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I start with a brief apology and explanation of methodology. The NOILWAR! effort has been severely hampered by a number of factors, not the least of which is the lack of time available for keeping the Web site current. Trying to put three books to bed has prevented not only the original NOILWAR! pages from being updated, but the whole of the proparanoid.NET Web site has remained woefully out of date for nearly a year. Funding problems are also a significant factor, preventing the hiring of helps, establishment of a separate dedicated and secure Web site, and proper promotion. I do thank the many who did contribute. The rest of you can best contribute by becoming a NOILWARRIOR!, or purchasing a NOILWAR! T-shirt Iron on image.

As a result of these and other mitigating factors, the volume of information collected since NOILWAR! founding has become a small mountain. I have decided the easiest and most direct way to present and best portray this material with due impact and meaning is a time line. A timeline format  offers easy-to-grasp elements which steadily reveal the larger picture in a building-block approach. Each block should justify the readerís interest in learning about the next block (or the case made is not strong enough to warrant further consideration - the proof of the pudding, as it were.) In attempting to insure all elements are valid and useful... based on verifiable resources... many items for which I had no time to verify their accuracy or the credentials of their source had to be omitted. For every three items you read, there is one left out which is also supportive of the notion: 911 was indeed domestic state sponsored terrorism inflicted upon us by elements of the US Government in order to achieve multiple long and short-term benefits.

The Many Forms of Terrorism
        A primer on code word terminology
        what you don't know can hurt you

The Growing Case for 
   Domestic State Sponsored Terrorism
        and the Armageddon Machine

Oil War III: 
   The Engineering of Oil Profits
    Through War and Arbitrary Monetary Standards

The Marketing of
   Osama bin Laden and Oilwar III
        Selling treason & tyranny; got patriotism?

On Oil War III
   and the Armageddon Machine
           Predictions on the Middle East war

Introducing the Time Line Players
        Meet some people you only thought you knew...

The Search for a Smoking Gun
        The Rules of the Game in The Grand Game

Time Line for Treason
   and Crimes Against Humanity
         Large numbers of smoking guns in a row

Kissinger is Spelled W-A-R-R-E-N
         A look at Bush's 'Independent' 911
         Commission and likely 'magic bullet' answer

Special Reports:

US Military-Intelligence Double Agent 
    Plans, Trains, Assists in Terrorism
         The man that made al Qaeda what it is, today

Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit
           200 Art Students who Tried to Stop 911

Wisdoms of Perle
         Iraq Today, Arabia & the World, Tomorrow

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The Many Forms of Terrorism
Copyright © 2003 by H. Michael Sweeney and NOILWAR! See Permissions Statement

This article reveals:
     The definitions for all previously known forms of terrorism
     Defines a new form of terrorism which has victimized every American

terrorism n: The systematic use of terror, esp. as a means of keeping or gaining
control of a government. (from New Deal Websters)
When criminally minded political groups use terrorism to effect controls upon their own government, it is called DOMESTIC TERRORISM. This is the role the US Government would have us think for Timothy McVeigh and the militias. Given  certain facts, I donít buy their story for a moment, but except for the existence of a few suspicious ties between the Oklahoma City Bombing and both attacks on the WTC, that's not the issue, here...

When terrorism is applied by criminals who operate covertly from within their own nation to effect controls upon another national power, it is called FOREIGN TERRORISM. This is the role initially portrayed for Osama bin Laden in his many attacks on US resources PRIOR to 911. But that was before the oil pipeline deal was in jeopardy. The facts which have unfolded over time would seem to disprove that cover story, a story used to prepare us for buying what comes next.

But when covert operation is not required because the terrorists are permitted access to government resources, financing, and general blessings of the nation from which the terrorism is launched, it is termed STATE SPONSORED TERRORISM. They are no longer criminals, but government sponsored agents. This is the role quickly assigned to Osama bin Laden after 911, a move which allowed the US military to officially target the Afghani Taliban (the State,) thereby allowing the Bush administration to clear the way for the real and unstated goal of the war on terrorism. They tried doing the same (accusations of terrorism ties with bin Laden) at first with Iraq, but quickly backed off ONLY because of public outcry -- there was no evidence. This proves we still have SOME voice left. So now, instead, they are falling back on worries about weapons of mass destruction and violations of no fly zone, etc. Regardless, they are still pandering to our fears to justify an illegal war which is really about control of oil -- as perhaps best revealed in the
time line. offered here.

But now, we need a new term, one which describes not the kind of terrorism portrayed for us by the White House and media, but the TRUE form of terrorism at work in Oklahoma City and the WTC/Pentagon, and beyond. When your own government is behind the criminal plots, supplies and funds the training and resources, and uses the terrorism to tighten THEIR political control on YOU (in this case, a long string of draconian measures in the guise of ëHomeland Securityí), what you end up with is... DOMESTIC STATE SPONSORED TERRORISM. Of course, we should not be surprised to find that they made a buck or two on the effort along the way. That is the nature of fascism, as will be explained as the full NOILWAR! case is presented.

History is rife with examples of this kind of cannibalistic terrorism, but the best known example of modern times is Adolf Hitler, who as many historians contend, had his own henchmen burn the nation's beloved national library and blame the communists. Called the Reichstag Fire, it was the vehicle which effectively allowed Hitler and the Nazi party to come to full dictatorial power of the German Democracy by means of a declaration of national emergency. This fostered a complete reformation of the government, a whole new brace of oppressive laws, establishment of whole new 'national security' agencies (The dreaded SS and SA Stormtroopers) which were used to effect political control, nationalization of whole institutions and industries (including absolute control of media), establishment of an unprecedented war industry, eventual gun seizure from citizens, and a license to persecute and ultimately imprison and destroy thousands of communists, and eventually, the Jews and others considered 'unpure.'  If any of this sounds vaguely familiar, there is a reason...

The Growing Case for Domestic State Sponsored Terrorism

Copyright © 2003 by H. Michael Sweeney and NOILWAR! See Permissions Statement

This article reveals:
     The equation: the math by which wars translate to war profits for oil and defense industries
     Who profits by application of this formula
     Lays a foundation for why the reader should take this seriously and read the NOILWAR! pages

Remember that government officials are supposed to avoid even the merest hint or suggestion of impropriety or wrong doing. When they fail to do so, it is media's duty, and that of our Congressional watch dogs, and your duty as a citizen -- to demand a closer look. That BOTH media and the Congress are not only failing to ask appropriate questions... but even going so far as to deliberately overlook the evidence when citizens do complain... is itself evidence of wrongdoing and a cover up. If it looks like a conspiracy and acts like a conspiracy... don't be surprised when it quacks like one.

But behind this is an even greater conspiracy for a long-term goal which is better illustrated in Fatal Rebirth, an unpublished book I hope to release very soon. That work involved a ten-year investigation into crimes of the intelligence community and certain power brokers which revealed the possibility of a ëunified conspiracy theoryí, a kind of grand conspiracy behind all the major individual conspiracies of our last 60 years -- all of which are based on even older historical efforts to achieve world domination. It is summed up in a visual form in the Armageddon Machine, which illustrates the manufacturing of the fall of man and the rise of the Antichrist based on manipulation of 'isms' (communism, capitalism, terrorism, etc.)

One result of Fatal Rebirth of significance, here, is that it was the basis for predictions of future events based on the deduced (and somewhat obvious, once putting the puzzle pieces together) intent or goal of the larger (unified) conspiracy. Using that theory, I predicted a number of events, all of which have sadly come true with terrible consequence. The first was that Ross Perot and his family would be threatened with violence if he did not pull out of the presidential race against Bush the first. I warned the Secret Service and the Perot camp of my concerns just weeks before it actually happened, exactly as feared, and Perot withdrew from the race. Though I offered to share my basis and material evidence upon which my prediction was made, all Secret Service did was to put me under a five-year surveillance program whenever the President or Vice President came to the Pacific Northwest. Since I know all the license plates for the local Federal agents, and many of their names and faces, I found their efforts most amusing - especially when disguised as a TV station camera crew who video taped ONLY me as Clinton passed within feet of me in his motorcade. For the readers information, I will state that I believe the form of threat used against Perot involved Anthrax. If this is true, it is likely directly tied back to the same persons behind 911, as proposed by the 'unified conspiracy theory' in the first place.

More important to the work at hand, here, was the more detailed prediction: what I call the End Game Scenario. This predicted terrorism which, in turn, resulted in multiple aircraft crashing into multiple buildings, toppling the WTC, and a Middle East war sponsored in part by dramatic swings toward a military-police-state mentality by government. This was expressed and published in the Fall of 1999 on my Web site in the form of a film script based largely on Fatal Rebirth called The Electronic Apocalypse (which is included on my Proparanoid Reference CD-ROM, along with the Preface and one whole chapter and several key Appendix documents from Fatal Rebirth). Though the precise mechanisms of the terrorism were other than the bin Laden variety painted for us by government and media, the important aspects of the key events (staged terrorism, air crashes, WTC collapse, Middle East war with multiple Islamic nations) were all frighteningly prophetic. Indeed, they even involved the bulk of the same background players in my mind as are actually involved today, though I had not the freedom to name them publicly in the book or the script. I wish to God these accuracies had not come to pass, and that these men had not stolen America. Millions will die if they are not stopped, and freedom will die with them.

Oil War III: The Engineering of Oil Profits
Through War and Arbitrary Monetary Standards

Copyright © 2003 by H. Michael Sweeney and NOILWAR! See Permissions Statement

This article reveals:
     The historically demonstrable equation: Low oil prices = low oil profits = war = high oil prices = oil/war industry profits
     Who profits by application of this formula
     Identifies and illustrates Oil War I, II, and III
     Why Sadam Hussein was left in power after Desert Storm
     Why Bush MUST have war immediately
     Why Tony Blair's Government MUST go along with Bush when 90% of Brits say NOILWAR!
     Why France and Germany are against the war when some think their doing so illogical
     Why there is an Oil Crises in Argentina, and what George Bush has to do with it
     Illustrates the value and importance of terrorism to that war

I have stated in prior issues of the Professional Paranoid Newsletter that there is a formula for war in the Middle East, restated for simplicity, here: Low oil prices = low oil profits = war = high oil prices = oil/war industry profits. The question is, can a case be made that oil/war industry interests engineer wars in order to increase oil prices and profits. To answer that, let us first take a look at who we are talking about when we say oil/war industry interests. For the most part, they are often the same people/groups. For another way of viewing the impact of the information presented, here, and for specific references useful in verifying some of the statements, I suggest a look at the Time Line for Treason.

The Players: Who makes a buck when there is a war

OPEC - the cartel of oil producing states have an extreme interest in high oil prices, given that their actual costs to pump the oil out of the ground do not vary except according to their own nationís rate of inflation, which can impact on labor costs and replacement parts for machinery. Chief among these are the Saudi Royal Family, the Fiasals -- many of which are close buddies and business partners with the Bush Family, partners with American oil industry firms, and co-investors in CIA proprietaries and military contractors with Bush and his Administration friends through their investment and leadership roles in the Carlyle Group, which is a holding company for dozens of military contractors (and oil industry firms)

Oil Companies (anywhere in the world) get to raise their prices IMMEDIATELY when any expected shortage of supply exists -- the old supply and demand formula. So even though they have yet to pay higher costs to the producers, the price of oil products (heating oil, gasoline, etc.) rises quickly well in advance of any change in actual expenditures for oil at higher prices. Once the shortage manifests in actual higher costs, prices would at some point level out and represent normalized profits (in terms of percentile, but still higher in terms of net profit volume).

As a rule, war has NOT genuinely suffered a stifled supply in any dramatic way, because various oil producers (those not directly involved in blockades or other war induced production roadblocks) simply increase production rates --further increasing their profits by virtue of a temporarily larger market share. Of course, once the war goes away, the prices come back down -- but never seem to come anywhere near their starting point. The overall profit level of the oil companies is much higher after the war, and the consumer never gains back what it had lost. We consumers are too dumb to notice that, apparently, and no one in government seems interested in monitoring on our behalf.

Military Contractors/Suppliers. That one is not very hard to figure out. All those destroyed weapon systems and platforms, and expended munitions will need to be replaced. So much the better if selling to both sides, even if your own troops end up fighting an enemy armed with weapons your country manufactured. It is an age old story, and no one is better at it than the US Military Industrial Complex -- which I call MIIM (Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Media Complex). A great example is the Carlyle company, which is Of course, that brings us to...

The Military and the CIA. The military always wins in a war, its appropriations going through the roof, and Generals tending to get more stars with victories. The CIA is itself deeply enmeshed in the oil industry and in bed with military contractors, having proprietaries in both industries. In fact, two of three Bush appointees to the US occupied Afghanistan (see next) are actually former CIA operatives, both recruited and thrust directly into the White House, the Department of Defense, and oil industry, and back into Afghanistanís new puppet government at the same times (two for one special, we might presume.)

Individuals important for the purpose: The George Bush family has extensive holdings in the oil industry at all levels, including the service industry, which are firms providing services needed by the oil industry, such as Carlyle Groups Halliburton.  The Bush family further has significant interests in the war industries through Carlyle Group. James Baker of Baker and Botts who has a long list of clients in both the oil and war industries. Dick Cheney hails from Halliburton, and has profited from Caspian region pipeline projects. Condoleeza Rice hails from Chevron. All three George Bush appointees to US occupied Afghanistan, John Maresca, Zalmay Khalilzad as Special Envoy and Hamid Karzai as Interim Prime Minister -- all worked on Unocalís Afghanistan pipeline project, Maresca as a Unocal Vice President.

