From Biblical Times to End Times - The NWO Comes Full Circle
Featuring a list of memberships in NWO organizations 
Excerpts from Fatal Rebirth (with minor editing for Web use)
A Proparanoid Press Book by H. Michael Sweeney
Copyright (c) 2005 - All rights reserved
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In my book, MC Realities, I examine the history of mind control. Within my latest work, Fatal Rebirth, I offer a review of the crimes of the intelligence community over six decades. These two works merge when one finds that the forces at work in both cases are one and the same, as are their goals, which is to seat the Antichrist. The MC study might as well be a study of the history of the New World Order movement, for it is continually the same players involved along the way, as revealed in study of the intelligence community and their darker 'rogue action' deeds. Likewise, and for the same reason, it might as well be a study of Satan’s struggle with God over the hearts and minds of man. Same players, again. That likely seems confusing and perhaps even impossible, without the benefit of the fuller and detailed presentation offered by the book. But the simplified description and time table of events which illustrate the matter sufficient to the needs of this newsletter, are these...

The Arc Travels an Ancient Path

In the beginning, there were many Satanic religions set apart from the Jewish worship of Jehovah, God of Abraham. It may serve the reader to realize the God of Abraham is also the God of both the Christian and Islamic faiths. All contentions between these three great faiths, I believe, are the results of manipulative efforts by the Satanic churches and, in our times, those of the NWO movement. The Masonic 'Bible,' Morals and Dogmas proclaims it clearly as a means to establishing control.
18th Century dagger wielding worshippers
There were several ancient Satanic religions of key interest to this matter, keeping in mind all are from the Middle East area. One is Baphomet, a cruel Idol God (Satanic stand in) that practiced ritual human sacrifice and promoted sexual deviancy, to include ritual sexual abuse of children. Baphomet’s well known and infamous symbol is the Satanic inverted star and circle upon which all modern Satanic worship is leveraged.  Another, which would seem to have evolved from Baphomet, was a cult which introduced the use of hashish into ritual worship, working its magic to cause a doped up obedience to the faith. Finally, derived from these, came the Assassins, a cult of murderers which were later mimicked (even to include drug induced rituals) by the murdering Thugees in India (from whence comes the term ‘thug’.) 

There is some 4,000 years in the above paragraph, so the evolutions in between were many, especially since the original starting point of Satanic worship involved dozens of competitors to Baphomet. Many of these evolved to their own branches of Satanic evolution which will eventually merge back together, in time. In fact, the catalyst for the merger was found in the next history point, which was the time of the Crusades. The Knights Templar were the Pope’s best warrior knights sent to the Middle East in the Crusade, a key turning point in history.

But the Holy Templars were exposed to the Assassins and eventually corrupted by temptation in numerous ways. This would include profiteering as well as becoming quite enamored with the ways of the Assassins, who were renowned not only for their skills at killing key enemy commanders, but also, for their fierceness as warriors. A similar thing happened when US soldiers fought in Korea. They quickly became interested in and sought to learn the ways of the marshal arts practiced by the Koreans. For many Korean Veterans, it meant learning Oriental religious beliefs, especially the meditative states. Only for the Templars, it meant learning the dark ways of their religion, especially with respect to sacrifice and sexual rites. 

The Crusades lasted so long that by the end, the Knights Templar had grown to be the most powerful and influential force in Europe and the Middle East. More than that - they had become the wealthiest body of men on the planet. So wealthy, in fact, that they became the de facto bankers of Europe, with most crowned governments owing their financial security to loans and other aids by the favors of the Templars, who took interest payments in both monetary form and in return favors, such as land grants, titles, trade pacts, and more.

Soon enough, the Church discovered the corrupted nature of the Templars; that they no longer worshiped God, but Satan, and in particular, the nature of their worship rites. This was the Templar’s death bell, and they knew it. In a few short years, after over a hundred years of power, they vanished into the forests of Europe with most of their money. This was the event that was to be the catalyst for unification of the remaining Satanic branches. The Templars needed a place to hide, and they sought refuge within another branch of Satanism, one which, like the Templars, was disguised as Christian in purpose. We might call them a cult of Warlocks, based on their more private works, though that was not what they called themselves. They preferred the term, Rosecrucians. And for a time, this was a decent safe haven -- until Europe started the infamous witch hunts and began burning them (and innocents) at the stakes, or drowning them to test if they were witches, or not. The Templars had to run, once more. 

The Transition Point at Half Circle: The Illuminati

They realized they needed a safe haven which was beyond reproach, one not seemingly tied to any dark religion, and one where they could operate openly with safety - under false colors, a trick which had served them well for centuries. Again, it takes rather a lot of text to properly lay out the details of this evolution, but it involved the infection of an existing group which was otherwise quite respectable: the Freemasons, a guild of stoneworkers.

Infecting is one thing. In this case, they eventually came in with such large numbers and with so much money that the original stoneworkers fled to reform a new group, and the Freemasons renamed themselves as more simply, Masons. This is not to say that all Masons are thus Satan worshipers. The whole point of the organization was to establish a secure hierarchy of command and control from which they could launch their efforts undetected. Thus, for the most part, the mere ‘members’ inducted into the Masons would not be allowed to know the truth, unless they demonstrated a sufficient wish to learn the dark side.
And launch forth, they did. From their early efforts came a number of other groups. The most famous and most important, here, was the Illuminati. The reason this is an important group is because it is the first time that anyone in history has been documented using the term New World Order. This was, ironically, in 1776 - roughly five hundred years since the destruction of the Templars. The Illuminati had a written plan which intended to establish control of the earth; to establish a New World Order, a one-world government which, given their Satanic background, would be needed in order to establish the Antichrist as ruler of the world. While Masonic leader Adam Weishaupt is generally thought to have been the leader and founder of the Illuminati, it was a high member of the Roesecrucians, H. Kunrath, who first wrote of it publicly (see illustration for his work, right, which includes Latin, Hebrew, and Greek texts).

