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PROPARANOID? What does it mean?

1) paranoid ~ a medical term applied to someone who mistakenly fears being persecuted by others... followed, spied upon, stalked, threatened, etc.

2) opposite of paranoid ~ sorry, there is no medical term in the English language for someone properly reacting to ACTUAL persecution. Some say 'cautious' is the word, but ONLY the victim seems to use that word, usually in self defense against suggestions of being paranoid. Why? Our civilization, certainly as exemplified by professionals within law enforcement, the courts, and medical institutions, simply does not want to believe in conspiracy or bogeymen. If you ask for help, you are simply dismissed as being paranoid, even if you have proof to the contrary - they don't want to hear it, and the victim is victimized a second time in a whole new way. 

On the other hand... METANOIA is an illness defined as 'the belief that everyone is good/benign and the world/universe only wants to help you' regardless of the reality. This is the TRUE opposite of paranoia but represents an inverse illness. Excuse me for saying it, but this would seem to be the state of mind of all law enforcement, media, and medical professionals who, by failing to consider that not every bump in the night is imagined and instead prefering to believe there is no such thing as a conspiracy or boogyman, are deluding themselves; thus by their behavior, it is THEY who are mentally ill!

3) proparanoid ~ someone who wishes to aid and support those accused of being paranoid, especially when help has been denied elsewhere; a concatenation of 'professional paranoid' - see next. See also HOW TO GET HELP

4) Professional Paranoid ~  title of a how-to book on personal safety and privacy by H. Michael Sweeney ~ The Professional Paranoid: How to Fight Back When Investigated, Stalked, Harassed, or Targeted by Any Agency, Organization, or Individual. Now available in Third Edition as e-book ($12)

5) Professional Paranoid NEWSLETTER  ~  four issues each year (12-24 pages with color) packed with news and tips, and revelations of conspiratorial corruption in high places. Learn more - get a FREE Sample!

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Radio Talk Show and Lecture Appearances!
Personal Privacy and Security expert, H. Michael Sweeney, is the author of three books on these important topics: 

T h e  P r o f e s s i o n a l  P a r a n o i d, a defensive how-to on gerneral privacy and securty concerns; M C  R e a l i t i e s, a defensive how-to on Political Control Technology (PCT, aka mind control) issues; and T h e P r o f e s s i o n a l P a r a n o i d D e f e n s i v e F i e l d G u i d e, a handy reference tool for anyone concerned about targeting related issues. Mr. Sweeney has over 50 hours of national and international radio talk show guest spots and was a Special News Correspondent for Michael Corbin's For a Closer Look radio show - prior to his death under mysterious circumstances (investigation under way). The Proparanoid Web site has enjoyed tens of millions of page hits since 1999, with material from the Web site featured in courseware for various college courses in Journalism, Political Science, and Sociology. 

Mr. Sweeney offers Web-based consulting to victims who cannot obtain helps through traditional sources, and is the spokesperson for NOILWAR!. He also writes fiction and  film scripts, including the highly prophetic Electronic Apocalypse, which, based on crimes of the intelligence community, foretold of airliners crashing into and destroying the World Trade Center as part of a terrorism campaign, and a resulting war in the Middle East - written and posted to his Web site in 1999. Mr. Sweeney also successfully predicted the end of Ross Perot's run for the Presidency due to assassination threats, which took place within weeks of the warning to Secret Service. Learn the full story in his latest work, a four-volume book set on crimes of the intelligence community, F a t a l  Re b i r t h.