The War Formula Revealed: A review of wars vs. crude oil prices over half a century

Now lets take a brief look at the wars. Oil prices are adjusted for inflation/recession to reflect constant 1995 $, and come from the US Dept. of Energy. Their figures are averaged for the year, and thus, the actual highest prices for the year are not reflected. Despite this, the numbers are still rather revealing...

WWII (1941-1945) : Oil prices had held between $11.00 and $13.42 for a ten year period. But in the war years, oil dropped to as low as $9.32. By 1949, after the shooting war had stopped and the cold war had begun, oil prices had peaked to above $16, and remained in that strata for some time, and then slowly started downhill. Clearly, WWII in Europe was not about oil, but the Pacific war was -- the US was essentially blocking Japanís access to it. Regardless, it impacted on oil prices and profits.

Vietnam (1964-76): Oil had started to approach to the old $11 strata. The war in Vietnam started when oil was in the mid $12 range, but by the time the war had ended, it was an all time high of $20.39. Again, we probably agree this war was not about oil, but it clearly impacted on oil prices.

Afghanistan-Russia (1979-1991): This war was argued by various experts as being ideological, religious, political, and oil related. It is largely coincidental to a larger (in death tolls) war between Iran/Iraq (see below). For this reason, the data is essentially identical for the two wars, which could be argued as one in net effect. While Afghanistan was itself not an oil industry player, the bordering Russian states were extremely oil rich -- the Caspian basin. Further, Afghanistan had long been identified as a central key to political power in the region and was often referred to white papers on Grand Game constructs by the New World Order groups. The Grand Game is control of the oil in the region, as promoted by such groups as the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR and its think tanks, though its primary goals are very much against US sovereignty in favor of a one world government, is probably the most influential power group in Washington DC. It virtually dictates US foreign and domestic policy as well as policy regarding national security (CIA, NSA, FBI, Department of Defense.)

The Falklands War (1982): This short war between Great Britain (British Petroleum) and major oil producer, Argentina, should also be combined into thinking about the Iraq-Iran war, below. Though it was a very short lived war, it kept prices high (above $44) for the year -- though otherwise representing a mere hiccup in oil exports from South America. Yet lessons learned from the ëdouble whammyí effect of wars effecting oil producers on two continents would prove useful, later.

The Oil Wars: The first wars which revolve almost purely around oil interests

Oil War I, Iraq-Iran war (1980-1988): This was clearly and ideological war, but between two major oil producing states, it illustrates to the oil and war industries where the money comes from. When combined with the Falkland war and the more localized impact of the Soviet-Afghanistan conflict, which bordered both Iraq and Iran, the impact on oil supply and demand is significant. Oil prices had slipped from the $20 level to near $19 when war talk started to send oil prices back upward. By the second year of the war, prices had peaked at $52.42, a new all time high. It remained above $30 until the war started to die down and other oil producers had taken up the slack. As the war ended, however, there was a glut on the market from the increased production and the renewed access to Iraqi and Iranian oil, and oil immediately plunged to a low of $16.81. The first gas lines were in this period.

Oil War II, Iraq-Kuwait/US war (1990-1991): Iraq is feeling a financial bind, and oil prices are not what they used to be. Further, other OPEC nations seem bent on pumping a lot of oil which means both a low profit to Sadam Hussein and a low market share. That may be, in part, why he invaded Kuwait. Regardless, all experts agree that he was after their oil fields, if not their oil customers -- and better seaport access for oil exports, Iraq being largely land locked. From a low of $15.76 entering the period, oil shoots up as Desert Storm looms to a high of $23.01. This war is definitely about oil, and I call it Oil War I.

The Fall of the Soviet Union (1991-1997): This was not exactly a war, but the Soviets had fallen victim to the Cold War. The date of the actual collapse (Dec 1991) is not as important as are the dates shown in parenthesis, which are the dates representing a flood of US oil company investments in Soviet oil resources. These involved a series of bribes in order to gain control at ridiculously low investment costs. This resulted in roughly a 75% ownership or control of all Caspian region oil and gas reserves (a trillion dollar value.)  It is mentioned here because it helps explain why George Bush the Fist did not take control of Iraq when the chance existed. To do so would have adversely effected the oil companies attempts to get good prices for ownership of Soviet oil. Oil prices needed to drop as quickly as possible and it would not do to have the Soviets see America as owning the region at that time.

Oil War III, the War on Terrorism (2001 - current): By 1994, oil prices had dropped to $13.49, facilitating reasonable prices for Soviet oil fields to American oil companies. But now, they needed a way to export the oil -- and to get prices back up. The only viable way was the pipeline project through Afghanistan. But the Taliban and their civil war were in the way. So, per other NOILWAR! articles, Osama bin Laden became terrorist, and was moved to Afghanistan to befriend the Taliban. While there, 911 happens and the US immediately associates bin Laden and the Taliban as one. Retaliation commences and, soon enough, attention swings to Iraq and ëWeapons of Mass Destruction.í

Simultaneous to all this, we have the Argentina oil shortage going on, which forces South America and countries relying upon Argentine oil to get it from the Middle East -- putting more demand on oil from that quarter and sending prices even higher. Guess what? It turns out that the labor dispute and political disruption in Argentina seems to be getting its cue from the George Bush White House and the CIA. The effort to overthrow the Democratic government through labor revolt is being secretly stimulated by George Bush for no apparent reason. There is no fit to US foreign policy -- but it is a fit to oil industry profit motives. For more on this, take a look at an article by W. Clark at the Independent Media Center.

This all sends oil prices skyward, steadily. As of this writing, they have eclipsed $30 a barrel - that being in 2003 dollars, not 1995 dollars. Using the gold standard as a guide, 1995 to 2003 conversion is ten to one (it takes ten times as many dollars to buy an ounce of gold - $35 vs. $350); making it $300 a barrel equivalent. Ergo, gasoline is predicted to be $2 a gallon by spring, perhaps $3 by summer. Now that's a lube job! But it gets worse. What we are looking at is another 40% potential boost due to arbitrary manipulation of monetary standards...

The Euro Gold Standard, OPEC Black Gold Standard, and worthless I.O.U.s from Uncle Sam

We could name this section ëWhy War Canít Wait.í If we do go in and take control of Iraq ëtemporarily on behalf of freedom loving Iraqisí, what impact will that have on oil profits?  Well, as it happens, it will significantly impact on them. It will, in fact, represent a whole new formula. This new formula has to do with a kind of ëwild cardí situation which has never before existed -- the creation and emergence of a dominant new monetary standard in the world, the Euro Dollar. As it happens, the US dollar is dwindling rapidly against the Euro. Currently, they are almost at parity (1 Euro = $1), though when the Euro first came out, it was worth much less than a dollar. This has a significant role in American oil company profits -- and indeed, all major US corporations doing business abroad (megacorps.) It even effects certain ëalliesí of George Bush in his war efforts in the same ways and for exactly the same reasons:

As it happens, Iraq had been forced by the US embargo and other pressures to switch Iraq from US dollar (pretend money -- Federal Reserve I.O.U. notes) trade to Euros (based on a real Gold standard). This involved not only his oil sales but his $10 billion in cash reserves held in European banks from oil sales -- a fund established as part of the embargo in order to provide food and medical supplies for Iraqi civilians. Seems that instead of buying those goodies, he is borrowing Euros against it, and spending that wherever he pleases. But the real story is that this has strengthened Iraqís financial picture significantly, by up to 30% over what it would have been with US dollars. The rest of OPEC has eyed this and is considering switching, too -- or perhaps establishing their own money standard based on oil (black gold.)

And this brings us to why Tony Blair is such a stuanch Oil War III supporter, and the Germans and French are not. Blair, like Bush, is not really worried about weapons of mass destruction... he and those in British Petroleum's Boardroom are worried about the same thing the American oil companies are worried about. If the exchange standard for oil changes, economic experts predict a virtual recession for the US, and American oil companies may stand to loose another 30-40% in attempting to convert US dollars for Euros in order to buy oil. Great Britain is in the same fix, because they refused the Euro in favor of the English Pound which is also failing against the Euro almost as badly as the American I.O.U.s.

France and Germany, on the other hand, use the Euro, and thus, hope the war is a bust. That means a strong Euro and better buying power -- especially for oil.  But if the US invades Iraq and takes control, one of the first things expected of George Bushís puppet government officials installed there is to revert Iraq back to US Dollars for petro -- especially in sales to Europeans. In such a move, OPEC would be hard pressed to move ahead to any conversion strategy, because it might result in a production war which sends prices low (for both standards.) In addition, George Bush is in a key position to blackmail select OPEC leaders (especially the Saudi Royals) for their funding of Osama bin Laden... ëPlay ball, Faisal, or you might be next in line for Americaís New War!í Itís that same old carpet of gold or carpet of bombs argument, all over again.

Thus it is no coincidence that virtually every country in favor of war with Iraq is not using the Euro standard (i.e., all those Slavic/former Soviet states)... or is partnered with America in oil ventures in the Caspian (i.e., Turkey...) and every country which has come out publicly against the war is a Euro nation. The only noted exception is the Soviet Union, which while both partnered with the US and not on the Euro, has non the less opposed the war. This may be because they view with alarm and suspicion the series of Oil Wars for profiteering in the region, and the ultimate price they may have to pay if the US controls the bulk of the entire world's supply of oil short of the Argentines. And perhaps they know about Bush and friends adventures there and fear more trickery is afoot akin to that used against the Soviets, resulting in loss of control of their own oil reserves.

So the new formula is War = Euro x 0 = (US$ and £) x 1.7 x Oil Profits x Caspian Reserves. Perhaps a million people will die before it is over, but the equation does not factor that in. Boardroom math is like that; better to spill red blood and have black ink on the bottom line than to save lives and have red ink at the bottom line. So every one but Bush and friends gets it in the end. So, I guess there is only one last thing to say: Please pass the Vaseline. On second thought, I probably canít afford it, since it is petroleum based. Iíll use butter.

The Marketing of Osama bin Laden and Oil War III

Copyright © 2003 by H. Michael Sweeney and NOILWAR! See Permissions Statement

This article reveals:
     The equation: the math by which wars translate to war profits for oil and defense industries
     Who profits by application of this formula
     Identifies CIA operatives assigned to the Department of Defense, White House, and Oil industry, who now rule Afghanistan

We all rightly have a natural aversion to false advertising -- the ultimate form of which, in the intelligence community, is called disinformation. That we are victims of it can be seen by close review of the time line offered herein. The time line itself contains the needed proof references any Doubting Thomas should find suitable. This article is merely to tease the reader that they will want to know more. To fail to seek to know more is to sign on and underwrite the sellout of the nation and the world to an evil so dark that the Antichrist, alone, might eclipse it. Indeed, the Antichrist may be the ultimate benefactor, if not the author of these dark pages in our history.

I use marketing as the presentation allegory because it is so very appropriate. Disinformation, you see, only works when it is cleverly and relentlessly presented in message form. It takes marketing know how, which is why CIA owns and operates its own PR and Advertising firms, and its own motion picture and music studios, media and broadcast houses, and even newswire services. That these operate in and cater to only one principle audience, Americans, should cause us all to ask what mission CIA has in the United States which justifies these firms and their use against us? I thought CIA was supposed to influence and topple enemy governments...

The process of marketing is simple, and has strong parallels to the topic at hand. You first do some basic market research to find out what people need or want -- or can be induced to so think. You then conduct R&D on how to best manufacture that product so that it meets that need. You must have a factory and some tooling, and a production line monitored by quality control. You can then start production and launch a marketing program aimed at those who will become distributors or resellers of the product. When the product is deliverable, you launch an advertising blitz to reach the consumer. This requires a good PR firm. You need great packaging. You need slogans. You need a spokesperson. Boom. Dealers place orders, and consumers line up. Sales happen, and with a good marketing plan and a sellable product, you earn repeat customers. So what does this have to do with Osama bin Laden and the war on terrorism? Iíll tell you -- and in so doing, answer the following horrendous and fearsome questions. The Anser is even more horrific, once you understand its fullness...

The questions are these: what if the War in Iraq had been planned since 1996, and plans of terrorism in support of the need even earlier? What if the war had nothing whatsoever to do with weapons of mass destruction or terrorism, or the ideological, pathological shortcomings of Sadam Hussein?  What if the driving political and social force was not the promotion of democracy over dictatorships, not moral righteousness or indignity born of 911, but the conspiratorial goals of fascist elite globalists? What if it had to do with world domination through control of oil with the aim of creating a one world government under a single leadership? What if 911 was nothing more than a planned marketing tool to sell us on the idea of a war with terrorism as a side show distraction from the true intended course? What if our own intelligence community and government leaders were conspiratorial participants in every step of this marketing effort?

Were it true, some would cry for armed revolt. If a government and its military kills its citizens to make a profit, to take away civil rights that their power over the people may increase, and to destroy religions that theirs is the only choice remaining... then that is sufficient cause to take up arms by all historical accounts. The day may soon come that Americans will have no choice but to surrender themselves and their children to live under the yolk of such tyranny, or to unite against the treason in order to restore the government to its true Constitutional form. Scant little time is left for reason and protest, and political process to have good effect. These are the stakes which have been placed on the table for us by criminals who would rule the world. Only you can effect the needed change, but unless you are well informed, you will not even have the chance. Read and learn, learn and decide, then act according to your conscience. It is hoped that the time line will be your guide, and the referenced resources the proofs you require in order to demand accountability by government.

Market Research:

In 1996, the Institute for Advanced and Strategic Political Studies, a US-Israeli globalist think tank environment undertook a study of the future of Israel and the Middle East towards the turn of the century. The conclusion, in part, was that the one key element to any long term peace and stability would actually hinge upon a preemptive attack strategy -- as well suggesting who should be targeted. The report specifically sought the future destruction of Iraq's political power, military capability and sociopolitical influence in the region, thinking Iraq central and core to resolution of all other issues. Chief architect of this brilliance was one Richard Perle, who soon becomes Chairman of the  next Bush Administrationís Defense Policy Board. Other members of the IAS group, themselves from a variety of other think tanks, also joined the Bush team. This highly coincidental matter might be of little natural concern, except that it is followed immediately by a more curious and related event.