This perfectly fits with both Satanic and Biblical prophesies. While the Illuminati were thought to be destroyed when copies of their plans were uncovered, their parent group continued to flourish, especially here in the US. A very quick summation of their efforts, again without benefit of explanative texts within MC Realities or Fatal Rebirth, would be to describe their future creations, all created directly and indirectly (by pressure and influence): The United Nations, the Rhodes Scholarship, the CIA, the Department of Defense, the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bohemian Grove, the various Foundations, the endless think tanks, and the network of colleges and universities of the Ivy League variety - from which we get Skull and Bones and similar ‘sororities.’ In short, the modern New World Order elite power base.

The modern members include some of the wealthiest men on earth (old money - very old) such as Rhodes, Rothechildes, Wartburg, and the various crowned heads of Europe (a few still remain), and on this side of the Pond, Rockefeller, Harriman, Bush, and their lesser cronies. All these men share everything in common with respect to the negative forces described in this article, as well as the goals described herein; the establishment of a New World Order. It is at this point in history that we learn these same players worked secretly and openly in the 1940s toward the establishment of our modern intelligence community's foundations (the Intelligence Act of 1947 created the Department of Defense and what would become CIA, as well as the National Security Council). This is very well laid out in Fatal Rebirth and elsewhere.

Cave of the Illuminati, 17th Cent. Rosecrucian depiction

The Bohemian Grove is perhaps the best focal point to illustrate the connections between the influence of Satanic forces upon members of the NWO organizations. There are many excellent resources about the dark goings on at the secret Bohemian Grove meetings - any search engine will provide fascinating reading about nude male only outdoor rituals, rituals involving (simulated, it is claimed) human sacrifices to Satanic idols such as the Great Owel Maloch, by hooded men in dark robes. The more interesting part of such reading is the endless list of respected power figures to include virtually any government position you can name, heads of major corporations, high military leaders, intelligence community players, educators, and so forth. What is more disturbing is that the most powerful of these give speeches on national and world political topics at Grove functions, as if those present were among some elite group deserving of deeper understanding than is afforded the general public.

359 Degrees of Arc: Welcome to the New World Order... Next Stop, Armageddon
And this brings us 'full circle.' As the Templars worked with the Assassins and even the Hashemites before the end of the Crusades, we must presume that before they left the Middle East they made some form of pact to work together with their Middle East counterparts to serve their common (Satanic) interests. There is no reason to presume that simply because the Templars relocated to Europe that they severed those ties, or abandoned their dark-skinned brethren to go their own ways on their own. 

No. I maintain that exactly the opposite has transpired. I offer stark proof, herein, all drawn from the pages (footnotes and Appendix) of Fatal Rebirth, as summarized here. At all points in history since that time, the NWO movement has been undertaken hand in hand with partners within the Middle Eastern sects. Even the Masonic rites are rife with ancient Egyptian and other Middle Eastern symbology and themes for the model of their organization’s layered secrecy and promotional advancement.. It can be no mere coincidence that key events in ancient satanic histories have so conveniently paved the way to our present day circumstances. 

We might argue for coincidence except for the biggest coincidence of all. Now that the NWO is on the verge of manifesting itself through consolidation of power through control of oil in the Middle East (i.e., Oil war III, courtesy of the Bush Dynasty), there is an interesting point that is just too impossible to be mere coincidence. Within the Bush Administration, we see time and again the evidence that it is as I say. But there is a single focal point which is undeniably clear, and it originates from the same source (Richard Perle) who, as architect at PNAC (Project for New American Century - which has at least one Islamic member who is also tied to the oil industry, department of defense, and intelligence community) designed not only the Middle East War plans, but the entire Bush II Administration - well before the second Bush was elected:

The Defense Policy Board of the Department of Defense (established by the first George Bush), as well as other powerful figures in the (second) Bush power structure, have called for the destruction of the existing leadership in Saudi Arabia and its many Islamic satellite states. Their official arguments presented in a Policy briefing to the National Security Council and Department of Defense as to why would seem to make sense is where we find our proof. It was this presentation, and others like it, which led to the planning of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq years before 911. All that was needed was an excuse to justify the war in the minds of the American people. That a date for war was set in advance of 911 is a strong indicator that the excuse (911) was a staged and contrived affair -- cooperation between the NWO (American contingent) and their Assassin evolved counterparts in the Islamic world. 

Why else would the 911 hijackers train at flight schools set up with money, planes, and staff from CIA Iran Contra resources? Would legitimate (on their own) terrorists flock to a flight schools without checking them out first, and willingly step into the jaws of a CIA operation? Would a CIA operation fail to detect and continue to train the terrorists and let them go on their merry way without question? Only if working in collusion to common goals. This is a strong indicator that there are common goals the modern day Illuminati and Middle East sects share. It is not unfathomable, and it is, in point of fact (despite deliberate US media blindness) well known in international press:

It was the Defense Policy board conclusion within that presentation which illustrates why cooperation exists. They wish to see a whole new ruling body established in the Middle East once we have destroyed the ruling elite in Saudi Arabia. Oh yes, they are planning that, too. They describe the new body as ‘ the rightful heirs to power’. They refer to non other than their ancient buddies, the Hashemites, doing so by name. Thus the head of the Islamic world would actually be a covertly Satanic group, mirroring the American contingent. 

The Hashemites, by the way, hold principal power in Jordan, which may explain why Jordan has always been a moderate in the Middle East, quietly bidding its time as friend to US and Arabic nations, while somewhat neutral in stance (compared to others) against Israel. They did not have to 'play the game' directly as instigators or power players, they needed only to wait for their white partners to hand them power in the Middle East. Check out the graphic flow chart at the right and note at the very bottom we have a Hashemite, a spy with dark ties to international bank fraud - working directly with Richard Perle, who is perhaps the central most character in the charade we call the 'War on Terrorism,' a man getting rich on that war, BTW.

