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Understanding, Detecting, and Defeating Mind Control and Electronic Weapons of Political Control Technology
A Book by H. Michael Sweeney on personal privacy and safety

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Who should read MC Realities?

Anyone who SUFFERS SYMPTOMS OF ATTACK (described here)




Anyone interested in BIG BROTHER issues (spying , abuse of power)

Anyone who is WEALTHY or FAMOUS



Anyone involved with INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES or the MILITARY 


Anyone wo is a member of a FRATERNAL ORGANIZATION or CULT


Anyone who wants to be PREPARED FOR THE UNKNOWN

About The Author

Personal Privacy and Security expert, H. Michael Sweeney, is author of 2 books on topic: The  Professional  Paranoid, & M C  Realities. Mr. Sweeney has over 45 hours of national and international radio talk show guest spots and his Web site has enjoyed nearly two million page hits since 1998. Mr. Sweeney offers Web-based consulting to victims who cannot obtain helps through traditional sources, and is the spokesperson for NOILWAR!. He also writes fiction and  film scripts, including the highly prophetic Electronic Apocalypse, which was based on various conspiracies and crimes of the intelligence community, and tried to project  the future from these building blocks.  Electronic Apocalypse foretold of airliners crashing into and destroying the World Trade Center as part of a terrorism campaign, and a resulting war in the Middle East -- written and posted to his Web site in 1999. 

H. Michael Sweeney likes to view himself as everyman, one who was once satisfied with his Huntly and his Brinkley view of the world. A computer expert with aspirations of writing fiction and movie scripts, he was entrepreneurial at heart with a history of owning his own businesses. As a family man he lived with his wife, two kids, a Vietnamese foster daughter in a relatively nice home overlooking the valley. But this view, his aspirations, and the sanctity of family and home were shattered when he came into possession of what should have been an innocuous and worthless document...

This event triggered a running battle with rogue elements of the intelligence community. With a prior background in the security industry and experience working with FBI and Secret Service as consultant, Mr. Sweeney was able to establish the identity and purpose of his covert attackers, survive two attempts on his life, and work to establish an insurance policy suitable for establishing peace with his antagonists. Learning the hard way that the system fails to help persons who talk about being followed, surveilled, harassed, or targeted... preferring to label them as paranoid, instead... he decided to write the Professional Paranoid in order to help others who find little help or solace elsewhere. This evolved to a greater body of work to cover any potential threat to personal privacy and security, including the exotic topic of mind control. 

However, in his first book, The Professional Paranoid, less than 2% of the text covered mind control, it thought to be an exotic and rare matter. This proved to be wrong thinking, as approximately 85% of all persons buying the book and contacting Mr. Sweeney for helps as a client were victims of mind control, largely of the electronic weapons variety. This revealed a need to research and write a companion or sequel book to The Professional Paranoid which focused on political control technology. That book is MC Realities: Understanding, Detecting, and Defeating Mind Control and Weapons of Political Control Technology...

Front Cover

MC Realities
Table of Contents



Chapter One:                                      Defining MC Issues

Chapter Two:                                                     MC Tech

Chapter Three:     MC and The Intelligence Communities

Chapter Four:                 MC and Law, Law Enforcement

Chapter Five:            MC and the Pscyhiatric Community

Chapter Six:                                           MC and Religion

Chapter Seven:                      Case Study in Soft Core MC

Chapter Eight:                    Case Study in Hard Core MC

Chapter Nine:                                 Detecting MC Attacks

Chapter Ten:                                  Defeating MC Attacks

Chapter Eleven:              Dealing With the MC Aftermath

Chapter Twelve:                         The Victims Own Stories

Appendix I:                           CIA MC Related Fronts List

Appendix II:                                    MC Victim Resources

Appendix III:                                           Lists and Tables


Reader's Comments...

Pending... your comments welcome.

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Lots of options and ways to save dollars. MC Realities, is available either as e-book or paperback. There is also an optional Reference CD-ROM available, 

The e-book version is available NOW, and it includes color text and several color images not found in the paperback version. e-books are sent as .pdf formats readable with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which comes free on every computer sold, and which is available free from Web TV users cannot read e-books on their system, but EVERYONE ELSE CAN. $10 - but special bundle prices and order options apply.

The paperback version ships early 2003, and can then be ordered through the usual resources (i.e.,, traditional bookstores, or even requested at public libraries.) It does not have color or images, price to be determined. Advance orders are now being accepted NOW. You can order direct from the author, inscribed and signed, for $20 post paid (U.S. - add $5 for foreign orders,) Special bundle prices and order options apply.