R & D:

In 1997, before Bush is even a serious candidate, Perle and a whole cadre of his associates to include Bush family friends such as Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld get together and form something called the Project for the New American Century. It is a globalist think tank organization with ties to the intelligence community. It has lofty goals which would seem to include, well... the blueprint for the war with Iraq. It proposes a long list of key steps needed to allow the US to undertake such a war, virtually all of which are adopted by the new Bush Administration, which just happens to include most of NPACís founding members. But America canít just have a war, you see. In America, We, The People decide if there is to be war, through our Congressional Representative system. Thus, someone must create that reason, the product we will want to buy.

Distributors and Resellers:

Also in 1997, former National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, writes a book which is perfect to the purpose of convincing Congress and other power hitters and decision makers of just which side the bread will be buttered. Brzezinski, by the way, is a globalist icon, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Trustee of that groupís own intelligence community tied think tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies. When he talks, elite power brokers of the world listen. His 1997 book, The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy  and Its Geostrategic Imperatives, puts all said thus far into contextual summary.  He starts by demonstrating that the Euro-asian regions are critical to world power. He then describes the Caspian oil reserves as the key to control of all of Eurasia.?US global primacy, he argues, depends on control of the Caspian and its oil resources, and the viability of South East Asia is tied to access to that oil.?He then laments that this goal cannot be met "except in the circumstance of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat."

Note: The message would be clear to anyone who willing to stray from between the lines: to gain control of the region (translation, world power and massive fortunes), there must be some appropriate threat. In absence of such a threat, the only recourse is to manufacture or sponsor such a threat and market it for maximum effect. Sometimes such a threat is in the form of a idea or movement, or perhaps a military power. Sometimes it is in the form of a person, or a mixture of these things. In the intelligence community, such a manufactured person is sometimes referred to as a straw man (someone to attack to make the attacker look good). The person is also sometimes called a patsy, and a cutout (does not usually know who the real villain is, and thus, cannot spill the beans). The book does not say any of this, of course -- it is only selling the notion of World Power and lamenting it as unachievable at the time. Someone else will sell the means to take advantage of his ideas (terrorism.) Those seeking power are about to be baited.

Time passes and marketing enters a new phase. Globalist papers are issued from numerous sources, mostly affiliated with the Council on Foreign Relations, a globalist group with ties to and influence upon the intelligence community and all of government. These papers guide American power brokers both in the political and the corporate world towards the need for a pipeline in Afghanistan, but lament that such a pipeline cannot be built because the Talibanís revolution and (later) the growing threat of terrorism prevent it. But these ads still target not We, The People, but the movers and shakers who represent us in Congress, and especially the corporate boardroom players who will profit from the war, or from the oil, or from both. Congress tends to listen to the corporate types, because that is were election money comes from. Still, something else is needed to sell the notion to you and me -- terrorism.

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On Oil War III and the Armageddon Machine

Copyright © 2003 by H. Michael Sweeney and NOILWAR! See Permissions Statement

This article will reveal the true goals and forces behind the War in Iraq
     It will reveal layers of deception and levels of power in play
     It will reveal that the war has been planned since 1996
     It will reveal the end game scenario that suits the New World Orderís goals
     It will predict the outcome of the war in a stepwise manner
     It will frighten you

Predictions are easy to make, near impossible to make correctly. Publilius Syrus, in Moral Sayings (1st Century, B.C.,) said that ëThe future struggles that it may not become the past.í The ultimate expression of that thought is a future which is successful in the effort: Armageddon, and the end of the world. If history ends, after all, the future cannot become the past -- at least it will not be recorded if no one is present to mark it down. Of course, end time prophecy of any sort, whether it be from the Bible, the Quran, the Sanskrit, or Satanic sources, from the lore of Nostradamus, American Indians, or the seers of the ancient Egypt, or any other source, including scientific and logical deductions... is at best a thing of heady confusion and ambiguity. In the end, only time will tell us the true prophet from the foolish. Welcome to BushLaden Air, and hijacked flight 666.

I am no prophet, and I am most likely very capable of being foolish. But there is a graphic image, an artwork, which is the visual depiction of the New World Orderís ëengine which drives the world.í It sums up pictorially and philosophically the battle for control of man and earth, and is entitled, the ëFormula for The Fall of Man and The Rise of The Antichrist: The Armageddon Machine.í In simplest terms, it depicts the forces upon mankind at the nation-state and personal level, forces wrought by the various belief-structure ëismsí of our world: capitalism, socialism, fascism, patriotism, terrorism, communism, fundamentalism, nationalism, zionism, pacifism, globalism, and so forth, ad nausium. It reveals an onion of many layered power groups and an intricate and well coordinated array of resources and power, all working smoothly against the will of God, and the wishes of man for pursuit of happiness and the expression of free will.

Ad nausium, indeed. I prefer to believe as Ferris Beuller, who on his Day Off (John Hughes, 1985, Paramount Pictures), said ë"Isms", in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an "ism". He should believe in himself.í As Christian I would summarize the Armageddon Machineís interpretation of the effects of ismology this way; for thousands of years, the dark powers from the bowels of the earth have sought to divide and conquer manís heart, spirit, mind, and body. The religious give it names and descriptions appropriate to their understanding, such as Satan tempting man with seven deadly sins that cause us to have spite for one another, and to separate us from our God. They seek to divide and conquer. Though the religious aspect of it has import for the salvation of oneís soul, for the purpose of this presentation, such is merely a core concept, a building block for understanding. I seek not to preach, here; but if what I say moves one to fear for their lives in the future, then by the same reason, they should also fear for their souls. It is one and the same perilous end for both, if correct.

And what is our God, then? It is for each individual, wrong or right, whatever we choose to worship. And if by wiles or by trickery, we can be induced to worship or follow after an ism, rather than our Lord and Creator, then we are set apart from our brothers and sisters on earth, and certainly our Lord, and are thus much easier to conquer. Even choosing to follow our Lord, we can be divided into sects and set apart from our brethren and our Lord. It is easy for those practiced in the art: Divide us with our petty differences, large or small, and let us fight one another instead of fighting evil with good. Tempt us from our Lord by leveraging our greed and fears against us. In the words of a relative of mine, one Mr. Bailey of the famous Barnum and Bailey Circus... ëHurry, hurry, hurry... this way to see the Egress!í He knew deceit could quickly divide the crowd of slow moving gawkers to make room for new paying customers to his show, especially those foolish enough to rush to see what an egress was; the French word for 'exit.'

Oversimplified, perhaps, but such an explanation fits well with the basic principles involved. But it is only a building block, a layer. The thing is an onion, a mystery peeled back layer by layer to reveal yet another facet, another meaning, another goal, another powerful force at play. By now, the reader is probably falling asleep, and wondering what this has to do with Oil War III and the New World Order. In answering that, and attempting to anchor the wandering mind, let us simply look to the future, and in so doing, reveal the layers and the mechanisms of the Armageddon Machine, as well as the identity of its architects and generals. Please place your seats in the upright position...

First know that I have no copyright on wisdom or knowledge, and certainly no psychic skills that might let me make useful predictions. However, I have an ally, or two. One is Dr. Matthew C. Wells, PH.D., who wrote a very interesting little book called Parallelism: A Handbook of Social Analysis. The heady title is nothing compared to the weight and impact of the content. So revolutionary are the concepts within its pages that the intelligence community of the United States has apparently conspired to prevent its disclosure. Dr. Wells came to me for help, and in helping him, we created an insurance policy, one effective enough for him to proceed with his work. Why should CIA or anyone else in government care about his theories enough to suppress them?

Because it represented a very scientific means for predicting the political future of a given nation. By future, I mean who comes to power, the changes in social, economic, and military affairs, wars that might be evoked, and the victims thereof, as well as the outcome. I helped Dr. Wells by playing the roll of editor and critic (if I could understand what he was saying, then anyone could, and the book would be truly useful instead of being lost in lofty concepts for only those of high I.Q. and education.) In undertaking the task I learned to appreciate his work and, to a degree, to understand how to apply his practical and workable concepts.

If it will help the reader to understand the importance of his work, know that in its first use as a theory, Dr. Wells successfully predicted, in a published journal some years in advance, several changes in power, naming political parties and even individuals involved, the victors, and the aftermath that followed, to include wars and further internal political turmoil. Event after event has come to pass over something more than a decadeís time, without a single failure, to date. Apparently, the future has not struggled quite hard enough to escape unforeseen. Apparently, CIA and certain persons who pull their strings. I do not refer to Congress or the President, but the real power in our world, those that control things quietly from the Shadow and make them bump in the night; the New World Order tycoons of power. They fear such look ahead capabilities, for it can be used to reveal their own dark plans to the likes of you and me. They fear us more than the armies of other nations. Just why they fear you and I knowing it will be clear by the end of this article.

In addition to Dr. Wells, I have an insider or two who graciously act as sounding boards and offer useful commentary or little known facts that make a difference. One is an oil industry insider, one with former military intelligence background as well as service to his government in high office. This European gentleman's expertise in the oil industry is such that major oil companies and governments pay him handsome sums for his advice. I get it for free. Other insiders from within various intelligence agencies or multinational companies have been contributory, as well. One of these is a brave soul who has already been involved in several wars in Iraq. He was a member of Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard. He fought in the bloody ten-year war against Iran, and in the bloody ten minute war against the US after the ten second invasion of Kuwait. Do not think harshly of him, for he also worked along side CIA in futile attempts to dethrone Hussein, and in attempts to put off the slaughter of the Kurds by Hussein. He is a Kurd, and a marvelously interesting person.

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Wisdoms of Perle
Iraq & Afghanistan, Today -- Arabia & the World, Tomorrow

Three articles condensed from The ProParanoid Newsletter, and combined, here
Copyright © 2003 by H. Michael Sweeney and ProParanoid Press.  All Rights Reserved. See Permissions Statement

In this article you will learn:
     Who Richard Perle is and the nature of his agenda
     That the wars in the Middle East are part of a larger War plan for oil and world dominance established years ago
     That Pentagon Policy was officially changed to include use of war to get oil and serve US business interests
     That the plan called for decieving the American public about the real reasons for the war
     That silent foreknowledge of 911 and Operations Northwoods would seem logical under these circumstances
     That Saudia Arabia and Egypt are also on the list of nations to be conquered in the name of oil and world dominance
Who is Richard Perle, and why should you be angry about him? According to the few mentions of him in media, we know him to be the Chairman of the Defense Policy Board under Donald Rumsfeld. We have also heard his name mentioned as advising President Bush on Foreign Policy. But there is much to this man we need know about, and it will shed a lot of light on a lot of matters, including why Bush wants to go to war in Iraq so eagerly. But first, we should also understand a little bit about the Defense Policy Board. What the heck is that thing?

Created in 1985, the DPB is a panel of civilian advisors to the Pentagon. It was created in the Reagan Administration as part of an ëoverhaulí of the Pentagon. George Herbert Walker Bush, as Vice President, and also as CIA Director, earlier, sat on the National Security Council which drove creation of the Board. Richard Perle was there, too, working as Assistant Secretary of Defense. Thus it can be said that both Bush and Perle had a working relationship which included establishment of the DPB, itself. How strange, then, that a Bush II would reward Perle with being head of that very board? Probably not very strange, at all -- just quid pro quo.

The makeup of the Board? Thirty unpaid civilians who come from one of three camps (often one and the same): former government officials (like Perle) and retired military or CIA -- or academia. Naturally, some of them happen to have past ties (or future ties) to defense contractors.

So we end up with the Pentagon being advised on policy by people who make a buck if that advice is taken, or may have other ulterior motives for said advice. This is a byproduct, or sorts, of the Revolution in Military Affairs, and certainly, an enabler of it. It is also the formulae for subversion, and may have served to maintain the effectiveness and cohesion of Bush prime directives between the two Bush administrations. In other words, Clinton was a Bush Administration -- in that it continued to function largely in a way useful to Bush objectives. At least where it counts: foreign policy, policy on terrorism, intelligence policy, and military policy.

AP photo, edited

Back to Perle, a bad man who is described in many circles as a hawk on Iraq, and in those circles brave enough to risk charges of anti Semitic thinking, of being a lobbyist for Israel. They might be right, since he is a member of the Advisory board of JINSA, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs and he has served in many similar groups supportive to Israel.

I do not rank that as a sin, but accuse him of far worse, than that. I accuse him of being a New World Order lynchpin. He is a ranking member of Rockefellerís Council on Foreign Relations, for instance, where he headed a CFR study on non lethal options in overseas contingencies. This is a polite way of describing political control technology and covert operations designed to overthrow governments.

But if CFR is a globalist organization, we have to give Perle double black marks because he was also one of the founding members of PNAC -- the Project for a New American Century. This group deserves its own article, but there is not time enough, today. I will brief you on it, but first, we must learn its source.

PNAC was a 1997 organization, but in 1996, Perle and a few friends from his JINSA and RAND Corporation connections put together something else. It was a joint IsraeliUS think tank that took a close look at the future of Israel. As found at <http://www.proparanoid.net/noilwar.htm#marketing> this group decided the fate of Iraq well before Bush II was a tiny chad forming on ballots at the toilet paper factory. They decided Iraq had to fall, and a shoot first approach was appropriate (simplified version.) Perle and the bulk of his friends at this think tank, the Institute for Advanced and Strategic Political Studies, all came back to the US to form PNAC, joined by the likes of pals Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.