Want to arrange an interview or lecture

H. Michael Sweeney

Shows/Hosts Include: Michael Corbin (RIP) ~ For a Closer Look; Ian Punnett ~ Coast to Coast w Art Bell; The Big Picture ~ London BBC; Joyce Riley ~ Power Hour; Dr. Kimberli Ridgeway ~ PeaceMeds; Jeff Rense ~ JR Show; Ted Patterson ~ Liberty Works National Radio Network; Dr. Gianni Hayes American Voice Radio; Truth Brigade Conference Calls; Gina Romano/Daniel Ott ~ Teh Edge Radio; Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillande Conference Calls; Mr. E, and Demy Asis ~ Radio Free Olympia (pirate radio); Sophia Smallstorm and Ken Jenkins ~ 911 and Social Engineering Round Table; Parallel University Radio ~ KAOS 89.3FM; Tony Gillylan ~Hot Talk (ABC Syndicated); Don Wassall ~ Nationalist Times; Controlled America Lecture Series; Meria Heller ~ Meria Heller Show; Louie Free ~ Louie Free Show;

Your Lecture or Show Here
Jun 5-6 2010
Featured Lecturer at ConCon Conspiracy Conference in San Francisco area on 666 Reasons to Fear RFID, Smart Dust, Mems, Sims
APR 17 2010
Special Marathon Radio Show: Mystery Magazine's Shadows in the Dark Radio 32d Annual
24 hr. Bash with Ripley's Believe It Or Not with Host Jerimiah Greer. I will be speaking at
1:00 AM EST
for one hour on the Norway Spiral as it relates to sci-fi and conspiracies in
promotion of my newest book, In Mindless Times, the World's 1st Ergonomic bookbanner banner