Click to enlarge

In other words, the NWO which itself sprang from the Hashemites, now wishes to give control of the key most power seat (oil producing states) of the NWO to its ancient Satanic-based cofounders of the Illuminati-NWO seed. To do this, they will give control of the region to the Hashemites, which is how the Antichrist will seem to magically resolve the bulk of the world's problems - with Islamics in control as partners in the NWO, terrorism will at last be 'turned off' as no longer needed. The Satanic power elite have, by Defense Policy Board evidence, come full circle, and in so doing, have come out into the open for all to see. Any quick review of the history of the Assassins, the Templars, the Hashemites, et. al, will reveal this to be so. There can be no doubt: the New World Order is about to manifest, and despite its modern cloak of respectability, it will be Satanic. The Antichrist cannot be far away...

The CFR, Trilateral, Bilderberger Connection: Who Are These People?

A partial listing of known key members as originally published by Fund to Restore an Educated Electorate, (PO Box 33339, Kerrville, Tx, 78029) compiled from The United States Government Manual, Office of the Federal Register -- National Archives and Records Administration, Standard & Poor’s Register of Corporations, Directors and Executives, Annual Report, Council on Foreign Relations. Additional names from attendees of Bilderberger meetings as published in The Spotlight -- actual member roster secret. Much of the list is somewhat dated (1991/2) and weighted to CFR, where public records are more accessible. A large quantity of more current names were added in 2002 from the official membership list of the Trilateralist Organization and CFR resources. I include here only the 'introduction' section which highlights key players by government offices and institutions. Fatal Rebirth (Volume IV) contains a list nearly 200 pages long detailing the relationships and NWO organizations involved even well beyond the big three featured in the introduction (CFR, BIlderbergers, Trilateralists).

Some names appear in more than one location, and many of the newer names deserve to be listed in more than one location, as revealed by their bona fides. There has been no attempt to indicate current or past offices held by date or administration, for the most part. I have reorganized all names into cubbyholes and tried to provide useful membership flags and notes. The full list in Fatal Rebirth is the most comprehensive single resource ever compiled, to date, to my knowledge. The list will also be available separately in .pdf format by email for $5.

Does inclusion on the list indicate those named persons or groups are global conspirators or fascists? Does this imply they share in Satanic or Masonic beliefs or affiliations? Not at all, though undoubtedly, many do. This is made clear in many resources, not the least of which is my own book, MC Realities, which ties the NWO movement directly to the Freemason movement, itself tied to the evolution of Satan worship. The whole point of the NWO is to establish a one-world government with a SINGLE leader. That leader is the Antichrist. 

Therefore, with respect to names found on the list, we cannot condemn them wholesale for being party to an infected NWO organization. What it does mean is that these persons and groups all at least travel in spheres of significant influence by those who are the true villains, the global conspirators, fascists, Satanists, or dark Masons. It also means they are actively working, irrespective of if they know it, or not, to destroy our national sovereignty and overthrow the Constitution of the United States. What we can do is target these individuals and groups by educating and challenging them on these issues. Finding their responses unrewarding is more telling than mere presence on the list. Only then can labels of guilt be assigned more freely.

In presentation, the letters C, T, and B denote Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and Bilderberger affiliations. These are listed in supposed ranking of elitist status -- CFR being for the rank and file, Trilateralists being mid-level, and Bilderberger being top echelon. This is not lite reading, and is guaranteed to put one to sleep after the first few 'imagine that's' and 'it figures.' The best use of this list is to use it as a search tool to identify the loyalties and affiliations of individuals or companies under consideration. In the data, a lower case letter denotes prior membership at the time the data was acquired. I remind the reader that the ebook and CDR .pdf version of this work is searchable by text strings of any construct (i.e., names.)

THIS LIST IS VERY INCOMPLETE because it represents a moving target and endless hours of research to keep up. I will likely never add or edit the list, again - it burns one out. If others would like to undertake to do so, I highly encourage them and suggest it is important that they date their version (as this one is dated) and first do a search for the most recent version of this document (on the Web) to which to make their additions - and cite the additions resource, making sure it is legitimate. The NWO can manufacture villains and fake helpers faster than it can be documented. Version 2.0, Oct. 2004 (reorganized to fit Web page).

Government Office Holders

 George Bush C,T
 William Clinton C,T,B
 Jimmy Carter C
 Gerald R. Ford C, B
 Richard M. Nixon C
 Dwight D. Eisenhower C
 Herbert Hoover C

Vice Presidents (NSC Member)
 Richard B. Cheney C, T 
 Albert Gore C
 Dan Quayl C

National Security Advisors (NSC Member)
 Anthony Lake C
 Condoleeza Rice C

Secretaries Health & Human Services
 Donna E. Shalala  C,T 
 Joseph A. Califano, Fr. C
 Casper a. Weinberger C,T 
 Elliot L. Richardson C,T 
 Abraham A. Ribicoff C 

Secretaries of HUD 
 Henry G. Cisneros C,T 
 Carla a. Hills C,T 
 James T. Lynn C,T 

Secretary of Interior 
 Bruce E. Babbitt C,T 

Secretarys of State (NSC Member)
 Colin Powell B,C 
 Madeline Albright C 
 William B. Richardson C 
 Warren M. Christopher C,T 
 Lawrence S. Eagleburger  C,T 
 George P. Schultz C 
 Alexander M. Haig, Jr. C,T 
 Edmund S. Muskie C 
 Cyrus R. Vance C,T 
 Henry A. Kissinger  B,C,T 
 William P. Rogers C 
 Dean Rusk B,C 
 Christian A. Herter Jr. B,C 
 John Foster Dulles C 
 Dean G. Acheson C 
 George C. Marshall C 
 Edward R. Stettinius, Jr C 
 Cordell Hull  C 
 Henry L. Stimson C 
 Frank B. Kellogg C 

