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Conspiracy Theory... 
     or Science
     1 The Problem is Definition
     2 Formula For Cover Up
     3 The 25 Rules of Disinformation,
        8 Traits of Disinformationalist

The JFK Assassination
     3 CIA's Courtroom 'Confession'
     4 As Illuminati Ritual Killing

Oklahomah City Blast
     5 Bomb Factory Photographs

     6 Operation Northwoods
        DOD Plan for  US Terrorism
     7 Related Murder Mystery?
        Photographer's Strange Death
     8 Smoking Gun at Last?
        Mystery Machine Identified,
        Makes Commercial Grade ANFO

Flight 800 
     Three Simple Proofs of NTSB Fraud

Welcome to New World Order :
    The Illuminati, Rhodes Scholars
     Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, and CFR
     Influance Over CIA, Congress
     Example: Dr. Richard Haass



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Never Say Conspiracy:  The problem is definition
From The Proparanoid Newsletter, Vol 2000, Issue 2
Copyright © 2000  H. Michael Sweeney All Rights Reserved
Permissions by Request

For nearly a decade, now, Iíve been deeply involved in looking more closely at many high-profile news stories, both historical and late breaking, having to do with a potential for wrong doing by governmental and/or corporate players. Doing this under the general category of investigative writing, Iíve also been called upon by many dozens of people to look into their personal problems in fighting various injustices, typically with the same kinds of governmental and corporate players.  I have noted certain patterns when it comes to conspiracy situations, and from this came the somewhat famous Rules and Traits of Disinformation as found on my Web site. The URL is: <http://www.proparanoid.NET/truth.htm>

If you are not familiar with the topic, understand that in any organized criminal conspiracy, especially when it involves government or a major business... there are certain common and logical procedural methods which MUST be applied to protect the conspiracy from discovery and failure.  These methods all fall under the guise of disinformation. The average person, and even more sophisticated specialists such as news reporters, are generally unprepared to detect and deal with disinformation. But it can be very easy to spot and deal with if you know what to look for, and so, I developed the Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation, and the Eight Traits of a Disinformationalist. 

These timely lists (at the Web site) are actually used in two different college classrooms by professors (one teaching Journalism, the other Political Science), today, and have been widely distributed on the Internet.  The Rules and Traits, which include step by step how-to respond instructions, have been successfully applied by others in combating disinformation.  But that is not quite the intended topic, here.

Rather, I bring it up to illustrate that in a conspiracy, there are hidden rules to the game which typically, only the bad guys know and apply.  In addition to the Rules and Traits, Iíve noticed a very consistent public stance by media and the courts when it comes to Conspiracy.  To understand and deal with these, it is important that we first define the word.

Note: The remainder of the article describes the varied definitions applied by key persons and authorities when the conspiracy is first revealed to them by those discovering the matter.  Within these differing definitions lies one of the main reasons why conspiracies work so well.

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Official Formula For 'Cover Up'
From The Proparanoid Newsletter, Vol 2001, Issue 2
Copyright © 2000  H. Michael Sweeney All Rights Reserved
Permissions by Request

For some time Iíve been playing with the idea of a book along the line of ëAnatomy of The American Conspiracy Machineí or some such. The idea is to show that every one of our governmentís best cover ups fit a very predictable pattern of events. I guess the idea is that if all these historical nightmares were simply random and natural evolutions of the nature claimed for them by media and government, there should be no ësymmetryí and no identical makeup. One event should not consistently look like another.

But what if there was actually a simple ëformulaí in use by someone somewhere in an a CIA office named ëOffice of OPerationS COntingency Planning Servicesí (OOPS-COPS)?  What impact might that formula, if applied time and time again, have on the actual crimes involved?  Would there be some kind of detectable ësignatureí or pattern that clever observers could spot? You bet!

In such a book, I would take a few of our most famous conspiracies and conduct an autopsy looking for forensic clues that could be said to be similar in each event. From that, working backwards, perhaps, could be deduced the ëformulaí itself. All of this, of course, being hypothetical, since we all know that there is no such thing as a conspiracy - as media assures us, describing all who do not accept the official line as ëconspiracy buffsí and ëconspiracy theorists.í Never do they talk about the hard facts and logical questions raised by those ëbuffs.í

And no wonder, since no Federal Judge has ever found for a conspiracy. Why, even when the Christic Institute sued CIA over a long list of crimes uncovered by their exhaustive investigation... crimes which involved money laundering through select banks taken over by CIA for the purpose... the judge had to throw the case out as frivolous, because there was ëno evidence of a conspiracy.í  His incredibly heavy fine, of course, bankrupted the Institute and allowed CIA to seize all assets including the hard earned evidence. Years later, of course, we found out that the judge happened to own a lot of stock in at least one of those banks... but of course, that was not a conspiracy, either. Obviously, it was just a theory.

