On Oil War III and the Armageddon Machine

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This article will reveal the true goals and forces behind the War in Iraq
     It will reveal layers of deception and levels of power in play
     It will reveal that the war has been planned since 1996
     It will reveal the end game scenario that suits New World Orderís goals
     It will predict the outcome of the war in a stepwise manner
     It will frighten you

Note 5/09/03:  Thankfully the predictions made here have not yet transpired, but the unfolding of history is not yet complete. I hope readers will forgive any errors in predictive talent, as the real meat of this article is about the manipulations which foment those predictions. The lack of any prediction being found true does not change the reality of those manipulations.

Predictions are easy to make, near impossible to make correctly. Publilius Syrus, in Moral Sayings (1st Century, B.C.,) said that 'The future struggles that it may not become the past.' The ultimate expression of that thought is a future which is successful in the effort: Armageddon, and the end of the world. If history ends, after all, the future cannot become the past -- at least it will not be recorded if no one is present to mark it down. Of course, end time prophecy of any sort, whether it be from the Bible, the Quran, the Sanskrit, or Satanic sources, from the lore of Nostradamus, American Indians, or the seers of the ancient Egypt, or any other source, including scientific and logical deductions... is at best a thing of heady confusion and ambiguity. In the end, only time will tell us the true prophet from the foolish. Welcome to BushLaden Air, and hijacked flight 666.

I am no prophet, and I am most likely very capable of being foolish. But there is a graphic image, an artwork, which is the visual depiction of the New World Orderís ëengine which drives the world.í It sums up pictorially and philosophically the battle for control of man and earth, and is entitled, the ëFormula for The Fall of Man and The Rise of The Antichrist: The Armageddon Machine.í In simplest terms, it depicts the forces upon mankind at the nation-state and personal level, forces wrought by the various belief-structure ëismsí of our world: capitalism, socialism, fascism, patriotism, terrorism, communism, fundamentalism, nationalism, zionism, pacifism, globalism, and so forth, ad nausium. It reveals an onion of many layered power groups and an intricate and well coordinated array of resources and power, all working smoothly against the will of God, and the wishes of man for pursuit of happiness and the expression of free will.

Ad nausium, indeed. I prefer to believe as Ferris Beuller, who on his Day Off (John Hughes, 1985, Paramount Pictures), said '"Isms", in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an "ism". He should believe in himself.' As Christian I would summarize the Armageddon Machineís interpretation of the effects of ismology this way; for thousands of years, the dark powers from the bowels of the earth have sought to divide and conquer manís heart, spirit, mind, and body. The religious give it names and descriptions appropriate to their understanding, such as Satan tempting man with seven deadly sins that cause us to have spite for one another, and to separate us from our God. They seek to divide and conquer. Though the religious aspect of it has import for the salvation of one's soul, for the purpose of this presentation, such is merely a core concept, a building block for understanding. I seek not to preach, here; but if what I say moves one to fear for their lives in the future, then by the same reason, they should also fear for their souls. It is one and the same perilous end for both, if correct.

And what is our God, then? It is for each individual, wrong or right, whatever we choose to worship. And if by wiles or by trickery, we can be induced to worship or follow after an ism, rather than our Lord and Creator, then we are set apart from our brothers and sisters on earth, and certainly our Lord, and are thus much easier to conquer. Even choosing to follow our Lord, we can be divided into sects and set apart from our brethren and our Lord. It is easy for those practiced in the art: Divide us with our petty differences, large or small, and let us fight one another instead of fighting evil with good. Tempt us from our Lord by leveraging our greed and fears against us. In the words of a relative of mine, one Mr. Bailey of the famous Barnum and Bailey Circus... 'Hurry, hurry, hurry... this way to see the Egress!' He knew deceit could quickly divide the crowd of slow moving gawkers to make room for new paying customers to his show, especially those foolish enough to rush to see what an egress was; the French word for 'exit.'

Oversimplified, perhaps, but such an explanation fits well with the basic principles involved. But it is only a building block, a layer. The thing is an onion, a mystery peeled back layer by layer to reveal yet another facet, another meaning, another goal, another powerful force at play. By now, the reader is probably falling asleep, and wondering what this has to do with Oil War III and the New World Order. In answering that, and attempting to anchor the wandering mind, let us simply look to the future, and in so doing, reveal the layers and the mechanisms of the Armageddon Machine, as well as the identity of its architects and generals. Please place your seats in the upright position...

First know that I have no copyright on wisdom or knowledge, and certainly no psychic skills that might let me make useful predictions. However, I have an ally, or two. One is Dr. Matthew C. Wells, PH.D., who wrote a very interesting little book called Parallelism: A Handbook of Social Analysis. The heady title is nothing compared to the weight and impact of the content. So revolutionary are the concepts within its pages that the intelligence community of the United States has apparently conspired to prevent its disclosure. Dr. Wells came to me for help, and in helping him, we created an insurance policy, one effective enough for him to proceed with his work. Why should CIA or anyone else in government care about his theories enough to suppress them?