The Optional Reference CD-ROM

A companion collection of materials for readers of The Professional Paranoid and MC Realities, or students of the intelligence community, NWO, mind control, and/or conspiracies. Contents: Approximately 150 assorted official open access and public domain documents and works from this author and others on all of the above. 

A searchable file lists all files sorted both alphabetically and by relevance to the following topical areas: DOD (Pentagon), FBI, GOV (Congress, non intel agencies), GVE (good vs. evil as it relates to mind control, government manipulation), JFK, MIL (military), MOB (includes CIA drugs as well as Mafia crimes), NSA, NWO, OKC, PCT (Political Control Technology, Mind Control, Non Lethal Weapons), PUB (Publications, references, and some unpublished works), SEC (Personal Privacy and Security), 911 (Terrorism and Fascism issues)   Summary follows:

Includes files from 1977 Congressional Hearings on CIA Mind Control, The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, plus the Constitution of The Newstates of America, and two different World Constitutions with comparative analysis; extensive lists of NWO memberships, meetings, and CIA proprietaries (half are mind control related); excerpts from Fatal Rebirth including extensive material on the OKC blast, material of great strategic value to militiamen, survivalists, patriots, and Constitutionalists; the film script for The Electronic Apocalypse which, though written in 1999, predicted terrorism involving planes crashing into NY skyscrapers, downing of the WTC, and resulting in a war in the Middle East (the end game scenario.); sample chapters from Alice in Amerikaland, an experimental work on mind control based on a composite of real-world programmable assassins; the first 12 issues (most in color) of The Professional Paranoid Newsletter which includes: a list of over 250 political control technologies and terms with proofs; 33 Traits of Fasiscm; extensive examination of 9-11 as domestic state sponsored terrorism, and as being Satanic in nature, and much more; hundreds of Web links to killer sites on these collective topics; some amazing e-mails and little bombs here and there - in short, something for everyone. Documents are either in .pdf, .htm, jpeg, or.txt formats.

Detecting MC Attack [excerpt from MC Realities]

      Detecting MC attacks is a not exactly a simple matter. There are typically three obvious components in the equation which should be addressed before a final conclusion is drawn, which will dictate the merit of seeking proof in the form of a fourth component. The first is physiological symptoms felt or perceived by the victim. The second is physical changes or impact upon the environment; environmental clues which are tell-tale traces left behind by some attacks. The third is what I call the spookiness factor; the background facts and circumstances surrounding the matter which suggest there may be spooks in the woodwork or good reason to be wary of same. Spooks, in this case, being the term the industry often applies to intelligence operatives or agents plying their trade. 

      Where the sum of these indicators is high, the fourth component can be entertained with some confidence of success, which will require some form of investment or third-party helps. This is the electromagnetic evidence typically indicative of various electronic weapons being applied. Magnetic or electric fields, audio, light (laser,) microwave, radar, and radio emanations are used against the victim while at the same time employing electronic eavesdropping devices which rely on similar technologies. 
 As a rule, these can be detected with the right equipment (including the TriField Meter) and technique, some of which is available to the lay person without special training. The equipment need not necessarily be expensive if the victim is lucky enough to have been targeted by older technology, but generally, the rule of thumb is that you won't have a thorough understanding of personal risk and opponent methods or strategy unless using extremely sophisticated gear designed to check the broadest range of possibilities. 

      There are many victims who assert that new and previously unknown technologies exist which cannot be detected, and/or insist that there is no way to test for signals in MC applications because the perps can always detect the intentions and activities leading up to the tests. They then simply temporarily shut down during the testing. With respect to the former concern, I maintain that very few victims are likely targeted ONLY by the latest and greatest advancements (state of the art) simply because it is extremely expensive and experimental in nature, and because all attacks are generally multi-faceted and thus require reliance on multiple and older technologies for support. 

      While it may thus be true that detection of specific exotic weapons may be difficult or even impossible with todays test gear, the overall detection of the attack should not prove impossible. Likewise for the later concern, as there are methods and strategies available which allow for and actually take advantage of the perps ability to have advance knowledge of tests. Put another way, the act of shutting down is itself a useful test reading and thus, primary indicator. Further discussion on this is put off, for now.