Well, as it happens, you can take a couple of conspiracies and dissect them as discussed, and guess what?  There does just happen to be a long list of similarities. It also happens that the bulk of these similarities fit perfectly with the 25 Rules of Disinformation (see  <>.) Not exactly theory,  the rules are used in college courses on Journalism and Political Science. Some progress is possible.

Taking JFK, Flight 800, and the Oklahoma City Bombing, for instance (others qualify, but these are useful to the newsletter), it can be shown that there are a number of ëcoincidentalí matters. From these clues, I have been so bold as to ëtheorizeí what the OOPS-COPS formula might look like: 

CU = (AC + P) x (LA + FB) x (4 + D) x (FE - TE) ^ (GI)
Note: The remainder of the article describes the workings of the formula using JFK, Flight 800, and the OKC bombing as examples.

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CIA Confesses to Kennedy Assassination
Excerpts from Fatal Rebirth,with commentary
A Feral House Book by H. Michael Sweeney
Copyright (c) 1997 - All rights reserved
Permissions by Request

Note: A lot of good people have spent decades chasing after an elusive and fragmented truth with respect to the JFK assassination. Most of them have earned only scorn and name calling as 'conspiracy buffs' or 'conspiracy theorists' by media and government disinformation resources. Many of them continue today without knowledge that the truth has largely been admitted by the group responsible. Many of the conspiracy hunters have been vindicated, while others still search in hopes of that 'smoking gun.' But what better smoking gun than a confession? And we have one! Read it here! It is now time to seek to go beyond JFK as far as wrestling with the various conspiracy theories. There is no need to waste energy there. There are now bigger questions to ask.

JFK died for a reason. The gunmen that pulled the trigger are nothing more than the extension of a greater unseen power, a power with the motive. Cracking that is where I would suggest your efforts should turn next -- instead of making/defending the many alternative theories as to who did the deed itself (though some names are not yet known, and other names, like Bush, need more concrete ties drawn). Who did it is visible, who directed and who ordered them to do it, is less visible -- though their shimmering form can be seen and seems to be firming up.

Take the trail to the the Three and Five "I"s, being careful to avoid the false leads suggesting they refer to the identities of Permindex, Division Five, American Council of Christian Churches, the Solidarists, and DISC. There are connections between the two assassinated Kennedys that are so ironic as to exceed the Greek tragedies. Go back to square one to the formation of OSS/CIA Follow the money from there forward. Remember: "The fascists are coming.". If you know what a fascist is... you know what an elitist is... you know what a globalist is...

You might also ask: If CIA were to undertake an assassination of an American President (or anyone else), would not they lay careful contingency plans? What plan would they make for it going completely wrong, and blame coming back to Langley? How would they survive the public wrath had the media known and published the truth in '64 instead of publishing the Warren Commission?

The answer is a secret CIA within CIA (Shadow), one able to operate on its own infrastructure, and able to fund its own way through crime. Should Langley die, CIA would survive, but completely invisible and free of government oversight -- something that might eventually be better for dark deeds than having CIA In fact, it might even explain why CIA is willing to expose itself to the JFK noose at this time: Shadow may well be fully prepared to replace CIA today. If such a thing as Shadow were to exist, what would it look like and do? The answer just might be the history since Kennedy (both history perceived through media filters and the reality of hidden truths behind the headlines), which can be expressed in oversimplified math, a math which some may not understand:

U2 + Lee Oswald = neutering of Ike; 40 + 40 + 40 = death of Camelot; Vietnam + Tonkin = Asian drug supply; Robert Vesco + Nugan Hand = financial superstructure; Langley - proprietaries being 'disbanded' = infrastructure (free of congressional oversight); Watergate + 5 Break Ins = Assassination of Nixon; Paisley "murder" + Bush = CIA purge (freeing agents for insertion into public sector and segregating agents by loyalties); War on Drugs = South American drug supply; MK-ULTRA/Artichoke + Cult Awareness Network = RFK (and more, including Jones Town and Waco); METC UNIT = WTC, OKC; Evergreen + Gordon's = Orange shipments (capable of producing two kinds of highs); NSA + Clipper/Chipper = NRO in every home; Iran/Contra + Bush/Secord = Lockerbee; CFR + Trilateral Commission = Secret Government; LEA + NIA = In-place assets, Liddy Institute; Ingram + BR Fox = Offshore Murder, Inc. Arms Supply; ADL + B'nai Brith + CIA + Law Enforcement = Networking spy data on American Citizens; Media + CIA = Reuters, K. Graham, Time-Warner, CBS, Hilton Knowles and the rest; and I think I had better stop because I'm bound to have made enough enemies already or tossed out more than you care to consider, anyway. These are some of the things we discuss in our Group -- the greater issue of the war at hand, not just one lost battle in 1963.

Enough food for thought -- here is the post from the CIA news group. Be warned, however, that I have already had comment from CIA apologists who have been attacking this material for years by use of the 25 Rules of Disinformation (variants on misdirection, confusion, non-logic logic, disinformation, disparaging attacks on sources, and so forth), and they are well prepared to use their arguments on you. Should you be unprepared to deal with the trickery of their non-arguments, just ask two questions of them when they do -- and they must wither away. If there are any better confessions from other sources out there, where are they (can they provide an alternative conclusion with better credentials -- or are they just attacking this one)? In absence of other officious proofs, why do they try so hard to destroy this one? Know your enemy by their actions.

CIA Confesses to Kennedy Assassination

Trial Testimony by Deposition Under Oath of CIA agent Marita Lorenz
From the Defamation Trial of E. Howard Hunt vs. Liberty Lobby
United States District Court for Southern District of Florida, January 1985

What follows is the ultimate indictment of E. Howard Hunt and other Operation 40 CIA (AKA Operation Zapata, AKA Bay of Pigs Invasion) agents for the murder of John Kennedy. That not one media representative present at the trial dared print a single word indicts media as being Shadow controlled. That this same testimony was given to FBI within days of the assassination is an indictment of the Justice Department as being Shadow controlled. That the judge presiding over the trial did not order follow-up investigation or indictments for murder is an indictment of the court system as being Shadow controlled. That the same testimony was given the Rockefeller Commission (CFR/Bilderberger/TriLateralist) House Select Committee on Assassinations and nothing was done with the information is an indictment of Congressional oversight as being Shadow controlled.

Note: The remainder of the article provides the transcript in question.  Note:  This is the second most popular file on this Web site, but interestingly, the most frequent source of downloads is the United States Justice Department.  It seems that some people in the system understand that something is wrong with the system!  At least one Justice Department lawyer has resigned his post as result of this and similar frustrations.

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Illuminati Revisited (And Ties to JFK)
From The Proparanoid Newsletter, Vol 2000, Issue 4
Copyright © 2000  H. Michael Sweeney All Rights Reserved
Permissions by Request

A lot that could be written about the Illuminati - and already has.  Many write that the Illuminati and the Freemasons are one in the same.  Some tie it to the NWO groups as I have done.  Some tie it to Skull and Bones, OSS, CIA, and the like.  Interestingly enough, both the Illuminati and CIA would seem to have a lot to do with each of these groups, and thus, all claims may be true.

In particular, I am drawn to the matter of Illuminati religion, beliefs, and practices, some of which are also claimed to be the same for the elite of Freemasonry - taught and observed only by the highest levels of leadership.  Understand it is well known that, historically, the Freemasons have been long feared as a secret society. Further, the CIA and other intelligence apparat like to recruit from such organizations because their members have a particular understanding about key aspects to secrecy which is useful to Agency.

I personally remain less secure with the thought that the Masons are the Illuminati, but I have no doubt that in any reincarnation of the Illuminati (a matter in which I do believe) will most certainly have used the Masons and other groups as cover, including CIA, for example.  IMO, the true head and body of the Illuminati is the 'Group With No Name' alluded to herein, which is the NWO group of Bilderbergers, a group of international power players who have never given themselves a name, but who are referred to as Bilderbergers only because Bilderberg was the first known meeting place in modern history (find a massive compilation of information on the Bilderbergers and their sister societies at the Web site.)

Note: Since this writing, this author has undertaken to research the evolutionary history of the Illuminati and has discovered that indeed, Freemasons were the birthplace of the Illuminati, as well as the other named groups, and arguably, even of CIA. This will not be explained further here, but will be addressed in the pages dedicated to mind control , and to a degree, in those deveted to the NWO (Conspiracy Pages) at proparanoid.NET.