Just by chance, mind you, PNAC adopted essentially all of the findings of the Israeli think tank, and then sets about to determine just what kind of White House would be best suited to seek such an end, and what policies it should implement in order to best facilitate it. What they came up with, of course, is what we now have, right down the line, point by point. And you thought the election process was about choice. You thought the Office of the President was to lead the nation and guide governmenton how to best proceed. You thought wars were fought because we were forced into it. But wait -- it gets worse. These manipulations are revealing and insightful on how strings can be pulled so easily in Washington these days... but nothing compared to other Wisdomís of Perle. As recently published in New Yorker Magazine by Seymour M. Hersh, Perle has been a little naughty.

War Prophets for War Profits, from Iran Contra to BCCI, and back, again

First, recall that I implied that DPB members sometimes stood to profit by little policy changes at the Pentagon and the White House... like war with Iraq, terrorism, et al. Turns out Perle is just such a businessman, along with at least two other DPB members, forming a firm which is called Trireme Partners, L.P. The firm is involved in providing venture capital to firms specializing in Homeland Defense. Shades of political control technology! DBP advised in favor of establishing Homeland Security -- exactly two years to the day before 911, two years before it was even needed. Imagine that marvelous foresight. Prophets of profits.

Those of you familiar with the Microprose computer game called Civilization, will know what a Trireme is -- that little tiny boat that canít go far from shore without being sunk by high waves. Hmmm. Perle must not know the meaning, or he is risking much, because he has traveled far from shore on Jan 3. And, it seems he got hit by a big wave, one which just might sink him.
Adnan Khashoggi
Colorized image
from CIA Files
In fact, he went all the way to France, where he sat down to lunch with a couple of good olí boys. One Saudi elite named Harb Saleh alZuhair, an industrialist, and one of the worldís most infamous persons short of Osama bin Ladenís glory, Adnan Khashoggi, illicit arms dealer extraordinair, and filthy rich from it. You remember him, donít you? He was very instrumental in Iran Contra (a Bush thing) and BCCI (a Bush thing, too) and a little more recently, just happened to invest in an unidentified small Homeland Security company here in the US. You are right. Probably just a coincidence. But which one?

The coincidence that worries me is the ties to Iran Contra, because it brings us full circle: Bush beget IranContra, which beget terrorist flight schools, which beget 911, which beget Jeb Bush and someone (perhaps pretending to be) FBI seizing flight school records and taking them off in a black, unmarked C130. Neither Jeb Bush or FBI own such an airplane, but CIA does. And... Bush and Perle beget DPB, which beget Homeland Security, which beget Trireme Partners L.P., which beget lunch with Khashoggi and Elite Arabs who, in turn, have in the past previously been very close to George Bush and (some) have invested in his business and CIA ventures. Two neat little loops.

Add the fact that Jeb Bush has actively promoted airlines connected to the terrorist flight schools in Florida, airlines which are tied to CIA drug smuggling, and you get a kind of missing link. A similar link exists to BCCI, in that Jeb has also promoted certain banks in Florida associated with BCCI -- and which just happened to have been used by the terrorists for their US accounts. This is all detailed in the Time Line for Treason on the NOILWAR! site at <http://www.proparanoid.net/timeline.htm>.

This leaves us with Shrub I connected the front end of the links between BCCI and Iran Contra in those loops, and Jeb Bush the rear end, which is appropriate, perhaps. Just one more reason to view 911 and all that has followed as an extension of George Herbert Walker Bushís Grand Game. Of course, he is just a facilitator. The Game belongs to the New World Order crowd. And regarding the NOILWAR! position on things, and whether or not oil has anything to do the DPB or the war in Iraq... we have this quote from the article recounting a dialog at the last DPB meeting between Boardmembers: ìHillman (DBP Board) said the old contracts are bad news; he said we should kick out the Russians and the French. This was a serious conversation. Weíd become the brokers. Then weíd be selling futures in the Iraqi oil company.î

And regarding the view from the Saudi side, this quote from a member of the Royal Family and former Saudi Ambassador to the US, Prince Bandar bin Sulatan: ìThere is a split personality to Perle... Here he is, on the one hand, trying to make a hundredmilliondollar deal, and, on the other hand, there were elements of the appearance of blackmail ó ëIf we get in business, heíll back off on Saudi Arabiaí ó as I have been informed by participants in the meeting.î

Perle has attempted business with the Saudi, before, trying to sell security equipment to the Saudi government after the Gulf War. Apparently, Bush did not pave a clear enough path and the deal fell through. Perle seems to hold no grudge -- unless you think supporting an initiative at the Pentagon to dismantle the Saudi regime evidence to the contrary. BushLaden enterprises at its best.

For an eye opening look at the makeup and background of the DPB, visit <http://www.larouchepub.com/ other/2002/2933what_is_dpb.html>, where you will find many of the Boardís members are JINSA members and PNAC members. Also on board are Henry Kissinger, Rockefeller's boy and Bush darling. What a coincidence that Rockefeller was in the Nixon White House while it disintegrated due to attacks led by Bush the Firstís Bay of Pigs team. To learn more about the BCCI and Iran Contra relationships, visit the Time Line for Treason, already mentioned.

Global Dominance and the Grand Game of OPEC Dominoes in the Middle East

Trust me, Iím not ranting, here. I will offer proofs, not just opinions. I have repeatedly stated, well before cries of ëwar with Iraqí from Bush, that the Grand Game is only about oil at one level. At another level, it is about control of the World, and establishment of the New World Order, and likely, the seating of the Antichrist; a oneworld government led by one person as foretold in Biblical prophecy. Recall the Armageddon Machine from the last newsletter (now found on the NOILWAR! Web pages at <http://www.proparanoid.net/armachine.htm>)

I have repeatedly stated that part and parcel of this plan was a series of wars (or one giant Oil War III) with Islamic nations, one by one. If we looked at the Grand Game as being principally driven by terrorism as its fuel (the excuse,) then we would have to go after Iran, Libya, and Syria, probably in that order of threat (but not strategic order.) But we see we have been distracted by Iraq from the terrorism theme.

But we will have our war in Iraq, and it does not seem to fit the terrorism theme. Thus we must ask, just what is the true ranking of future wars? If we passed over the known terrorist states to get at one only marginally considered as possible terrorist, who else might get clobbered out of sequence? Well, there is only one centrally powerful Islamic nation which makes any sense at all. It is Saudi Arabia. I know. You thought they were our allies. Donít worry, we will find an excuse -- like discovering they have indeed been funding Osama bin Laden all these years. Never mind we knew it all along and just waited until now, to say so. Never mind it was blackmail money insuring bin Laden would not foment revolution within Saudi Arabia, even even at times facilitated via CIA conduits, hushed up by the White House, which blocked FBI effort.

Believe me, Bushco wonít mind, not one bit. By going after the House of Saud, we not only control the largest OPEC oil producing state in the region, but we get a kind of bonus. All those little dominoes arranged neatly along its southern boarders... dominoes called Emirate States and other nations. Without the House of Saud to protect (some are even called protectorates) these Saudi friendly governments, they will crash and burn with civil wars. Gosh. Perhaps the United States should send in some Marines to restore peace and establish ëDemocracy.í So with one bold move, we get Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates. Heck of a deal: Buy one war, get Six more for free. But there is apparently yet one more ëfreebie.í That will have to wait, however, because you wouldnít believe me if I told you without explaining, first...

Since US Media Sees no Evil, Hears no Evil, Speaks no Evil, Foreign Media Screams it

Iíve repeatedly stated that US Media is a willful coconspirator through its MIIM affiliations; we do not get the truth at home, but media around the world is very open and telling it like it is. We should not wonder, then, in light of just one example offered here using Australia, that other nations do not wish to jump onto the Iraq war wagon with Daddy Warbucks Bush. The example, by use of two articles, well illustrates both the existence and the outcome of a US controlled press.

Both articles are from the Sydney Morning Herald. The first is dated Oct. 7 and the second Dec. 26 of last year. The first is entitled Oil has always been top of Bush's foreign-policy agenda, and the second, Defense redefined means securing new energy. Collectively, these clearly show that not only is the US seizing oil, but implies in revelation of dates and statements by US officials that 911 was a needed catalyst for military action, actions planned before 911. Iíve said this all along.

In presenting the material, here, I will summarize portions, and combine and reorder other portions to better illustrate and organize the material into a single presentation. I use ellipse (...) to show these edits, and (parens) to show my additions. Key passages are in red, or emphasized. Originals are available at <http://www.otherof alldepressions.org/1033538848021.html> and <http://www.fairfaxarch ieves.com> respectively. It starts with important background information:

Quote on: As far back as 1975, Henry ëfor a futureí Kissinger, then secretary of state, said America was prepared to wage war over oil. Separate plans advocating US conquest of Saudi oil fields were published in the 70s. So it should come as little surprise that in May last year - four months before the terrorist attacks on Washington and New York - a battle plan for Afghanistan was already being reviewed by the US Command that would carry it out after September 11.

Military strategists were highlighting the energy wealth of the Caspian Sea and Central Asia and its importance to America's "security"... General William Kernan, commander-in-chief of the US Joint Forces Command, let the revelation about the battle plan review casually drop in July while extolling the success of America's Millennium Challenge war games to Agence France-Presse. Quote Off.

In the spring of 2001, there was a switch thrown in America, and the lights dimmed in the rooms marked Freedom, Rule of Law, and Constitution, and flared in the rooms marked Might makes Right, Extortion and Land Grabs, and Pax Fascist Americana. In rapid fire succession various documents prepared by the military, by or for George Bush, Dick Cheney, and James A. Baker, and by or through the Council on Foreign Relations, completely revamped and redefined American policy at the Department of Defense, State Department, and more.

This was the commutation of plans that had been in works for decades, but was the first visible sign of their implementation. It rotated the road signs of American moral and legal values 180 degrees, and made war on behalf of seizing oil ëOK.í It started with the New World Order crowd... at the request of George Bush, who as one of his first steps in office simultaneously established a Presidential Task Force on Energy headed by Dick Cheney

Quote on. ...in a document commissioned early in the Bush presidency, two key US (NWO) policy groups, the Council on Foreign Relations and the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, explicitly advocated a convergence of military and energy issues. Their joint report - Strategic Energy Policy Challenges for the 21st Century - approved of "military intervention" to secure energy supplies... (and) forecast an end to cheap and plentiful fuel, with the energy industry facing "the beginning of capacity limitations"... "there is no alternative" and "there is no time to waste", the document projects periods of exploding US energy prices, economic recession and social unrest unless answers are found... It also urged Pentagon participation in Mr Cheney's energy task force. And the report warned that the US was running out of oil, with a painful end to cheap fuel already in sight. Quote off.
Oil shortages means redefining enemies as those who have the oil (or the land where a pipeline must be built.) References to the War on Terrorism are before 911 -- how did they know? The same way they knew to start the creation processes for Homeland Security exactly two years to the day before 911. They have a Magic crystal ball. I call it Operation Northwoods -- a 60ís plan signed off on by all five members of the Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff to stage terrorist attacks on American targets in order to foment and make popular a war with Cuba. Involving the US military (pretending to be Cuban military or agents) shooting down of US passenger jets, blowing up US warships in foreign harbors, shooting Americans on our streets, blowing up buildings, and more, all with the goal of creating casualty lists designed to cause Americans to demand retribution: war with Cuba. Any of this familiar?

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Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit
and The 200 Art Students who Tried to Stop 911

Copyright © 2003 by H. Michael Sweeney and NOILWAR! See Permissions Statement

In this article we will learn:

   The story of 200 Israeli spies deported by the Bush Administration
   That the spies likely knew a 911 style attack was going to take place
   That they elected to undertake steps to expose the attack to US authorities in time to stop it
   That the plot they sought to expose involved an Operation Northwoods scenario
   That the means they used to attempt to spoil the plot was to get caught spying
   That the plot had clear ties to Global Hawk technology to remotely control aircraft
   That many who died on 911 may have died for what hey knew about Global Hawk

We have been Alice, lost in a wonderland created for us through illusions and dreamscapes fed us by government. The Jefferson Airplane (changed later to Jefferson Starship) gave us good advice on how to deal with such worlds in in their classic hit, White Rabbit. We have yet to awaken, but there is hope we will hear their words, and understand. There are many mysteries for Alice types in the 911 tragedy, but a number of them have a common but heretofore unseen nexus. It is not often that an investigative writer gets a chance to place so many pieces of a jigsaw puzzle into a revealing answer all at once. Usually, it is a slow process of step by step discovery. But, thanks to something called a Search Engine, the right searches can work miracles. But what are the questions to ask?

Why did the US deport 200 art students?
        And if you go chasing rabbits...

This at first seemed a tough question, until it is understood they were actually Israeli spies. While that in itself remains mysterious (and our media has elected to leave it at that), it is who they were spying upon and how, which raises the greatest of mysteries.  Actually, as a rule, spies donít do the spying themselves, beyond surveillance; they recruit others to do it, generally within the organization they wish to spy upon. The ëAgent spyí is sophisticated and able to use a variety of means to coerce or convince an ëoperativeí to do the hard part -- the actual spying. The agent simply collects and reports the intelligence gathered by the operative. So I have to ask... why would a network of 200 spies deliberately do the spying, themselves... and in a way guaranteed to get them caught? We shall see...

