The Marketing of Osama bin Laden and Oil War III

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This article reveals:
     The equation: the math by which wars translate to war profits for oil and defense industries
     Who profits by application of this formula
     Identifies CIA operatives assigned to the Department of Defense, White House, and Oil industry, who now rule Afghanistan

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We all rightly have a natural aversion to false advertising -- the ultimate form of which, in the intelligence community, is called disinformation. That we are victims of it can be seen by close review of the time line offered herein. The time line itself contains the needed proof references any Doubting Thomas should find suitable. This article is merely to tease the reader that they will want to know more. To fail to seek to know more is to sign on and underwrite the sellout of the nation and the world to an evil so dark that the Antichrist, alone, might eclipse it. Indeed, the Antichrist may be the ultimate benefactor, if not the author of these dark pages in our history.

I use marketing as the presentation allegory because it is so very appropriate. Disinformation, you see, only works when it is cleverly and relentlessly presented in message form. It takes marketing know how, which is why CIA owns and operates its own PR and Advertising firms, and its own motion picture and music studios, media and broadcast houses, and even newswire services. That these operate in and cater to only one principle audience, Americans, should cause us all to ask what mission CIA has in the United States which justifies these firms and their use against us? I thought CIA was supposed to influence and topple enemy governments...

The process of marketing is simple, and has strong parallels to the topic at hand. You first do some basic market research to find out what people need or want -- or can be induced to so think. You then conduct R&D on how to best manufacture that product so that it meets that need. You must have a factory and some tooling, and a production line monitored by quality control. You can then start production and launch a marketing program aimed at those who will become distributors or resellers of the product. When the product is deliverable, you launch an advertising blitz to reach the consumer. This requires a good PR firm. You need great packaging. You need slogans. You need a spokesperson. Boom. Dealers place orders, and consumers line up. Sales happen, and with a good marketing plan and a sellable product, you earn repeat customers. So what does this have to do with Osama bin Laden and the war on terrorism? Iíll tell you -- and in so doing, answer the following horrendous and fearsome questions. The Anser is even more horrific, once you understand its fullness...

The questions are these: what if the War in Iraq had been planned since 1996, and plans of terrorism in support of the need even earlier? What if the war had nothing whatsoever to do with weapons of mass destruction or terrorism, or the ideological, pathological shortcomings of Sadam Hussein?  What if the driving political and social force was not the promotion of democracy over dictatorships, not moral righteousness or indignity born of 911, but the conspiratorial goals of fascist elite globalists? What if it had to do with world domination through control of oil with the aim of creating a one world government under a single leadership? What if 911 was nothing more than a planned marketing tool to sell us on the idea of a war with terrorism as a side show distraction from the true intended course? What if our own intelligence community and government leaders were conspiratorial participants in every step of this marketing effort?

Were it true, some would cry for armed revolt. If a government and its military kills its citizens to make a profit, to take away civil rights that their power over the people may increase, and to destroy religions that theirs is the only choice remaining... then that is sufficient cause to take up arms by all historical accounts. The day may soon come that Americans will have no choice but to surrender themselves and their children to live under the yolk of such tyranny, or to unite against the treason in order to restore the government to its true Constitutional form. Scant little time is left for reason and protest, and political process to have good effect. These are the stakes which have been placed on the table for us by criminals who would rule the world. Only you can effect the needed change, but unless you are well informed, you will not even have the chance. Read and learn, learn and decide, then act according to your conscience. It is hoped that the time line will be your guide, and the referenced resources the proofs you require in order to demand accountability by government.

Market Research:

In 1996, the Institute for Advanced and Strategic Political Studies, a US-Israeli globalist think tank environment undertook a study of the future of Israel and the Middle East towards the turn of the century. The conclusion, in part, was that the one key element to any long term peace and stability would actually hinge upon a preemptive attack strategy -- as well suggesting who should be targeted. The report specifically sought the future destruction of Iraq's political power, military capability and sociopolitical influence in the region, thinking Iraq central and core to resolution of all other issues. Chief architect of this brilliance was one Richard Perle, who soon becomes Chairman of the  next Bush Administrationís Defense Policy Board. Other members of the IAS group, themselves from a variety of other think tanks, also joined the Bush team. This highly coincidental matter might be of little natural concern, except that it is followed immediately by a more curious and related event.