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Image: Valley of Armageddon, Israel

Because it represented a very scientific means for predicting the political future of a given nation. By future, I mean who comes to power, the changes in social, economic, and military affairs, wars that might be evoked, and the victims thereof, as well as the outcome. I helped Dr. Wells by playing the roll of editor and critic (if I could understand what he was saying, then anyone could, and the book would be truly useful instead of being lost in lofty concepts for only those of high I.Q. and education.) In undertaking the task I learned to appreciate his work and, to a degree, to understand how to apply his practical and workable concepts.

If it will help the reader to understand the importance of his work, know that in its first use as a theory, Dr. Wells successfully predicted, in a published journal some years in advance, several changes in power, naming political parties and even individuals involved, the victors, and the aftermath that followed, to include wars and further internal political turmoil. Event after event has come to pass over something more than a decadeís time, without a single failure, to date. Apparently, the future has not struggled quite hard enough to escape unforeseen. Apparently, CIA and certain persons who pull their strings. I do not refer to Congress or the President, but the real power in our world, those that control things quietly from the Shadow and make them bump in the night; the New World Order tycoons of power. They fear such look ahead capabilities, for it can be used to reveal their own dark plans to the likes of you and me. They fear us more than the armies of other nations. Just why they fear you and I knowing it will be clear by the end of this article.

In addition to Dr. Wells, I have an insider or two who graciously act as sounding boards and offer useful commentary or little known facts that make a difference. One is an oil industry insider, one with former military intelligence background as well as service to his government in high office. This European gentleman's expertise in the oil industry is such that major oil companies and governments pay him handsome sums for his advice. I get it for free. Other insiders from within various intelligence agencies or multinational companies have been contributory, as well. One of these is a brave soul who has already been involved in several wars in Iraq. He was a member of Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard. He fought in the bloody ten-year war against Iran, and in the bloody ten minute war against the US after the ten second invasion of Kuwait. Do not think harshly of him, for he also worked along side CIA in futile attempts to dethrone Hussein, and in attempts to put off the slaughter of the Kurds by Hussein. He is a Kurd, and a marvelously interesting person.

But these people are not my only tool. Yes, I rely upon the prophecies of the great written works, certainly to include the Bible, but also, I keep in mind the prophecies of other groups, even those Satanic in nature. It is interesting to note how closely they dovetail one to another. But I also rely upon some fairly exclusive knowledge that I have uncovered in my investigative works, principally with focus upon crimes of the intelligence community and other dark players in American and world politics. Not that I have any exclusive or forbidden insight (perhaps a little, and a bit more I dare not divulge lest my own insurance policy becomes worthless) but it is certainly a quantity of information not generally known, and certainly not generally applied to the ends proposed, here.

I have successfully used these tools in the past. I predicted... warned, actually, that these same New World Order players would not allow Ross Perot to continue in his efforts to upset the (easy to rig with dog and pony show candidates of the same NWO flavor) two-party system. I warned him and the Secret Service that I feared an attempt or threat against his life would be used to remove him from the race for President. Within two weeks, that was exactly what happened, and it is my firm belief that it involved Anthrax. This was exactly the same means which was used to silence a State Police Officer (Russell Welch) who was busy involving Perotís opponent, Bill Clinton, in criminal matters in Mena, Arkansas. These matters, by the way, I have since connected to 911 through Iran-Contra and the terrorist flight schools in Florida set up by CIA artifacts from that period. For more on Welch, visit <http://www.assumption.edu/WebVAX/WWeekly/WW1Apr96Mena.html>, and for more on the Iran-Contra connection to 911, review the Treason Time Line on my NOILWAR! pages at proparanoid.com, and focus on the terrorist flight schools.

I further predicted in a film script based on my unpublished book, Fatal Rebirth, that there would be a terrorist event at the turn of the century which involved airliners crashing into buildings, bringing down the World Trade Center, and starting a war in the Middle East. There were more predictions in that work, yet awaiting any further terrible validation. This was published on my Web site in 1999, and is now available on the Proparanoid CD-ROM, along with about 150 companion files of similar interest to our topic here, today, as well as dedicated to oneís preservation of self in face of a possible darker future presented, here. For more information on that, visit <http://www.proparanoid.com/orders.htm>, which offers a full catalog of my works, newsletter, etc. A free sample newsletter is yours for the asking, an issue devoted to Political Control Technology offering 250 definitions of real-world devices and terms used by the New World Order against not only you and me, but against our enemies in time of war. Iím talking about electronic mind control, and similar.

But with these claims of success must also come a disclaimer. Batteries are not included. I'm likely just as full of crap as George Bush, Cheney, et. al, and MIIM's media disinformation. For all I know, I truly know nothing. With any luck at all, I'm a complete idiot for sticking my neck out and making such predictions, especially these predictions. Indeed, it is my fervent hope this is the case. I'd much rather play the Chicken Little fool and warn of the sky falling than risk it coming to pass because I fell silent. Of course, I opened Fatal Rebirth with similar comments and disclaimer.