And whom did they spy upon, and when?  If we accept the brief media glimpses and government statements at face value, they were spying upon our own US government intelligence and law enforcement agencies -- starting in early 2001 . In case you havenít already deduced it, these ëvictimsí are the very people most likely to figure out they were being spied upon. And guess what -- they did figure it out, and right away. Mostly, it was DEA, but secondarily, a wide range of other ëtargetsí were selected: the Secret Service, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, US Marshals, the IRS, The US Accounting Office, The USCG, US Customs, FBI, The Environmental Protection Agency, and even a couple of Federal Judges. These are not ësoft intelligence targets.í  And, for the most part, these are not very ëmeatyí targets likely to yield much useful information... especially to an ally who already has good access to sensitive data provided to it, for the asking. Thus we come up to a more interesting question to ask.

Image from IBIS - Imaginative Book Illustration Society

Why were they spying on US intelligence and law enforcement?
        White knights talking backwards...
We might better get the answer to that by looking at how they did their spying. Out in the open, clumsily, continually observed, and generously offering clues that something was not right. They were frequently observed diagramming building floor plans -- in plain view of uniformed security and other ëtargetí personnel. They repeatedly asked strange questions directly, again, even of uniformed security -- and made statements that indicated an inappropriate attention to sensitive matters. And they acted strangely and congregated in suspicious places at suspicious times -- in vehicles directly traceable to their true identities. In short, they did all they could to get noticed and identified. It worked.

Cartoon from Christian Science Monitor

When questioned, they admitted relationships with known Israeli intelligence operations or front organizations -- and admitted (in many cases) ëformerí ties with Israeli intelligence, military, and national security posts. This clearly made their claimed story of being art students selling art to get through school highly unlikely. How many CIA agents and Green Berets, after ëretiring,í wander off to Europe to sell gummy bears -- as a group? They offered passports showing their true travel -- showing frequent trips into the US from a variety of red flag points of origin. This is also curious...

Like many professional spies infiltrating another country, these spies took circuitous routes into the US. Rather than using passports and visas from Israel and taking flights from there, they instead used passports and visas from a huge list of other nations, and in some cases, citizenship papers from those nations. They took round-a-bout flights through other destinations before entering the US, as well. The passports and routes featured countries such as Thailand, Laos, India, Kenya, Australia, Germany, Amsterdam, Canada, and a host of nations from Central and South America. That way, if anyone was caught or compromised, there would not be a ëprofileí of like persons to note and watch for.

Yet, later, they undertook to alter their tactics dramatically: They switched targets to law enforcement and the intelligence community and cause people to take notice and ask questions. When asked, even outside of actual interrogation, they even volunteered their factual travel destinations and travel histories in the US without concealment. When arrested, they again volunteered all that information in order to actually create a profile for the FBI, and their friends. It is not only as if they wanted to be caught, but Indeed, they wanted their footsteps traced -- and that is my conclusion. This leads to the next, and perhaps most important question, which in turn will lead us to the answer of the former -- and even more than we bargained for.

And what should happen once caught spying?
        And you know youíre going to fall...

Cover art by Trevor Brown from
Alice Through The Looking Glass
A proper counterintelligence operation means you DO NOT ARREST, JAIL, PROSECUTE or DEPORT a detected spy. Not right away, at least. You let them go on about their business as if you are none the wiser, and you follow them, and find out who they work with, what they are doing, and you try to get the goods on the whole operation. You analyze their true threat, intentions, and any damage already done. THEN you arrest, jail, prosecute or deport, and seek to undo the damage. Or, perhaps you infiltrate their organization and find other ways to take advantage, such as passing along disinformation. I think a proper counterintelligence response is exactly what the Israelis wished.

The real spying had already been done well before we were looking their way. They had already entered the United States several years earlier, and had been spying undetected -- on their true target of interest, since 1997. Evidence is that their target was al Qaeda terrorists known to the Israelis to have entered the US with the blessings (a blind eye) of the US intelligence community and military, as revealed in the time line time and again. This is confirmed by German intelligence as reported in Der Spiegle -- the Germans aware of Israeli operations in the US a full year before they deliberately tipped their hands to DEA and friends. I think the Israelis were rightly curious why the US would allow so many terrorists into the country in a way that was literally helpful -- and obvious (in my opinion) to even the terrorists... which would also make the Israelis curious to find out why the terrorists would willingly enter the US knowing they were literally within the jaws of the lionís mouth opened wide. Just how was it that the terrorists knew they would be safe?

Thus, the Israelis followed and observed, themselves undetected for years -- because they wanted it that way and took appropriate care to insure it. And what did they find while in a true stealthy spy mode?  Neither media nor the US intelligence community seems to have raised this question.  But you can bet that the intelligence community had not only raised it once aware of their presence, but took steps to answer it -- per the proper counterintelligence response. Yet in this matter, the appearance is that the spies were simply rounded up and deported, their only crime being the spying already cited against intelligence and law enforcement. Why, it is almost as if government does not us to know what the spies had been doing all those years before getting so clumsy. Thus, the next question.

What did the spies uncover that caused them to want to be caught?
        And you've just had some kind of mushroom...

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Introducing The Time Line Players
 Including a few unexpected names, some in disguise

Copyright © 2003 by H. Michael Sweeney and NOILWAR! See Permissions Statement

This article reveals:
     What and WHO to look for in the Time Line
     Who profits by the war on terrorism
     Reveals the existence of CIA operatives who are now in control of Afghanistan and their ties to Bush and the oil industry
     Reveals the existence of a shadowy figure in 911 who has been in the background of virtually every dark American nightmare
     Reveals the existence of a super-spy, a double agent within the bin Laden organization working for military intelligence
     Reveals that agent to have been key as agent provocateur in planing and carrying out acts of terrorism against the US
     Reveals that agent to have actively created the organizational strength and viability of al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden

The most important thing for the first time visitor to the NOILWAR! concept are the principle players: Bush, Cheney and the rest of the cabinet members... and the Carlyle Group and their investors, bin Ladens, Mahfouz, and Saudi royalty: These represent ëprofití opportunities with respect to the Middle East war(s.) Profits from war itself in the same manner as can be shown with oil. And yet other investigators point out even more profit opportunities are shared by at least select of these groups of men and women. These are: biomedical industry investments (anthrax cures, etc.) and related drug industry investments and activities (both commercial and illicit drugs.) However, I have not bothered to further bog the reader down with the countless additional events of these somewhat peripherally related matters. Others are busy with that - as any search engine will tell you. The point is, these folks would seem very likely to love war; its good for their pocket books...

And all conspiracies, grand and small, need a kind of operational genius at work quietly in the background to oversee and insure things go bump in the night on schedule. Some people refer to such key persons as ëoperational lynch pins,í as all hinges on their ability to make the plan work. It is a very curious thing that there is a particular name which keeps popping up in Crimes In America. This person was involved in so many criminal matters that it is extremely curious that the law has never really touched him, even when implicated. He is never charged, or if charged, is exonerated somehow before matters get ugly. Others always seem to take the fall, instead. In the trade, these are called ëfall guysí and ëcut out men,í and the one who is always there in the background walks free... walks away between the raindrops without getting wet. His roll not yet understood, that person is present in 911 in a gentle ghostlike manner (detection of his prior adventures in history all started equally ghostlike, and then became more solidified as investigations dug into the matters involved). So you should watch for his name. I suspect it will become much more prominent as things unfold - my guess being something most likely involving Homeland Security. Please specifically send me any tidbits of information which involve this individual.

Before introducing him to you, let me describe him in terms of his ëresumeí:  He is deeply enmeshed in the American intelligence community, most notably, the National Security Agency; he was involved in the BCCI banking scandal which served the money laundering needs of CIA, the Mob, and the bin Ladens; he was involved in the PROMIS software matter as well as the development of Clipper and Chipper, both of which put ëback door accessí into virtually all key communications and database management systems in government and many more in private sectors; that means he was also involved in the Danny Casolero and INSLAW matters and, perhaps even the development of METC bomb technology this author believes was used in the OKC blast; he was involved in the illegal Red Chinese campaign contribution scandals which ultimately had to do with trading of state secrets to the enemy; he was involved in the background of the Vince Foster murder-called-suicide and cover up, part of what many people are calling The Clinton Body Count.

He was involved in the Mena Arkansas drug smuggling scandal which is interesting because an Arkansas State Police Investigator who was blowing the whistle on Bill Clintonís Mena Cocaine connections... who was targeted and silenced by a mailed envelope containing anthrax... exactly as used against Senator Dashle and Congress by ëterroristsí who happened to have access to the US Armyís best weapons grade anthrax; interestingly, this man is the one common denominator in the political campaign efforts and successes of George Herbert Walker Bush, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and George Walker Bush -- which might lead us to wonder if the rival political party system is really not just a contrived ëdog and pony showí to make us think we have a choice. Read Votescam: The Stealing of America and you will will understand the truth.

He in fact was a roommate to Jimmy Carter at the US Naval Academy, where he got his intelligence training; he is a billionaire in his own right with investments going everywhere -- including the provision of seed money for the megacorp Wallmart chain; these investments include banks and other enterprises central to the Hong Kong and Red Chinese infrastructure, an infrastructure infected by and supportive of the illicit drug trade out of S. E. Asia and tied to CIA proprietaries here in America; he was associated with a powerful Floridian law firm Boon, Boon, and Boon located, interestingly enough, a stoneís throw from the terrorist flight training schools; similarly, his Beverly Enterprises is also nearby. In Venice, Florida, where his seat of power in that state is maintained, it is said that nothing big really happens in Florida without his blessings. He is Jackson Stephens. Watch as his name pops up here and there...

But there are also two other key men, both extremely important and involved in 911 related matters. They are extremely important. But in the time line, their identity is concealed until the very last, because it is who they turn out to be in the end which amplifies the significance of all they did leading up to the final dramatic event where they are named. Thus, for the purpose, I have given them code names: , Mr. Z, and Mr. HK. I think you will be enthralled at their progressional roles and dumbfounded at the final revelation of their identities and resulting 'official duties' assigned them by George Bush. Perhaps most telling is the fact that BOTH persons repeatedly transitioned simultaneously from one key parallel and interlocking 'power level' to another, disproving that it is merely their own capabilities that have warranted promotions or career changes. Someone is directing and orchestrating... The audacity and cunning they represent and the associative ties to the Bush administration, CIA, and oil industry, should become the proverbial Albatross around the necks of all involved. But it won't happen, because media cares not to mention it, and thus, the public notices not.

And yet another name to watch for as a shadow player who truly is a smoking gun in his own right is Ali Mohamed. Though a very common name in the Islamic world, the context of materials available make clear we are talking about the same specific individual in every instance. Ali is interesting for numerous reasons: his activities illustrate complicity between Al Qaeda and the US intelligence community and military in very serious ways. Mohamed has a long history of involvement with terrorists, but always a role of undercover operative working with US military intelligence resources. His role in matters is so evidential to domestic state sponsored terrorism and so smoking gun-like that I have given him a special biographical review.

Jump to the Treason Time Line (it is suggested you first read Search for a Smoking Gun, below, in order to better evaluate the time line.)

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The Search for A Smoking Gun

Copyright © 2003 by H. Michael Sweeney and NOILWAR! See Permissions Statement

This article reveals:
     The proper basis on which to judge evidence is of smoking gun quality
     The difference between official investigators and 'conspiracy theorists', investigative writers, activists
     How to evaluate the significance or meaning of evidence with respect to other evidence

The number of people who do not accept government's story on 911 is staggering. Even victim's families have filed a multi-billion dollar law suit against George Bush accusing him of at least complicity. The number of avenues by which such conclusions are drawn... various evidential paths which lead the inquisitive to consider very difficult 'what if' questions... are equally numerous, and appalling in their distasteful implications. And we are right to ask these what if questions when finding inconsistencies and evidence of wrongdoing in government's statements, actions, and policy. It is our duty to challenge government that it verify and justify itself whenever it seeks to dramatically alter or potentially harm the American social contract we call the Constitution. I remind you that this is also media's role, one which they only superficially pretend to consider as they sling their sound bites at us with images of George Bush and Tom Ridge.

But there is a class of individuals who also rightly take on that role. Investigative writers and activists work hard to chase down all leads and to attempt to place meaning on the unfathomable. It is from within this world that 'conspiracy theory' is derived. Media has spent countless decades trying to tell you that conspiracy theorists are a bad thing. But this is exactly the role that any law enforcement officer or other investigator assumes when first reviewing a crime scene. They play the 'what if' game in their mind and see if the facts add up to support a plausible 'theory' of how the crime took place, who was involved, and their motives. From this develops an investigation. The only difference between cops and writers/activists is that one is sanctioned, and the other is not, and the differences in their resources and, sometimes, training or skills. Sometimes, the investigative writer even outclasses the cops in both areas. Remember Watergate to get a feeling for what I mean.

As a result, the writers and activists of this world face a tremendous uphill battle in trying to get at the truth, and trying to get the word out. Their goal is the same as that of the cop -- to build a case strong enough to force an official investigation and, if warranted, prosecution of those alleged guilty. Thus I suggest the reader bear in mind two key points just stated:  one, that the evidence we writers or activists present is merely to allege the guilt of the parties involved; the other is to present our evidence to the public in hopes that it is strong enough to drive people to demand the evidence be officially reviewed and acted upon by those who would otherwise seem to ignore these facts -- for political reasons or, perhaps, bias based on or caused by false belief structures. (i.e. No government would never do anything this vile to its own people.)

Thus our job is to provide what we might call 'smoking gun' quality in our evidence -- to stir the public to react in the strongest possible way, demanding justice be done with a proper and full independent investigation. But this demands we know what constitutes a smoking gun. In a court room scenario it is some incontrovertible bit of evidence which concretely ties the accused to the crime -- often literally a smoking gun with the killer's fingerprints on it.   But for our purpose, outside of the courtroom, we need only provide an evidence suitable to demonstrate that wrongdoing was afoot, and that given accused individuals were somehow involved. It cannot merely be implied, though such 'coincidental' evidence is acceptable supporting evidence, or may be useful to illustrate motive or opportunity.

