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In this article, you will learn...
    That George Bush has twice tried to fix the 911 Commission by placing people he can trust to find a 'magic bullet'
    The reasons his first pick, Henry Kissenger, is not acceptible
    The reasons his sedond pick, Tom Kean, is also not acceptible
    The history of the Bush family as it relates to the Warren Commission, 911, Iran Contra, and other crimes
    That other members of the Commission are also illustrative of a Warren-style cover up
    An overview of conflicts of interest involving these crimes, Middle East oil deals, and even 911 related events

Well thank you, President Bush, for acknowledging that We, The People, have found so many things wrong with governmentís story about 911 that we need an independent investigation. Massive intelligence failure, or complicity in 911 by the military intelligence complex -- either way, we need and deserve to know the truth. The mere impression of improper financial relationships between you and virtually every key person in your Administration, or actual profiteering on mass murder -- we demand to know the truth. Thank you, again.

But no thank you, Mr. President, for your intention to name Dr. Henry Kissinger to such a commission (since withdrawn.) This is clear evidence the independent investigation (was) intended by you and your friends in high places to squash the truth, and is yet one more clue that you yourself are as guilty as the ever growing string of facts imply.

We do not need another rigged Warren Commission investigation. We do not need another Arlan Spectre ëmagic bulletí explanation like the one used to keep people from finding out about your father. We do not need Rockefellerís buddy to conduct another white wash investigation like the Rockefeller Commission on Assassinations which also shielded your father. If you donít know what I mean, I will explain, herein.

We need the United States Government to conduct itself under the rule of law established by the US Constitution, and similarly, to govern We, The People, under that document and the Bill of Rights. Liars and thieves cannot do it. Nor can war criminals like Kissinger who stand accused by other nations of crimes against humanity involving mass murder, for what would be their motive for condemning others for what they themselves are accused of?

Hogwash will not serve, and will not be tolerated. Nor will we allow you to continue to abrogate our rights in usurped powers under the guise of protecting us from terrorism.

The public record now clearly shows us that the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of JFK was planned and created from the start to find for the ëlone gunmaní theory in hopes of avoiding a war with Russia. That presupposition was used as a weapon to frighten them into finding no reason to examine the facts, facts they were led into believing would point to Russian complicity, but which instead would point to the CIA and your father. The tactic was based on deliberate lies. That is fact, not supposition, and virtually every citizen of this country knows it, save Dan Rather and friends, who only know and believe official government statements, with no possibilities in-between, all else nicely categorized as conspiracy ëtheory.í Such as they will never be confused by facts, because their mind has been made up for them in Mockingbird fashion.

The record clearly shows that that Russian fear was artificially instilled into the Warren Commission, and for the matter, into Lyndon Johnsonís thinking by CIA. This was the start of a marvelous set of very convenient (for your family) historical circumstances which we are supposed to believe were mere random and natural happenstance...

Evidence clearly tells us that CIA was part and parcel of the assassination plot and the cover up. It clearly implicates your own father in that assassination, as well as Richard Helms,who worked at command levels with your father in Houston, Miami, and Langley -- if we are to believe Mark Lane and CIAís own firsthand witnesses, Marita Lorenz, and E. Howard Hunt. You can learn more about that, in case you donít have access to the closet with the family skeletons, at <>

Good thing for the Agency that Lyndon was intimidated enough that he also assigned Helms to head CIA, making it easy for CIA to insure their role in the assassination would not come to light. How did they manage? Convenient happenstance, no doubt. How convenient for CIA and your father, for instance, that Gerald Ford was appointed to the Commission that he could feed secret Commission dialogs to the intelligence community -- that they could better frame evidence presented to the Commission towards finding the preferred lie and explaining it with a magic bullet.

How marvelous that Operation Mockingbird had coincidentally placed Walter Cronkite (among others,) a former intelligence officer in Media service to insure we bought it hook, line, and sinker. Well, that was how it looked, anyway. No one really bought it except MIIMís media, but media itself never reported that, but instead insists (to this day) that only ëconspiracy theoristsí doubt it. If that be true, Mr. Bush, that also means that 280 million conspiracy theorists do not believe in Cronkite, or in you. Remember that when it comes time to be reelected. Shame on you for fooling me with chads, once, shame on me if you do it again.

