Proparanoid Outreach Options
Includes Privacy Policy and Security Suggestions (see How to Ask For Help)

USE ONE (per outreach) of the following contact and communications methods:

Email - I try to answer every single serious email but they must be short and to the point. Don't be as wordy as my books and articles! I don't need a lot of background information or long lists of events or 'proofs'. Just the facts, nothing but. IF YOU GET NO ANSWER AND GET NO ERROR MESSAGE, please try again. Still no answer means possible deliberate interference. Try the alternate addresses and if still no answer, try using a new email account you establish for yourself using a Web page (browser application, not email application) based account such as free through Yahoo, Netscape, and so forth. That can help to see WHO is being interferred with, you or me.

First choice, checked at least 5 times a week as a rule:

EMERGENCY ONLY when all other methods fail: 


@ VTEXT (dot) COM (limit of 120 characters)

Note: If you are have a web site and wish to avoid calculated SPAM attacks, you should use a fill-in form or the above 'email address' construct on your site.
If you use the html or other 'coded' links to initiate contact through regular email clients, Web bots can scan your page and capture your email links for use against you.
If you are an activist or are seen by the establishment as 'politically incorrect,' you could be deliberately targeted with spam as a first step to site hijacking. Learn more here.

SNAIL - I am not very good at answering written mail unless there is an email address included. I do try. I WILL NOT answer any letter that does not follow the instructions in How To Ask For Help, below. You can reach me at:
               PO 1941 Clackamas, Or 97015.

My General Mailing List - You may request to be added to my general mailing list. I do not bombard people with junk mail. I send out notices of radio appearances, new books, and perhaps three times a year I wax paranoid enough to send out a warning about something new I've learned which I find scary enough to share. Actually, prior to 911, there was only one such panic message. Since, there have been three. About twice a year, I send out an article as a kind of teaser for the newsletter. A free sample is available on request - see next.

FREE Sample Newsletter - You may request a FREE SAMPLE NEWSLETTER. You will get the newsletter by email (.pdf Acrobat file) AND be added to my General Mailing List.  If you do NOT wish to be added to the mailing list, SAY SO and it will be done -- you will then get ONE email follow-up to remind you to subscribe to the Newsletter (more like beg you to subscribe...)

How to GET HELP - You may request my FREE HELPS KIT. If you are a targeted individual or represent a targeted company or group, you may wish to consider my consulting services. No charge to talk about it, and the free HELPS kit is useful to help BOTH you AND I to decide if there is a likelihood that I can indeed help. The range of helps I offer and their relative expense (some free) are rather flexible, as the helps kit reveals, all the way up to direct intervention (extremely NOT free).  If you request the HELPS KIT you will ALSO get the Newsletter sample. Please Read the next section BEFORE requesting help.

                                I offer honorarium based consulting helps and, for clients with a serious need, direct intervention. A wide range of
                                specialized and innovative tools have been developed to aid the process and are a part of the various helps options. If
                                you are a victim of any form of undue (have committed no crime) investigation, harassment, or targeting -
                                REGARDLESS OF SOURCE (do not be afraid to discuss mind control or other exotic topics), please request the
                                HELPS Information Packet, which describes the range of services I offer, as will as defining what we can reasonably
                                expect to achieve. Please read the remainder of this section and the privacy section before asking for help.

                                PLEASE REFRAIN FROM LENGTHY EXPLANATIONS with your request. You need provide no event
                                details or proofs to convince me of your problem. A single short generic paragraph will do.

                                EMAIL SECURITY: It is suggested that you get a FREE email account through Netscape (click icon at screen
                                left) in order to increase email security. Use that account whenever communicating with me. A browser-based email
                                utility such as provided by Netscape eliminates the actual email data stream associated with a regular email client (i.e.
                                MS Outlook.) This means anyone monitoring your email CANNOT see Netscape mail, outbound or inbound. There
                                is the further advantage that you can easily check and send mail from any computer anywhere in the world as long
                                as it is attached to the Web.

                                BROWSER SECURITY: For similar security reasons, I also advise you consider switching from Microsoft
                                Explorer to Netscape as your primary Browser. There is a button at the left for that, too - use it BEFORE getting
                                the free email account. I personally prefer Netscape and never use Microsoft products (ESPECIALLY XP!) because
                                they are inherently prone to hacking techniques and to acting as automated gateways for virus imports, and because
                                many Microsoft products have historically used back-door links at registration and possibly at other times which
                                allow Microsoft to snoop the contents of your hard drive.

                                DISCLAIMER:  It should be understood that only you can know your personal situation well enough to make an
                                informed decision. Because of the natural inherent difficulties in communicating at a distance and over time, it is
                                unlikely that I can ever be fully informed on the precise nature of your problems. Thus any advice I offer is meant
                                only to provide suggestions of additional possibilities which you may not yourself see or be aware of. It is your
                                responsibility, and your responsibility alone, to review all options before electing any course of action you deem most
                                appropriate. Any and all consequences of such actions are your responsibility. I can make no guarantee that any
                                advice I offer is suitable to any particular applicability to your situation. Only you can decide such matters.

                                While here, now - please read the PRIVACY POLICY below, which can also impact on your situation.