Much of what I wrote there has come to pass, and thus, my fears are now reasonably amplified. But the good news is that some of what I predicted did not come true, and much more of it remains yet to be seen, that portion of it presented, here. Also bear in mind that these predictions are necessarily representative of worst case scenario. Our actual history can certainly be less severe -- especially if the reader pays attention and does the right thing, as discussed at the end. And so, properly disclaimed, we begin: There are emergency exits at the front and the rear.

President George Bush will have his war, but it will go badly. The outcome will frame the introduction of the New World Order, and from there, it goes downhill, to the (false) glory of the Antichrist, and at the expense of mankind and his future. The mechanics of it is where we will gain understanding, and it is hoped, find suitable proofs for a modicum of belief that this is the expected outcome. By expected, I mean not only reasonably expected in terms of chances of coming true, but also, expected and planned for by the innermost core of the New World Order types who now so eagerly lead the world down this one-way path. It is hoped, however, that our understanding may allow us to alter our history. Lyndon Johnson, while not my favorite President by any means, said it well in a 1963 State of The Union address: 'Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or to lose.' Believe it. You, yourself, hold the key, though you may know it not.

To understand how the events unfold, we need to appreciate the backdrop, and the players involved. This will lead us to discovery of the key in your possession, as well. The players include Iraq and the US, to be sure, and the various European nations, as well as the many Islamic nations of the Middle East, and the State of Israel. Peripherally, we find bigger fish will play a role, too - the Russians and the Chinese, and even India. After all, you canít have a world war if nobody comes to the battle field. Keep that in mind. Knowledge is power.

The Islamic States can be broken down into some categorical collectives. Each of these nations is somewhat torn apart internally by pressures created by opposing factions of the Islamic religion (divide and conquer.) The two main branches of the religion refuse to acknowledge one another as legitimate heirs of Mohammedís authority, resulting in a form of ongoing religious civil war. For most of these nations, the ability of their governments to maintain power and control would seem directly tied to their choice of friends. Some nations have aligned themselves with the US in order to gain military power and suppress the fundamentalist movement with rigid, almost dictatorial controls. Some have gone the other way, and placate those movements or embraced them outright, in order to remain in power. These nations oppose US interests in the area mightily, and seek to export their fundamentalism as an infectious revolutionary fever, sometimes by means of terrorism. Divide and conquer.

Iraq has already been well enough described for us as a villainous dictatorship, and that painting is suitable enough for our need. On the other hand, countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt remain relatively close US allies in spirit and voice, if not deed. Yet each of these nations is suffering internal turmoil due to fundamentalism which threatens to topple their power base should they slip one iota too far. They cannot remain in power, in fact, without continued US support, and that, more than any other factor, makes them our allies. Yet it is a razorís edge; they dare not be too helpful to our cause lest they spark a protest and armed religious upheaval. Thus we should not be surprised that Turkey rejects access to their soil by US soldiers. Money to bribe, divide and conquer. Sure, sometimes it does not work. Another day, perhaps.

Then there are Arabic States which on the surface seem to be continually unhappy with US intentions and actions, generally, but who as moderates tolerate us because of our power and because they individually see no tactical reason to do otherwise. Syria and Jordan, for instance, and the Sudan are good examples. While Syria is a very respectable military power and the other two nations are more light weight, their geographic and political positions among the Islamic world give them more weight than we might imagine. Thus, the US itself generally tries to offer a polite face in their direction, when not lobbing cruise missiles overhead (i.e., the Sudan.) Flattery to appease, divide and conquer. Missiles to intimidate, divide and conquer.

Somewhere between this collective and the former, we find the various Emirate States of the Saudi Peninsula, and a few other Islamic nations of lesser prominence, which are tightly tied to the success of the Saudi State or other regional powers nearer to them. They are findlandized despite their disproportionate oil wealth, which is to say they generally tow the same mark (and for the same reasons) as does the Royal House of Saud - but they also hold the same kind of sway among the Arabic states, and view things much the same way as the moderates. Their collective voices among the Arab League are like a unified Congressional majority opinion, and cannot be easily ignored. They convince by numbers, divide and conquer.

Two nations have a unique position and role to play. These are Pakistan and India. Both nations were at one time one and the same, torn apart by a fierce but brief civil war upon the eve of Indian independence from being a British colony. It was a civil war based on religious ideologies which divided and conquered the wonderful Christlike efforts of Mahatma Ghandi, to the point of his assassination. The essentially Islamic Pakistani state was so feared, mistrusted, and hated by the largely Hindu remainder of India (and vice versa) that there was no way to prevent the violence save separation into independent nations.

