrorist would not leave such clues lying about in such an obvious place. But I will not rank this as an indicator, here -- better ones await.

So they called Ali at his current location in Kenya, where he was working for Osama in the planning of yet another attack. Just as they had done in 1994, they asked if he could return to the US to answer some questions (17.) Just as in 1994, Ali happily obliged, an act already described as more double agent like than terrorist like. You donít just walk into the jaws of an enemy who might suspect you for crimes for which you know you are guilty. But Ali did, twice.  Ali admitted to the FBI (4) that he knew who was involved in the bombing but refused to name names (official version of the story.) This makes no sense, either. Why would a terrorist as smart in the ways of intelligence and law be so foolish. Any such statement would only lead to trouble. It did - his exit of the US was blocked. This will prove to be an indicator.

He remained in the US and was, by May of 1999, giving testimony before a Grand Jury. He admitted nothing useful in open court. Well, perhaps one thing. Ali lied to the Grand Jury over some unstated matter. That should have been a trivial matter, but it would be leveraged into something else, and become another indicator... From there, Ali was charged along with 16 others charged with the Embassy bombings in 2000. The list of codefendants include all of Osamaís top organization as well as actual bombing participants, and Osama, himself. Of course, only four of the defendants were actually in custody beyond Ali (17.) In some respects, it was a show trial in favor of American foreign policy, as some of the participating lawyers so stated publicly (ibid.)

But the strangest thing is that Ali Mohamed, unlike his four associates, pled guilty. Why is this so strange?  Because terrorists benefit several ways from having trials, and a guilty plea insures there will be no such trial, and no such benefits. A trial gives the terrorist an opportunity to express their political cause publicly. Moreover, it forces the prosecution to reveal what it actually knows in order to gain a guilty plea. This, in turn, reveals intelligence gathering methods and, often, operatives involved in that effort. It can aid the terrorist organization in finding and killing (literally) information leaks and improving security methods. So while the others did their duty to their cause, Ali Mohamed, an acknowledged expert at such matters who even coached other terrorists in them, did not. Why? This is yet another indicator.

Could it be that he was CS-1, the double agent? His convenient stupidity in stating that he knew who did the bombing, followed by his convenient agreement to return to the US for questioning, followed by his convenient lies to the Grand Jury, allowed Ali to be arrested and made safe from reprisals. Please note that his arrest was kept secret for almost two years (1) before he was actually tried; his case was officially listed as "The United States vs. John Doe" Once this trial went to court, it would most surely reveal who CS-1 was, especially if CS-1 was actually one of the defendants. If Ali was a double agent, this move brings the spy in from the cold, a key indicator. But there is one more reason, one even more important...

By avoiding going to trial either as a witness for the prosecution or as defendant, Ali Mohamed also avoids having to reveal the full extent of his role... of CIAís role... of FBIís role... of the US Armyís role in fomenting, supporting, aiding, and abetting of terrorism against the United States. CS-1 cannot be questioned in open court, and no specific evidences from within these agencies can be subpoenaed as result. Ali could have, and prosecution could have gone after him and his employers as a double agent. This is why these actions are not only indicators of Aliís double agent role, but of a Northwoods scenario.

The mystery of the crash of Egyptair Flight 990 and Ali Mohamed: 1999

Consider what follows as wild speculation and I will take no offense, though the technology spoken of is absolutely real. Remember Operation Bright Star, that joint Egyptian-US war game which takes place every year? Remember Ali Mohamedís origins within Egyptian Army intelligence and his early attempt to work for CIA?  Remember that he also went to work in the Security section of Egyptair? These facts will converge in a single event, along with the notion of political control technology, which is also something Ali Mohamed was thought to have been well trained in. Though both Ali Mohamed and his FBI/military-intelligence handlers were clearly a benefactor of what took place on Oct 31, 1999, it is equally clear he was not part and parcel of the effort to cause it to happen.  Regardless, it is a very intrigued filled event, starting with the mystery of how it happened, in the first place. Timing, or WHEN it happened, is perhaps the clue that tells us where to look...
While Ali is awaiting his hearing where he will plead guilty, Bright Star ë99 begins (Oct. 27th - Nov. 5th.) Part of that operation requires that select individuals from Egyptís military visit the United States in advance of the games for consultations with their US counterparts, and special training. Ali makes his plea on Oct. 20th. Ten days later, Egyptair Flight 990 takes off from the New York area with 33 Egyptian military officers (18,) including three of very high rank, all likely headed for Bright Star participation. This plane crashed under mysterious circumstances.