No, a smoking gun must be more precise and inescapable with respect to conclusions.  For example, that a given terrorist trained at a US military school may be seen as providing opportunity for culpability on the part of the military, it does not prove it. It is not a smoking gun. Neither is evidence of a deliberate cover up of such a fact. The military is perfectly capable of doing stupid things, to include improper acts under the guise of public relations, what is sometimes described as 'damage control.' On the other hand, if that same evidence included clues which demonstrate that the military knew their student was a terrorist at the time... that would be a smoking gun.  Thus, for the purpose of the time line, where numerous smoking guns are offered, the reader should attempt to use these guidelines in determining the value of the evidence.

However, sometimes the value or meaning of the clue with respect to meeting this criteria is veiled. Often, it is not a single bit of evidence but a collective, which makes clear the relevance. For instance, where we have a Terrorist going to a military school, later teaching at it, and eventually using materials from the school to separately teach the terrorists how to blow up skyscrapers... we don't quite have a smoking gun (just an incredibly stupid military). However, when we learn that this terrorist has all along been reporting to CIA and was protected by Army Intelligence when his own unit Commander suspected him of wrongdoing... that gives us a sum total picture which is entirely compelling and meets our requirements.  Such evidence exists. Lots of it. Visit the time line and judge for yourself.

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Kissinger is Spelled    W - A - R - R - E - N

     From two articles in issues of The ProParanoid Newsletter, with additional material
     Copyright © 2003 by H. Michael Sweeney and NOILWAR!
     All commercial rights reserved. Please see permissions statement.

In this article, you will learn...
    That George Bush has twice tried to fix the 911 Commission by placing people he can trust to find a 'magic bullet'
    The reasons his first pick, Henry Kissenger, is not acceptible
    The reasons his sedond pick, Tom Kean, is also not acceptible
    The history of the Bush family as it relates to the Warren Commission, 911, Iran Contra, and other crimes
    That other members of the Commission are also illustrative of a Warren-style cover up
    An overview of conflicts of interest involving these crimes, Middle East oil deals, and even 911 related events

Well thank you, President Bush, for acknowledging that We, The People, have found so many things wrong with governmentís story about 911 that we need an independent investigation. Massive intelligence failure, or complicity in 911 by the military intelligence complex -- either way, we need and deserve to know the truth. The mere impression of improper financial relationships between you and virtually every key person in your Administration, or actual profiteering on mass murder -- we demand to know the truth. Thank you, again.

But no thank you, Mr. President, for your intention to name Dr. Henry Kissinger to such a commission (since withdrawn.) This is clear evidence the independent investigation (was) intended by you and your friends in high places to squash the truth, and is yet one more clue that you yourself are as guilty as the ever growing string of facts imply.

We do not need another rigged Warren Commission investigation. We do not need another Arlan Spectre ëmagic bulletí explanation like the one used to keep people from finding out about your father. We do not need Rockefellerís buddy to conduct another white wash investigation like the Rockefeller Commission on Assassinations which also shielded your father. If you donít know what I mean, I will explain, herein.

We need the United States Government to conduct itself under the rule of law established by the US Constitution, and similarly, to govern We, The People, under that document and the Bill of Rights. Liars and thieves cannot do it. Nor can war criminals like Kissinger who stand accused by other nations of crimes against humanity involving mass murder, for what would be their motive for condemning others for what they themselves are accused of?

Hogwash will not serve, and will not be tolerated. Nor will we allow you to continue to abrogate our rights in usurped powers under the guise of protecting us from terrorism.

The public record now clearly shows us that the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of JFK was planned and created from the start to find for the ëlone gunmaní theory in hopes of avoiding a war with Russia. That presupposition was used as a weapon to frighten them into finding no reason to examine the facts, facts they were led into believing would point to Russian complicity, but which instead would point to the CIA and your father. The tactic was based on deliberate lies. That is fact, not supposition, and virtually every citizen of this country knows it, save Dan Rather and friends, who only know and believe official government statements, with no possibilities in-between, all else nicely categorized as conspiracy ëtheory.í Such as they will never be confused by facts, because their mind has been made up for them in Mockingbird fashion.

The record clearly shows that that Russian fear was artificially instilled into the Warren Commission, and for the matter, into Lyndon Johnsonís thinking by CIA. This was the start of a marvelous set of very convenient (for your family) historical circumstances which we are supposed to believe were mere random and natural happenstance...

Evidence clearly tells us that CIA was part and parcel of the assassination plot and the cover up. It clearly implicates your own father in that assassination, as well as Richard Helms,who worked at command levels with your father in Houston, Miami, and Langley -- if we are to believe Mark Lane and CIAís own firsthand witnesses, Marita Lorenz, and E. Howard Hunt. You can learn more about that, in case you donít have access to the closet with the family skeletons, at <http://www.proparanoid.net/jfk.htm>

Good thing for the Agency that Lyndon was intimidated enough that he also assigned Helms to head CIA, making it easy for CIA to insure their role in the assassination would not come to light. How did they manage? Convenient happenstance, no doubt. How convenient for CIA and your father, for instance, that Gerald Ford was appointed to the Commission that he could feed secret Commission dialogs to the intelligence community -- that they could better frame evidence presented to the Commission towards finding the preferred lie and explaining it with a magic bullet.

How marvelous that Operation Mockingbird had coincidentally placed Walter Cronkite (among others,) a former intelligence officer in Media service to insure we bought it hook, line, and sinker. Well, that was how it looked, anyway. No one really bought it except MIIMís media, but media itself never reported that, but instead insists (to this day) that only ëconspiracy theoristsí doubt it. If that be true, Mr. Bush, that also means that 280 million conspiracy theorists do not believe in Cronkite, or in you. Remember that when it comes time to be reelected. Shame on you for fooling me with chads, once, shame on me if you do it again.

How appropriate that Jerry would be coincidentally rewarded for his part in that conspiracy to obstruct justice; CIA handing him the White House by politically assassinating both Vice President Spiro Agnew and his boss, Richard Nixon, with a little magic by the White House Plumbers -- that same Bay of Pigs Crowd that worked for your Dad and were sent to Dallas with guns and bullets for a President. Perhaps we should review the speculation on the identity of Deep Throat once more, because Iím starting to wonder if it wasnít your father.

How very fitting, then, that Ford should coincidentally, in turn, pardon Nixon and prevent any subsequent investigation that might have revealed the truth behind Watergate, and CIAís true role in it -- perhaps to include your father. He also appointed Helms to direct CIA to help keep the secrets safe. But that was not his only work for CIA.

Jerry next coincidentally sent Helms to Iran as Ambassador in time for staging of the fall of the Shah and the crisis that would evolve into Iran-Contra... while Jerry also coincidentally appointed your father to replace Helms as head of CIA. From there he could work with your familyís Arabic elite friends (the Mahfouz, bin Laden, and Faisals) to help establish the intricate money laundering conduits of BCCI, et. al, that have become so prominent in terrorism, today, and which was so key to Iran Contra.  Letís not forget the S&L failure and its ties to these matters. Oh, the fortunes coincidentally made...

Of course, your father would get the greatest reward of all for his part in these various crimes. First as head of CIA, then as Vice President, and then as President. From there, of course, your own luck took quite a turn for the better -- with the repeated help of the bin Laden, Mahfouz, and Faisals. Like father, like son?

But first, there was the leadership stint at Eli Lilly at the time when the firm was developing psychotropic drugs which just happened to be a favorite commodity in every CIA mind control project from mass shooters to manchurian candidates to Delta warriors to mass suicide cults. But your dad knew nothing of that, did he?

Of course, some of the key people at Lilly under your father have gone on to firms involved with your Arabic elite friends and tied to frozen bin Laden funds and terrorist money... where it suspiciously looks like a CIA proprietary (looks like, walks like, talks like) involved in the field of Anthrax either from the production side, the medical treatment side, or both. But I digress. I tend to do that when the trails of guilt lead off in so many directions.

And when we come to you and your own history with the Arabic elites, we find the many ties to CIA and their efforts on behalf of your familyís oil industry friends to get a pipeline into Afghanistan. I am especially concerned at your stint as head of Caterair at a time when that firm employed one of the 911 hijackers, especially in light of the fact that both 911 airlines were served by the current Caterair entity, SkyChefs. Doubly so that there is no evidence that the 911 hijackers named by FBI were actually on the planes. Not even the passenger lists will be released by FBI because of problems in demonstrating that fact. No wonder we want to have an independent investigation. But we will not accept Kissinger as one to do it. He is a another Warren, only more so:

AP photo
Kissinger is most often called ëRockefellerís protégé.í Indeed, the ties are deep, as deep as Rockefellerís ties to the oil industry that is to benefit from 911 and the war in Iraq (and future oilwars to come.) But there are other ties. Kissinger, like Rockefeller and your family, is tied to the intelligence community time and time again, having worked closely with just about all the power players, most of whom are Skull and Bonesmen, like you and your father, and his father before him. The family that spends time in a coffin, together, lies together -- in all the meanings of the word.

The ties of S&B to Masonic, Satanic, and Fascist NWO thinking fit perfectly well with the fact that Kissinger, like most of the NWO elite crowd, is a card carrying members in the NWO round table groups (such as the Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, and the Council on  Foreign Relations) and frequents the Bohemian Grove for wild Satanic rituals. These bulk of these men, and dare we presume it, you and your father, like most of his CIA predecessors, all believe in the same principles of eugenics, that mad belief that racial superiority espoused by Hitler is a valid concept, and as result, there are 3 billion too many people on this planet, and that they must somehow go.

In so many matters representing political bumps in the night (national and international) Kissinger was always in the background, but never a background player. You name the crime or fiasco, and Kissinger was somewhere within it. See <http:// www.trialofhenrykissinger. org>) He started as a spy for the Soviets targeting US Military Intelligence (see Henry Kissinger, Soviet Agent, by Frank Capell) as reported by a top defecting Soviet officer who exposed several KGB spy operatives in exchange for protection.

It was Kissinger who was central in the widening of the Vietnam war (bombing in Cambodia) and the unsatisfying close of that war (the only war we ever lost -- and to a bunch of youngsters wearing pajamas.) Part and parcel of that was negotiations for hundreds of American POWs -- and the subsequent abandoning of them in a secret deal arranged through Kissinger, scuttling the effort in order to get a fast peace accord and help Nixon get elected.

It was Kissinger who helped engineer the bloody overthrow of the Chilean government by the murderous Pinochet, resulting in over 3,000 murders of citizens. This event, by they way was also on Sept. 11, but some 27 years earlier, in 1973. But by then, Dr. Kissinger was no stranger to arranging mass murder. Earlier, in 1971, he was busy helping to keep quiet the U.S. support (arms) for the overthrow of the government of Bangladesh (we only heard about the famine.) Over 500,000 civilians died -- not from famine, but from U.S. guns and bullets. And again, in 1975, within hours of a meeting between Indonesian strong man Suharto and the Ford/Kissinger delegation, Suharto felt encouraged by the U.S. position enough to launch an invasion of East Timor which killed 200,000 civilians. Shades of Saddam and Kuwait!

But most telling of all, perhaps, is that Henry Kissinger gave a speech at the 1992 Bilderberger meeting which foretells of NWO plots yet to hatch. It explains 911 as a mere stepping stone event towards a total police state, one where the average citizen will become ëenemy of the stateí and require an extraordinary response; suspension of the Constitution and declaration of Martial Law. It suggests that even American casualties are found acceptable.
It explains why Revolution in Military Affairs is so preoccupied with electronic weapons of political control technology, to include psychotronic weapons. It likewise explains their emphasis on joint training exercises with police, foreign military and intelligence units, and UN forces in MOUT centers which are mock ups of American cities, where they practice door to door and roadblock search-and-seizure operations in violation of the Posse Commitatus Act.

At that meeting shortly after the Los Angeles riots, Kissinger said  "Today Americans would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful.î While that is scarry enough, listen to the rest of it:

ìThis is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government."

This speech was supposed to have been delivered in secret, because all Bilderberger meetings are secret, despite the fact that mediaís most powerful management figures and even TV anchors and reporters are members in attendance. However, there are also moles within the Bilderbergers who have been smuggling bits of the truth out for nearly a decade or more. More than once this individual has feared for his life.

Such quotes tell us what the agenda is of the Bilderbergers, and reveals their methods. It implies foreknowledge of 911 (or similar dire circumstance) and the perceived need on their part for ësome external sourceí to ëcreate fearí in America. Thus, if Kissinger is given a chance, any report on 911 bearing his signature will undoubtedly serve that end. It clearly also serves your needs, Mr. Bush. Take Kissinger and shove him.

Heís a good brown noser, so he will be used to it. For me, I repeat: Donít tread on me!

Bush Still Trying to Slip in "The Fix"

No thanks to Mr. Bush for his pick, Henry Kissinger, to head the formal 911 investigation to answer your questions and mine about what really happened that day. The only problem was, Kissinger was a ringer, himself judged a terrorist and wanted elsewhere in the world for crimes against humanity. Not to mention the fact that he was, like the Bush clan, a Rockefeller darling from the same original New World Order movement as George and Georgie.

For only the second time, the voice of We, The People, had been heard. The first was when we wouldnít let George go to war with Iraq right away under the argument he was responsible for terrorism. No proof, we said, and we were right. Media, in both examples, could not hold us back, and in the end, had to come up with another excuse to get Hussein. It was that way with the 911 commission, too -- George had to renege on his offer to Rockefeller because the outcry was too great. So, he picked someone else for us.