      Supportive symptoms (below) may allow the victim or any observer to reasonably conclude that MC attacks are involved, but great care should be taken in forming such conclusions. That is because almost every clue or symptom can have an alternate and innocent explanation. More often than not, we must rely upon the totality of all clues before drawing even a speculative conclusion. In most instances, certain clues or symptoms can be challenged with very plausible alternative explanations, or even disproven by additional evidence. It will not be helpful to become paranoid over such clues if they are indeed not truly symptomatic of attackÖ or even if they may represent attacks but the fact cannot be well demonstrated.

      Careful and open evaluation can often be extremely useful, because you might actually disprove MC attack in favor of some other issue which is equally valuable to discover (i.e., an environmental health issue.) But it is also possible that even this conclusion is misleading; an MC attack and other more innocent causes may both be true and accounting for the experience. Thus, if we test for and find innocent explanations, that does not necessarily resolve any remaining clues still suggesting MC. If this seems confusing and unhelpful, let's start with a brief overview and see why it is necessarily so. For most suspected victims, it should prove more helpful than the discussion thus far suggests at a glance.

      Physiological symptoms felt by victims from electronic weapons are often easily detected, but as stated, each symptom can easily have alternative explanations which makes claims of MC attack to others a risky matter. It would seem to be a grab bag of every known ailment to man, but it is the cumulative collective of such clues more than the individual evidences which is telling, especially where the victim has some notion of why they might be a logical target (spookiness factor) or supporting environmental clues. Most symptoms seem rather sudden, with no apparent cause, perhaps light at first notice but growing in intensity over time, or varying in intensity as the victim moves about the attack area (into and out of the maximum strength area of the signal.) These clues may not help isolate the type of weapon used, as individuals may react to them in different ways, and the various combinations of MC tech in use at a given time can cloud determinations. There are exceptions. Physiological symptom include: 

o Headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, wooziness, dissorientation, distorted spatial perception, blackouts, seeing stars, tunnel vision, temporary blindness, audio tunnel or echo (akin to taking laughing gas in a dentist's chair.) 

o Sensations (whole body or localized, including roof of mouth, fingers, limbs, sexual organs) such as tingling, numbness, burning, vibration or throbbing which is asynchronous (not at the same rate) to heart beats, or general aches and pains, metallic taste in roof of mouth, itching teeth, and so forth. Uncontrolled stimulus-free sexual stimulation and orgasm are not uncommon. Vibrations or pulses at the base of the neck, temples, or sinus areas.
(almost slow enough to count beats per second, typically 8-15 counts.)

o Racing heart (palpitations,) erratic heart beat, chest pains, difficulty breathing, unexplained hyperventilation, tight chest, tight stomach, cramps, irregularity.

o Sore muscles/cramps, unresponsive muscles, jerking muscles, convulsions, shakes, jitters.

o Memory lapses, faulty recall, inability to concentrate, dramatic mood swings, momentary dyslexia, short term and long term memory problems, false memories of events that don't seem possible, but which seem extremely real.

o Ringing, clicks, buzzes, or other in-head sounds, possibly voices (see below,) ear aches, ear emissions.

o Sleep disorders, strange dreams, night sweats, hot/cold sensations, bed sores.

o Unexplained mood swings, generally for the worse, or ìyo-yoî in nature, such changes being noted by others, typic-ally, the victim generally not aware.

o Bleeding of gums, nose, ear, blood in urine, fecesÖ generally long term effects indicating use of lethal attack levels and suggesting immediate medical attention is warranted (don't discuss belief of MC attacks with Doctor.)

o Long-term exposure may result in loss of weight, dry skin or discoloring, unexplained burns/blisters, loss of hair, loss of appetite, eating disorders, continual irregularity, cancer, leukemia, and likely, and disease symptoms associated with full or partial organ failures (again suggesting lethal attacks.)

      Victims may further find unexplained scars, bruises, shaved areas, needle marks (sore red spots or bruises, perhaps with swelling,) or small lumps under their skin not previously noted. These are not only physiological in nature, but also physical evidence which is as important as environmental evidences. These wounds may be directly (by means of radiated energy effects) or indirectly associated with the electronic attack (surreptitious entry into the home while the victim was asleep.) When this is the case, the victim may recall having bad dreams or specific dreams of the actual entry events which had otherwise been assumed to be dreams. There may be evidence within the environment to support this notion, such as signs of entry, objects not in their right places, cat or dog now out when they were in when retiring, etc. All of this should be documented with witnesses, images, and written statements.