                                1) VISITS ~ For security reasons, a log of all visitors to this Web site is maintained just t is with at all Web sites of
                                any importance. It tracks all page visits and downloads. Normally, such records cannot be used to identify a specific
                                visitor, but there can be exceptions, even where the visitor has taken steps to thwart identification. In point of fact,
                                no fewer than fourteen federal 'terminals' located within high-security facilities have been identified despite an
                                undoubtedly high confidence by the user in their stealthiness. This collected information can normally be accessed
                                only by H. Michael Sweeney (hereinafter referred to as "the Author') and the ISP hosting professionals at
                                Macconnections as part of their normal efforts to deter/detect/defeat hacking attempts and to calculate site traffic

                                CAUTION ~ Advanced government and hacker methods are known to be able to bypass normal PC-based ISP
                                security and thus able to snoop such files. This is not considered possible at this site because it is a Mac-based ISP
                                selected for that very reason - the same reason that even CIA uses Macintosh. However, anyone concerned over this
                                possibility should also understand that the same sources that have that capability would also have the capability to
                                simply monitor your every Web transaction directly. For information on a means for possible detection/deterrence to
                                such abuse of your right to privacy, read about VISUAL ROUTE Software for PC users here:
                                <>, or contact me for similar Macintosh software.

                                2) EMAIL~ The Author is the only person to access email under any general prefix @ The same
                                general hacking/snooping concerns expressed in (1) above apply - especially with the advent of FBI's Carnivore
                                snooping software. The Author urges you to NEVER send sensitive information to him via email, and make
                                no attempt to do so by mail or other means without prior discussion on methodology and your specific
                                need and reason. As a general rule , it should be unnecessary in the first place!  For information on how to
                                improve email security, please read the Getting Help section of this page.

                                3) CONFIDENTIALITY~ All communications and information relayed to the Author by any means is held in the
                                strictest of confidence. As an author and investigative writer, the Author will not and cannot be forced, even
                                under the law, to reveal any information relayed in confidence. Not even a court order will result in
                                betrayal of any such confidence. Even casual contact falls under the umbrella of 'research' for the purpose, so
                                nothing about your situation or existence will be mentioned to any other person, group, or agency, except as
                                possible generic reference to the nature of a given generic problem experienced by a generic person and any possible
                                generic solution as recommended -- without any mention of you by name or by circumstance which might betray
                                your identity. Where referral or forwarding of information to other parties may be appropriate, referrals will be only
                                by permission of the other party, or by permission to pass your contact information along to the other party.
                                Outbound email to multiple parties will NEVER include cc or other readable coaddressee information, deferring
                                instead to blind cc methods, unless those persons are part of an agreed upon discussion group (such as Flight 800)
                                which normally freely communicates with each other openly.

                                EXCEPTIONS ~ The Author reserves the right to privately or publicly reveal to select or entirety of information
                                about you to the public or to any person(s) or authority where such information might prevent or report a crime or
                                a breach of National Security. The Author maintains back-channel and front-door contact with various law
                                enforcement, FBI, Secret Service, NSA, CIA, and Military Intelligence for the purpose. The Author also reserves the
                                right to reveal in any way deemed appropriate any information or source of information (or disinformation) which
                                represents an attack on his person, reputation, credibility, or the credibility of any topic or material he might choose
                                to offer in public, or which may similarly defend any person, group, or cause for whom the Author has elected to
                                provide help or aid.

                                4) MARKETING INFORMATION ~ Marketing information directly or indirectly imparted by contact through
                                The Professional Paranoid Web site is seldom used. If used at all, it will be used ONLY by the Author in promoting
                                his books, services, or the books and services of Feral House (publisher of The Professional Paranoid) or other
                                publishers or business partners of the Author. However, any such joint use will not be done in a way which allows
                                these partners to have access to your name, contact information, or specifics about you except where prior
                                permission is obtained. All such promotion will otherwise be generated and managed directly by the Author, only,
                                who prefers to reserve application for core interesteds, only. See Your Rights , below.

                                EXCEPTIONS ~ Like many Web sites this site has some limited advertising buttons/banners/links, which are to
                                preferred vendors of security/privacy software, products, or services. Ironic though it is, these vendors do employ
                                traditional use of cookies and Web bugs for marketing purposes. This is no different than any other site where you
                                find such buttons/banners/links, and the use or misuse of such information is dependent chiefly on the privacy policy
                                of the vendor. A more reputable vendor, and one dealing in privacy issues, tends to run a tighter ship. However, if
                                you wish to STOP vendors from accessing such information about you entirely,

                                5) STORAGE~ Files regarding email and other contact with The Professional Paranoid Web site and the Author
                                are maintained on his computer for weeks or months at a time. These are frequently backed up to CD and placed in
                                a safe deposit box for long term reference, and the original files are purged from the computer once their age would
                                dictate them less useful. There is a special set of back up hard drives and CDs distributed around the world in a very
                                secure manner which can be counted upon in case of severe harm to myself, my family, my computer, Web site etc.
                                A mechanism for decoding and distributing files contained on these broadly to appropriate international parties and
                                agencies is in place.  This protects all concerned in the event of foul play.

                                6) YOUR RIGHTS ~ You at anytime may feel free to place restrictions on how information about you is kept
                                and/or used by the Author. Every attempt will be made to obey your wishes and to follow the law with respect to
                                such rights. Requests may be by email or in writing (PO 1941, Clackamas, OR 97015). Written confirmation may be
                                required and requested in certain cases where the possibility exists for fraudulent representation in an attempt to
                                sabotage an existing relationship or to prevent helps from being offered to a victim.