These circumstances may be tied to 911 in a curious way. The copilot, after uttering Islamic prayer, flew the plane into an unrecoverable dive into the sea, killing all on board. Without going into lengthy and controversial details, here, there is a possibility that the copilot was coerced against his natural will into a 'suicide.' The theory, in fact, involves a special Department of Defense program to develop a technology called RAATS which was, in its earliest stages of development, specifically aimed at use against Islamics (11) to cause them to do whatever was asked of them. RAATS is a bioimplant that can be installed without the victimís knowledge. It is interesting to note that all of the Islamic pilots of 911 were in Egypt in the same time frame as the pilot of Flight 990.

If it could be argued that Ali Mohamed was a double agent, and that his secret arrest and his pleading guilty were a means of protecting his true identity as CS-1 in the upcoming trial, it is also reasonable to assume that someone within the Egyptian military might also have known Ali Mohamedís true identity and mission. If so, it would might have been deemed imperative that such persons die before a public trial caused them to realize the significance with respect to complicity in terrorism by the US government. What better way than to insure they were on a plane that may have been used as a test bed testing if pilots would do as RAATS technology intended?

The mystery of if Ali Mohamed is a double agent working for our side, or theirs

Media is now busy trying to convince you and me that Ali was a mole in American intelligence, a double agent working for the terrorists against the US, duping our poor, hapless intelligence community with very sophisticated methods. If this were true, the great bulk of this article would be rendered moot and invalid. Indeed, the primary basis as well as the specific charges against the US government would be seen as foolish. Thus it behooves us to see if media is right in this assertion, an assertion only made once it was realized that Ali was a political liability to the Bush Administration. It simply would not do to admit that Ali worked for the US, as it would hang the bastards at DOD, Langley, and the White House. Got rope?
Media easily achieves this goal - they simply slant events for the purpose and choose to ignore events and facts which dispel the notion. This is something MIIMís media is very good at doing. But this article is attempting the reverse. It offers all the events to let you decide for yourself, and specifically, unlike media, reveals those which dispel the notion that Aliís loyalties were to bin Laden. These same events make clear that it is indeed the reverse: Ali was a mole in the terrorist camp, a double agent working for the US military-intelligence community. Consider just these three, each of which could stand alone to meet the need. Together, they paint a consistent picture. Ali is our man, not theirs. The only problem is, our man is a criminal, as are his employers. Know how to make a noose?

If Ali were working for bin Laden, only, and not serving US interests, he would not have pled guilty. The guidelines taught to terrorists on how to behave once caught is to plead innocent and demand a trial, and indeed, to take every action to prolong that trial and force the entry of as much evidence as possible. This allows the trial to become a political platform and to ideally force the government to present evidence which reveals sensitive intelligence gathering methods and resources. The terrorists can then work to destroy these resources and neutralize the methods. A guilty plea serves only US interests, and more importantly, keeps US complicity via the Northwoods aspect of things out of view.

If Ali were working for bin Laden, only, and not the US, he would have had no need to blow his early relationship with CIA. In fact, it would have been the ideal relationship to cultivate for long term benefit. CIA is the one agency most responsible for offensive measures against bin Laden around the world. In like manner, he would have had no reason to quit the military, once there. He would still have been free to cultivate a relationship with FBI, if desired. The switches between CIA to military to FBI were to the advantage of the US, increasing the image that Ali was a successful double agent on behalf of bin Laden (by virtue of being able to infiltrate,) while at the same time, providing him an excuse for not developing serious information resources for the long term (deep infiltration.) Finally, these moves give each agency an opportunity for plausible denial, should Aliís true role come into question.

