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(Conspiracy THEORY is only for Doubting Thomas media 'experts' use in name calling in order to avoid talking about the facts)

Official Formula For 'Cover Up'
From The Proparanoid Newsletter, Vol 2001, Issue 2
Copyright © 2000  H. Michael Sweeney All Rights Reserved
Permissions by Request

For some time I've been playing with the idea of a book along the line of 'Anatomy of The American Conspiracy Machine' or some such. The idea is to show that every one of our government's best cover ups fit a very predictable pattern of events. I guess the idea is that if all these historical nightmares were simply random and natural evolutions of the nature claimed for them by media and government, there should be no 'symmetry' and no identical makeup. One event should not consistently look like another.

But what if there was actually a simple 'formula' in use by someone somewhere in an a CIA office named 'Office of OPerationS COntingency Planning Services' (OOPS-COPS)?  What impact might that formula, if applied time and time again, have on the actual crimes involved?  Would there be some kind of detectable 'signature' or pattern that clever observers could spot? You bet!

In such a book, I would take a few of our most famous conspiracies and conduct an autopsy looking for forensic clues that could be said to be similar in each event. From that, working backwards, perhaps, could be deduced the 'formula' itself. All of this, of course, being hypothetical, since we all know that there is no such thing as a conspiracy - as media assures us, describing all who do not accept the official line as 'conspiracy buffs' and 'conspiracy theorists.' Never do they talk about the hard facts and logical questions raised by those 'buffs.'

And no wonder, since no Federal Judge has ever found for a conspiracy. Why, even when the Christic Institute sued CIA over a long list of crimes uncovered by their exhaustive investigation... crimes which involved money laundering through select banks taken over by CIA for the purpose... the judge had to throw the case out as frivolous, because there was 'no evidence of a conspiracy.'  His incredibly heavy fine, of course, bankrupted the Institute and allowed CIA to seize all assets including the hard earned evidence. Years later, of course, we found out that the judge happened to own a lot of stock in at least one of those banks... but of course, that was not a conspiracy, either. Obviously, it was just a theory.

Well, as it happens, you can take a couple of conspiracies and dissect them as discussed, and guess what?  There does just happen to be a long list of similarities. It also happens that the bulk of these similarities fit perfectly with the 25 Rules of Disinformation (see  <http://www.proparanoid.net/truth.htm>.) Not exactly theory,  the Rules are used in college courses on Journalism and Political Science to warn of the problem and teach how to combat it. Some progress is possible.

Taking JFK, Flight 800, and the Oklahoma City Bombing, for instance (others qualify, but these are useful to the newsletter), it can be shown that there are a number of 'coincidental' matters. From these clues, I have been so bold as to 'theorize' what the OOPS-COPS formula might look like:

CU = (AC + P) x (LA + FB) x (4 + D) x (FE - TE) ^ (GI)
This translates as: a successful CoverUp equals (Abundant Clues plus a Patsy) times (Linked Alternatives plus a Fall-Back Position) times the (FOURth estate plus Disinformationalists) times (False Evidence sold as truth minus True Evidence ignored) raised to the power of a government controlled investigation... Wag the Dog!

Two of these 'variables' need further definition. Linked alternatives refers to evidenciary trails which tend to lead all investigators, including the 'buffs' down a myriad set of paths which keep crossing each other or running directly one into another. The Fourth Estate is a media controlled by government, more specifically, to include CIA's takeover via Operation Mockingbird (<http://www.proparanoid.net/post.htm>)

In examining the basis for this deduction, one might be moved, if writing such a book, to cite specific examples of exactly how this Wag the Dog process functions in real-world intelligence community crimes. By way of illustration, I'll offer a few such examples here - but point out that any such book would likely have enough examples in each category to fill a chapter. Let's face it. JFK, OKC, and Flight 800 are huge and complex conspiracies, according to 'theorists.'

All three crimes (yes, Flight 800 was a crime) exhibit more abundant clues than we can shake a stick at. I insist that if given space to make the case, all three have a patsy - which in the case of Flight 800 is the Center Wing Tank. That is our (AC+P). Disinformation Rule 12: Enigmas Have No Solutions - Rule 15:  Fit the facts to alternate conclusions.

All three have linked alternative paths for investigators to endlessly wander with no seeming apparent successful determinations (at least as far as are allowed to reach the public's ears via media.)  All three have a fall-back position established, a matter which again might take some explanation space. With JFK, it was either the 'Communists' (Solidarists, Cubans, or Kremlin, take your pick) which was used to scare the Warren Commission into a desired finding for 'lone assassin.' In Oklahoma and Flight 800, it will be International Terrorism. Trust me, it is likely to be only a matter of a few months before you hear it in media, if these stories keep crumbling the way they have been. So much for (LA+FB.) Disinfo Rule 14: Demand Complete Solutions - Rule 11: Establish Fall Back Positions.

