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for The Select and The Elect
Guess my Name
H. Michael Sweeney
Copyright © 2001

By deeds done, guess my name? 
Offered I a great mystery, shared between both you and me: 
Thrust in sin's gallery...

my Name is Cursed by men everywhere.
My shame is worst, my sin very clear, 
            described by inner voice.

Hate me rightly, pondering your fears.
Rate me nightly, measuring your tears, 
            prescribed by sinner's choice.

Can the answer be any nearer?

My judge, my jury - win a sentence true...
I trudge, by fury, in a penitence due, 
            the crime a hidden wrong.

My seeds sown, guess my name?
Oft erred, by a great tempter, we,  seem both you and me,
lost in sin of deviltry

Pain with no remorse, found within my great
stain with no recourse, bound in sin I wait, 
            my time a prison strong.

Can the answer be any clearer?

You know me well and I know you.
Do go ye, yell and cry, so blue, 
            in patched excuses to form my heinous quilt...

dress our shame, and in the lies, profess my name. 
Best our shame and in reprise, so, guess my name. 
            When hatched the truth is due born: my name is Guilt!

Can the answer be any dearer? 

I plead, confess my name! 
Proffered by a great history: redeem both you and me, 
trust in Him of Calvary.

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Operation White Paper:(Round, about, and round about) How many encrypted hard drives and CDs (and separately, appropriate documents) scattered broadly and sometimes blindly does it take?  These insure that No harm comes to me, my family, and my helpers - and our personal Sanctity and space: no hacking, car jacking, job lacking shall there be. These things Are sacrosanct to me, and what follows shall in kind remain sacrosanct to thee...

Operation Green Gems: (Dead telephones in D.C.) What media personality has in-place assets in virtually every major police department (and more) as a payoff for his part in JFK? I is for Infiltration, and is the last letter in FBI, the second letter in CIA, and the first letter in Indianapolis - and that is a lot of 'I's to keep secret.  This was the first and remains well kept according to my word, along with many lesser but related things. 

Operation Golden Arches: (Over 3 billion served!) Red China state-owned firms have established business partners with US firms, but some have STRINGS tied to exchanges of 'forbidden things'.  Then there is the special sauce to go on that, ichor of bird with stars born of flight.  I don't think either mother knows what her children are doing, or they would have them locked up, or worse.

Operation White Bush: (Skeleton Key to the White House) A certain movie spoof on CIA activities gone wrong is actually a renewed insurance policy which tells us who Hunt's Jake really is, and on up to WFB and beyond - and the real reason we might care. A very Paisley pattern, indeed would eventually emerge. The original script has footnotes, you know, and there was more than one copy made. 

Operation Blue Birthmark: (Profits for Presidents and spies) What former Soviet and American leaders are knee deep in international trade and finance and what does it have to do with history and wars, and players in British Intelligence? A story of deep pockets, a Deep Throat, and deep, dark secret teams. Thank former NSA types for this leak.

Operation Orange Freight: (Whiskey a-go-go, dope a-blow-blow) What do Oranges in California, Orchids in South America, and Poppies in Asia have in common with Kentucky Bourbon and Soviet Vodka?  The answer is in who does the drinking and driving, the thinking and flying, the nailing and sailing.

Operation Black Smoke: (What's that you're smoke'n?) What covert and apparently illegal hi-tech eavesdropping operation was embarrassed by an FBI interdiction because someone didn't sanitize the telephone used for operational communications at site, and because of a telemarketing call to that phone?  What illegal response was taken against the telemarketer and its employees in an attempt to find out who was responsible for the tip when FBI would not divulge my name? This is the last and most amusing and absurd, but is tied to many greater but related things.

Operation RAINBOW: What happens when a man (1-20 Kasumi-cho, Nishinomiya City) does work that gives him knowledge of government secrets from more than one country and organization?  He creates an insurance policy, what some call gemstones. What happens when he suffers an unfortunate end? People start looking for the policy to neutralize it - taking extraordinary steps to neutralize any threat it might represent. What happens when they canít find it? Relatives might be put under an intense microscope and deliberately set up for covert and overt intimidations, investigations, harassments, and more - constantly watched by multiple players to make sure no one from the other side actually makes an attempt to grab the data they might knowingly on unwittingly possess. What happens when the victims discover the insurance policy (in this case, an commercial music tape which instead of music has a series of digital data streams). If they take my advice (and they did), you reproduce it broadly and blindly (see my book) in parts A and B. Nice work, Mr. Heywood. Stay Young. What happens next? Unless all parties want to be embarrassed world wide ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happens - especially what used to happen. Restitution for wrongs would also be in order.  A great job offer (who will be first with the most). Win a contest for a new car or cash equal. Something as a sign of good faith. And I wouldn't mind a new computer - top end Macintosh, Cinema disp.