Nor was there a way to prevent the nuclear arms race which granted both sides the power of the split atom, the ultimate divide and conquer methodology. We might should take note: this whole concept of divide and conquer seems to work best when religion is involved. We see it at work in the differences between flavors of Islam. We see it at work between Islam and the Jews. We see it at work between the Catholics and the Protestants in Ireland. We see it at work between the flavors of Christian churches. Ever wonder why the madness? Albert Pike, Satanic leader of the Masonic movement admitted a clue in his writings, that this tactic would be used to set the Jews and the Arabs and the Christians at war with one another. When we destroyed ourselves, he predicted, Lucifer (the Antichrist) could rule the world. We may truly be nearly there. Your seat cushions can be used as floatation devices.

Pakistan is much like Egypt and the Saudi states, in that it is US supported and US friendly, at least on the surface. Beneath, however, it is the true power seat of Osama bin Laden and terrorism, as is revealed in the Treason Time Line. As Pakistan and India have their own little border dispute going, and there is a movement sponsored by fundamentalists in Pakistan to overthrow their military government much like those present in the Saudi, Egyptian, and Turkish states, the Pakistani government is very shaky even as we speak. With any localized defeat of US forces in the region, the militant fundamentalists will be encouraged, and will launch a civil war. India will move to settle the matter for once and for all finding the Pakistani militarily distracted, in hopes to avoid a nuclear war in the future. We have already seen a glimpse of that temptation at work when border conflicts between the two nations broke out even as the US and Pakistan set themselves against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Both sides threatened nuclear exchange to settle the matter, but the United Nations intervened. Divide and conquer.

Next we have the more militant and more dangerous, less predictable nations. These nations are often associated with terrorism, rightly or no. Iran and Libya are the principal players, and they are not above taking indirect (terrorism) or more direct military actions, if they see an opportunity for gain. But there are other players who hold sympathetic views and apply similar political means (especially terrorism) to achieve their goals. But those nations have their own peculiar needs and reasoning, and roles to play.

I speak of Palestine and Lebanon. These nations have been backed into a no manís land of political oblivion. Denied any reasonable autonomy or State Security, they are very dangerous. They have been invaded by ëpeacekeepersí and have lost autonomy; they have been divided, and conquered. They have nothing to loose and everything to gain by pushing the limits of tolerance, especially with respect to terrorism aimed at Zion's gate. The harder Israel clamps down on them for whatever momentary violation of a given cease fire may be at issue, the more eager are the other Islamic states to see the end of Israel. And that is what this whole thing is all about -- the first layer.

Who will control the Middle East? Will it be Israel, who in order to do so must keep at bay all its unfriendly Islamic neighbors, who surround them several deep on all sides? Imagine a world where some miraculous detant is created which bridges political, religious, and financial chasms. Israel would need find a way to divide and conquer the Arabic League of Nations. Miracle, indeed. No less would do. Or will it be the Arab League, perhaps led by some proven meritorious nation state able to decisively declaw the mighty Jewish warrior state? Imagine a world where the wily Israel is banished for all times. That would require some means of dividing Israel from the support of the US, in order to conquer. That, too, might take a miracle. Or will it be some third party that controls the region, perhaps by some unexpected means, perhaps one which somehow successfully divides Israeli and Arabic interests to a degree suitable to conquer their political and religious differences? While that may seem like it would take a miracle, there is yet a way, one which combines a little bit of all of the above miracles in one, albeit over time.

In 1996, an Israeli-US think tank tried to figure it all out, a select group tied to the intelligence and military of both nations who later form something called PNAC, here in the US. The group, The Institute for Advanced and Strategic Political Studies followed the above reasoning and came to the conclusion that Iraq represented the biggest badest bully in the enemy Arab-world gang, the one country most likely to risk all in order to destroy Israel and establish itself as head of an Arabic empire. Israel decided that the only way to assure long term peace was, essentially, to take out Iraq right away, before it got stronger. Divide it from its would-be Islamic allies, and conquer. A policy of preemptive thinking was advised -- which is to say, shoot first, explain why, later. Thus far we have been talking about what is essentially a single layer of the onion, the political layer representing only the interests of one select Middle East player. But something happened the very next year which segways to the next layer, or two.

Former National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinsk, wrote a book. Entitled The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives, it took a look at the world as a larger stage, and considered a theatrical production of 'Who Rules the World?' It was not concerned with Middle East politics except as a means to an end. Ziggy, as he is sometimes called by those pretending to know him well, proposed that the key do dominating the world was control of the Eurasian Continent (that is, all of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.) The key to that, he reasoned further, was control of the vast oil and gas reserves of the Caspian region. That translates to the Russian states near the Caspian Sea as well as Iran and Iraq, two of the nations controlling the bulk of the regions oil reserves. We are talking about a trillion dollar resource. Understand, the collective of the New World Order crowd hangs on his words; the Council on Foreign Relations at the helm, the boardrooms of US multinational companies in the engine rooms, and MIIM manning the guns. They have been moved to action...

