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     Issue # 2 (first 12 issues) 

Volume 2000

 Issue # 1 (B&W):

     Live Talk shows for The Paranoid 
          (Can they control what we hear?) 
          Discusses strange happenings to 
          radio show hosts, listeners, and 
          guests while on the air
     Flight 800 Revisited 
     Getting Help
          A collection of reader problems 
          and solutions applied

          Tidbits you wonít find in Media 
     History Revisited
          Review of Watergate and JFK ties

Issue # 2 (Switch to color): 

     Never Say Conspiracy
          Dealing with unbelievers
     Living With The Enemy 
          How to be calm under attack
     Getting Help 

          Some general advice
     History Revisited 
          CIA caused crash of Flight 553, 
          Watergate ties

Issue # 3 (lots of pictures): 

     FBI - Orwell's Big Brother 
          Carnivore and other privacy issues
     Digital Angel
          A look at bio-implants
     Low Cost Bug & EMF Detection 
     Getting Help 
          Look at ìDoggingî harassment
     History Revisited 
          Glomar Explorer, CIAís private 
          nuclear arsenal

Issue # 4 (largest issue to date): 

     Bush Favorite Family of NWO 
          Some things not mentioned in 
          the election ads
     Mind Control, Real or Imagined? 
          Looking at two sides of the same 
          coin is a matter of perspective
     Mind Control Countermeasures 
          Some basic defensive tactics 
          anyone can apply
     Illuminati, Satanic prophecy & JFK
     E-mail Interception 
     Oklahoma City Revisited 

Volume 2001

Issue # 1 (PCT Issue FREE SAMPLE

     Past & Predictions (an introduction) 
     NWO Terminology Primer 
     Political Control Technology 
          250 terms and definitions of
          real world technology
     Military-Police State in Action 
          Posse Commitatus violations
     Something Odd About McVeigh 

Issue # 2: 

     Official Formula For Cover Up
     OKC Blast Felt in Arkansas? 
     Flight 800 Tampering Unravels 
     Privacy Issues: The Phone 
     Free Speech Issues: Web Blocks 
     Political Control Technology Update 
     Help! Help! On Getting Same.

Issue #  3: (WTC Memorial Issue)

     Terrorism: The Ultimate Cult 
          A fresh look at the enemy
     Who Benefits From Terrorism? 
     The Homeland Security Agency
     Prior Knowledge: War is about oil
     Preparing For War, The Price...
          Much more than money and blood 
     Mind Control at the Front Lines
          Command Solo, USAF Technology
     Beyond The Dark Horizon
          Act II and Act III may be worse
     The Wisdom of Silence
          A cease fire for the duration of war
     The Flag Talks to US Every Day 
          Wisdom of the Red White & Blue
     The GOG and MAGOG Factor
          A whole new Revelation(s)
     Wanted, Dead or Alive?

Issue # 3 and a half (EXTRA! Edition)
     Includes unusual WTC info.

     Blood Relation Ties: CIA & Taliban
          CIA Director's Family Married to 
          Taliban Official 
     New Hint at Prior Knowledge
          FBI Raids 500 Arab Web Sites 5 
          days before air attack 
     Phony Evidence Builds Case for 
          Reichstag Fire Scenario
          Natch - the FBI is involved
     More News Stories Tie War to Oil
     Twelve Building Blocks of Truth 
     Bush Family Ties to War Crimes
          Nazi War Profiteers Caught 
     NOILWAR Declared (No OIL WAR!)
          Noilwarriors wanted! 
     Disturbing Tidbits of Intelligence
          Bothersome news is not very loud
     Gog and Magog Revisited
          A view from symbology's aspect

Issue # 4: 

     Defining Fascism - a Primer 
          The 33 Axioms of Fascism
     DSST - New Form of Terrorism
     Anthrax is Spelled ëD-S-S-Tí
     Political Control Technology Update
     Military-Police State in Action Update
     Additional Fascist Events

Volume 2002

Issue # 1:

     Modern Problems: Coping in an 
          Insane Workplace
               US whistleblower and terrorist 
               policies may be one and the 
               same smoke and mirrors
     Whistleblowing: How Not To 
          2 Case Studies: Fall Guy & Gal 
          4 Studies: Military & Cop 
          2 Studies: Embezzlers
          2 Studies: Terrorist Bomb Permits 
    Focus on Treason: Flight Schools
    Self Defense & the Triple Threat 

Issue # 2:

     Bioimplants in Your Future? 
     Defending Against NLW 
     On The Voice of God 
     More PCT NLW Weapons
     DOD Tests Bioweapons on Troops
     When Is Armed Revolt Proper? 