The most interesting portions of what some claim as both Illuminati and Freemasonís highest and most secret prophecies have to do with three events required before the completion of their long-term  end-times goals.  These are:

1) The Creation and Destruction of Primordial Matter;

2) The Killing of the Divine King;

3) The Bringing of Prima Materia to Prima Terra.

Note: The remainder of the article interprets the three prophetic Illuminati elements and their relevancy to American and World history, specifically to include the JFK assassination, as well as Bibic 'end times.'
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Example of Undue CFR Influence In Congress, CIA

Senate Testimony of Dr. Richard Haass
with footnote commentary by H. Michael Sweeney
Updated 1/99 and 7/01 with corrections for clarity and modification of comments to reflect current events.
Bold texts are commented upon in footnotes.
Permissions not required - public domain

For more Intel/Shadow government related info, visit <http://www.proparanoid.NET/NWO.html>

Note: The following transcript is a matter of public record (no copy permissions required), and details how openly the one-world elitist groups such as CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) manipulate governments and pull the strings of various intelligence communities. As you read, compare what is said with my commentary, in footnotes. You decide if this is undue influence from an outside body, or not. The entire transcript follows, though only the first two-thirds express anything of concern to the theme of this piece:

Hearing of The Commission On The Roles And Capabilities Of The United States Intelligence Community

Room SD-106 Dirksen
Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C.
Friday, January 19, 1996

CHAIRMAN BROWN: Our next witness is Dr. Richard Haass, who currently is Director of National Security Programs and a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

In fact, he has recently directed a study, a study run by a task force sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations having to do with intelligence. He has had extensive Government experience, serving as Senior Director for Near East and South Asian Affairs on the National Security Council staff and in various Defense and State Department posts, and as a legislative aide in the Senate, and he has had also an academic career as a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment and lecturer in public policy at the Kennedy School.

We welcome him here today. He will be presenting some of the results of that task force at the council, but I think also some personal views of his own.

Please proceed, Dr. Haass.


DR. HAASS: Thank you, Dr. Brown. I very much appreciate this opportunity particularly to appear before you and several of my former friends.


DR. HAASS: Current friends and former colleagues -- I seem to have been more honest than perhaps I intended to be. I do appreciate this chance to be here today.

If I may echo what several of those who came before me had to say, you've all got an important responsibility here. If there is a clear need to reform U.S. intelligence, and I think there is, there's probably no less of a need to make sure that it is not fixed more than it is broke.

Intelligence remains a critical resource and tool, and its maintenance and improvement ought to be a national security priority of the United States.

Let me just say my own involvement with intelligence comes from three directions. To make clear my bona fides, such as they are, I spent over 10 years as a consumer of intelligence in various roles in the executive branch and also on the Hill. Secondly, I was a consultant to the Bureau of Intelligence and Research at the State Department during the 1980's. And thirdly and most recently, I directed a project sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations.

It was chaired by Hank Greenberg of American International Group, and consisted of around 25 people looking at the full gamut of issues on the future of U.S. intelligence. Our report will be published in a few weeks. (fn1)

It offers judgments and makes recommendations on a full range of issues, including the need for intelligence in the post-Cold War world, collection priorities in particular, the process of setting requirements, improving analysis, how to do that and how to increase its impact, economic intelligence, clandestine activities, organizational questions, military intelligence, the issues that Bill Barr just spoke about in detail, that is, the relationship between intelligence and law enforcement (fn1.1), and lastly, the question of oversight, be it by Congress or by others...

...The end of the Cold War, whatever else it has done, has not ushered in an age of peace and security, nor is the need for intelligence in any way eliminated by new sources of publicly available information.

There are still important but hard-to-learn facts about targets, including, for example, the intentions and capabilities of rogue states and terrorists (fn2), the proliferation of unconventional weapons, and the disposition of hostile or potentially hostile military forces, that can only be identified, monitored, and measured through dedicated intelligence assets.

When I am asked what is the principal finding of our group , I say it is essentially just this, that despite the end of the Cold War, despite the Internet, and despite Mr. Ames, there is still a clear and strong need for an effective, in-house capability within the U.S. Government to produce quality intelligence. (fn3)
1 CFR study group -- not the findings of any official government research. Note: Carnegie Foundation and similar foundations are extensions of CFR philosophies, policy, and spending power.