This time he picked someone who seemed totally bland and essentially unknown to most Americans, unless they live in the Northwest corner of the country. I speak of former New Jersey Governor, Tom Kean -- otherwise known to the rest of us as ëTom who?í His outward credentials, those pointedly focused upon in media review of his appointment, would make him seem a great choice, one designed to placate criticism of the White House and allay suspicions that another whitewash Warren Commission was in the works. Letís meet Tom Kean, and see...

To start with, Kean is a Director of Aramark, an airline service related firm with significant business ties to Saudi Arabia. Services include flight uniforms, catering, and entertainment, and give their staff access to flights while on the ground. This is exactly the kind of Business George Bush himself was involved in when he ran Caterair, which failed under his 'leadership' and was absorbed by LSG SkyChefs, who handled both United and American planes on 911, and which employed one of the 911 terrorists while George Bush ran the company some years before his Presidency. Caterair, in turn, was a Carlyle company, the holding company associated with names like Bush I and Mahfouz -- which is making a fortune off of Homeland Security and wars in the Middle East as virtually all of its companies are defense industry and oil industry related. But Kean also is no stranger to the heady world of oil deals.

Kean is also a Director for Amerada Hess, an oil company very involved in Caspian region oil deals involving partnerships with Delta Oil, Saudi Arabiaís state owned petroleum company, Again, we find Kahlid bin Mahfouz as co partners. He and other Delta principles have been under FBI investigation for terrorist funding since before 911, investigations repeatedly blocked by the White House. Recall that Mahfouz, bin Ladenís Brother-in Law, is also a principle investor (along with the bin Laden family) in both Bush I and II firms, as well as CIA proprietaries, as mentioned in earlier newsletters. Mahfouz was finally put under ëhouse arrestí when it was concretely learned his ties to Islamic charities funding bin Laden were more than superficial. Indeed, it seems that Mahfouz money was directly involved in the USS Cole bombing. Thus Kean is doing business with relatives of bin Laden. That sums it up - either Kean must resign, or we know concretely a cover up is under way.

Others associated with Hess oil concerns include former CIA Director John Deutch and Bush croney, Lloyd Bentson. This may account for the fact that Amerada Hess was also involved with the BCCI scandal, itself part and parcel of Iran-Contra, both Bush-CIA ventures. We also cannot forget that Bush now has Kean playing a significant role in managment of Homeland Security, which was itself established as a concept for development exactly two years to the day before 911, on Sept. 11, 1999. Mr. Kean thus might actually be a good person to put on the commission, if we were to presume he could answer just how it was that the Department of Defense, the CIA, and the White House knew in 1999 they would need Homeland Security exactly two years later.

Thus, those of us calling for an independent investigation of 911 as having to do with oil, and especially those of us who fear that the 911 aircraft were not merely hijacked by suicide pilots (Global Hawk theory,) have reason to doubt Kean will be as objective as media paints him. After all, he is personally profiting from the wars and subsequent pipelines, and is a part of the Bush-Laden business investment circle at the outer edges. Just another good olí boy. Prepare for another Warren Commission.

For more information on Kean, visit <http://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO212A.html> which is an article written for the Centre for Research on Globalization by Professor Michael Chossudovsky (University of Ottawa), author of War and  Globalization, The Truth behind September 11. For more on his excellent book, visit <http://global research.ca/globaloutlook/truth911.html>

Other Commission Members Also Illustrate the Fix is In

George Mitchell.

CNN photo
Former Senate Majority Leader Mitchell was appointed to the Commission but he quickly resigned over admitted conflicts of interest. He is a member of Rockefellerís New World Order group, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), just as was Henry Kissinger. The CFR virtually dictates US policy through its infectious presence in high places, and they were first publicly talk about Caspian oil reserves as critical to control of Eurasia and world dominance, the need to have a pipeline in Afghanistan to serve those riches, as well as a need to find a way to resolve the Taliban fostered civil war or eliminate the Taliban in order to enable the project.

The undisclosed nature of Mitchell's potential for conflict of interest may be because Mitchell is a lawyer for the firm that both represents questionable clients and has questionable partners, with respect to the matter at hand. Clients include AOL Time Warner, a CIA Mockingbird enterprise; prime Global Hawk contractor, Raytheon; major Global Hawk contractor, Lockheed Martin; and General Electric, maker of the engines for Boeing's fleet of commercial jets, such as the four aircraft that crashed on 911. For those who study the Global Hawk theory on 911, it is important to remember that of the unusual number of passengers having something to do with Global Hawk who died aboard those planes, two were propulsion engineers for Boeing and one was a General Electric employee. The significance? Modifications for Global Hawk would require engine adaptations. For more information, visit <http://www.proparanoid.net/ghartstudents.htm> which shows the relevancy and workings of Global Hawk.

Mitchell's law firm partners include Bush crony Lloyd Bentsen, a man with considerable experience in saving Bush bacon in various questionable political and business deals gone awry. Next, we learn Mitchell was involved in Caspian oil deals which may, upon closer scrutiny, have ties to the Afghanistan pipeline projects which are the prize for going after bin Laden and the Taliban. Mitchell also happened to be the one selected to administer Red Cross distributions to 911 victims/survivors. This will sound familiar once you get to the bottom of the list, because it appears that Bush is trying to buy the confidence and support of the 911 victim survivors in and for the commission in order to give it more legitimacy.

Lee Hamilton

Was appointed by George Bush to replace George Mitchell. Hamilton is not only a CFR member, but also, a Director for the Woodrow Wilson International Center, another New World Order group with Rockefeller ties. Hamilton is very much in bed with the intelligence community, having served in the House Select Intelligence Committee. He chaired the Senate investigation into Iran Contra, which I assert is very tied to 911. This was its own Warren-style ëinvestigation,í one which failed, beyond lip service, to follow the leads to the Bush family, and one Jackson Stephens.

Iran Contra is key to 911, in my opinion. The Florida flight schools seem clearly tied to CIA and Iran Contra, itself a CIA operation undertaken within the shadows of the first Bush through his ties to CIA as Director of CIA, as Vice President, and as member of the National Security Council. At least one of the schools was funded with money from CIA established Iran Contra funding conduits which also happened to have ties to bin Laden and Mahfouz, the Arab elite families so fond of investing in Bush businesses and Bush-sponsored CIA proprietaries. Both schools were started by Dutch (Holland) nationals, and it that was where CIA set up air service operations for the Eurasian side of Iran Contra. Some of the staff at the schools were pilots and maintenance people from CIA's Iran Contra operations, and even some of the aircraft, by serial number were used in Iran Contra. More on that, later, as another of the Commission members is directly linked with that event.

Jamie Gorelick

She is also a CFR member, and in bed with the intelligence community. Mostly, these ties stem from the Justice Department, save powerful positions along side of CIA Director George Tenet on the Intelligence Community Law Enforcement Policy Board and Clintonís Central Intelligence National Security Advisory Panel. She was involved earlier as a lawyer defending BCCI and Jackson Stephens (and the subsequent ties to Iran Contra), working along side of CIA lawyers and Hillary Rodham.

More to the point, Jamie Gorelick, while Dep. Attorney General of the United States was involved in the Flight 800 cover up, making statements on behalf of Justice Department, intended to support government's explosives tests which were rigged to yield desired conclusions, so she has experience in exactly how to suppress the truth. In that case, the truth was the shoot down of a civilian jet by NATO forces engaged in a military war game with American units. Go to <http://www.proparanoid.net/800i.htm> for more details. She also happened to have a role in determining the 'punishment' (censure) met out to Federal agents for their murders at Ruby Ridge, and worked for Janet Reno to suppress the evidence of Federal wrongdoing at Waco. A real pro at bacon saving through disinformation.

Richard Ben-Veniste

Newshour Photo
A power broker attorney in the D.C. area, Richard is directly connected to 911 this way: He served on the Senate Whitewater investigation where he blocked efforts to investigate the Lippo Group run by Truman Arnold. He actually then separately represented Arnold against Ken Starís investigation. This whole affair had ties to CIA drug running in Mena, Iran Contra, and political influences by Red China. Thus the same Bush-Stephens crowd stood to loose if a proper investigation would have exposed their roles more fully. But there are more direct ties between Ben-Veniste and 911, ties which are extremely important because they again show the ties between Iran Contra and 911.

Turns out that Ben-Veniste's client, Truman Arnold, supplied a $2M airplane to Wally Hilliard for $1 so that he could better start one of the two Florida flight schools that taught the 911 terrorists. These, we now know, were CIA operations. Also, Ben-Veniste represented Barry Seal, Iran Contra drug smuggler, and thus again, one more person on the Commission has served to protect the Bush family and Jackson Stephens from embarrassment. Richard himself once slipped in that role, however, having told a reporterthat he "introduced Barry Seal to George Bush, who embraced him as an undercover operative." That statement is extremely revealing in summary fashion to the entire theme of 911 ties to Iran Contra and to Bush.

The airplane is important for another reason, thanks to the handiwork of investigative author Daniel Hopsicker. It is known that at least one of the airplanes used by the Florida Flight schools was also used by several Florida-based airlines, themselves likely CIA proprietaries. This, in turn, leads us to the discovery that one of the planes was indeed used recently to smuggle drugs into the US, seized by the DEA, and then miraculously returned quietly to the owner -- completely contrary to DEA procedural policy. Further, that exact plane turns out to be one used by Governor Jeb Bush and his Attorney General, Katherine Harris, now Senator Harris. Both had made promotional statements on behalf of the airline involved despite the fact that the airlines had no certificates for passenger service, and had never sold a single ticket to a passenger.

Fred Fielding

Here is another name from Watergate. Fielding worked under John Dean and handled Howard Hunt's safe in the Nixon White House, both crucial parts of the 'rifle' used in the political assassination of Richard Nixon. This is important because the assassination was staged by the same Bay of Pigs team (including Howard Hunt and the Watergate burglars, all CIA agents or cuban recruits of BOP). CIA agent Marita Lorenz testified under oath that these same (Watergate/Bay of Pigs) CIA operatives were responsible for the assassination of John Kennedy. Lawyer Mark Lane, author of Plausible Denial, points out that the Bay of Pigs group was likely being run by the CIA Head of Assassinations for South America at the time, one George Herbert Walker Bush.

Later, Fielding was brought into the Reagan-Bush White House to represent Reagan. While there, Fielding worked with Dick Cheney and others regarding a questionable investment in a Dutch company, which may have ties to 911 if investigated further. The 911 flight schools in Florida were started by Dutch nationals who likely have direct ties to Iran Contra, which also operated out of Holland. Thus we have yet another person with experience in protecting the Bush bacon as well as helping to set up what might possibly be related to the first seeds of 911 infrastructure. Fielding is also said to be a member of the Knights of Malta, a secret Masonic lodge most often associated with the intelligence community and the New World Order - with members such as Bill Donovan (OSS, then CIA), Reinhard Gehlen (Nazi spy ring, then CIA), William Casey (CIA) and the original George Bush (CIA). It is also interesting to note that Fielding was a Member of the Secretary of Transportation Task Force on Air Disasters in 1997, the year Flight 800 went down due to missile fire, launching one of the most contested cover ups in American history short of JFK. He is the second Commission member involved in that cover up.

Jim Thompson

A former governor of Illinois, he is currently a lawyer. Author and investigator Sherman Skolnick says that while Governor, Thompson was indicted for working with CIA and banking institutions to smuggle in tons of heroin into the U.S. through Illinois airports. This is an exact 'replay' of the Clinton-Mena/Barry Seal situation in Arkansas. No one has yet tied Bush or Iran Contra or even BCCI to the Illinois deal, but both clearly involved clandestine CIA ops of identical nature and time frame, otherwise -- and almost always mentioned together in the same paragraph in accounts on the matter. Thus, Thompson represents a kind of 'defacto' Iran Contra player.

John Lehman

A low-key New World Order lynchpin, of sorts. He is extremely well connected as a power player in the financial industry and firms doing government work, some as defense contractors. He served as Secretary of the Navy in the Reagan Bush years, and was a senior staff member to Henry Kissinger on the National Security Council under Nixon. He and his family are involved in the same circles of influence in Texas as were the Bushes, in the same time frames. There are ties going all the way back to Dallas in 1963, in fact, and like the Bush family, ties to the intelligence communities  of the US as well as Europe. Most interesting, perhaps are ties to Boeing and Lockheed, Global Hawk contractors. Several Lehman family members have been described as working for Boeing and Lockheed, but the more proper term may be 'lobbying.'

Lehman, while serving Navy interests, was also a central player to hushing up exposure of a Navy RSA (Ritual Sexual Abuse) ring involving high security clearance personnel. For the intitiate in the world or RSA, it is part and parcel of mind control technology used by CIA and the military to create super agents, also known more popularly as Manchurian Candidates. For more information on this topic, see <http://www.proparanoid.NET/mc.htm> or read my book, MC Realities. The military is apparantly rife with such problems, the most famous and least hushed up involving Army Intelligence Officer and mind control expert Michael Aquino, also an avowed Satanist. RSA is also known as Ritual Satanic Abuse, and stems from the sexual rites of spiritual possession used by worshipers of Baphomet going all the way back to before Christ. This is a key point to remember when discussing Skull and Bones and the Knights of Malta, for all these religions share much in common with respect to their organization, goals, beliefs, and practices. Thus we see Lehman is a good choice for another white wash operation.

Slade Gorton

A Washington State lawyer and former State Senator who served two years on the Senate Intelligence Committee who, by his own admission, owed his advancements in life to Trent Lott.  I don't count that for him, or against him. But there is also this: He is quoted in Media as saying "I doubt we can expect to get too much inside information no matter what we do..." on the question of 911 investigation. Perhaps one reason why he might prefer to so think is that he has close ties with the Boeing company while on the Senate Aviation Subcommittee. Boeing is a Global Hawk contractor and made all four planes that were crashed on 911. Further, Gorton's law firm represents several airlines. If Global Hawk were involved in 911, his statement would represent the desired outcome from the viewpoint of any coconspirators.