About the same time, PNAC, earlier mentioned, was formed here in the US. The Project for the New American Century was made up of two key groups -- those central to the Israeli-US think tank project who had already decided Iraq was to go away... and certain oil industry and political power players in the US, NWO types, all. They immediately then set about to redefine American military, domestic, and foreign policy in terms of changes necessary to bring about such an end. It seems they also decided how to go about creating the best White House team money could buy, one able to insure these policies were carried out; an alliance of military and oil interests. Who were these people? Almost all of them are now coincidentally members of the Bush White House, including Dick Cheney, himself. And this was before George Bush was even a contender for election. Imagine that; the free political process of the two-party system at work. Sorry, I forgot about Florida and chads... at tool to divide and conquer the will of the people.

The segway resulting from all of this activity is actually two closely interrelated layers, both of which are facilitated by the creation of the Bush military-oil industry administration: control of the world, and control of oil. Naturally, the enticement of oil riches would interest numerous oil industry captains, and it has. The entire NOILWAR! effort is based on the significance and impact of their interest in fomenting the war in Afghanistan. That war was about an oil pipeline as much as anything else, perhaps more than the guise of terrorism under which it was fought. Now we seem to have something similar going on in Iraq. The guise of disarming a madman will give the US control of that nationís oil reserves. Just as important, it will give us control over what form of payment is accepted for that oil (yet another layer of interest.)

It turns out that Saddam has switched from accepting US dollars, as is preferred by the other Arabic oil producers, and as established by their collective bargaining tool, OPEC -- to accepting payment in Eurodollars. As a result, the value of the Euro has gained at the expense of the US dollar, to the tune of something like 25-30%. That means Saddam has that much more purchasing power with his oil, a thing which OPEC is eyeing with great interest and envy. We all like to get more for what we sell. But know this: if OPEC switches to Euros, the US dollar will drop another 30%, which means the US will have to pay 60% more for its oil than we used to. This is one reason George Bush is so anxious for war. Any delay risks OPEC switching. Once that happens, it will be difficult to reverse by any means. In case of an emergency, extinguish all smoking materials.

Then we have the layer representing actual war profits. There are always people who make a buck selling weapons, parts, and munitions to warriors -- often selling to both sides of the conflict. In point of fact, it is ironic that the US has repeatedly sent US troops against enemies armed and equipped with US made arms. Of course, we made ëem, so we know how to get the most out of them. That extends to getting the most profit out of them. The military industrial complex is not about National Defense, but about Boardroom charts with black lines soaring off the chart. They don't want red ink, and would rather see red blood spilled than to face that prospect -- even if the blood is American.

But all this is nothing. The layers revealed next make these look like a kindergarten coloring book. But we need unfold the future to see them clearly. At the time of writing this, the future starts ten days from now. President Bush has made it clear there will be a strong likelihood of war with Iraq on the 17th of March, 2003. Beware the Ides of March, Mr. Hussein... and the rest of us, too. Et tu, Dick Cheney? (By the way, the Ides of March is March 15th, so look for a possible early strike, just for the sake of a good joke on Saddam and his military friends.)

OK. Bombs fall. People die. The first stage of the war is, like the last one against Iraq, largely an air war aimed at taking out basic defenses. What we have to worry about is what happens next. This time, we have to go in on foot, and we are not talking about the kind of desert combat we saw in the last war. No more racing over relatively undefended sand dunes to apprehend a largely surrendering enemy force -- though some of both will be involved. Rather, this time, we will need to go into the cities, especially into the enemy stronghold, Baghdad. There will undoubtedly be house to house fighting such as not seen since WWII, with US troops facing not only Iraqi soldiers, but armed civilians defending their homeland. Imagine how you would take to well meaning U.N. soldiers invading the United States to ëmaintain peace.í Oops, that is a different dire prediction for yet another time to come, yet another layer of the onion, perhaps.

This will be a slow, painful, and bloody affair. The US will likely suffer significant casualties once things get moving. Baghdad has a male population old enough to bear arms well in excess of 1.2 million. The cityís population is over 4 million. The nationís population is five times that figure, and you can bet a lot of them will be called to congregate in the cities to help defend them. How many troops are we sending over there? What will the odds be? We see numbers like 250,000 bandied about, and that is for the whole war, not just one engagement against one city. So we might expect as much as a 8:1 or 20:1 disadvantage against locals who know the terrain and are highly motivated to defend it. Things will go nothing like the military successes of the last few decades. It will be more like Blackhawk Down. This will not be a cool TV screen war. It will be a bloodier-than-vietnam war. We will wish we were using Black and White TV, once more. There are motion sickness bags in the seat back pouch in front of you.

The thing I fear is that Saddam, as predicted, will put key pockets of resistance and key people into Mosques and hospitals and schools and civilian structures to shield them from attack. It will be decided, quietly, that it will be expedient to attack those resources, regardless, and risk condemnation in hopes that a few lies will placate those silly ëcritics.í Well, those critics will include Arabic leaders from around the world. The more Mosques we destroy, the less credibility we will have, and the less friendly will be our Islamic allies in the region. In fact, it will likely unfold very quickly into an extremely ugly situation.