Dec 22 2009
Dr. Kimberli Ridgeway hosts dialog on the JFK assassination and the little known 'The Three and the Five I's', In Mindless Times
Dec 12 2009
Dr. Kimberli Ridgeway hosts dialog on Time Travel research and my new sci-fi book on same, In Mindless Times
Dec 2 2009
Dr. Gianni Hayes American Voice Radio (AVR) Field Investigator Mary Hartman and I discuss illegal deeds in bioweapons projects in Minnesota and ties to NWO Canamex
Aug 12 2009
Pt I of II pts
Dr. Gianni Hayes American Voice Radio (AVR) Field Investigator Mary Hartman and I discuss illegal deeds in bioweapons projects in Minnesota and ties to NWO Canamex
Jul 16 2009
Dr. Kimberli Ridgeway hosts dialog on victims of Political Control Technology with permissioned discussion of real-world client cases
Mar 18 2009
Truth Brigade Conference Call on the NAU/SPP (North American Union/Security and Prosperity Partnership) and the Canamex Corridors:
Mar 4 2009
Mar 7 2009
Dr. Gianni Hayes American Voice Radio (AVR) Abuse of Power issues and how it relates to Domestic State Sponsored Terrorism. What the heck IS "Domestic" State Sponsored Terrorism, anyway?
May 8 2008
The Edge Radio Network with Gina Romano and Daniel Ott: Political Control Technology Issues such as organized stalking, electronic weapons, the who, why, and how PCT weapons are used. Repeat airings all day long Thursday May 8, and archieved thereafter - listen
Apr 13 2008
Live Conference Call: How to Outreach for Help sponsored by Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance on behalf of targeted individuals and members of FFCHS
Aug 19 2007
Freeform discussion of privacy issues in a Federally Controled Society on Radio Free Olympiswith underground radio host Demy Asis, broadcast live from a secret location requiring a blindfold and a change of vehicles! COOL!
Aug 18 2007
Lecture: Social Engineering in Review a fund raising event held at Traditions Cafe in Olympia, WA on behalf of Radio Free Olympia, sponsored by Demy DeAsis of Radio Free Olympia
May 19 2007 Roundtable Panel Discussion: 9-11 and Social Engineering featuring H. Michael Sweeney, Videographer Activist Ken Jenkins, and film maker Sophia Smallstorm, who debuted her controversially devastating film, 9-11 Mysteries Part 1: Demolitions
Many show histories lost for this general time frame.
Mar 24 2003 The Michael Corbin Show, ParaNet Info: Continuation of Mar 29 show with focus on defining Fascism as found in Gvt. today<> ~ Real Audio archived
Mar 29 2003
The Michael Corbin Show, ParaNet Info: Defense Policy Board preplanning of war with Iraq and Saudi Arabia for control of Middle East oil since 1996 <> ~ Real Audio archived
Mar 1 2003
The Michael Corbin Show, ParaNet Info: Following Professor John Burnett of Denver University on Homeland Security, I discuss evidence of Domestic State Sponsored Terrorism <> ~ Real Audio archived
Jan 16 2003
Parallel University Radio Show on Political Control Technology and MC Realities KAOS 89.3 FM, Wn
Dec 8 2002 The Michael Corbin Show, ParaNet Info: DOD's Total Information Awareness Office <> ~ Real Audio archived
 Nov 2 2002
Controlled America lecture series on Weapons of Mass Destruction and Political Control. Beverly Garland Holiday Inn, 4222 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood, Ca. Lectures by Dr. Nick Begich (Project HAARP), Cheryl Welsh (Weapons and Human Rights), and H. Michael Sweeney (Political Control Technology)
Jul 28 2002
The Michael Corbin Show, ParaNet Info: Mind Control Special ~ Real Audio archived<
Jul 21 2002 The Michael Corbin Show, ParaNet Info: Privacy Issues ~ Real Audio archived <
Dec 2 2001
The Michael Corbin Show, ParaNet Info: Mind Control, Privacy Issues, 911  Prior Knowledge <> ~ Real Audio archived
Nov 30 2001
HOT Talk show with Tony Gillylan - JFK assassination  ABC Radio (select affiliates)
Nov 21 2001 The Meria Heller Show: Privacy and security under the eye of the Homeland Security Agency. Archived for Real Audio Playback
Nov 12 2001
The Louie Free Show: Prior knowledge. <>
 Nov 5 2001
HOT TALK American International Radio, ABC Affiliate WAIC, Springfield, MA:  Prior knowledge and a 'smoking gun' check your local ABC Radio affiliate
Oct 30 2001 The Jeff Rense Show:  Prior knowledge. Archived for Real Audio Playback
Oct 7 2001
Don Wassall Nationalist Times: Topics TBA (possible OKC blast, Operation Northwoods tie in to 9-11 Terrorism War) <>
Oct 3 2001
Joyce Riley Power Hour: OKC blast, Operation Northwoods tie in to 9-11 Terrorism War <>
Sep 19 2001
Art Bell's Coast to Coast: With host Ian Punnett - Discussed if there was a need to give up privacy rights to combat terrorism, announced prior knowledge of war months before attack. Available on tape or CD <>
Aug 28 2001 The Louie Free Show: Mind Control,  OKC bomb factory photographs, Flight 800 <>
Aug 5 2001
The Michael Corbin Show, ParaNet Info: Mind Control, Privacy Issues <
Dec 11 2000
The Louie Free Show: Privacy Issues <
Nov 19 2000
The Michael Corbin Show, ParaNet Info: Mind Control, Privacy Issues <
Nov 17 2000 The Jeff Rense Show:  Mind Control, Privacy Issues, and Flight 800 with Real Audio archives and audio tapes. Archived for Real Audio Playback
July 11 2000
The Louie Free  Show of the Super Eagle Stations: Privacy Issues <>
Dec 14 1999
The Louie Free Show: Privacy Issues <>
Jan 5 1999
The Ted Patterson Show, Liberty Works National Radio Network:  Privacy Issues with Real Audio at <>

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DISCLAIMER:  It should be understood that only you can know your personal situation well enough to make an informed decision. Because of the natural inherent difficulties in communicating at a distance and over time, it is unlikely that I can ever be fully informed on the precise nature of your problems. Thus any advice I offer is meant only to provide suggestions of additional possibilities which you may not yourself see or be aware of. It is your responsibility, and your responsibility alone, to review all options before electing any course of action you deem most appropriate. Any and all consequences of such actions are your responsibility. I can make no guarantee that any advice I offer is suitable to any particular need, nor that it has suitable applicability to your situation. Only you can decide such matters. 
While here, now - please read the PRIVACY POLICY below, which can also impact on your situation. 