How appropriate that Jerry would be coincidentally rewarded for his part in that conspiracy to obstruct justice; CIA handing him the White House by politically assassinating both Vice President Spiro Agnew and his boss, Richard Nixon, with a little magic by the White House Plumbers -- that same Bay of Pigs Crowd that worked for your Dad and were sent to Dallas with guns and bullets for a President. Perhaps we should review the speculation on the identity of Deep Throat once more, because Iím starting to wonder if it wasnít your father.

How very fitting, then, that Ford should coincidentally, in turn, pardon Nixon and prevent any subsequent investigation that might have revealed the truth behind Watergate, and CIAís true role in it -- perhaps to include your father. He also appointed Helms to direct CIA to help keep the secrets safe. But that was not his only work for CIA.

Jerry next coincidentally sent Helms to Iran as Ambassador in time for staging of the fall of the Shah and the crisis that would evolve into Iran-Contra... while Jerry also coincidentally appointed your father to replace Helms as head of CIA. From there he could work with your familyís Arabic elite friends (the Mahfouz, bin Laden, and Faisals) to help establish the intricate money laundering conduits of BCCI, et. al, that have become so prominent in terrorism, today, and which was so key to Iran Contra.  Letís not forget the S&L failure and its ties to these matters. Oh, the fortunes coincidentally made...

Of course, your father would get the greatest reward of all for his part in these various crimes. First as head of CIA, then as Vice President, and then as President. From there, of course, your own luck took quite a turn for the better -- with the repeated help of the bin Laden, Mahfouz, and Faisals. Like father, like son?

But first, there was the leadership stint at Eli Lilly at the time when the firm was developing psychotropic drugs which just happened to be a favorite commodity in every CIA mind control project from mass shooters to manchurian candidates to Delta warriors to mass suicide cults. But your dad knew nothing of that, did he?

Of course, some of the key people at Lilly under your father have gone on to firms involved with your Arabic elite friends and tied to frozen bin Laden funds and terrorist money... where it suspiciously looks like a CIA proprietary (looks like, walks like, talks like) involved in the field of Anthrax either from the production side, the medical treatment side, or both. But I digress. I tend to do that when the trails of guilt lead off in so many directions.

And when we come to you and your own history with the Arabic elites, we find the many ties to CIA and their efforts on behalf of your familyís oil industry friends to get a pipeline into Afghanistan. I am especially concerned at your stint as head of Caterair at a time when that firm employed one of the 911 hijackers, especially in light of the fact that both 911 airlines were served by the current Caterair entity, SkyChefs. Doubly so that there is no evidence that the 911 hijackers named by FBI were actually on the planes. Not even the passenger lists will be released by FBI because of problems in demonstrating that fact. No wonder we want to have an independent investigation. But we will not accept Kissinger as one to do it. He is a another Warren, only more so:

Kissinger is most often called ëRockefellerís protégé.í Indeed, the ties are deep, as deep as Rockefellerís ties to the oil industry that is to benefit from 911 and the war in Iraq (and future oilwars to come.) But there are other ties. Kissinger, like Rockefeller and your family, is tied to the intelligence community time and time again, having worked closely with just about all the power players, most of whom are Skull and Bonesmen, like you and your father, and his father before him. The family that spends time in a coffin, together, lies together -- in all the meanings of the word.

The ties of S&B to Masonic, Satanic, and Fascist NWO thinking fit perfectly well with the fact that Kissinger, like most of the NWO elite crowd, is a card carrying members in the NWO round table groups (such as the Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, and the Council on Foreign Relations) and frequents the Bohemian Grove for wild Satanic rituals. These men, and dare we presume it, you and your father, like most of his CIA predecessors, all believe in the same principles of eugenics, that mad belief that racial superiority espoused by Hitler is a valid concept, and as result, there are approximately 3 billion too many people on this planet, and that they must somehow go.