All three have enjoyed the helping hand of both the Fourth Estate and other non-news world Disinformationalists, a matter which hardly needs mentioning or proofs to anyone who has followed the 'conspiracy theories' as they developed. (FE+D.) Disinfo Rule 23:  Create bigger distractions - Rule 24:  Silence critics - Rule 15:  Fit the facts to alternate conclusions - Rule 3: Create rumor mongers - Rule 4: Use a straw man.

There are definitely false facts galore in all three cases. JFK's magic bullet and the impossible shooting time/accuracy required. Flight 800's exploding tank (where is the sooted, bulging, twisted metalwork?) and altered trajectory study. OKC's impossible home-made ANFO bomb and impossible mass destruction by that bomb. And all three have ignored true facts. JFK's grassy knoll, missing brain, and CIA's sworn courtroom confession by CIA agent Marita Lorenz. Flight 800's vanished witnesses and missing FDR and CVR data and the silenced forensic investigation. OKC's multiple bombs found on the third floor and seismic and audio recording evidence of two explosions. So we have our (FF-TF.) Disinfo Rule 20: False evidence - 22: Manufacture a new truth - Rule 13: Alice in Wonderland Logic - Rule16: Vanish evidence and witnesses.

And government investigations, of course, are exactly the problem when government is the principle suspect being protected. No one in government seems to consider anything in the way of actual facts, ignores all challenges and questions about the claimed facts. JFK used the Warren Commission to white wash everything for us. We had FBI, mostly, and a rigged Grand Jury in OKC. In Flight 800, we had US Navy, CIA and FBI, but mostly NTSB to dazzle us with doubtful logic proclaimed as truth. That is our (GI.)  Disinfo Rule 8: Invoke authority - Rule 21: Call a Grand Jury, Special Prosecutor, or other empowered investigative body - Rule 1: Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

Of course, this is not such a book (though Truth in Flames comes close), so I don't have the time or space to make a compelling case for these arguments. Nor do I have the space to describe the more elegant formula used as catalyst and bonding agents. There is a kind of nested trilogy of trilogies, you see, all having to do with disinformation.

One set is concerted disinfo attack aimed directly at the 'conspiracy theorists' through covert infiltration of the actual 'conspiracy theorist' group, usually to create a strawman or simply sabotage their progress; disinfo through mainstream media designed to derail conspiracy gains that might catch the public's imagination; and wild theories (more strawmen) by bogus 'theorists' do get attention specifically to discredit all such 'theorists.' It would take a book to document the examples in JFK, OKC, and 800. Hmm... I guess that is what we are talking about!

The Second Trilogy lies in evidence used by government, virtually all of which is flawed or tainted in some way by government's handling - a matter completely intolerable in any normal criminal matter. Example: in Flight 800 FBI's explosives residue tests were conducted after pressure washing the items;  obvious evidence is ignored. Example: in JFK, Oswald's parfin tests showed he fired a pistol, not a rifle; legal processes are subverted. Example:  in OKC, two unexploded bombs found on the third floor were not presented to Grand Jury, and when the jury asked technical information, they were fed incorrect answers to conceal a broader conspiracy and reveal McVeigh as obvious patsy - one who could not be allowed to die until the greater conspiracy was solved. This is why his death was so important - to cement government's claims forever in media's view, which was just why Oswald had to die at any cost, even if requiring the sacrifice of conspirator Ruby.

The third trilogy creates a coordinated disinfo machine consisting of a manipulated 'Mockingbird' media literally owned by the military-industrial complex (making it, in my own coined term, the military-industrial-intelligence-media complex, or MIIM); other-than news media 'apologists' (authors and prominent persons) who make cases for government's arguments and criticize 'theorists'; and a round of TV and film docudramas and 'investigative reports' designed to 'portray the facts' which just happen to match those provided by government press conferences and media.

Where this leaves us, of course, is at the doorstep of understanding. Gaining such an understanding may enable us to reexamine the events of our time more carefully. In fact, I propose, we start right here, right now. Offered next for your consideration will be a closer look at both OKC and Flight 800. As always, you be the judge.

And, if you like, let me know if you would like to see such a book in print. Contact me and tell me you would like to see ACM go to press. A few hundred such requests and the publishers start to get interested.

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