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The Good Light Award:
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The Good Light Award is awarded to sites which provide uncommon value to the Web community by promoting the principles of Freedom and human rights, and/or preservation of the American system under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, or which otherwise promote Democracy and/or human rights in other countries. Often, this takes form in the exposing of evil among men, such as corruption, conspiracy, and/or abuse of power, and/or educating the public about their rights and how to insure they may keep them, or otherwise defend themselves from some manner of harm. A Good Light Award site tends to be a site which exposes dark and evil things for what they are, and/or shows the way into the light. The Net and the World is enriched thereby.

Nominations for The Good Light Award can come from any Netizen. Each month, from among the nominees, at least one Web site is awarded The Good Light Award by H. Michael Sweeney, an investigative writer specializing in crimes of the intelligence community and abuse of power issues, and author of The Professional Paranoid, a book (with companion newsletter) on personal privacy and safety. Mr. Sweeney has appeared in over 20 hours of national radio broadcasts as guest expert on privacy and safety issues, and topics such as Flight 800 and Y2K fears. More on home page.

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     Mind Control

BOOK: Sequal to The Professional Paranoid Now Available! MC Realities: Understanding, Detecting, and Defending  Against Mind Control and Electronic Weapons of Political Control Technology - Never before has anyone attempted  to do more than document mind control technology -- to provide actual advice on how to recognize it in use and do something useful about it. MC Realities does, and further  shows the historical evolution of mind control all the way back to Biblic times, and explains why it is so important to the emerging New World Order. Available in e-book or paperback. Order direct from me and get four issues of the Professional Paranoid Newsletter and an autographed/inscribed copy of the book. 
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BOOK: Psychic Dictatorship in The U.S.A., Alex Constantine- Feral House Books, ISBN 0-922915-28-8 (220 pages.) A fast paced introduction to some of the more interesting examples of CIA mind control projects which shows not only how early research discounted by CIA as 'unworkable and discontinued' in Congressional hearings is not only being applied after all, but how Agency has created whole new Fronts and in-place assets within the psychiatric community to claim MC does not exist. It is an easy case to make, because it is all the same people from the original CIA projects! 
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BOOK: Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in America, Alex Constantine - Feral House Books, ISBN 0-992915-45-8 (320 pages.) Alex expands on Psychic Dictatorship and takes you deeper into the world of programmable agents and brutal mind control experimentation. Includes excellent review of the mass cult murder-suicide phenomenon - or did you think these people acted under their own natural will? 
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BOOK: Earth Rising: The Revolution, Toward a Thousand Years of Peace, Dr. Nick Begich, James Roderick, Shelah J. Slade - Earth Pulse Books, ISBN 1-890693-43-X (304 pages, illustrated.) No one outside of the intelligence community knows more than Dr. Begich about HAARP, the U.S.A.F. project which takes Soviet electromagnetic wave mind control technology to levels of scale and sophistication as to have catastrophic implications for the future of mankind. Of course, the AF insists it is just weather control experiments, but Dr. Begich provides informative technical explanations of why you should be skeptical. 
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WARNING! Victims of mind control should not casually surf the Web or research the topic. Many victims may not realize they precise nature of their past included a particular 'programming' which makes them susceptible to something called 'triggers'. Triggers are keyword phrases or other symbology which 'triggers' a specific intended response which is dangerous to the victim, typically causing self destructive actions.  These actions can include simply contacting someone who will draw them back tightly into the mind control world, or may even include irresistible instructions to suicide. Due to the level of research required, NOT ALL SITES BELOW are known to be Trigger Safe. Please contact this author for additional advice and safe referrals to the few resources known to be free of triggering or which at least label dangerous areas as triggering.

Freedom of Mind: RELIGIOUS CULT mind control expert, counselor and author Steven Hassan has several books to offer, and his site has numerous articles and other aids useful to anyone seeking to combat the influence of a destructive cult on a family member. This is an area of caution, in that many cults are actually infiltrated by or otherwise controlled by the same people who developed mind control at CIA - and yet, many organizations such as the Cult Awareness Network and its descendants have sprung up to 'help' people get out of the cult - only to put them into an even worse situation. There are many wolves in sheep's clothing. Hassan's credentials would seem to be a genuine wool coat.

F.A.C.T. Net - Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network: A non-profit news source, referral service, and archive. It is the oldest and largest cult and mind control resource on the Internet dedicated to protecting freedom of mind from harms caused by psychological coercion. The bulk of their focus would seem to be Religious Cults, but there is deffinately good material on other forms of MC. I like the fact that they list known cults without fear of consequence - which can be significant when dealing with cults. WARNING: Some of the resources listed are associated with CIA mind control fronts.  F.A.C.T. Net does not vouch for content of contributions and lists caregivers I would not trust.

Raven1 Victim Resource Center - Elanore White is the definitive activist when it comes to mind control warfare - and it is a real war with real victims. Her site gives excellent overview of the history and aftermath of decades of CIA and other research into MC methods, provides proofs and testimonials that the technology exists, works, and is being applied, and offers helps and resources to victims and student researchers.  Trigger Safe.
May 2000 Winner of The Good Light Award!

C.A.H.R.A. Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse By Neurological and Electromagnetic Weapons: Cheryl Welsh is another victim/warrior in the struggle who has amassed a wealth of documentation and other resources. Ditto effectiveness/usefulness as for Raven1 above. Trigger Safe.