In so many matters representing political bumps in the night (national and international) Kissinger was always in the background, but never a background player. You name the crime or fiasco, and Kissinger was somewhere within it. See <http:// www.trialofhenrykissinger. org>) He started as a spy for the Soviets targeting US Military Intelligence (see Henry Kissinger, Soviet Agent, by Frank Capell) as reported by a top defecting Soviet officer who exposed several KGB spy operatives in exchange for protection.

It was Kissinger who was central in the widening of the Vietnam war (bombing in Cambodia) and the unsatisfying close of that war (the only war we ever lost -- and to a bunch of youngsters wearing pajamas.) Part and parcel of that was negotiations for hundreds of American POWs -- and the subsequent abandoning of them in a secret deal arranged through Kissinger, scuttling the effort in order to get a fast peace accord and help Nixon get elected.

It was Kissinger who helped engineer the bloody overthrow of the Chilean government by the murderous Pinochet, resulting in over 3,000 murders of citizens. This event, by they way was also on Sept. 11, but some 27 years earlier, in 1973. But by then, Dr. Kissinger was no stranger to arranging mass murder. Earlier, in 1971, he was busy helping to keep quiet the U.S. support (arms) for the overthrow of the government of Bangladesh (we only heard about the famine.) Over 500,000 civilians died -- not from famine, but from U.S. guns and bullets. And again, in 1975, within hours of a meeting between Indonesian strong man Suharto and the Ford/Kissinger delegation, Suharto felt encouraged by the U.S. position enough to launch an invasion of East Timor which killed 200,000 civilians. Shades of Saddam and Kuwait!

But most telling of all, perhaps, is that Henry Kissinger gave a speech at the 1992 Bilderberger meeting which foretells of NWO plots yet to hatch. It explains 911 as a mere stepping stone event towards a total police state, one where the average citizen will become ëenemy of the stateí and require an extraordinary response; suspension of the Constitution and declaration of Martial Law. It suggests that even American casualties are found acceptable.
It explains why Revolution in Military Affairs is so preoccupied with electronic weapons of political control technology, to include psychotronic weapons. It likewise explains their emphasis on joint training exercises with police, foreign military and intelligence units, and UN forces in MOUT centers which are mock ups of American cities, where they practice door to door and roadblock search-and-seizure operations in violation of the Posse Commitatus Act.

At that meeting shortly after the Los Angeles riots, Kissinger said  "Today Americans would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful.î While that is scarry enough, listen to the rest of it:

ìThis is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government."

This speech was supposed to have been delivered in secret, because all Bilderberger meetings are secret, despite the fact that mediaís most powerful management figures and even TV anchors and reporters are members in attendance. However, there are also moles within the Bilderbergers who have been smuggling bits of the truth out for nearly a decade or more. More than once this individual has feared for his life.

Such quotes tell us what the agenda is of the Bilderbergers, and reveals their methods. It implies foreknowledge of 911 (or similar dire circumstance) and the perceived need on their part for ësome external sourceí to ëcreate fearí in America. Thus, if Kissinger is given a chance, any report on 911 bearing his signature will undoubtedly serve that end. It clearly also serves your needs, Mr. Bush. Take Kissinger and shove him.

Heís a good brown noser, so he will be used to it. For me, I repeat: Donít tread on me!

Bush Still Trying to Slip in ëThe Fixí

No thanks to Mr. Bush for his pick, Henry Kissinger, to head the formal 911 investigation to answer your questions and mine about what really happened that day. The only problem was, Kissinger was a ringer, himself judged a terrorist and wanted elsewhere in the world for crimes against humanity. Not to mention the fact that he was, like the Bush clan, a Rockefeller darling from the same original New World Order movement as George and Georgie.