Of course, if you asked Gorton, he would tell you that this comment regarded the access to information regarding terrorist activities. This highlights the basic problem in understanding: The purpose of the independent commission is NOT to examine 911 as purely a terrorist operation or even to look at it as an intelligence failure. It is to answer the thousands of mutually supporting facts about 911 that refute the entire notion bin Laden sponsored terrorism in the first place. There are questions about government complicity and Bush family complicity which must be addressed. These are not as inscrutable as might be a terrorist cell. The Noilwar! Web pages illustrate that.

Tim Roemer:

A lame duck Congressman who has been a primary force behind the movement to establish the commission in the first place. Less this be entirely credited to him as good, understand that he is a member of the House Intelligence Committee, and worked hard to get victim/survivor organizations behind the Commission. Thus, it is possible that the goal is to get a rubber stamp of approval from victim/survivors of any Commission magic bullet findings. Such a notion may also be doing him injustice. Given that two Bush appointees are in a position to bring along victim/survivor groups for such endorsements, this seems like a below the belt play, to me. Only time will tell.

Max Cleland

Another lame duck Senator, loved by everyone who knows him, and with an outstanding military record as a war hero (triple amputee from Vietnam war). He has a long list of political firsts as both the youngest to achieve or first Vietnam veteran to achieve various political milestones. The only possible black mark against him may lie in the fact that he headed the Veteran's Administration under Carter, not exactly the sort of thing one views as suspicious. More likely, he is the token 'white guy,' pristene clean and squeaky, useful to promote the Commission in public matters -- say as spokesperson. Frankly, I'd rather see him replicated ten times and get rid of everyone else, but I suspect Bush felt safe putting him here, since he has no investigative background or history of making waves of the sort required. I'm betting Bush is wrong -- especially since a 'lame duck' no longer fears those that rule the pond. Clean house, Max!

Summary of Deciet and Treachery

In summary we find that there are an even dozen names provided by Bush for the 'Independent' Commission (two gone away.) Now there are some very fishy things have been going on in Florida, things the commission should be looking at. But for that to work appropriatly to find the truth, the commission can have no ties to it. These have to do with the flight schools, yes, and these in turn both appear very tied to Iran Contra and, just as peculiar, Global Hawk. The later relationships are revealed in the Israeli art student article, earlier mentioned. Ties to Middle East oil, the intelligence community (all but two), and even to the doings of Bush's Bay of Pigs team in Watergate and JFK assassinations are prevalent. The chart below reveals these ties, double XX for significant ties, triple XXX for multiple ties, and TBD for 'To Be Determined' or suspect relationships.

Appointee Flight
Iran Contra
Intel Ties
Oil Deals
Kissinger   X   XX   XXX   XX    
Kean     X X XXX     X   X
Mitchell       X X X     X XXX
Hamilton     XXX XX   XX   X    
Gorelick X   XXX XX   X   X    
Ben-Veniste     XXX XXX     XXX X    
Fielding XXX X   X   XXX TBD      
Thompson   X X X            
Lehman   X   XXX       X   XXX
Gorton       X           X
Roemer                 X  
Iran Contra is the Key

For me, the role of Iran Contra is key, and it is telling that not only does George Bush load the commission with Iran Contra players, but also, his Administration. Generally speaking, those who form or participate in a conspiracy, tend to be cemented forever together. One is capable of blackmailing another in a kind of mutually assured pact of silence, and thus, friendships and loyalties based on favors and neccessity are formed. According to a summary offered by Associated Press International, these are the Bush nominees, and they don't include Dick Cheney, who should certainly be in the list save the fact that he was elected, not appointed.

John Poindexter was Reagan-Bush National Security Adviser during Iran-Contra convicted of five felony counts of conspiracy and of lying to Congress. George Bush II rewarded him for helping Daddy Bush out with those lies by giving the retired US Navy Admiral control of the Pentagon's Information Awareness Office. This is a 'Homeland Security' derivative of the 911 attacks which intends to monitor every citizen's every 'transaction' from birth to grave.

Elliott Abrams, former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs pleaded guilty to withholding information from Congress. Abrams was rewarded by Bush as special White House Assistant for Democracy and Human Rights, something which Iran Contra blatantly ignored and worked to destroy.

Otto Reich was accused of operating illegal covert disinformation programs on behalf of Iran Contra. Bush Rewarded him with an appointment in the position held by Abrahms in Iran Contra. Again, the Iran Contra activities contravene the role the position requires. His appointment was overturned by Congress, but Bush then gave him a "recess appointment,'' allowing him to serve for a year, anyway -- and resubmitted his name, once more.

Richard Armitage.  Armitage also lied to Congress in Iran Contra. Bush rewarded him as Deputy Secretary of State, Colin Powell's Number One.

John Negroponte. An Ambassador to Honduras who helped organize Iran Contra operations in the region, Bush appointed him as U.N. ambassador, a position which was blocked by Congress until 911 caused virtually all Bush requests to become Prime Directives. His role in attempting to secure UN approval of the Iraq invasion was extremely important.

Mitch Daniels. He was the Reagan-Bush Political Director who managed political damage control over Iran Contra. Bush rewarded him as Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Media is the Lock

The problem with all of the above is not so much the questionable ties between Commission appointees and the various repeating themes of conflict of interest... it is how Media is remaining perfectly silent to these matters. They are not matters hidden out of the public record, but instead represent exactly the kind of background material that ALL media resources rely upon to RESEARCH and write their stories. These conflicts should have made page one, especially after the proper denunciation of Kissinger as choice for SIMILAR reasons. That media so eagerly criticised Kissinger, but has so silently endorsed Kean and the remaining members, is very telling. It makes clear a strategy and a method.

The strategy was to feed Kissinger to the wolves that we would be grateful for any kindly seeming alternative. Media was the tool by which we both banished the wolf and were led to embrace the alternative. By giving us Kissinger's head on a platter, we were distracted from the remainder as well as his alternative. In the world of disinformation, this is known as the 'strawman' ploy -- you deliberately create a target that is easily knocked down to make yourself look good, and in this case, the remaining Commission members. We poor fools called citizens are not supposed to notice we've been had.

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US Military-Intelligence Double Agent Plans, Trains, and Assists in Terrorism?

If so, it appears the US military intelligence community is guilty of continually aiding and abetting
terrorists in support of an Operation Northwoods scenario aimed at sponsoring a series of Middle East
wars for control of the regionís oil.

Copyright © 2003  H. Michael Sweeney, Noilwar!  See permissions statement

Am I a traitor for seeking to reveal US intelligence operations?

There is growing evidence the question above and its subtitle are true - instance after instance demonstrate a pattern of horrific and murderous deceit. A series of mysteries found in the life of Ali Mohamed reveal thirty separate indicators of his simultaneous relationships with terrorists and the US military-intelligence community. This article examines the question of if one Ali Mohamed was an operating double agent asset working for the US military-intelligence community in the time frame leading up to the 911 attacks. If true, I am exposing US intelligence secrets, an act contrary to declared ënational securityí interests. One must ask why I risk harsh reprisals by so doing. Am I a traitor, or am I exposing traitors within these agencies?

The reason the matter is critical and must be explored and exposed is this:  If Ali is such an agent, then as seen in review of his role in the US military intelligence community, the US government is actually helping and freely allowing Osama bin Ladento carry out terrorism against the United States, perhaps even planning and fomenting it. This in turn means the sacrifice of significant numbers of American lives may have been sanctioned by the government in order to protect and promote Ali as double agent. This would seem to include 911 and the thousands of innocent civilian lives lost that terrible day, and prior acts which took many hundreds more to their graves, and injured more than 5,000.

Fomenting terrorism via agent provocateurs is an old game

History is rife with examples of governments committing acts of terrorism upon its own citizens for political gain. The most oft cited example is Hitlerís Reichstag fire, which destroyed the beloved German National Library. Hitler blamed the fire on the communists, and through slick propaganda, leveraged this one relatively minor event into full control of the German government and the Nazi party, repressive laws, siezure of the free press, destruction of the free labor movement, and the creation of whole new security agencies to ëprotect the homeland.í  Given his familyís fascist leanings and historical ties to the Nazis in WWII, many people fear this is exactly what the Bush oil dynasty is doing here in America, step for step -- and they are not finished, yet. The strongest proof is found in Ali Mohamed and the existence of Operation Northwoods.

Ali, it seems, is seen to have been a key participant in various acts of deadly terrorism and just as key in planning many of them. We find him involved in Embassy bombings as well as both the WTC bombing attack and the plot to crash multiple airliners into buildings which led to 911. If this was done with CIA and military intelligence blessings, and no actions were taken to prevent such attacks, the US cannot claim no foreknowledge of such attacks, and is itself guilty of terrorism against you and me. It would further mean that an orchestrated Nazi like propaganda effort was being directed through media by government in what amounts to CIA style psychological warfare; a kind of mind control through disinformation and lies.

The only logical answer would seem to be a Reichstags fire scenario; a government fomenting violence against their own people for political gain - and profits. The payoff is increased political control at home through draconian responses to terrorism, and the creation of whole new repressive agencies such as Homeland Security and the Total Information Awareness Office. There is the additional control of oil resources abroad through puppet regimes established in the wake of wars against Islamic nations set up as ësponsorsí of the terrorism. And of course, there are other ways to make money in a war. The Bush family did that in WWII with American and German business partners, and were, along with cronies, even punished under the Trading with The Enemy Act (19) by Congress. They and their American and Islamic partners are well positioned to do it again, today.

As time goes by we learn of more and more details which imply the terrorists of 911 had direct ties to, were trained by, housed by, or employed by the military, military contractors, CIA, and even a company headed by George Bush at the time. We even learned that an Israeli spy ring investigating the terrorists was simultaneously investigating relationships with their US contacts in the military and intelligence communities (19.) The US simply threw the Israeli spies out of the country rather than investigate their actions or file charges, charges which would have resulted in court room descriptions of the terrorists cozy relationships to Americaís intelligence superstructure. It should be no wonder, then, that the Israelis warned select Israeli individuals of the 911 attack (19) just hours before the attack.

But Ali is the best single example and perhaps the only example of such things for which we have detailed access to information. He appears to be an actual double agent, which makes him a critical link and point of evidence of US complicity. This brings us to Northwoods, which is the original blueprint for an American Reichstag. Operation Northwoods was a Department of Defense plan signed off on by all five Joint Chiefs of Staff calling for staged terrorism against US military and civilian targets in the United States in order to generate support for a war. The game is an old one: blow up your own ships, bomb your own buildings, kill your own citizens, and blame an enemy. Hitler was expert at it. It seems that American fascists are no different than Nazi fascists. Amerika, like Germany, under the guise of such terrorism, is waxing very much towards becoming a fascist military-police state. We even give it a Germanic descriptive ëHomelandí security. Sich heil! Sich Heil! Sich Heil!

What is the nature and role of a double agent?

A double agent is a spy who works for you, but who is also recruited to be a spy for the other side. Usually, only one side knows the spying is in two directions, the side which has the spyís true loyalty. Of course, a double agent can be rogue, working both sides against the middle for self promotion, or actually be working for the other side all along, or even for a third country - a triple agent. And, it is even possible that both sides are aware of any such reality and simply using the spy as bait and to provide disinformation. A double agent plays the most dangerous of games, running the risk that either side will suddenly distrust him and end his game - permanently, or sacrifice him for some strategic gain.

But a good double agent offers the best chance to get access to the enemyís innermost secrets, or at the very least, to learn their methods and resources applied in spying and plotting against your side. Thus they are a valuable commodity, one typically left in place until they learn something that warrants taking action (i.e., to prevent an enemy action or breach of security caused by it.) Such moves usually require that the agent be sacrificed or pulled back to be protected from reprisals, as acting on such information frequently gives away the double agentís part in the matter.

Being a double agent often requires that the agent prove himself worthy of trust by the other side. He may be called upon to provide information about your side or to undertake missions to gather intelligence on your side, assassinate your people, reveal your active agents, or attack your assets. Often, a double agent is allowed to do such harm in hopes that the trust gained will allow even greater harm to the enemy at some point. The question is, who determines if and when should such lines be crossed and when they should be drawn firm and inviolate?  Someone must judge the risk and cost versus the intended and actual gains. As we will see in the case of Ali Mohamed, there seems to be no limit to the latitude allowed. Thousands of American lives and billions of dollars in assets were sacrificed. And to what gain?

A double agent has a goal -- to gather information which damages the other side, and often, to effect that damage directly (assassinate, bomb, etc.) This double agent resulted in no information whatsoever being acted upon by our government. No terrorist act of any kind was defeated or stopped. Multiple opportunities to get bin Laden and even a chance to get all the top terrorists of the world in a single strike were passed up. However, Ali was pulled - just prior to the attacks of 911, which implies that perhaps that event was the big payoff for his efforts. Yet  911 itself was even allowed to transpire. We must ask, if these were not the goals of inserting a double agent, then what were? What did we buy with nearly 5,000 lives?

There is another possibility. Sometimes double agents are actually agent provocateurs designed to stir political upheaval deemed beneficial to your side. Perhaps, rather than defeating the terroristís efforts, it was to augment and direct them to their inevitable ends, in order that a Northwoods operation might better succeed. I make that charge, here, and back it up with facts to make the point clear: the United States government is guilty of terrorism against its own people, as well as a form of genocide against a whole religion/race set up as scapegoats, both crimes aimed at stealing their oil, and a means of gaining tighter political control at home.

Read the rest of this article

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