R & D:

In 1997, before Bush is even a serious candidate, Perle and a whole cadre of his associates to include Bush family friends such as Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld get together and form something called the Project for the New American Century. It is a globalist think tank organization with ties to the intelligence community. It has lofty goals which would seem to include, well... the blueprint for the war with Iraq. It proposes a long list of key steps needed to allow the US to undertake such a war, virtually all of which are adopted by the new Bush Administration, which just happens to include most of NPACís founding members. But America canít just have a war, you see. In America, We, The People decide if there is to be war, through our Congressional Representative system. Thus, someone must create that reason, the product we will want to buy.

Distributors and Resellers:

Also in 1997, former National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, writes a book which is perfect to the purpose of convincing Congress and other power hitters and decision makers of just which side the bread will be buttered. Brzezinski, by the way, is a globalist icon, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Trustee of that groupís own intelligence community tied think tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies. When he talks, elite power brokers of the world listen. His 1997 book, The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy  and Its Geostrategic Imperatives, puts all said thus far into contextual summary.  He starts by demonstrating that the Euro-asian regions are critical to world power. He then describes the Caspian oil reserves as the key to control of all of Eurasia.ÝUS global primacy, he argues, depends on control of the Caspian and its oil resources, and the viability of South East Asia is tied to access to that oil.ÝHe then laments that this goal cannot be met "except in the circumstance of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat."

Note: The message would be clear to anyone who willing to stray from between the lines: to gain control of the region (translation, world power and massive fortunes), there must be some appropriate threat. In absence of such a threat, the only recourse is to manufacture or sponsor such a threat and market it for maximum effect. Sometimes such a threat is in the form of a idea or movement, or perhaps a military power. Sometimes it is in the form of a person, or a mixture of these things. In the intelligence community, such a manufactured person is sometimes referred to as a straw man (someone to attack to make the attacker look good). The person is also sometimes called a patsy, and a cutout (does not usually know who the real villain is, and thus, cannot spill the beans). The book does not say any of this, of course -- it is only selling the notion of World Power and lamenting it as unachievable at the time. Someone else will sell the means to take advantage of his ideas (terrorism.) Those seeking power are about to be baited.

Time passes and marketing enters a new phase. Globalist papers are issued from numerous sources, mostly affiliated with the Council on Foreign Relations, a globalist group with ties to and influence upon the intelligence community and all of government. These papers guide American power brokers both in the political and the corporate world towards the need for a pipeline in Afghanistan, but lament that such a pipeline cannot be built because the Talibanís revolution and (later) the growing threat of terrorism prevent it. But these ads still target not We, The People, but the movers and shakers who represent us in Congress, and especially the corporate boardroom players who will profit from the war, or from the oil, or from both. Congress tends to listen to the corporate types, because that is were election money comes from. Still, something else is needed to sell the notion to you and me -- terrorism.

The Factory:

Operation Northwoods was an plan drawn up by and approved by all five Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. It provided for the US military to stage acts of terrorism against US targets in order to foment public opinion in favor of a war. This was a plan rejected by the President at the time as un-American. He was John Kennedy, and in the final analysis, one reason he may have died may have been this refusal. The war intended at the time was with Cuba. Outside of the Bay of Pigs invasion, it never happened, and Northwoods was shelved. But someone most surely read it, and they realized that it was a blueprint for starting a war with anyone they liked. They also likely realized that rather than staging terrorism, real terrorism might sell better to the masses.  Did this happen?  We have some clues that it did.

Text from actual Operation Northwoods document, as available on the Proparanoid Reference CD-ROM


In the mid 1970ís the DOD was chasing after the research and development of various forms of political control technology. One of these was a particular type which has since been perfected. It is well documented to exist despite media and governmentís refusal to so admit. It involves bioimplants which can be injected without the victimís knowledge. It is called in the intelligence community of more than one country ëThe Voice of God which cannot be disobeyed.î The telling element is that the DOD specifically targeted unwitting Islamic students for their testing. Your imagination may quickly deduce the reason I mention this technology, here. In case Iím wrong about that, let me say that there are a number of indicators that it may have been used in the 911 attacks as well as the mass suicide bombings in Israel. For the matter, it may be no coincidence that the top two aids to Osama bin Laden have been schooled in advanced political control technology such as used by the intelligence community. This is reviewed in the time line.