For only the second time, the voice of We, The People, had been heard. The first was when we wouldnít let George go to war with Iraq right away under the argument he was responsible for terrorism. No proof, we said, and we were right. Media, in both examples, could not hold us back, and in the end, had to come up with another excuse to get Hussein. It was that way with the 911 commission, too -- George had to renege on his offer to Rockefeller because the outcry was too great. So, he picked someone else for us.

This time he picked someone who seemed totally bland and essentially unknown to most Americans, unless they live in the Northwest corner of the country. I speak of former New Jersey Governor, Tom Kean -- otherwise known to the rest of us as ëTom who?í His outward credentials, those pointedly focused upon in media review of his appointment, would make him seem a great choice, one designed to placate criticism of the White House and allay suspicions that another whitewash Warren Commission was in the works. Letís meet Tom Kean, and see...

To start with, Kean is a Director of Aramark, an airline service related firm with significant business ties to Saudi Arabia. Services include flight uniforms, catering, and entertainment, and give their staff access to flights while on the ground. This is exactly the kind of Business George Bush himself was involved in when he ran Caterair, which failed under his 'leadership' and was absorbed by LSG SkyChefs, who handled both United and American planes on 911, and which employed one of the 911 terrorists while George Bush ran the company some years before his Presidency. Caterair, in turn, was a Carlyle company, the holding company associated with names like Bush I and Mahfouz -- which is making a fortune off of Homeland Security and wars in the Middle East as virtually all of its companies are defense industry and oil industry related. But Kean also is no stranger to the heady world of oil deals.

Kean is also a Director for Amerada Hess, an oil company very involved in Caspian region oil deals involving partnerships with Delta Oil, Saudi Arabiaís state owned petroleum company, Again, we find Kahlid bin Mahfouz as co partners. He and other Delta principles have been under FBI investigation for terrorist funding since before 911, investigations repeatedly blocked by the White House. Recall that Mahfouz, bin Ladenís Brother-in Law, is also a principle investor (along with the bin Laden family) in both Bush I and II firms, as well as CIA proprietaries, as mentioned in earlier newsletters. Mahfouz was finally put under ëhouse arrestí when it was concretely learned his ties to Islamic charities funding bin Laden were more than superficial. Indeed, it seems that Mahfouz money was directly involved in the USS Cole bombing. Thus Kean is doing business with relatives of bin Laden. That sums it up - either Kean must resign, or we know concretely a cover up is under way.

Others associated with Hess oil concerns include former CIA Director John Deutch and Bush croney, Lloyd Bentson. This may account for the fact that Amerada Hess was also involved with the BCCI scandal, itself part and parcel of Iran-Contra, both Bush-CIA ventures. We also cannot forget that Bush now has Kean playing a significant role in managment of Homeland Security, which was itself established as a concept for development exactly two years to the day before 911, on Sept. 11, 1999. Mr. Kean thus might actually be a good person to put on the commission, if we were to presume he could answer just how it was that the Department of Defense, the CIA, and the White House knew in 1999 they would need Homeland Security exactly two years later.

Thus, those of us calling for an independent investigation of 911 as having to do with oil, and especially those of us who fear that the 911 aircraft were not merely hijacked by suicide pilots (Global Hawk theory,) have reason to doubt Kean will be as objective as media paints him. After all, he is personally profiting from the wars and subsequent pipelines, and is a part of the Bush-Laden business investment circle at the outer edges. Just another good olí boy. Prepare for another Warren Commission.

For more information on Kean, visit <> which is an article written for the Centre for Research on Globalization by Professor Michael Chossudovsky (University of Ottawa), author of War and  Globalization, The Truth behind September 11. For more on his excellent book, visit <http://global>

Other Commission Members Also Illustrate the Fix is In

George Mitchell.

Former Senate Majority Leader Mitchell was first appointed by George Bush to the Commission but he quickly had to resign over undisclosed conflicts of interest. He is a member of Rockefellerís New World Order group, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), just as was Henry Kissinger. The CFR virtually dictates US policy through its infectious presence in high places. It was the CFR which first publicly began to talk about Caspian oil reserves as being critical to control of Eurasia and world dominance, and the need to have a pipeline in Afghanistan to serve those riches, as well as a need to find a way to resolve the Taliban fostered civil war or eliminate the Taliban in order to enable such a project.