Each of the Arabic nation groups described as players will gravitate towards the next most extreme and unfriendly relationship with the US towards and US interests. Internal pressures from the fundamentalist camps will force this response, threatening civil war if not appeased. Thus, the normally ally-friendly Saudi, Egyptian, and Turkish governments will turn a cold shoulder our way and even condemn us, offering grave warnings. These, of course, will be placated and condescended to in hopes of appeasement, but it will not stop the atrocities. More mosques will be bombed, more women and children will die. At the other end of the scale, nations like Iraq and Libya might actually feel motivated to energize their various terrorists organizations into action against the US, and threaten other interventions. We will simply tell them to mind their own business, unless they want to play hard ball.

It is in this environment that someone among the Islamic leadership of the world will see an opportunity to do just that. With the US essentially bogged down in the cities of Iraq, they have a chance at getting away with something theyíve wanted to do for a long time. They can strike at Israel, and settle the West Bank and Lebanon issues for once and for all. Sensing this, Lebanon and the Palestinians will likely expend a great deal of energy in causing Israel to suffer unprecedented levels of violence, and forcing things to a head. This will serve to distract Israeli military momentarily. Again, this will help foster an environment conducive to forging an Arabic alliance. It wonít happen overnight, but some Islamic power will see the opportunity. In Dr. Wells research, it is Iran that is most likely to act, but Syria, Libya, and others are also contenders.

This is a delicate matter, one that will require some back room deals and coaxing to insure there are allies. Their strike must be swift and uncompromising, and quite unified. They must neutralize or significantly minimize any potential Israeli nuclear response. Israel does not have B-52s in the air and nuclear submarines hidden in the seas 24-7 like we did in the cold war. While they have fighter aircraft aloft with nuclear weapons at all times, their number is relatively small, their range somewhat limited, and their whereabouts and thus, vulnerability, is somewhat compromised.

In such a strike, the US reaction would be calculated to be minimal. Would the US dare a risk a full military conflict region wide against a completely united Arabic front? The Islamic foe would think not, regardless of any realities to the contrary. But the reality is, to do so would indeed be fool hearty, for it is likely what the NWO really wants to happen. One factor is that the Arabic front would force a two-theater war upon us: the Mediterranean and the southern region represented by the Gulf of Oman and the West Indian Ocean. We would have become divided, and easier to conquer.

Our military forces based on Arabic soil would be instantly at risk, and likely, neutralized, if not destroyed, were we to risk combat in defense of Israel. Worse, any long term engagement would be relatively short lived once the oil stopped flowing. The United States military has less than a yearís reserves in a combat scenario. We would have even fewer exotic weapons to spread around to additional new targets, having expended a good portion of our cruise missiles already in softening up Iraq. The Islamic hope in such a scenario is that the US would be divided from Israel, that Israel might be conquered.

But that is not all. With Israel out of the way, the US forces in region, themselves, become somewhat more vulnerable. This may cause secondary nations to think they might become what Iraq no longer can be: the new Islamic messiah, the nation that vanquished the Great Satan from the region, forever, and established the Arabic League as the new, dominant power on earth -- a power backed by control of the oil. Ziggy, was right. Iran, for instance, might be moved to consider invading Iraq in order to get at the US, with the added benefit of settling an old debt of honor. After all, they suffered bitterly at the hands of the Iraqi over border disputes in one of the bloodiest wars of all history. In fact, this is exactly what Dr. Wells predicts is the eventual fate of Iraq -- to war with the US.

But the process that Dr. Wells describes for Iran's coming to power in the region would be dramatically accelerated in the above scenario. His time scale, pre George Bush, was fifty years. Funny what a few chads can do. Regardless, if US military power is reduced, it is the same as if increasing the power of Iran -- and all other nations in the region. Syria might be tempted to do the deed just as easily as Iran -- or Libya, or perhaps a coalition will be forged for the purpose. A swift unexpected strike at a couple of US aircraft carriers, even if only moderately successful, could seriously cripple the US fleets ability to wage war in the region. Clearly, there will be losses on both sides, and all parties will be weakened. The Arabs have the tactical advantages: large territorial control; significant combined military strength; the ability to strangle US fuel supplies; the advantage of first-strike surprise.

OK, so the war is going badly, but then it starts to get dicey. North Korea sees an opportunity with the American war machine distracted, depleted, and somewhat destructed. It moves in North Korea to take South Korea. American response will be too little, too late, and risks escalation to nuclear levels, but I believe it will be over before it can happen that way. North Korea simply overruns defenses and seizes the Capital of Seoul and forces capitulation with about as much ease and effort as Iraq did in Kuwait. Most experts agree that such is the military capability of the North, and that ONLY US presence and risk of a renewed war with the US has kept the North at bay all these years. That card will be removed from the deck if we are bogged down in the Middle East. Natch, de facto divide and conquer. In the event of loss of pressurization, oxygen supplies will drop from the ceiling.