Secretarys of Labor
 Elaine L. Chao C 
 Lynn Martin C

Secretarys of Defense (NSC Member)
 Donald Rumsfeld B 
 Richard B. Cheney C,T 
 William S. Cohen C,T 
 William J. Perry B,T 
 Les Aspen  C 
 Frank C. Carlucci, III C,T 
 Casper W. Weinberger C,T 
 Harold Brown C,T 
 James R. Schlesinger C 
 Elliot L. Richardson  C,T 
 Melvin R. Laird  T 
 Robert S. McNamara B,C,T 
 Neil H. McElroy C 
 Charles E. Wilson C 
 George C. Marshall C 
 James V. Forrestal C 

Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (NSC Member)
 Colin L. Powell B,C 
 John M. Shalicashvilli C 
 William J. Crowe, Jr C,T 
 John W. Vessey C 
 David C. Jones C 
 Maxwell D. Taylor C 
 Lyman Lemnitzer  C 

Chiefs of Staff, USAF
 Ronald R. Fogleman C 
 Merrill A. McPeak C 
 John T. Chain, Jr. C 
 Lew Allen, Jr. C 
 Michael J. Dugan C 
 Charles A. Gabriel C 
 Larry D. Welch C 

Chiefs of Staff, US Army
 Dennis J. Reimer C 
 Gordon R. sullivan C 
 John A. Wickham, Jr. C 
 Edward C. Meyer  C 

US Institute For Peace
 John Norton Moore, Chairman C
 Samuel W. Lewis, President C
 John Richardson, Counselor C
 W. Scotte Thompson, Dir.,
 3 others C

Volume I  History Reviled

CIA Directors (NSC Member)
 George J. Tenet C 
 William O. Studerman C 
 John M. Duetch B,C,T 
 James Woolsey C 
 Robert M. Gates C 
 William H. Webster C 
 William J. Casey C 
 Stansfield Turner C 
 George H.W. Bush C 
 William E. Colby C 
 James Schiesinger C 
 Richard Helms C 
 John A. McCone C 
 Allen W. Dulles C
 Walter Bedell Smith C

Directors of the FBI
 William H. Webster C 
 William D. Ruckelshaus C,T 

Attorneys General
 Richard Thornburgh C 
 William P. Rogers C 
 Elliot L. Richardson C,T 
 Nicholas deB. Katzenbach  C

Federal Court System
Stephen G. Breyer  Assoc Jus S.Ct C 
Ruth Bader Ginsburg  Assoc Jus S.Ct C 
Sandra Day O'Connor  Assoc Jus S.Ct C 
Felix Frankfurter  Fmr. Assoc. Jus S. Ct C 
Charles E. Hughes  Fmr. Assoc. Jus S. Ct C 
Dudley Baldwin Bonsal  Dist Ct Judge, NY C 
Jose Alberto Cabranes  Dist Ct Judge, CT  C 
William W. Schwarzer  Dist Ct Judge, CA  C 
Laurence Hirsch Silberman  Cir Ct Ap Judge, 
  WA C 
Barrijngton D. Parker  Dist Ct Judge, C 
Richard Clark Allison, US Claims Tribunal Judge, 
  The Hague C 
Stephen Myron Schwebel  Int Ct Judge, 
  The Hague C 
Theodore Tannenwald, Jr.  Tax Ct. Sr. Judge  C

  Madeleine Albright C, Ambassador to the UN
  Thomas R. Pickering C,B Ambassador to the UN, 
      Russia, India, Israel, El Salvador, Nigeria, and 
      the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and holder 
      of various Dept. State posts
  Frank G. Wisner II   C  Ambassador, Egypt
  Terence A. Todman  C  Ambassador, Argentina
  Christopher H. Phillips  C  Ambassador, Brunei
  Frances Cook  C  Ambassador, Camaroon
  Edward N. Ney  C  Ambassador, Canada
  Shirley Temple Black  C  Ambassador, fmr 
  Henry E. Catto Jr.  C  Ambassador, Great Britain
  Michael H. Armacost  C  Ambassador, Japan
  James W. Spain  C  Ambassador, Maldives & 
      Sri Lanka
  John D. Negroponts  C  Ambassador, Mexico
  Julia Chang Bloch  C  Ambassador, Nepal
  Robert B. Oakley  C  Ambassador, Pakistan
  Nicholas Platt  C  Ambassador, Phillipines
  George E. Moose  C  Ambassador, Senegal
  Strobe Talbott  C  Ambassador CIS
  Edward P. Djerejian  C  Ambassador, Syria
  Morton Abramowitz  C  Ambassador, Turkey
  Warren Zimmerman  C  Ambassador, Yugoslavia
  Stephen W. Bosworth T Ambassador, S. Korea

Federal Reserve System 
   *Though authorized by act of Congress, the 
    Federal Reserve is a privately owned corporation 
Alan Greenspan C,T  Chairman
Alice Mitchell Rivlin  Vice Chmn Bd Gov C,T 
Alan Stuart Blinder  Vice Chairman C 
Paul Adolph Volcker  Chairman Bd (frmr) B,C,T 
Eugend R. Black  Chairman Bd Gov (frmr) C 
Authur F. Burns  Chairman Bd Gov (frmr) C 
William McC. Martin  Chairman Bd Gov (frmr) C 
Thomas B. McCabe  Chairman Bd Gov (frmr) C 
Eugene Meyer  Chairman Bd Gov (frmr) C 
G. William Miller  Chairman Bd Gov (frmr) C 
Ellen Victoria Futter  Chairman FRB, NY C 
Maurice R. Greenberg  Dep. Chairman (frmr) 
William J. McDonough  Pres FRB, NY B,C 
Dorothy Meadow Sobol  FRB, NY C 
Willene A. Johnson  Sr. Officer, FRB, NY C 
Ernest T. Patrikis, Dep. Gen  Counsel, FRB, NY  C 
Harold W. Anderson, Pres FRB,  Kansas City 
   (frmr) C 
Robert Patrick Forrestal  Pres FRB, Atlanta C 
Warren Bruce Rudman  Dep Chn, FRB, Boston C 
A. William Reynolds  Chmn, FRB, Cleveland  C 
Margaret L. Greene, Dep Mgr.  FRB, Foreign 
  Operations C 
Sam Y. Cross  Fed Open Mkt Acct - C 