      The cause for and purpose behind these symptoms might be drug injections (so-called ëtruth serums or drugs designed to improve victim response to the attack process,) rough handling of the body in moving, repositioning, or from struggles with the attacker, taking of tissue samples, or installation or removal of bioimplants ó which will be discussed separately. Any such clues may be accompanied with a strange sense or ìI just know itÖî feeling, or concrete knowledge that someone has been there even in the absence of environmental cluesÖ 

      With respect to impact on the environment, the effects of mind control are typically less dramatic; subtle and dependent upon a lot of variables which make absolutes difficult. As with bodily symptoms, each of these effects can typically have some plausible alternative explanation, making it hard to convince others that the problem is as suspected. However, some clues do imply specific kinds of MC tech in use. All of the following environmental clues can apply regardless of if the electronic attack is intended to be lethal, physically harmful, or simply part of a general MC attack project of some lesser intensity, but in the later instance, such clues may indicate improperly adjusted or applied technology, as earlier described; the idiot/amateur factor in play. This may still mean dangerous or even lethal attack levels, as noted.

o Fluids in containers may misbehave: carbonated drinks may suddenly try to dispel gasses, even in sealed, cool, and unjostled containers; fluids may ripple as if from drips (suggests extra-low frequency sound attacks); pressurized or vacuum sealed containers may rupture (also true of non fluids, such as vacuum packed vegies.)

o Animals and plants may react unusually: Animals will indicate unhappiness, concern, fear, or act oddly, howl or bark incessantly, growl or seem unduly aggressive, sniff around, seek desperately to leave the area or building, or become ill, loose appetites, sleep excessively, etc; fish and plants may die or indicate illness regardless of attention, but will recuperate if removed from the attack zone; songbirds may stop their normal singing, but may make sounds unfamiliar, act erratic and unhappy with their cage, seem aggressive. Even larger animals may die unexpectedly of symptoms not unlike those described for humans under lethal attack. Seek immediate relief at such signs, because your life may also be at significant risk.

o Electronic devices may misbehave (typically intermittent issues observed over a long period, perhaps from maladjusted or improperly used attacks. However, if constant, and not associated with product failure, lethal attack levels may be involved): remote operated devices might seem to have a will of their own, turning on/off, altering or forgetting settings randomly; some appliances which rely on motors and certain kinds of relays may stop working temporarily with no outward clue as to failure, seeming to pass all troubleshooting attempts, then magically start working some time later (days or weeks in some cases.) This is typically a magnetic field weapon signature, but there are suggestions that microwave and RF weapons can have similar effect on some digitally controlled devices. Radios, televisions, alarm clocks, sound entertainment systems, computers, intercoms, and other RF or audio related devices may show signs of interference, display unusual patterns, images, make unusual sounds, seem to malfunction; computers and digital devices may act in unexpected ways, such as getting stuck in infinite loops, freezes/hangs, intermittent RAM memory failure, and system crashes; magnetic media (computer, video, audio) and hard drives may loose data integrity, suggesting magnetic weapons.

o Foodstuffs may react: breads and other foodstuffs may dry out quickly; butter and chocolate will soften in a cool environment (a sure sign of microwave attack ó outright melting indicates lethal attack levels: leave immediately); fruits and vegies may loose freshness, become soft or rot prematurely, fruit may seem unduly warm compared to room temperature (also potential indicator of lethal attack levels.)

o Materials may react: certain plastics, woods, laminates and cloths may exude odors, discolor, or loose their luster, glues or bonding agents may fail.

o Objects may react in impossible ways: there are unconfirmed reports of objects moving, spinning, seeming to levitate, a compass may spin as if at the North Pole, or point in the wrong direction. It is believed by survivors that this is some new form of weapon technology previously unknown, and is clearly not a wide-spread phenomenon.

o Catastrophic failures: certain EMF (electromagnetic field) attacks may include use of an EMF bomb which destroys virtually any electronic devices operating at the time, often blowing all fuses, light bulbs, etc., like a massive power surge. This is not exactly mind control technology, per se, as it has no strategic value beyond scare tactics and general harassment. Animals and humans will suffer immediate consequences, including loss of consciousness, complete disorientation, bleeding from almost any orifice. This is a severe attack which typically has a large radius of impact, and thus usually impacts on neighbors, the effectiveness or potency falling off at the square of the distance from ground zero (a similar effect as seen with the usefulness of photo flash illumination.) It is capable of lethality, but is a rarely used at all, and thus, documentation of attacks and casualties are essentially unknown. Interestingly, it is a weapon which can be used against the attackers, if willing to assume the risks and liabilities, and able to afford and construct the needed device. Plans are available from underground resources, but may not be legitimate.. 

<end of quote - much more on topic in book

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