Issue # 3: (Switch to horizontal page)

     Profiling is Tyranny 
     Legal Computer Hacks? 
     Gun Legislation Effort Backfires 
     PCT Weapon Update
     FBI Refuses Terrorism Infiltration
     DODís Paranormal Files 
     Terrorism: The Big Bang Theory 
     What is Homeland Security? 

Issue # 4

     Who/What is MIIM? 
     History of the Saudi Elite 
     History of the Bush Dynasty 
     Terrorism as a Grown Culture 
     Kissinger is spelled W A R R E N
     PCT Update: Microwave War
     Where Next?  T.I.A.S.

Volume 2003

Issue # 1:

     A Treasonous Government?
     Rumsfeldís Mutant Soldiers 
     Wisdoms of Perle 
            Architect of Armageddon
     Today Iraq, Tomorrow, Arabia
           War plans from 1996
     Bush Still Trying to Slip in a Fix
     The Dissecting of MIIM 
           Connect the dots for NWO
     PCT Update 
     The Foreign Media View

Issue # 2:

     A The Fascists are Coming!
     Rumors of My Death Justified?
     How to War With the NWO
     Today Defining Fascism, a Primer
     Media Hysteria Not Accidental
     The A Poem on Mind Control 
     Free Personal Safety Video 

Issue # 3:

     In Search of Rosetta
     Revisiting Northwoods
     New South Tower Mystery
     Government Uses Antiterrorism
           Laws on Activists
     Fingerprints for Food Program
     TIAS is Dead! Long Live TIAS! 
     Dramatic PCT Video Captured 

Issue # 4:

     A Rosetta in Spades!
     My Story Told: 1st Rosetta
     Your Story Told: 2nd Rosetta
     Terrorism: Rosetta Set
     Predicting The Future via Rosetta
     Planing for Future via Rosetta 
     RFID Taking Over the World! 
     Dramatic Implant X-Ray 
     History of Implants Revealed! 

Volume 2004

Issue # 1:

     The NLW Frame of Mind
     Stunning NLW Update! 
     Post Office Vs. Terrorism 
     Oil and Automotive Exit Strategies
     Tom Ridge: CIA Assassin?
     New Cell Phone Security Angles 
     Book Review: The Mind Keepers 

Issue # 2:

     Fascism Virus Grows Fast
     33 Axioms of Fascism (Repeat)
     New South Tower Mystery
     Government Uses Antiterrorism
           Laws on Activists
     Fingerprints for Food Program
     TIAS is Dead! Long Live TIAS! 
     Dramatic PCT Video Captured 
     PCT Update: Bioimplant Detection
     Following Fascist Money
     The Police State at Work
     Fascist Batons: Election Predictions

Issue # 3:

     The Growing PCT Arsenal
     The Fear Politik Strategik

Issue # 4:

     The Dawn of THX1138
     Tasers Update
     Papers Please!
     Military Draft Returns
     CIA/FBI Targets Media
     HAARP Earthwar Declared?;
     Trans-Humanism and Scientism;

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(Above) From Vol 2001 Issue #1  on Techno Fascism and the NWO Military Police State
(This issue is available FREE for the asking)

(Below) From Vol 2000 Issue #3 on Self Protection and Threats

(Above) From Vol 2000 Issue #3 on Self Protection and Threats

(Below) From Vol 2001 Issue #2 on OKC & Flight 800 Revelations

(Above) From Vol 2001 Issue #2 on OKC & Flight 800 Revelations

(Below) From Vol 2000 Issue #4 on NWO and Mind Control

(Above) From Vol 2000 Issue #4 on NWO and Mind Control

(Below) From Vol 2002 Issue #4 (2 pages) on Terrorism Ties Between Bush, Saudi Elite, and MIIM (Featuring new Horizontal Page Format)

(Above) From Vol 2002 Issue #4 (2 pages)
on Terrorism Ties Between Bush, Saudi Elite, and MIIM (Below) From Vol. 2003 Issue #1 on PCT Surveillance Tech

PCT update
PCT update

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