The undisclosed nature of Mitchell's potential for conflict of interest may be because Mitchell is a lawyer for the firm that both represents questionable clients and has questionable partners, with respect to the matter at hand. Clients include AOL Time Warner, a CIA Mockingbird enterprise; prime Global Hawk contractor, Raytheon; major Global Hawk contractor, Lockheed Martin; and General Electric, maker of the engines for Boeing's fleet of commercial jets, such as the four aircraft that crashed on 911. For those who study the Global Hawk theory on 911, it is important to remember that of the unusual number of passengers having something to do with Global Hawk who died aboard those planes, two were propulsion engineers for Boeing and one was a General Electric employee. The significance? Modifications for Global Hawk would require engine adaptations. For more information, visit <> which shows the relevancy and workings of Global Hawk.

Mitchell's law firm partners include Bush crony Lloyd Bentsen, a man with considerable experience in saving Bush bacon in various questionable political and business deals gone awry. Next, we learn Mitchell was involved in Caspian oil deals which may, upon closer scrutiny, have ties to the Afghanistan pipeline projects which are the prize for going after bin Laden and the Taliban. Mitchell also happened to be the one selected to administer Red Cross distributions to 911 victims/survivors. This will sound familiar once you get to the bottom of the list, because it appears that Bush is trying to buy the confidence and support of the 911 victim survivors in and for the commission in order to give it more legitimacy.

Lee Hamilton

Was appointed by George Bush to replace George Mitchell. He is not only a CFR member, but also, a Director for the Woodrow Wilson International Center, another New World Order group with Rockefeller ties. Hamilton is very much in bed with the intelligence community, having served in the House Select Intelligence Committee. He chaired the Senate investigation into Iran Contra, which I assert is very tied to 911. This was its own Warren-style ëinvestigation,í one which failed, beyond lip service, to follow the leads to the Bush family, and one Jackson Stephens.

Iran Contra is key to 911, in my opinion. The Florida flight schools seem clearly tied to CIA and Iran Contra, itself a CIA operation undertaken within the shadows of the first Bush through his ties to CIA as Director of CIA, as Vice President, and as member of the National Security Council. At least one of the schools was funded with money from CIA established Iran Contra funding conduits which also happened to have ties to bin Laden and Mahfouz, the Arab elite families so fond of investing in Bush businesses and Bush-sponsored CIA proprietaries. Both schools were started by Dutch (Holland) nationals, and it that was where CIA set up air service operations for the Eurasian side of Iran Contra. Some of the staff at the schools were pilots and maintenance people from CIA's Iran Contra operations, and even some of the aircraft, by serial number were used in Iran Contra. More on that, later, as another of the Commission members is directly linked with that event.

Jamie Gorelick

She is also a CFR member, and in bed with the intelligence community. Mostly, these ties stem from the Justice Department, save powerful positions along side of CIA Director George Tenet on the Intelligence Community Law Enforcement Policy Board and Clintonís Central Intelligence National Security Advisory Panel. She was involved earlier as a lawyer defending BCCI and Jackson Stephens (and the subsequent ties to Iran Contra), working along side of CIA lawyers and Hillary Rodham.

More to the point, Jamie Gorelick, while Dep. Attorney General of the United States was involved in the Flight 800 cover up, making statements on behalf of Justice Department, intended to support government's explosives tests which were rigged to yield desired conclusions, so she has experience in exactly how to suppress the truth. In that case, the truth was the shoot down of a civilian jet by NATO forces engaged in a military war game with American units. Go to <> for more details. She also happened to have a role in determining the 'punishment' (censure) met out to Federal agents for their murders at Ruby Ridge, and worked for Janet Reno to suppress the evidence of Federal wrongdoing at Waco. A real pro at bacon saving through disinformation.