Production Line:

In the late 1980s, the CIA and the military intelligence community becomes involved with an Egyptian intelligence officer who soon enough becomes a double agent. This man, Ali Mohamed, rises high within the ranks of Osama bin Ladenís organization. In fact, he literally takes the key steps himself to build it. He even helps plan and execute acts of terrorism which take hundreds of lives and injure thousands more. He trained and established the terrorist cell that bombed the World Trade Center. This is a bit more than a double agent. He is an agent provocateur and himself guilty of acts of terrorism. If working for the US, then it is evidence that terrorism itself is a tool of US policy -- marketed to us as an external threat in order to gain political control over us -- and a region which is gateway to control of the world. It tells us that the US government created and orchestrated Osama bin Laden for its own needs... to foment a war which could be justified in the hearts and minds of American citizens. Wag the dog, with a large and dangerous dog.

Regional hatreds, religious hatreds, and national hatreds. These are the basis of various 'isms' in the world, and isms are the strings that make men into puppets. These are become playthings in the hands of a masterful puppeteer. Pull a string just so, and someone can be reminded of fears, suspicions, and mistrusts which feed the hatred. An agent provocateur or even a real event can spark a fire of hatred, and an attack results. Polarization and tension increases with each such pull of the string, but the puppet senses not the cause. Ism's divide religious camps, political camps, and more. Out of the conflict arise the powerful, and are suppressed the weak. This is the fertile blood soaked ground from which sprouts terrorism. The trick, of course, is to make certain that the right man leads the pack, and then you do everything you can to get them a good head start on the competition, and a foot up whenever needed. A review of the visual Armageddon Machine will explain much better than words. That Ali Mohamed and one other top aid to Osama bin Laden have been trained in political control technology does much to reinforce the notion.

Quality Control:

About the same time Ali first gets involved, CIA recruits a couple of key persons in Afghanistan to be CIA operatives. Over time, during and after the Soviet invasion, they are both brought to the US and injected deep into the first Bush White House, Department of Defense, globalist think tanks, and Intelligence Community circles. After a time, they are both injected into the oil industry. Eventually, once the US has gone to war with and banished the Taliban, both of them are reinserted as key government officials in Afghanistan -- one the defacto leader of the country, and the other a special US Envoy. Both are appointed by George bush. They were there at every key step along the way to insure things went according to the master plan. Only a fool would think their simultaneous parallel career paths were because they were simply very good at what they did and got a lot of great opportunities. They were groomed to insure the end product met the need expected of it.


A few years after these career paths were initiated, the Department of Defense conducted a study which concluded, in part, that civilian airliners could be used as flying bombs to attack American landmarks. This element of the study was edited out of the final report. We might ask why?  Perhaps someone thought it might come in handy, later. Perhaps that person was familiar with Operation Northwoods. Perhaps that person was a member of NPAC. These conjectures aside, there is one clue which seems to sum it all up... the ultimate in slick promotional packaging:

On September 11, 1999, exactly two years before the attacks on 911, the Anser Institute, a military intelligence think tank, undertakes a very special and unique project. It seems to have no basis to be a military project whatsoever, because its final outcome affects nothing in the military (unless somewhere within the secret innards of the project is the basis of a military police state), but only the Presidential arm of government. This unusual project is the development of a new concept, office, and agency called Homeland Security. Excuse me? The military knew the President would need Homeland Security exactly two years ahead of the need? Perhaps this was one of the steps that PNAC had suggested necessary? Perhaps they suggested to 'allow two years' and someone computed backwards from a timetable? I'd rather think it unfortunate coincidence. But my fear is that I might be wrong... what that would mean is a think so dark and threatening as to demand a closer look for the sake of preservation of self, nation, and world. This is a smoking gun.

The PR Firm:

These facts paint a consistent and clear picture of evolving treason and tyranny. These facts are all in the public domain and available for anyone to see. Yet our media sees it not, comments upon it not, even when pointed out to them by the likes of me and you. Why? Look at who actually controls media, the very select few megacorporate owners of media. You find the military industrial complex (which I call MIIM - the Military Industrial Intelligence Media complex). You find the intelligence community. You find the globalist elite. In virtually every instance, one or more of these groups are in control (or have been - changing hands quickly and often, of late.) The Congressional record indicates this process has been in place since before WWI. It admitted it again in the 1970s when CIAís Operation Mockingbird underwent Congressional scrutiny. It is no different today. The media is governmentís PR firm. Details at ten...


The Spokesperson and the Advertising Blitz:

Osama bin Laden. Need I say more?