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CAUTION ~ Advanced government and hacker methods are known to be able to bypass normal PC-based ISP security and thus able to snoop such log files. This is not considered possible at this site because it is a Mac-based ISP selected for that very reason - the same reason that even CIA switched to Macintosh per my advice. However, anyone concerned over this possibility should also understand that the same sources that have any such hacking capability would also have the capability to simply monitor your every Web transaction DIRECTLY. For information on a means for possible detection/deterrence to such abuse of your right to privacy, read about VISUAL ROUTE Software for PC users here: <>, or contact me for similar Macintosh software.

2) EMAIL ~ The Author is the only person to access email sent to the addresses available at his contact page. The same general hacking/snooping concerns expressed in (1) above apply - especially with the advent of FBI's Carnivore snooping software. The Author urges you to NEVER send sensitive information to him via email, and make no attempt to do so by mail or other means without prior discussion on methodology and your specific need and reason. As a general rule , it should be unnecessary in the first place!  For information on how to improve email security, please read the Getting Help section of this page.

3) CONFIDENTIALITY ~ All communications and information relayed to the Author by any means is held in the strictest of confidence. As an author and investigative writer, the Author will not and cannot be forced, even under the law, to reveal any information relayed in confidence. Not even a court order will result in betrayal of any such confidence. Even casual contact falls under the umbrella of 'research' for the purpose, so nothing about your situation or existence will be mentioned to any other person, group, or agency, except as possible generic reference to the nature of a given generic problem experienced by a generic person and any possible generic solution as recommended ~ without any mention of you by name or by circumstance which might betray your identity. Where referral or forwarding of information to other parties may be appropriate, referrals will be only by permission of the other party, or by permission to pass your contact information along to the other party. Outbound email to multiple parties will NEVER include cc or other readable coaddressee information, deferring instead to blind cc methods, unless those persons are already known to each other as part of an agreed upon discussion group which normally freely communicates with each other openly, or if responding to a contact with multiple addressees using REPLY TO ALL.

EXCEPTIONS ~ The Author reserves the right to privately or publicly reveal information about any person to the public or to any person(s) or authority where such information might prevent or report a crime or a breach of National Security. The Author maintains back-channel and front-door contact with various law enforcement, FBI, Secret Service, NSA, CIA, and Military Intelligence for the purpose. The Author also reserves the right to reveal in any way deemed appropriate any information or source of information (or disinformation) which represents an attack on his person, reputation, credibility, or the credibility of any topic or material he might choose to offer in public, or which may similarly defend any person, group, or cause for whom the Author has elected to provide help or aid.

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EXCEPTIONS ~ Like many Web sites this site has some limited advertising buttons/banners/links, which are to preferred vendors of security/privacy software, products, or services. Ironic though it is, these vendors do employ traditional use of cookies and Web bugs for marketing purposes. This is no different than any other Web site where you find such buttons/banners/links, and the use or misuse of such information is dependent chiefly on the privacy policy of the vendor. A more reputable vendor, and one dealing in privacy issues, tends to run a tighter ship. However, if you wish to STOP vendors from accessing such information about you entirely, you need to consider installing software which defeats Web bugs and cookies. Many browsers such as Netscape and Explorer have built-in features which can be enabled to do this.

5) STORAGE ~ Files regarding email and other contact with The Professional Paranoid Web site and the Author are maintained on his computer for weeks or months at a time. These are frequently backed up to CD and placed in a safe deposit box for long term reference, and the original files are purged from the computer once their age would dictate them less useful. There is a special set of back up hard drives and CDs distributed around the world in a very secure manner which can be counted upon in case of severe harm to myself, my family, my computer, Web site etc.  A mechanism for decoding and distributing files contained on these broadly to appropriate international parties and agencies is in place.  This protects all concerned in the event of foul play, and is a part of my personal insurance policy. 

6) YOUR RIGHTS ~ You at anytime may feel free to place restrictions on how information about you is kept and/or used by the Author. Every attempt will be made to obey your wishes and to follow the law with respect to such rights. Requests may be by email or in writing (PO 1941, Clackamas, OR 97015). Written confirmation may be required and requested in certain cases where the possibility exists for fraudulent representation in an attempt to sabotage an existing relationship or to prevent helps from being offered to a victim.

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