Richard Ben-Veniste

A power broker attorney in the D.C. area, Richard is directly connected to 911 this way: He served on the Senate Whitewater investigation where he blocked efforts to investigate the Lippo Group run by Truman Arnold. He actually then separately represented Arnold against Ken Starís investigation. This whole affair had ties to CIA drug running in Mena, Iran Contra, and political influences by Red China. Thus the same Bush-Stephens crowd stood to loose if a proper investigation would have exposed their roles more fully. But there are more direct ties between Ben-Veniste and 911, ties which are extremely important because they again show the ties between Iran Contra and 911.

Turns out that Ben-Veniste's client, Truman Arnold, supplied a $2M airplane to Wally Hilliard for $1 so that he could better start one of the two Florida flight schools that taught the 911 terrorists. These, we now know, were CIA operations. Also, Ben-Veniste represented Barry Seal, Iran Contra drug smuggler, and thus again, one more person on the Commission has served to protect the Bush family and Jackson Stephens from embarrassment. Richard himself once slipped in that role, however, having told a reporter that he "introduced Barry Seal to George Bush, who embraced him as an undercover operative." That statement is extremely revealing in summary fashion to the entire theme of 911 ties to Iran Contra and to Bush.

The airplane is important for another reason, thanks to the handiwork of investigative author Daniel Hopsicker. It is known that at least one of the airplanes used by the Florida Flight schools was also used by several Florida-based airlines, themselves likely CIA proprietaries. This, in turn, leads us to the discovery that one of the planes was indeed used recently to smuggle drugs into the US, seized by the DEA, and then miraculously returned quietly to the owner -- completely contrary to DEA procedural policy. Further, that exact plane turns out to be one used by Governor Jeb Bush and his Attorney General, Katherine Harris, now Senator Harris. Both had made promotional statements on behalf of the airline involved despite the fact that the airlines had no certificates for passenger service, and had never sold a single ticket to a passenger.

Fred Fielding

Here is another name from Watergate. Fielding worked under John Dean and handled Howard Hunt's safe in the Nixon White House, both crucial parts of the 'rifle' used in the political assassination of Richard Nixon. This is important because the assassination was staged by the same Bay of Pigs team (including Howard Hunt and the Watergate burglars, all CIA agents or cuban recruits of BOP). CIA agent Marita Lorenz testified under oath that these same (Watergate/Bay of Pigs) CIA operatives were responsible for the assassination of John Kennedy. Lawyer Mark Lane, author of Plausible Denial, points out that the Bay of Pigs group was likely being run by the CIA Head of Assassinations for South America at the time, one George Herbert Walker Bush.

Later, Fielding was brought into the Reagan-Bush White House to represent Reagan. While there, Fielding worked with Dick Cheney and others regarding a questionable investment in a Dutch company, which may have ties to 911 if investigated further. The 911 flight schools in Florida were started by Dutch nationals who likely have direct ties to Iran Contra, which also operated out of Holland. Thus we have yet another person with experience in protecting the Bush bacon as well as helping to set up what might possibly be related to the first seeds of 911 infrastructure. Fielding is also said to be a member of the Knights of Malta, a secret Masonic lodge most often associated with the intelligence community and the New World Order - with members such as Bill Donovan (OSS, then CIA), Reinhard Gehlen (Nazi spy ring, then CIA), William Casey (CIA) and the original George Bush (CIA).

Jim Thompson

A former governor of Illinois, he is currently a lawyer. Author and investigator Sherman Skolnick says that while Governor, Thompson was indicted for working with CIA and banking institutions to smuggle in tons of heroin into the U.S. through Illinois airports. This is an exact 'replay' of the Clinton-Mena/Barry Seal situation in Arkansas. No one has yet tied Bush or Iran Contra or even BCCI to the Illinois deal, but both clearly involved clandestine CIA ops of identical nature and time frame, otherwise -- and almost always mentioned together in the same paragraph in accounts on the matter. Thus, Thompson represents a kind of 'defacto' Iran Contra player.