Volume II  History Revealed

United States Congress: Senators
John D. Rockefeller, IV (D), WV  C,T,B
 Chairman Emeritus Trilateral Commission,
 Chairman Emeritus CFR,
 Member International Advisory Committee 
Hillory Rodham Clinton (D) NY  B 
Evan Bayh (D) IN B 
Christopher J. Dodd (D) CT  C 
Dianne Feinstein (D) CA  C,T 
Bob Graham (D) FL C 
Chuck Hagel (R) NE B 
John F. Kerry (D) MA C 
Joseph I. Lieberman (D) CT  C 
John McCain (R) AZ  C 
Paul Sarbanes (D) MD C 
Charles Shcumer (D) NY C 
Olympia J. Snowe (R) ME C 
Robert G. Torricelli (D) NJ C 
David L. Boran (D), OK C
Lloyd Bentsen (D) B 
David L. Boren (D) C 
Rudy Boschwitz (D) C 
Edward Brooke (R) B 
William L Bradley (D) C 
John H. Chafee (R) B,C,T 
William S. Cohen (R) C,T 
Dick Clark (D) IA C 
Alan Cranston (D) CA  T 
John C. culver (D) IA C,T 
John C. Danforth (R) MO T 
Fred R. Harris (D) OK  B
 Gary Hart (D) CO C 
J. bennett Johnston (D) LA  B 
Charles McC. Mathias (D) MD  B,C 
George S. McGovern (D) SD  C 
George J. Mitchell (D) ME  C 
Daniel Moynihan (D) NY C 
Sam Numm (D) GA B 
Claiborne Pell (D) RI C 
Charles H. Percy (R) IL C 
Larry Pressler (R) SD  C 
Abraham Ribicoff CT  C 
Donald W. Riegle MI B 
Terry Sanford (D) NC C 
Hugh Scott PA B 
Adlai E. Stevenson, III (D) IL B,C 
William V. Roth, Jr. (R) DE C,T 
Timothy Wirth CO  C 
Harris L. Wofford PA C 
William Bradley (D), NJ C
Charles S. Robb (D), VA C,T

United States Congress: Representatives
Howard L. Berman (D), CA C
Sam Gejdenson (D), CT C
Newton L. Gringrinch (R), GA C
Amory Houghton, Jr. (R), NY C
Nancy Lee Johnson (R), CT C
Jim Leach (R), IA T
John Lewis (D), GA C
Robert T. Matsui (D), CA C
Dave K. McCurdy (C), OK C
Eleanor H Norton (D), OK C
Thomas E. Petri (R), WI C
Charles B. Rangel (D), NY T
Carlos A. Romero-Barcelo (D), PR  C
Patricia Schroeder (C), CO C
Peter Smith (R), VT C
Olympia J. Snow (R), ME C
John M. Spratt (D), SC C
Louis Stokes (D), OH C
Douglas K. Bereuter (R) NE  C 
Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. (D) GA  C 
Norman D. Dicks (D) WA  C 
Barney Frank (D) MA C 
Richard A. Gephardt (D) MO  C 
Henry Hyde (R) IL C 
James T. Kolbe (R) AZ C 
Robert T. Matsui (D) CA C 
James A. McDermott (D) WA C 
Ed Pastor (D) AZ  C 
John M. Spratt, Jr. (D) SC C 
John B. Anderson IL  C 
Michael D. Barnes MD C 
Anthoney C. Beilenson (D) CA C 
Landrum R. Bolling MT  C 
John Brademas NY B,C,T 
Thomas J. Campbell (R) CA C 
Richard B. Cheney (R) WY  C 
William F. Clinger, Jr. (R) PA C 
Barbara B. Conable (D) NY T 
Mervyn M. Dymally CA C 
Dante B. FGascell FL  C 
Geraldine A. Ferraro (D) NY C 
Thomas S. Foley (D) WA C,T 
Donald M. Frazer MN T 
William H. Gray, III LA T
Bill Green NY C
Lee H. Hamilton (D) IN  B,C,T 
Jane Lakes Harmon (D) CA C 
Mel Levine CA C 
Susan K. Molinari (D) NY C 
Jim Moody WI C 
Donald M. Payne (D) NJ C 
John Edward Porter (R) IL  C 

Volume III  Voices of Men

United States Congress: Senators (cont)
Ogden R. Reid  C 
William B. Richardson (D) NM C 
Charles Schumer (D) NY  C 
Stephen J. Solarz (D) NY C 
Esteban Edward Torres (D) CA C 
Robert G. Torricelli (D) NJ C 
Vin Weber MN C 
Charles W. Whalen, Jr. OH  C 
Howard Wolpe MI C 

