The Armageddon Machine

A Visual Depiction:
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What you will find on this page is an attempt to visually depict the sum total of knowledge gained in over a decade of studying crimes of the intelligence community and the power elite. It encapsulates the overall findings of my four-volume book, Fatal Rebirth, which looks at the historical context of these crimes with an attempt to find reason in the madness... to attempt to fit the various conspiracy puzzle pieces into a picture... to see if that picture revealed an organized purpose... and if so, to and predict the future based on the past. What if there was a direct causal relationship and force behind all these mysterious bumps in the political night... a force which had some actual long-term goal... not merely a series of random events spawned by their own environments and situational constructs?

Could some unified conspiracy (to borrow from Einstein) theory be found which, properly analyzed, could be used to foresee what the actual goal of such a conspiracy might be -- and what it meant for you and me?  The answer is manifold. It is, on one hand, the End Game Scenario, the first stages of which we have already endured in the events of 911. Sadly, many of the details of this were foretold in a film script based on Fatal Rebirth called The Electronic Apocalypse. Published on my Web site in 1999, it foretold of terrorism which resulted in planes crashing into the WTC and other buildings, the toppling of the WTC, and the resulting war in the Middle East. This script is now found on the Proparanoid Reference CD-ROM along with several key components and documents from Fatal Rebirth. The final expression of this might be described as the Fall of Man and the Rise of the Antichrist, which is the purpose of the NWO movement. All is driven at its heart by Satanic powers and prophesies, all of which perfectly mesh with Biblical prophesy, as well as Satanic prophesy. That, alone, is frightening.

The model here uses the United States as focal point, which is appropriate enough given that America is a fulcrum and lever for the powers at work in the world. But the model can be applied to any nation state by simply substitution their governmental form for that of ours. Even where a backward nation or closed society is involved, the forces depicted reach out to manipulate and oppress the populations thereof. Many such nations become mere pawns or playthings in the Armageddon Machine, effected and directed by unseen and seen forces from without its borders. But the real power of the machine is its use of 'isms' as a means of controlling and directing the people and events. For simplicities sake, this model uses only a handful of the many isms at work in the world, but a more detailed model could easily be constructed to show how virtually all isms fit well into the model in a relationship which both supports and enhances the concepts the model portrays. Chiefly, isms are used to divide us into camps, to keep us battling on smaller distractionary issues that we fail to see both the larger issues and the real people and forces behind it all.

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Many of the elements depicted may prove difficult to grasp, especially if one has a given point of view or personal involvement. One example is the central elements (Satanism, Masonic influences, NWO groups.) Many of these elements may mean different things to different people, or seem too fantastic or otherwise seen as 'conspiratorial diatribe' -- and thus be discounted as illegitimate by some readers. However, in researching my book, MC Realities, I was able to further research the roles of these groups in a way which makes clear their actual place in history and project that reality into current events by the very process described for Fatal Rebirth. In the case of Masonic influences, however, one must take care to differentiate between the rank and file Mason and Lodge system and the darker leadership elements and true Satanic teachings and beliefs which drive the movement at its inner core. These are documented in MC Realities and elsewhere, if one cares to look. The best documentation is the Masonic writings and history, itself. I make no apologies to 'good' Masons for stating this as fact, for they are deceived by the front presented them in day to day membership - a matter fully explained in those same Masonic writings.

The mechanism portrayed here can easily be seen to be at work in the recent history of 911, which gives us an opportunity to test the model. Consider just a few of the elemental players and then project them into the model and see if you don't agree that at least their known (public) roles are consistent with the effects portrayed by the model. What would be harder, perhaps, is to presume that some unknown (hidden) roles may also exist which further fit within the model. For example, if we look at George Bush, the public role of President comes to mind, and we might rightly place him in the model under Leadership within the United States (right center panel.)  But his father is also former CIA and likely, still well connected, there, and is known to be well connected today in the Military Industrial Complex, as well as the bin Laden family and other Arab elite now found to be associated with terrorism. We might presume that the Office held, alone, and possibly ties to his Father's resources would give him intelligence sharing powers -- but what if it was more direct and participatory than we might reasonably expect -- even conspiratorial?  And, as the NOILWAR!  Time Line and supporting documents reveal, there are also more direct ties between the terrorists/terrorist resources and the Bush family.

I specifically charge such a conspiracy exists on the NOILWAR! pages, and urge the reader to review that for an eye opening look at 911 as part of an Operation Northwoods scenario aimed at controlling the oil supplies of the Middle East (and serving the needs of establishing a NWO by bringing us nearer to that Armageddon which will force the world to accept the leadership of one man, the Antichrist.) For one thing, George Bush headed a company which serviced commercial airliners called Caterair -- and while head of the Company, one of the 911 terrorists also worked at Caterair. This may be an innocent and unrelated coincidence, but there are mitigating circumstances which leave room for doubt. For another, the Bush family has multiple ties (some through past Iran Contra-George Bush ties, some through Jeb Bush) to the terrorist flight schools in California. And, there is more -- but you get the idea with respect to the seen vs. the unseen. And it is not so much as these things are entirely invisible. Being unseen simply means that mainstream media is not telling us about them, not questioning them. You have to dig for them, as was done to create the Time Line of such events.

For each similar example you can think of, regardless of deeming to treat it as a general entity such as 'The Court System' or a more specific entity such as a given company, organization, or person -- the fit will surprise you.  Even the Church (name any,) which we might suppose should be in a position to counter this machine since the purpose of the Church is stand against evil, will be seen to fit. However, in this instance, the fit may seem only partial -- unless the Church is seen as a cult, or even Satanic (many are.) Indeed, the purpose of a Cult is the same as that of Satan -- to draw men away from God. But the real reason that a Church might fit in and demonstrate the model as workable lies more in the fact that Churches are managed and operated by mankind, and we humans are moved to act based on our frailties as much as on our moral convictions. Thus all Churches fall short of the glory God would prefer, and the ways in which they fall short tends to enable the fit. This is not to say there is a flaw in God's plan for mankind. Indeed, the Bible has foretold of all these things, revealing perfection in the plan, and the need for man to seek God out all the more fervently lest we become guilty of failing to honor Him with in righteousness.

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