Thank you, I will. There is a point when Osama bin Laden is truly marketed to America. Acts of terrorism happen (news coverage speculates it was Osama); investigation follows (news coverage reveals Osama is considered a suspect); Grand Juries hear sealed evidence (news coverage reports Osama is indicted.); government swears it will get him (more news coverage.)  But what is the next thing that happens?  Government turns down the chance to get him or hurt him, time and time again. In fact, in the time line, such ëflubsí happen nearly two dozen times before 911, allowing the cycle to start all over again. Some of these are flubs so serious that they could have prevented 911, itself. The legend that is bin Laden grows with each new act of terrorism and round of media (PR) events associated with it. The legend is created only because our government repeatedly elected to let it happen just that way. Another indication this is so?  CIA can't find bin Laden, but seven different journalist teams do -- interviewing him an average of once every three months between them.  When CIA does finally find him, just weeks before 911, it is to visit him cordially while he is in the hospital, not to 'get him.'  The time line reveals this clearly.

The Advertising Slogan:

The product hits the streets on 911 and people literally die to be the first in line to take delivery. Once the dust settles, the President speaks, and mass sales orders are taken. The advertising slogans that bring them in?  Americaís New War. United we Stand. Homeland Security (well, thatís a whole other product, too.) The advertising works miracles because mainstream media is controlled. All that you read and hear from them is one giant advertising message: Osama did a nasty. Watch out, Osama will get you. We will fight back, but you have to let us do it our way...

Repeat Customers?

The savvy consumer may have noticed there has been a transition. In a successful marketing venture, the consumers must purchase refills; they are hooked on the product. And so we do. First, we needed to go after Osama and worry about his weapons of mass destruction. That was good, but not quite satisfying, since we didn't actually get the man. So marketing shifts. We now need to worry about weapons of mass destruction; we need to go after Sadam Hussein in a war with Iraq.  The IAS and PNAC efforts had nothing to do with this, of course -- it really is about weapons of mass destruction. The President himself told us so. But it will not stop there. There will always be evidence, real or manufactured, to support ëjust in time deliveryí of ënew and improvedí product: We will need a war in Iran, because they backed Hezbollah and helped al Qaeda, and are starting a nuclear program. Then we can swat Libya for Pan Am 102 and ties to al Jihad, and more. Then we need a war in the Sudan, because they allowed Osama safe haven for a time. Then a war in Syria, because they have supported terrorism in Lebanon and against Israel. Then the Emirates for their small roles in Osama games. Then Egypt from whence came al Jihad, the seed of al Qaeda. Saudi Arabia for funding Osama when we weren't looking. Eventually, we will control all the oil, the entire Middle East, and thus, Eurasia, and thus, the world. But this will be purely accidental in our minds, and have nothing to do with the Grand Chessboard, oil profits, defense industry profits, drug profits, etc. What we didn't know will have taken millions of minds and we still got to feel warm and fuzzy inside about it all.

Gee, its great to be an American and control the world by accident. Oops. I forgot. Fascists donít share the spoils of war with their victims, they rule them thereby. I guess we should have read the fine print in the ads. We paid a high price for our foolishness. We paid with our personal freedoms, one by one. Our payments in innocent blood bankrupt our morality. And we took delivery of tens or hundreds of thousands of corpses in the guise of patriotism, and in that act forsake the God of Islam, the God of the Jews, and the God of the Holy Christian Church, all of whom are one and the same, God of Abraham. The manufacturer got paid in oil profits, war industry profits, drugs industry profits (both commercial and illicit), unchecked political power, and at least a doorway into the New World Order. The process will continue until market share is complete, millions have died, and we are all loyal unquestioning consumer clients of that New World Order...

Unless, perhaps... we choose to boycott. That is the choice I have made. I demand the entire corporate executive team, middle managers, and especially the board of directors step down, by impeachment or resignation, or even being bodily ejected. I demand the same for all their PR firms, suppliers, and partners. If that means the end of AOL Time Warner, ABC, NBC, CBS, Turner, Reuters, etc., etc., then so be it. If that means the end of the Department of Justice, FBI, CIA, NSA, and Pentagon, and reversal of all Presidential executive orders which created them, so be it. These artificial constructs and temporary organizational tools do not serve us well any longer. They need to be replaced with something better; a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Its not about boardrooms, its about pursuit of happiness. It is not about control of the world, it is about living in harmony in the world. It is not about oil monopoly, it is about free commerce and trade. I urge you to make the same choice: NOILWAR!  Please consider becoming a NOILWARRIOR! Stop buying BushLaden products, today -- and be extremely vocal about it.

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