I also predict that these actions will be seen as distractionary to world awareness by the Russians, who will move to more firmly squash the rebelling states in the Caspian region using their own version of divide and conquer. Hoping not to acquire too much unwanted criticism, they will move to seize these territories and bring them back into line. In part, this is because they are key to controlling the Caspian region. Remember Ziggy's Caspian?  So the Soviets will move, and once they do, you can also look for some additional Islamic turmoil sparked by that event. These former Soviet states are largely Islamic, and have close ties to Osama bin Ladenís crew, who fought along side these rebelling fundamentalists in their struggle to get free of the Soviets in the first place.

So now we have India and Pakistan going at it very near the Soviet conflict in the North Caspian region, with Afghanistan caught in the middle of that, as well as the conflict between the US and Iraq and the newly allied Arabic states. Seeing the region divided in conflicts this way, the fundamentalists there (Taliban) will revolt and move to retake their own nation. A similar event will take place in Croatia, renewing the racial/religious hatreds of that area. So this now makes six wars in this theater, alone, plus the Korean conflict. Amid this chaos, Red China will see an opportunity to solve several problems. I put that matter off, for now, but the associated events could come at any time in the overall unfolding of events. Uncertainty is, after all, the hallmark of chaos.

Somewhere in all of this, the US will finally be able to get European helps. The situation there right now is not unfathomable with respect to general reluctance to go after Iraq. They know virtually everything media has concealed about the various smoking guns in the Treason Time Line, about the oil grab, about the Euros for oil, about the greater power grab it represents a'la Ziggy, and about Northwoods and such. They are extremely wary of the entire mess, and will stand to suffer financially if Iraq is trounced and the Euro replaced by the Dollar for his oil. But if there is a war of the nature described, here, they will have no choice but to choose sides. As it was in the time of the Crusades, it shall be again. Europe vs. the world of Islam. When the war cuts off their supply of oil, they will be much more willing to play an active role. In an emergency landing, bend forward and hug your knees.

Now in all of this discussion, there has been no mention of wild cards, of which there are plenty to consider. Getting back to China, for instance, who will likely see an opportunity to send in millions of soldiers marching through Afghanistan and spreading forth to quell the forces of both sides in the Middle East region -- and assume control of the oil and of the world for themselves. Their one and only great potential foe, the United States, would already have been largely neutralized. They have so many soldiers that they could produce an endless wave of assault, one impossible to defeat by any conventional means. This brings us to the possible use of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction.

For instance, what if Saddam escalates to the use of biological or chemical weapons, or nuclear, and Bush responds with nuclear retaliation. Personally, I'd rank that as a criminal act far greater than the first use by Saddam, given that any cities vaporized in the region represent a treasure of humanity's most ancient historical artifacts and cultures. The human race was born, here (called the Fertile Crescent in ancient times.) The Babylonian and seven other great Empires flourished here. Much of the Bible's history unfolded, here, including the Garden of Eden. But the loss of millions of lives and such treasure as this is nothing compared to other possibilities.

What if Saddam (or some other leafy madman closer to home seeking to foment the resulting chaos) were simply to drill a hole deep into the ground and detonate a single nuclear device at the peak of the oil and gas dome beneath Iraq. This dome is the same dome which supplies the entire Caspian region with the trillion dollar reserves. Several catastrophies would result. One is that there would be the radiation of the oil that would render it unusable, an act that would cause the engine of the world to halt -- not a temporary halt as represented by the war, itself, but a permanent halt. The world would be thrown back technologically hundreds of years. No more transportation, no more electricity (in many regions), and no more heated buildings. Please obey the no smoking light and make certain your seat belts are securely fastened.

Just as bad, the oil fires set by Saddam in Kuwait as he pulled out would be nothing compared to the oil fire this would start. There is a chance that the entire world would be engulfed quickly with a dense black cloud that would send temperatures plummeting, kill vegetation and wildlife, and threaten the health of humans in serious ways. It could approach the same cataclysmic proportions as a nuclear winter, essentially destroying all life on earth, but I suspect it will not be quite that severe. But what it will do is create something called 'the lake of fires' which is described in the end time prophecies -- that place where Satan will be cast when Christ returns to earth. How appropriate.

Well, now I have gone about as far as I can in terms of scaring the kiddies. Actually, there are any number of catastrophic results for the various wars if even one nuclear device is used by any party, anywhere, at any time. It will surely cause an escalation that will not bode well for all of us, regardless of how far away on the map it might be. But it worries me that part and parcel of all of this, (the next layer) is the making way for the New World Order. For select countries in the modern world, most notably the United States, this will mean a complete reversal of political, social, and economic circumstances will be necessary. I fear that one means will be to use 'terrorism' in a major way here in the US. Thus the use of weapons of mass destruction on US soil is certainly on the horizon; a given eventuality awaiting only the right moment in time.