1.1 Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of access to this text here - but ANY relationship between law enforcement and intelligence OUGHT NOT BE under ANY circumstances. However, a review of Political Control Technology <http://www.proparanoid.NET/pnl.htm> will reveal an increasing evolution of not only an ancestral relationship between intelligence and law enforcement, but also, of military and law enforcement - especially in  the area of mind control technology.

2 Dr. Haass testimony will involve the invoking terrorism concerns no less than seventeen times.

3 This is a necessary finding, since there are many who would cut back the role of intelligence now that the cold war is over -- seeking at the very least reasonable cuts in spending, or at the most, the complete demise of CIA.



Note: The remainder of the article includes many examples of undue influance by and loyalties to CFR within Congress and the intelligence community, and reveals an intention to give more power and authority to CIA, even at the expense of DOD and other intelligence community players.  There is, IMO, also examples of deciet. All of this is pointed out in the footnotes.


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Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation
(Includes The 8 Traits of A Disinformationalist)
by H. Michael Sweeney <>
copyright (c) 1997, 2000, 2001 All rights reserved (Edited June 2001)

Permission to reprint/distribute hereby granted for any non commercial use provided information reproduced in its entirety and with author information in tact. For more Intel/Shadow government related info, visit the Author's Web site: <http://www.proparanoid.NET>

Built upon Thirteen Techniques for Truth Suppression by David Martin, the following may be useful to the initiate in the world of dealing with veiled and half-truth, lies, and suppression of truth when serious crimes are studied in public forums. This, sadly, includes every day news media, one of the worst offenders with respect to being a source of disinformation. Where the crime involves a conspiracy, or a conspiracy to cover up the crime, there will invariably be a disinformation campaign launched against those seeking to uncover and expose the truth and/or the conspiracy. There are specific tactics which disinfo artists tend to apply, as revealed here. Also included with this material are seven common traits of the disinfo artist which may also prove useful in identifying players and motives. The more a particular party fits the traits and is guilty of following the rules, the more likely they are a professional disinfo artist with a vested motive. People can be bought, threatened, or blackmailed into providing disinformation, so even "good guys" can be suspect in many cases.

A rational person participating as one interested in the truth will evaluate that chain of evidence and conclude either that the links are solid and conclusive, that one or more links are weak and need further development before conclusion can be arrived at, or that one or more links can be broken, usually invalidating (but not necessarily so, if parallel links already exist or can be found, or if a particular link was merely supportive, but not in itself key) the argument. The game is played by raising issues which either strengthen or weaken (preferably to the point of breaking) these links. It is the job of a disinfo artist to interfere with these evaluation... to at least make people think the links are weak or broken when, in truth, they are not... or to propose alternative solutions leading away from the truth. Often, by simply impeding and slowing down the process through disinformation tactics, a level of victory is assured because apathy increases with time and rhetoric.

It would seem true in almost every instance, that if one cannot break the chain of evidence for a given solution, revelation of truth has won out. If the chain is broken either a new link must be forged, or a whole new chain developed, or the solution is invalid an a new one must be found... but truth still wins out. There is no shame in being the creator or supporter of a failed solution, chain, or link, if done with honesty in search of the truth. This is the rational approach. While it is understandable that a person can become emotionally involved with a particular side of a given issue, it is really unimportant who wins, as long as truth wins. But the disinfo artist will seek to emotionalize and chastise any failure (real or false claims thereof), and will seek by means of intimidation to prevent discussion in general.

It is the disinfo artist and those who may pull their strings (those who stand to suffer should the crime be solved) MUST seek to prevent rational and complete examination of any chain of evidence which would hang them. Since fact and truth seldom fall on their own, they must be overcome with lies and deceit. Those who are professional in the art of lies and deceit, such as the intelligence community and the professional criminal (often the same people or at least working together), tend to apply fairly well defined and observable tools in this process. However, the public at large is not well armed against such weapons, and is often easily led astray by these time-proven tactics. Remarkably, not even media and law enforcement have NOT BEEN TRAINED to deal with these issues. For the most part, only the players themselves understand the rules of the game.

Note: The remainder of the article includes the actual list of Rules and Traits, as well as real-world examples of both their use and a suggested workable defense.
This is the most popular file at this site, downloaded as much as 300 times a day, and used in college courses in Journalism and Political Science.
ALSO ON THESE PAGES will be found other materials relating to disinformation, such as CIA's Operation Mockingbird.

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