Operation ZooChoo (Achoo!) Train: Mary had a little lamB, it's fleeCe was not white aC snow, you know, instead brIght red, by a Tiger bitten near dead. So Mary had a huge Cow about the Tiger undead, nor in a zoo; 'they'd Marked, shaved, and injected him instead with Mother Hubbard's Furst Sheriff in bed. Everywhere that Mary went the story started to grow, and Deepthroats and insiders spilled what they know, shAred aBout in PARTS broadly and blindly with writers and others white as snow: March all to the zoonotiCs bio lab with a Bear, and a Cat (eating Kraft cheese with Mayo, we add), in a Hormel Pyramid Tower purchased in a Conned Way, all for a cheap Price since payments had gonned astray. All animals imported and protected by NWFW lies, and the Enforcer's sexy Safari for powerf'wu guys, aloft a Maid on a Red Horse and 130 Scorpions bid 'adieu,' flies. Oddmen out Adnan, Senger was an Alnik singer, learned from CIA in the Johannisburg Bush where all (sic) linger. Can you, too, hum this little hum dinger: "A quarter-mil still too stiff a pay to stay a pointed finger?" All aboard! Next stop Nadera, in the Military State of medical schools' and non consensual slate of tricky vaccines which racially equate, a MEPHA plot of Fatal Rebirth's relate. Was there a Land Grebe by IBM Laptop in Racine? a Colonial Marked Ham by CIA in Kurt's Mine.? Was there a Flaada dadda by IBM in the softBlueJeans Mayo-maze, or was it a Muscoplatybus by CIA in the USAID Kraft-glaze? No, really: why was land for UoM bioGeniCs reseaRch facIlity bought with Ra$ine? We know, so Yugo, or burn, by durn, or you could just pay if you still want to play. Your timeline wains, not mUch patience remainS, so don't Air lonG delay or the chance will have gone away!

Operation CANAMEX: To the NAU/SPP run amuck in the life of the Ohio man in a truck, put on the oLd air brakes, fOr he used to test F-16/B-1/DC-10 air(craft) bRAkes for makers with high stakes when not reporting aLl failed spec part mistakes, has put two and two together this Mercer Good Year regarding his foul weather at the hands of MIIM's covert snakeS, forCing a retirement to driving witH the tAste of souR grapes, and lisTening to the Seargent while to his daughter he relateZ. Then Wider, er wider Global goes the Schneider, with Bosnian/Russian drivers underground at Gebaur where things could go sour, should the computed 4 become the news of the hour, A and B parts have such potent, staying power. There the 308th lies in wait while rail lines the runways penetrate, and Subtropolis evolves beneath a business-like facade which is merely substrate. Further North Russel's Patriots at the John D Camp, Clatonia draws from FBI a critical eye to see just wasser is up with Prosser, who in Cortland, Hallum Neligh, not to mention Verdigre and in Lincoln, he be sinking in his nice indoor pool, while with CANAMEX reserve(ior)s he preserves railside seats for the future discretes. Leave John alone in his Tall Madjestic home, and see what he wants for a consolation prize, lest this matter come before the public's eyes, with things I've learned to which all these things have ties.

Operation Clear Message: (Summary of Tom foolery) These are not the only things which could be spoken of, but are sufficient to insure Full inter-agency cooperation in all things, and protect against Both foreign and domestic threats to any Involved.  Book and movie rights are available to the right party, and the price is right.  On the matters of OK and 800, there is no negotiation.  Someone must twist in the wind if you want to take your two steps forward - but these are your one step backward, so take your licks and keep on ticking. Unilateral defiance of the Corporate good by Individual players must be Avoided at all costs, or all suffer greatly. 

NEW:  Just rcvd four code books used by intelligence officers within the State Department from a Professor of Political Science who has retired from that trade.  But these books are codes for things which have little to do with orders from HQ, but everything to do with instructions from those Who pull strings in very high places, for whom, the Killing Of the Divine King is but mere ritual. But these are not to be spoken of by those fond of initials.