Others posts:
Laura Tyson C
 Chmn, Council Economic Advisors
 Member National Security Council
Mike Espy
 Secretary of Agriculture B
 Member National Security Council
George Stephanopoulos C
 Whithouse Press Secretary
William J. Crowe C,T
 Chief, Foriegn Intelligence  Advisory Bd.
Nancy Soderberg C
 Staff Director, Nat. Sec.  Council
John C. Whitehead  B
 fmr Dep. Dir., Secretary State
W. Bowman Cutter C
 Dp. Ast. National Economic Council
Joseph S. Nye Jr. B
 Chairman, Nat. Intelligence Council
Roger Altman, 5 others C
 Dep Secretary of Treasury
Joshua Lederberg  C
 Office of Technology Assessment 
James M. Strock, 2 others C
 Environmental Protection Agency 
Alice Rivlin C
 Dp. Dir., Office of Management &  Budget
James J. Billington  C
 Library of Congress management
Brent Sowcroft B
 Former Asst. to President,  NSC
E. Gerald Corrigan
 Vice Chmn. Federal Reserve Board, Former 
  President, Fed. Reserve Bank of NY B
John H. Kelly, 14 others C
 Asst. Sect. Near East. Asia Affairs
 Assorted Dept. of State Officials
James B. Steinberg B
 Dir. Policy Planning, State Department
Robert E. Hunter B
 U.S. Representative to NATO
Sandra Day O’Connor C
 Associate Justice, Supreme Court
Steven G. Breyer C
 Chief Judge, US Court of Appeals
Ruth B. Ginsburg C
 US Court of Appeals
Laurence H. Silberman C
 US Court of appeals
Peter Tarnoff and 3 others C,T
 Department of State Undersecretary 
 Political Affairs Bilderberger Trust Fund official
William R. Graham, Jr. C
 Dir., Office Science & Technology
 Science Advisor to President
Thomas Graham, Jr., 3 others C
 US Arms Control & Disarmament Agency
Franklin Delano Raines C
 Chairman & CEO Fedderal National Mortgage 
 Assn (FNMA)

Political Control Technology

   1st Edition

Volume IV  Men of Vices

Corporate and Institutional Players

 Lee R. Raymond, President C,T
 Bromery Randolph W. Dir.,  C
 John Brademas, Director C,T
 Adm. William Crowe, 3 others  C
Atlantic Richfield:
 Donald M. Kendall, Director C,T
 Henry Wendt, Director T
 Hannah H. Grey, Director C
 Rand V. Araskog, Director C,T
 Frank H. Richardson, CEO C
 Allen E. Murray, Pres., CEO C,T
 Samual C. Johnson, Director T
 Louis M. Branscom, Dir., 2 others  C
 Condoleeza Rice, Dir. C
 James L. Ketelsen, Chairman C
 W. Michael Blumenthal, Dir. C
General Motors:
 Marina V.N. Whitman, V.P. C,T
 Marvin L. Goldberger, Dir., 5 others  C
Ford Motors:
 Clifton R. Wharton, Director C
 Roberto C Golzueta, Director C
Chrysler Corporation:
 Joseph A. Califano, Jr., Dir. C
 Peter A. Magowan, Director C
 William S. Norman, Exec. V.P.  C
 Louise V. Gerstner, Director C,T,B
 John F. Akers, Chairman C
 C. Michael Armstrong, Sr. V.P.  C
Eli Lily & Co.:
 Richard D. Wood, CEO C
 George H. W. Bush, Pres. C, T
Bristol-Myers Squibb:
 Richard M. Furlaud, CEO C
Dow Chemical:
 Frank Peter Popoff, CEO see also AmExp C
 Charles Peter McColough, 
 Chairman C
 Paul A. Allaire, CEO T,B
 Rozanne L. Ridgeway, Dir. C
 Ruben F. Mettler, CEO (ret) C
 Joseph T. Gorman, Chmn,  CEO, Pres. T
 Rand V. Areskog, CEO C
 W. Michael Blumenthal,  Chairman C
(directly funded CIA proprietaries):
 Joseph John Sisco, Director C
 Joseph John Sisco, Director C
 Joseph John Sisco, Director C
Texas Instruments:
 J. Fred Bucy, CEO, fmr Pres. T
Johnson & Johnson:
 James E. Burke, Chair., CEO T
 D. Wayne Calloway, Chair. T
Coca Cola:
 Donald R. Keough, President,  CEO T
Rand (CIA think tank):
 Lynn E. Davis, Senior V.P.,  fmr. President T
 Dwayne O. Andreas, Chair. B
 G. Allen Andreas, CEO T
 Robert E. Allen, Chm., CEO C
 Louise V. Gerstner, Director C,T,B
 Michael I. Sovern, Dir., 7 others  C

Chase Manhattan:
 Thomas G. Lebrecque, Chmn, CEO  C,T
 Joan Ganz Cooney, Dir., 6 others  C
Manufacturer’s Hanover:
 Marina V.N. Whitman, Dir.  C,T
 Cyrus Vance, Dir., 3 others C
Chemical Bank:
 Walter V. Shipley, Chairman C
 Robert J. Callander, Pres. C
 Richard D. Wood, Dir., 7 others  C
Dow Jones:
 Richard Wood, and 2 others C
Goldman Sachs:
 Stephen Friedman, Chairman T,B
American Express:
 James D. Robinson, CEO C
 Joan Edelman Spero T
 Henry A. Kissinger B,C,T
 fmr Secretary of State Frank P. Popoff  C
 Anne L. Armstrong T,C
 William G. Bowen  C
 Charles W. Jr. Duncan  C
 Richard M. Furlaud  C
 Vernon E. Jordan Jr.  CT
 Robert V. Roosa  C
 Joseph H. Williams  C
Bankers Trust:
 Chas. S. Stanford, Jr.,  Chairman, CEO C
 Richard L. Gelb, Dir C
 George J. Vojta, Vice Chm C
 Donald L. Staheli, Dir. C 