Datafilter Mind Control Pages: An excellent archive of reference materials and links.  Very well organized and easy to navigate. <>

Deep Black Magic - Government Research into E.S.P. and Mind Control: Despite the name this is a serious resource for researchers into topic because it has a large number of officious documents, and it is easy to navigate. Been around a long time and gets a lot of traffic - but some of the material seems to be personal commentary without useful references - so read wisely. 

Radiation Health Protection Systems - Thomas Clark's seemingly small and simple Web site on electromagnetic weapons has a wealth of references including advice and documents on legal recourse and dealing with the system as a victim. Includes actual government regulations which can be quoted to maximize effect. 

Earth Pulse - Electromagnetic Weapons, Mind Control, and HAARP Research by U.S.A.F. into same are covered in useful detail here. Earth Pulse is also a book publisher with many titles of interest, including some featured here.

Visitations on Mind Control: This site may seem somewhat a put off in that it seems to focus upon UFO's and Alien abductions, as well as channeling. Don't be put off, because these ARE peripheral topics to the broader mind control issue. The real strength of this site is that it has a comprehensive collection of documents on early MC research projects including the hard to find Controllers and other works of Martin Cannon. That Cannon authorized the full reproduction is a good enough reference to this site, for me. It also provides access to the mindnetjournal and other useful files

S.M.A.R.T.s Ritual Abuse Page: A good collection of presentations and The Ritual Abuse Newsletters by and devoted to victims and their recovery. Many of the victims are veteran crusaders with their own support operations and Web sites, so this is also a good gateway to yet more resources. It is also a member of something called RingSurf which means it is directly linked to 'similar' sites, but not all of these are necessarily recommendable. <>


     Personal Safety/Privacy

BOOK: 2nd Edition Now Available! The Professional Paranoid: How to Fight Back When Investigated, Stalked, Harassed, or Targeted by Any Agency, Organization, or Individual, H. Michael Sweeney - (50% larger with more than 20 new sections!) What can I say? It's my book and if you want to know more or order it, click HERE. Available in e-book or paperback. Order direct from me and get four issues of the Professional Paranoid Newsletter and an autographed/inscribed copy of the book. 

BOOK: Gift of Fear, Gavin DeBecker - Dell Books ISBN 0-440-22619-8 (420 pages.) This is an excellent companion to The Professional Paranoid, and gives great insight on how to take advantage of natures own warning signs when danger is near. A stellar career in law enforcement gives DeBecker an arsenal of remarkable examples upon which to draw to make his dead-on-target advice on how not to become dead on arrival or suffer other personal attacks. It is a form of self defense by acknowledging subconscious thought, and I can personally testify that it works. 
Click here to order through Amazon .com for less than $7

COURSE: Front Sight's FREE Uzi Submachine Gun Course. No kidding. Day-long professional hands-on safety course includes outdoor live-fire session, food and drink. $500-1,500 value elsewhere. Near Las Vegas. Visit the link and mention The Professional Paranoid to your host, Ignatius Piazza.
July 2000 Winner of The Good Light Award!

     Computer Security

BOOK: Naked in Cyberspace: How to Find Personal Information On-Line, Carole A. Lane- Pemberton Press ISBN 0-910965-17-X (510 pages with massive Appendix.) I'm referred to often by talk-show hosts as 'expert on personal safety and privacy', and yet - here is a resource that is an endless wealth of information on Web resources and tricks even I did not know. I've even tracked down former intelligence community types using her advice. With a table of contents 20 pages long, its in there. The author provides a Web site to keep all the links current, which is in itself a very valuable resource. While the book focuses on trying to help you find someone, it logically follows that if you are trying not to be found - knowing what you are up against and how it works can help you defeat the system. 
Click here to order through Amazon .com for less than $26

PrivacyNet/ConsumerNet Networktools:  A valuable Web site which will on your arrival present you with (after a couple of minutes) a complete report of information gained on you that your computer willingly tells any Web site you visit that might ask. It also traces the route through the various nodes on the Web it took to get from your computer to theirs - which may reveal any side trips to Federal monitoring points. This shows the IP address of each 'hop', often only a number with 'no information' about the Host name/owner (be especially suspicious of really long delays - shown in ms (milliseconds) which may be an indication of computer processing to determine what to do with your particular request - if a Web block has been placed on your target site or your person you may be fed a message saying your requested site does not exist, or similar, when that is NOT true). There is a button you can click which offers even more tools, including numerous ways to perhaps identify who the no name IP really is, and who owns it, etc. (be really suspicious if non of the tools can identify them.)  There are also excellent diagnostic tools such as ping, which gives you a ms time to compare against the time it took to pass through your Web travels.  If dramatically different, your suspicions should be heightened. There are many more tools than can be discussed here, including the ability to verify the authenticity, true source and identity of email - including spam. There is a marvelous help function if you get stranded. Be sure to click the PrivacyNet Logo, which takes you to even more useful analyitical tools and informational resources. From there click the Privacy Resources for some REAL EYE OPENERS on privacy problems and solutions. SEE THE NEXT LINK (ANONYMIZER) for an effective way to combat privacy invasion and improve personal Web security.

Send Fake Email:  A Web site that does for email what ANONYMIZER does for surfing - for a FEE. It allows you to specify a fake return email address which cannot be traced back to you. Great for sending messages to your opponents without them knowing it is you. Use judiciously, because slander or other actions which result in harm or create other legal liabilities can be held against you in the courts - assuming it is ever discovered who really sent the email. Of course, the availability of this service means that you can never really be quite sure who sent YOU that strange email message, either. So go to the PrivacyNet site (click HERE) to verify the authenticity of an email in question.


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