John Lehman

A low-key New World Order lynchpin, of sorts. He is extremely well connected as a power player in the financial industry and firms doing government work, some as defense contractors. He served as Secretary of the Navy in the Reagan Bush years, and was a senior staff member to Henry Kissinger on the National Security Council under Nixon. He and his family are involved in the same circles of influence in Texas as were the Bushes, in the same time frames. There are ties going all the way back to Dallas in 1963, in fact, and like the Bush family, ties to the intelligence communities  of the US as well as Europe. Most interesting, perhaps are ties to Boeing and Lockheed, Global Hawk contractors. Several Lehman family members have been described as working for Boeing and Lockheed, but the more proper term may be 'lobbying.'

Lehman, while serving Navy interests, was also a central player to hushing up exposure of a Navy RSA (Ritual Sexual Abuse) ring involving high security clearance personnel. For the intitiate in the world or RSA, it is part and parcel of mind control technology used by CIA and the military to create super agents, also known more popularly as Manchurian Candidates. For more information on this topic, see <> or read my book, MC Realities. The military is apparantly rife with such problems, the most famous and least hushed up involving Army Intelligence Officer and mind control expert Michael Aquino, also an avowed Satanist. RSA is also known as Ritual Satanic Abuse, and stems from the sexual rites of spiritual possession used by worshipers of Baphomet going all the way back to before Christ. This is a key point to remember when discussing Skull and Bones and the Knights of Malta, for all these religions share much in common with respect to their organization, goals, beliefs, and practices. Thus we see Lehman is a good choice for another white wash operation.

Slade Gorton

A Washington State lawyer and former State Senator who served two years on the Senate Intelligence Committee who, by his own admission, owed his advancements in life to Trent Lott.  I don't count that for him, or against him. But there is also this: He is quoted in Media as saying "I doubt we can expect to get too much inside information no matter what we do..." on the question of 911 investigation. Perhaps one reason why he might prefer to so think is that he has close ties with the Boeing company while on the Senate Aviation Subcommittee. Boeing is a Global Hawk contractor and made all four planes that were crashed on 911. Further, Gorton's law firm represents several airlines. If Global Hawk were involved in 911, his statement would represent the desired outcome from the viewpoint of any coconspirators.

Of course, if you asked Gorton, he would tell you that this comment regarded the access to information regarding terrorist activities. This highlights the basic problem in understanding: The purpose of the independent commission is NOT to examine 911 as purely a terrorist operation or even to look at it as an intelligence failure. It is to answer the thousands of mutually supporting facts about 911 that refute the entire notion bin Laden sponsored terrorism in the first place. There are questions about government complicity and Bush family complicity which must be addressed. These are not as inscrutable as might be a terrorist cell. The Noilwar! Web pages illustrate that.

Tim Roemer:

A lame duck Congressman who has been a primary force behind the movement to establish the commission in the first place. Less this be entirely credited to him as good, understand that he is a member of the House Intelligence Committee, and worked hard to get victim/survivor organizations behind the Commission. Thus, it is possible that the goal is to get a rubber stamp of approval from victim/survivors of any Commission magic bullet findings. Such a notion may also be doing him injustice. Given that two Bush appointees are in a position to bring along victim/survivor groups for such endorsements, this seems like a below the belt play, to me. Only time will tell.

Max Cleland

Another lame duck Senator, loved by everyone who knows him, and with an outstanding military record as a war hero (triple amputee from Vietnam war). He has a long list of political firsts as both the youngest to achieve or first Vietnam veteran to achieve various political milestones. The only possible black mark against him may lie in the fact that he headed the Veteran's Administration under Carter, not exactly the sort of thing one views as suspicious. More likely, he is the token 'white guy,' pristene clean and squeaky, useful to promote the Commission in public matters -- say as spokesperson.