If Ali were working for bin Laden, only, and not the US, he would not have had a need to admit to knowing who the Embassy bombers were, no need to lie at the Grand Jury, and no need to face a trial, or perhaps even return to the US to speak with FBI, subpoena, or no.  But these events served the needs of getting him extracted safely out of the reach of Osama, a move which every double agent who is not to be sacrificed must pray for when the heat starts to rise and the risk of being caught gets too high. We are not privy to enough information to know why such a move was seen as needed, but it seems clear that it was, for these moves ended Aliís ability to serve either master. The point is, he would not willingly do these things if working for bin Laden, for they would have ended his ability to do so, and this was a foreseeable outcome in each of the three instances. This step serves the US interests in that it allows them to extract their asset before he cold be compromised and perhaps made to talk, and it allows for the next important step...

A review of Aliís court transcripts offer us a glimpse of perhaps why he was being pulled back from the fray. It would not do for him to die in the Afghanistan war which would soon result from 911 - because there is still something useful Ali Mohammed can do for the United States. Remember that one benefit of the war against terrorism is that it allows us to go after the oil rich nations in the Middle East one by one. But each such war must be justified. Iran is problematic because they have dramatically reduced the tone of rhetoric against the United States and have even opted to offer support to America in the war against Osama bin Laden. That, at least, is the public view.

But Ali paints a different picture. Remember his pivotal role in cementing a bond between multiple terrorist organizations, and that one of those was Hezbollah, backed by Iran. Indeed, much of Aliís transcript seems to focus upon Iran. He is to be the evidence used by George Bush to go after Iran, once Iraq is ours. His statements are so strong, so clear, and so condemning, that one wonders why we are not going after Iran, even now, instead of Iraq. The answer to that, is that Iraq is more key militarily for establishing further military adventures in the area. It provides a centralized base from which any Islamic state can be smitten, whereas Iran is more peripheral to the region.  Further, it is believed that Iraq will be a softer target, given that its people are repressed and somewhat eager to get rid of Hussein. i could argue that this is yet another proof Ali is our man, but it is not necessary. More important, is that it is proof that oil is the fuel which drives the war against terrorism, and which drives Amerikaís Reichstag. Welcome to the Grand Game. Got a tree?

My voice is not alone. Key insiders, and others agree Ali Mohamed is a double agent

I will close with three quotes. One from a CIA agent, one from a terrorist, and one from Andrew Marshall of the United Kingdomís Independent newspaper. Being outside of the United States and well beyond the grasp of MIIMís tight grip, Marshall paints a clear picture without mincing words. He believes Ali Mohamed is a double agent. At one point, he focuses on the point in time and place where Ali Mohamed was inserted into the terrorism loop and the formation of the WTC terrorist cell. It summarizes our concerns, and points out that Egyptian and Raytheon insiders are not the only ones to die in what might be seen as an effort to protect the identity of CS-1. Quote:

ëThere are probably only three people outside the US government who ever knew exactly what role the Al-Kifah refugee center really played, and how far the US helped to build up Mr. bin Laden's organization. One was Mr. Azzam, the charismatic Palestinian who ran the Peshawar operation. He was killed by a car bomb in 1989. The second was Mustafa Shalabi, who ran Al-Kifah. He was murdered in 1991. The third is Osama bin Laden, and he is not telling.

And the US government is certainly not about to explain whether it helped create what it now refers to as Public Enemy Number One.í End quote.

The terrorist? Mohamed Atef, generally credited with planning the 911 attacks, and who apparently not only knew Ali Mohamed, but was working with him while in the United States. It seems that many of the terrorists traveled under false passports and used code names. Atef, however, refused to give Ali Mohamed the identities he would be traveling under, offering only the code name in communications. Why?  He said he "...doesn't want Abu Mohamed al Amriki to see his name, because he was afraid that maybe he is working with United States or other governments." Imagine that. Even fellow terrorists believe Ali was a double agent of the US (1.)

CIA agent Larry Johnson was more blunt (1.) ëHe was an active source for the FBI, a double agent.í Looks like both sides think Ali Mohamed was a double agent, and a few investigative journalists who have not been afraid to ask questions appear to agree. I believe he was a double agent.

The question is, what do you believe? If you believe as I, then you must also ask what you believe about Aliís true allegiance. A finding in favor of the US military Intelligence community will force you to decide about the existence of a Northwoods like scenario, and the oil wars. I have faith in ëWe, The People.í I believe that once given the facts, they will make the right decisions, and react accordingly. There are many ways to respond that would be useful. Perhaps, if you believe as I do, you should become a Noilwarrior! We need a posse, now that we have a rope and a tree.


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