Finance (cont) 
Citicorp/Citibank (aka CitiGroup):
 John S. Reed, Chairman C
 Richard S. Braddock, Pres. C
 John M. Deutch, Dir., (CIA) C
 Walter Bigelow Wriston,  former Chairman B 
 William Reginald Rhodes,  Vice Chairman C 
 Richard A. Freytag  President & CEO  C 
 Leslie Elizabeth Bains  Managing Driector  C
 Mitchell W. Hedstrom,  Vice President C 
 Alfred R. Abboud, frmr) Chairman & CEO C Bank of America:
 Andrew F. Brimmer, Dir., C
 A.W. Clausen  Chairman & CEO (frmr) T 
 Nicholas Burhs Binkley  Chairman & CEO  C 
 Rudolph A. Peterson  Chairman Exec Comm  B,C 
 George William Coombe, Jr.  Exec VP (frmr) C 
 Ignazio E. Lozano, Jr., Dir.  C 
Bankers Trust:
 Charles S. Sanford, Jr.  Chairman & CEO C 
 George J. Vojta, Vice Chm. C 
 Donald L. Staheli,Dire. C 
Chase Manhattan:
 David Rockefeller  Chmn Int Adv Comm  C,T 
 Walter Vincent Shipley  Chairman & CEO  C,T 
 Thomas O. Lebrecque  President & COO C,T 
 Robert Royal Douglas  Vice Chairman (frmr) C 
 John Donald Wilson  Sr. VP (frmr) C 
 John P. Lipsky  Chief Economist C 
 Riorden Roett, Director C 
 Marina Von N. Whitman, Dir. C,T 
Brown Harriman:
 Robert Livingston Ireland, III 
 General Partner C 
 Alexander Tonio Ercklemtz  Partner C 
 Walter H. Brown, Ltd. Partner C 
 Frank W. Hoch, Ltd. Partner C

Other Banks
Almalgamated Bank 
 Jack Sheinkman, Chairman B,C 
Banc Pop. de Pureto Rico 
 Richard L. Carrion, Chairman & CEO C 
Capital Trust 
 Obeh Felix Aburdene, Managing Partner C 
Contenental Bank Corp. 
 Richard Leslie Huber, Vice Chairman  C
Esp. Santo Bank, FL 
 Jackson B. Gilbert, 2nd Chm. C 
Federal Home Loan Bank 
 Eli Shapiro, fmr Chairman C 
Federal National Payables 
 John Robert Petty, Chairman C 
First Boston 
 Maynard J. Toll, Jr,  Managing Director C 
 Richard C. Holbrooke, Vice Chairman B,C 
 John M Hennessy,  President & CEO C 
1st Fidelity Bankcorp, NJ 
 Anthoney P. Terracciano,  Chairman, President, 
    CEO C 
Irving Bank Corp 
 Joseph A. Rice,  fmr Chairman & CEO C 
J.P. Morgan & Co. 
 Dennis Weatherstone,  Chairman & CEO C 
Greenpoint Financial Corp 
 Thomas S. Johnson,  Chairman & CEO C 
Mfr & Traders Trust, Buffalo 
 Robert G. Wilmers,  President, CEO C 
Mercantile Bankshares 
 Henry Furlong Baldwin, Chairman C 
Michilin Financial Corp 
 Alexander M. Vagliano,  Chairman C 
Morgan Guarantee Trust 
 Rimmer de Vries, Sr. V.P. C 
National City Bankcorp 
 Frederick L. Deming, Dir. C 
The Private Trust Co. 
 Richard E. Beeman,  Chairman & CEO C 
National Leadership Bank 
 Robert H. Knight, Director C 
NationsBank Corp 
 Hugh L. McColl, Jr.,  Chairman, Pres & CEO C,T
Offit Bank, NYC 
 Morris Wolf Offit, President C 
Republic Bank of NYC 
 Leslie Elizabeth Bains,  Executive Vice President C 
Riggs Bank of Washington 
 Joe Lewis Allbritton, Chm. C 
 M. Straser Holcomb,  Exec.Vice President C
Warburg Pincus (Globalist Venture Capital Firm) 
 Harold Brown, General Partner, (Fmr. Secretary of 
    Defense) and Member Securities Exchange 
    Commission: C
 Michael D. Mann, Director C
The World Bank:
 Robert S. McNamara C
 Jessica P. Einhorn  Managing Director C,T 
 James David Wolfensohn  President B,C 
 Robert Strange McNamara  President (fmr) B,C,T 
 Raymond Vernon 
 Visiting Professor (former) B,C 
 John M. Page, Jr.  Chief Economist C 
 David A. Wirth  Economist Assistant C 
 Barbara Herz  Division Chief C 
 Ann O. Hamilton , Director C
International Monetary Fund 
 William Brown Dale  Dpt. Managing Dir., 
    Geneva C 
 Helen B. Junz  Spec. Trade Rep., Geneva C 
 Richard David Erb  Dep Mng. Director, Wash C
International Bank of Reconstruction and Development 
 Lewis Thompson Preston, President C 
 Andrew M. Kamarck,  Washinton Office C 
    Export-Import Bank 
 John D. Macomber  President & Chairman C 
 Kenneth D. Brody  President & Chairman C 
 Eugen K. Lawson  1st VP, V. Chairman C 
 William Richard Cline Mem. Adv. Board (fmr) C 
 Rita Maria Rodriguez, Dir. C 