Summary of Deciet and Treachery

In summary we find that there are an even dozen names provided by Bush for the 'Independent' Commission (two gone away.) Now there are some very fishy things have been going on in Florida, things the commission should be looking at. But for that to work appropriatly to find the truth, the commission can have no ties to it. These have to do with the flight schools, yes, and these in turn both appear very tied to Iran Contra and, just as peculiar, Global Hawk. The later relationships are revealed in the Israeli art student article, earlier mentioned. Ties to Middle East oil, the intelligence community (all but two), and even to the doings of Bush's Bay of Pigs team in Watergate and JFK assassinations are prevalent. The chart below reveals these ties, double XX for significant ties, triple XXX for multiple ties, and TBD for 'To Be Determined' or suspect relationships.

Appointee Watergate
Iran Contra
Intel Ties
Oil Deals
Kissinger X XX XXX XX
Kean X X XXX X X
Mitchell X X X X XXX
Hamilton XXX XX XX X
Gorelick XXX XX X X
Ben-Veniste XXX XXX XXX X
Fielding X X XXX TBD
Thompson X X X
Lehman X XXX X XXX
Gorton X X
Roemer X
Iran Contra is the Key

For me, the role of Iran Contra is key, and it is telling that not only does George Bush load the commission with Iran Contra players, but also, his Administration. Generally speaking, those who form or participate in a conspiracy, tend to be cemented forever together. One is capable of blackmailing another in a kind of mutually assured pact of silence, and thus, friendships and loyalties based on favors and neccessity are formed. According to a summary offered by Associated Press International, these are the Bush nominees, and they don't include Dick Cheney, who should certainly be in the list save the fact that he was elected, not appointed.

John Poindexter was Reagan-Bush National Security Adviser during Iran-Contra convicted of five felony counts of conspiracy and of lying to Congress. George Bush II rewarded him for helping Daddy Bush out with those lies by giving the retired US Navy Admiral control of the Pentagon's Information Awareness Office. This is a 'Homeland Security' derivative of the 911 attacks which intends to monitor every citizen's every 'transaction' from birth to grave.

Elliott Abrams, former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs pleaded guilty to withholding information from Congress. Abrams was rewarded by Bush as special White House Assistant for Democracy and Human Rights, something which Iran Contra blatantly ignored and worked to destroy.

Otto Reich was accused of operating illegal covert disinformation programs on behalf of Iran Contra. Bush Rewarded him with an appointment in the position held by Abrahms in Iran Contra. Again, the Iran Contra activities contravene the role the position requires. His appointment was overturned by Congress, but Bush then gave him a "recess appointment,'' allowing him to serve for a year, anyway -- and resubmitted his name, once more.

Richard Armitage.  Armitage also lied to Congress in Iran Contra. Bush rewarded him as Deputy Secretary of State, Colin Powell's Number One.

John Negroponte. An Ambassador to Honduras who helped organize Iran Contra operations in the region, Bush appointed him as U.N. ambassador, a position which was blocked by Congress until 911 caused virtually all Bush requests to become Prime Directives. His role in attempting to secure UN approval of the Iraq invasion was extremely important.

Mitch Daniels. He was the Reagan-Bush Political Director who managed political damage control over Iran Contra. Bush rewarded him as Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Media is the Lock

The problem with all of the above is not so much the questionable ties between Commission appointees and the various repeating themes of conflict of interest... it is how Media is remaining perfectly silent to these matters. They are not matters hidden out of the public record, but instead represent exactly the kind of background material that ALL media resources rely upon to RESEARCH and write their stories. These conflicts should have made page one, especially after the proper denunciation of Kissinger as choice for SIMILAR reasons. That media so eagerly criticised Kissinger, but has so silently endorsed Kean and the remaining members, is very telling. It makes clear a strategy and a method.

The strategy was to feed Kissinger to the wolves that we would be grateful for any kindly seeming alternative. Media was the tool by which we both banished the wolf and were led to embrace the alternative. By giving us Kissinger's head on a platter, we were distracted from the remainder as well as his alternative. In the world of disinformation, this is known as the 'strawman' ploy -- you deliberately create a target that is easily knocked down to make yourself look good, and in this case, the remaining Commission members. We poor fools called citizens are not supposed to notice we've been had.

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