The resulting chaos, especially if coupled with a world wide collapse of energy and transportation, will mean suspension of the Constitution and declaration of martial law. The US will be divided from its rule of law, and will become a conquered military dictatorship where dissent and public expression of beliefs will not be tolerated. This is very likely where the UN peacekeeper scenario mentioned earlier would be used. A small but important part of this time will likely be civil unrest which is either real or fomented by agent provocateurs or even pretenders for the purpose. Militia groups, and especially religious groups, will be villainized and blamed for a wide variety of violent atrocities, and that will justify actions which would never be dreamed of under any other circumstance. Door to door searches and seizures, mass arrests and detention camps, even executions by the hundreds of thousands, and a clampdown on religious freedoms. The words constitution and church will become dirty words. Well wash my mouth out with soap...

The final layer will be revealed when things are so bad that that virtually every person on earth screams for help. We will have been divided down to the smallest possible unit - the individual and family, who will have no one but self to rely upon for day to day survival. There will be no food, no water, no fuel, no power, no job, no help, no way. With the churches torn asunder by fighting amongst themselves and attacks from government or from wary non believers, the bulk of humanity will not cry out to God for help, but to man. In that act, we will have been truly conquered. Because one will answer.

His name can be guessed at, and almost any thrown out would make sense to some. Cheney? Bush? The other Bush? Blair, the other, other Bush? All would make good candidates for the job of Antichrist. But likely, it will be someone from Europe, someone whom we do not yet know of, or have little knowledge of here, in America. A fresh face, a fresh hope. And mankind will grasp at and clutch his offer to resolve these terrors for us. He will give us hope, most likely by arranging for a cease fire, and making concrete proposals for a peace settlement and a means of reestablishing a livable world. We will listen. We won't have anything better, to do.

But it will not be universal acceptance. No. There will be factions who refuse to tow his mark. Imagine a European-US-Soviet alignment, an Islamic alignment, and a Chinese alignment. The militaries of these deadly foes are staged in the Middle East and elsewhere, for resuming conflict. The Antichrist will present a solution which at least one of the factions is willing to support, but not one or more of the others will not agree. Thus a deadline will be set, and militaries will ready themselves for a final showdown. The place? Armageddon. On the map, you already know where it is. Most theological and historical experts agree. That place is in the Middle East. It is a place in a land called Israel. Please enjoy the flight.

Or not. Get off the plane. Tell everyone to get out of their seats of complacency and get off the plane. Disembark from MIIM's flight to doom. Boycott BushLaden Airways. Indeed, burn down the terminal, if necessary, or at least march in and block the access ways. Make every traveler aware of the other options. The peace train, for instance. Safer automobiles of sanity. Footpaths of righteousness. Bicycles of freedom. These are our choices. Each of us has a voice, hands, and legs. What we do with them is ours to decide, at least at the moment. Thus the most powerful force in the universe at this point in time lies within you, the individual.

It may be God's will that the end times are upon us, in which case it matters little in terms of the historical outcome whether you act, or not. But I assure you that just one person can put off doomsday. Recall that in the Book of Genesis, Chapter 18, one man bargained with God to put off the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah for the sake of any righteous that might remain there. When it was found that there was one righteous man, there, the destruction was put off until Lot and his family could be safely taken away. As long as man has the power of free will, the outcome is in question, the time table in doubt -- at least to mankind. God knows the true time of the end, but we do not. It is our responsibility to Him and to our selves and our families and our nations that we act as if it not yet the appointed time, which means we must get off the plane. Like Lot, we must attempt to drag as many people along with us as we can get to listen. Oh, yeah... and don't look back, just in case...

There is yet one more reason to do so. We cannot ourselves be counted as righteous if we do not. If we are not part of the solution, then we are part of the problem. If we allow evil to win, we aid it with our silence, and are thus silent partners in its dark deeds. We sin by omission in the act. No. We must stand and fight the will of the powers of principalities and kingdoms with the free will of man united under the divine will of God. We must consider all those around us as potential converts. Converts in politics, yes, but also, in faith. This is a wonderful time for the Christian, especially, to motivate the unsaved to hear God's word. It is a wonderful time to illustrate to the Islam and the Jew that we all have the same God, the God of Abraham. It is a wonderful time to win souls and stop the division between us. We must instead divide men from temptation to remain under the control of MIIM's oppressively heavy veil of complacency, and conquer the very force of sin which has so entrapped them.

The benefit of this act counts to our own individual righteousness, and makes us Saintly in God's eyes. We thus stand in his mantle at the appointed time, especially if it be the morrow. And if we... no... If YOU are successful in this effort, you gain allies, one at a time, and they in turn do the same. Soon enough the division of the hearts of men and women across the nation will allow the evil that men do in high places to itself be conquered. The end times can be aborted. Please check your tickets. Is this the flight you had planned to take? or would you rather become a NOILWARRIOR!

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