 Laurence A. Tisch, CEO C
 James Houghton, and 1 other C,T
 Dan Rather, and 4 others C 
 W. Thomas Johnson, Pres. C
 Daniel Schorr C 
NBC (RCA & GE Ownerships):
 John F. Welch, Jr., Chair. C
 Lester Crystal, and 1 other C,T
 Tom Brokaw, David Brinkly, 
 Marvin Kalb, John Chancellor, 
 Irving R. Levine, David Jones
 and 9 others C
 Thomas S. Murphy, CEO C
 Barbara Wlaters, Diane Sawyer,
 John Connor, John Scall C 
 Daniel Schorr, and 5 others C
 Joan Ganz Cooney, President 
 Children’s TV Workshop 
 (Sesame Street) C
Reuters Wire Service:
(direct intelligence community ties)
 Michael Posner C 
Associated Press Wire Service:
 Katherine Graham C,T
 (direct intelligence community ties)
 Harlod Anderson, and 1 other C
National Review:
 William F. Buckley C
 (direct intelligence community ties)
News and World Report:
 Mortimer B. Zuckerman, Ed. B
 David Gergen T 
Newsweek/Washington Post:
(direct intelligence community ties)
 Katherine Graham C
 George Will C,T
 N. Katzencach, 11 others C
 Sol Linowitz C,T
 Strobe Talbot T
 Ralph Davidson, 4 others C
New York Times:
 William Scranton C,T
 Flora Lewis T
 Cyrus Vance, Richard Gelb, 
 A.M Rosenthal, 13 others C 
Foreign Policy Magazine:
 Charles W. Maynes B

College & University Presidents, Professors 
Bowdoin College 
 Robert Hazard Edwards C 
Brown University 
 Vartan Gregorian C
Brookinst Institute
 Michael H. Armacost  B.C.T
Cal. State, Bakersfield 
 Thomas Abel Arciniega C 
Carlton College 
 Stephen Richard Lewis, Jr. C 
City University of New York 
 Joseph S. Murphy C 
 Bernard Warren Harlston C 
Colby College 
 William Reckling Cotter C 
Colorado University 
 Quigg Newton C 
 Michael Ira Sovern C 
Connecticut College 
 Claire Lynn Gaudiani C 
Cooper Union 
 John Jay Iselin C 
Cornell University 
 Frank Harold Trevor Rhodes C 
Drew University 
 Thomas H. Kean C 
Duke University 
 Nannerl O. Keohane C,T 
Emory University 
 Thomas James Laney C 
Fordham University 
 Joseph Aloysius O'Hare C 
Georgetown University 
 Gwendolyn Mikell C
 Peter F. Krogh B 
 Casimir A. Yost  B
George Washington University 
 Stephen Joel Trachtenberg C Harvard University 
 Lawrence Summers C 
 Neil L. Rudenstine (frmr) C 
 Graham Allison  C, T
 Richard N. Cooper C,T
Johns Hopkins University 
 David M. Abshire C,T 
 Robert Bruce Zoellick  B,C,T 
 Steve Muller  C 
 Zbigniew Brzezinski  C, B
Lafayette College 
 Robert Irvin Rotberg C 
Lewis & Clark College 
 James Albert Garner (frmr) C 
Lincoln University 
 Niara Sudarkasa  C 
Long Island University 
 David Joel Steinberg C 
Michigan State University 
 Melville Peter McPherson C 
 Julius Adams Strattan  C 
 Jerome Bert Weisner  C
 John M. Deutsch  B,C,T

Education (cont)
Mt. Holyoke College 
 Elizabeth Topham Kennan C 
Muhlenberg College 
 Arthur Robert Taylor C,T 
New York University 
 Lawrence Jay Oliva  C 
Northwestern University 
 Henry S. Bienen C 
Pamona College 
 Peter William Stanley C 
Princeton University 
 Harold Tofler Shapiro C
 Paul Volker C 
Rockefeller University 
 Frederick Seitz (frmr) C 
Rockefeller University 
 Torsten Nils Wiesel C 
Southern Methodist University 
 August Kenneth Pye C 
SW Medical School 
 Claud Kern Wildenthal C 
Spelman College 
 Donald M. Stewart (frmr) C 
Spelman College 
 Johnetta Betsch Cole C 
Stanford University 
 Gerhard Casper, Pres. C 
Stanford University 
 Richard Wall Lyman (frmr) C
 George P. Schultz C, T 
Tufts University 
 Leila Fawaz C 
University California 
 Paul Harold Boecker C 
University Chicago 
 Hanna Holbern Gray C 
University Hawaii 
 James Harlan Cleveland  B,C 
University Miami 
 Edward Thaddeus Foote, II  C 
University Notre Dame 
 Theodore Martin Hesburgh B,C,T 
University Pennsylvania 
 Martin Meyerson (frmr) C 
University California 
 Steven Browning Sample C 
 Robert A. Scalapino  B
University Tulsa 
 Robert Herschel Donaldson C 
University Wisconsin 
 Katherine Culbert Lyall C 
Virginia Comm University 
 Eugene Paul Trani C 
Washington University 
 William Henry Danforth C 
Weaton College 
 Dale Rogers Marshall C
Anthem of the New World Order
Lyrics by H. Michael Sweeney 

My music

(Preparing for the NWO)

With Baphomet have we worshipped
And as Templars we were educated
And in Rosecrucions we had resided
And become Masons to be disguised
And as Illuminati we plan how they
    will be defeated
We will seat the Antichrist, 
    and work toward Armegedon

(Organizing the NWO)

The Illuminati shall be our seed
The Bilderbergers to plan the deed
The CFR for the American creed
The Trilateralists for Asias need
The Club of Rome for the Euro Union 
    will plead
We will seat the Antichrist, 
    and work toward Armegedon

(Providing for the NWO)

Secrecy and lies to be our power base
Political infiltration will take place
Money and Industry will be our face
Weapons and wars will fund the race
Divide the masses with petty causes 
    to insure victory for our case
We will seat the Antichrist, 
    and work toward Armegedon

(Applying the NWO)

Protect the people will be our cries
That among them we may have spies
Infect the media for guilding our lies
and the schools to building our size
Find ways to invade the mind, 
    as our ultimate prize
We will seat the Antichrist, 
    and work toward Armegedon

(Defining the NWO)

We will cause terrorism
that we may have nationalism
that we may feed capitalism
that we may drive globalism
Underneath is hidden fasicsm
   which is the father of terrorism
We will seat the Antichrist, 
    and work toward Armegedon