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NOTE: UNDER CONSTRUCTION - and repair from hacking and Web sit hijacking. Appears someone has changed details here and there such as dates, perhaps as a tool to discredit. Rely upon the originals cited in links and report variences.

If you have come to this page by link, there is an introduction to the players and other informative  (short)  articles which introduce the time line collected at the NOILWAR! main page. This work was compiled with the help of dozens of NOILWARRIORS! who helped research suitable references. Please consider becoming a NOILWARRIOR! today.

The timeline is constructed in a way which should simplify reader review. The left hand column uses pictograms for quick visual identification by topic, and also includes a 'headline' or teaser line to summarize the value or import of the event -- an attempt to challenge the reader to learn more. The pictograms are reproduced larger when first introduced, which aids in spoting new topical elements. It should be stated that the pictograms do not always neccessarily represent the person shown, but the the person shown represents the person of interest in the time line element. For example, it would be meaningless to most readers to see an image of Osama bin Laden's Grandfather or father -- but when we see Osama's face, we understand it relates to him and his family ties. In like manner, some pictograms, such as for Unocal, sometimes stand in for broader categorical representation -- i.e., the oil industry.

Since the details and significance are at great odds with the picture presented us by government and media, I have tried to indicate appropriate resources, and have attempted to use the same resource as often as possible where multiple resources might exist, to make the reader's follow up as simplified as possible. In some cases, the resources are offered elsewhere in the form of more detailed presentations I have prepared for the purpose, such as the one on Ali Mohamed -- well worth a read. Please do follow the resources and other links, when provided, for a fuller understanding, as well as the references and links found at those destinations. Don't just take my word for it -- I come by any bias against Middle East wars honestly -- born of lies and concealments within media and government PR.

In some cases, the reference listed may be to a dead end link, or not be the only useful reference (just the one deemed most useful). This is most likely because many news organs, especially those who 'sell' their on line access, will rotate Web pages from on-line access into a 'researchers' for fee database. You can only access the page by paying a fee. Not to panic. If that happens, go to There you will find what is the largest collection of complete 911 related events. Paul Thompson has done a marvelous job of collecting and organizing (a very tough task) material into multiple threads, with color coding, and multiple references. He has also taken the time and (massive) Web space to reproduce the entire news article in almost every instance -- under the Fair Use law. By all means, visit his site along with mine, because his analytical commentary (italic texts) sometimes represents alternative views or questions. Indeed, about 20% or more of my time line elements came from review of his site.

The right hand column gives more details to flesh out the headline teaser, an attempt to illustrate the true meaning or questions raised by the event. Where key to understanding, there will be pointers to other related time line events. The time line is broken down into several primary sections to reflect pre and post 911 events, but each event is sequentially numbered to continue through all sections as if one.

What is not in THIS time line are elements which do not provide evidence of prior knowledge or culpability, or events which might seem related to 911 in such a way but which are less tangible, to date. For example, there are approximately a half dozen Enron projects in the Middle East and Caspian - Pakistan/India region, which represent tens of billions of dollars of investments which seem to have gone nowhere, especially since the bankruptcy of Enron. Partners and benefactors in these investments invariable include key governments, oil companies, and elite Saudi. At some point in the future, I believe, it will be possible to show these to be covert funding projects -- that ENRON was largely a CIA front operation intended to fail as a means of obscufication of the money trail. I cannot make that case well, today, however -- not in the time line. A few time line events are included which do not reveal culpability or prior knowledge but which provide important reference points in history -- such as the Afghanistan invasion by the Soviets.

Special Time Line Mysteries and Their Relevance

I further point out one more unique characteristic of the great bulk of events in the time line. The simplest way to illustrate this unique nature is to ask a question: Why is it, that whenever government and media seems blind to any possible conspiracy within government, that virtually EVERY aspect of the facts of the matter RAISE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS and can be seen as problematic, implying wrong doing, or invalidating the official story sold to us in media and by government?  I'm talking about obvious questions media refuses to ask, or asks only in passing without ever answering. It was this way with JFK, and their response was to call us conspiracy theorists for doubting the Magic bullet and lone gunman lies. It was that way with Waco, and the Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah building (which has multiple ties to 911), and with Flight 800, Vince Foster, BCCI, the S&L failures, Whitewater, Mena Arka
s, and so forth. And, there are even ties between 911 and many of those events, as we shall see. That alone should raise huge warning flags.

That partial list of government scandal (mostly the intelligence community) is merely the tip of the iceberg. But nowhere in our flawed American history has the phemomenon been more demonstrable than in 911. Yet media questions not. But given that media is largely owned by the military industrial complex (I call it the military-industrial-intelligence-media complex, or MIIM), that should be expected - AND CHALLENGED at every opportunity. We are talking about the organized and methodical looting and destruction of America while at the same time using disinformation and lies to dumb us down to it. Draw your own conclusions about Operation Mockingbird vs. the truths revealed in international media which are found in the timeline. It seems that many nations know more about the truth of American historical events than do we Americans. Why?  Why does not media report what other nations think about us when it disagrees witht he official line? Because it exposes our Anchors and our Editors as liars, not to mention our politicians. And shades of war on Irag... take a look at the official Congressional Record on lies offered in Congress in order to foment war against Iraq, and what Congress did when those lies were discovered.

Note: For your future research convenience, the small date at page top represents the last date this page was changed on the Web site. I will incorporate such dates in the left-hand column of the timeline so you know when an element was added to the time line or modified. Please feel free to contribute suggested additions that seem verifiable to you, but understand limitations on my resources will impact my ability to review, evaluate, and use them.

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Suggested Pictographic Study Paths:

All reviewers  should pay close attention to the red smoking gun -- proof that the war George Bush screams for with Iraq was planned as early as 1996 - 1997. But the oil Grand Game (international competition for control of the Caspian region) requires such a war be able to go after other regional oil producing states as well, something not possible during the first Gulf War -- no reason at the time suitable for convincing the American public and other nations to go along for the ride beyond Iraq. That is one reason why the war was cut short of going into Baghdad. The terrorism 'wild card' was not yet ready to implement, Osama bin Laden was not yet big enough -- not suitably marketable (see The Marketing of Osama bin Laden and Oil War III) as a threat; George Bush, the oil companies, and the arms industry NEEDED 911.

First time initiates   should first review the Bush family threads. There is a consistent and highly methodical pattern of inpropriety which represents profiteering and abuse of power. Some of the elements have smoking gun qaulity. Next, review the smoking gun time elements and learn why NOILWAR! exits in the first place.

NOILWARRIORS  Look for the Unocal pictogram the mystery Mr. Z and Mr. HK related events. Follow with a review of the Taliban, Osama, and George bush events. This is the fast track to understaning what is discussed in Oil War III.

Political activists  concerned about abuse of power or the NWO should review the CFR and related pictograms, the Carlyle Group, and the various federal agencies, being sure to review ANSER and PNAC. The above NOILWAR!elements would also be illuminating. Then review all the Bush and Bush cabinet member icons.

Victims of government harassment  might like to review the pictograms haveing to do with political control technology and terrorist Ali Mohamed, who apparantly has a background in CIA type psychological manipulations -- what many would call mind control.

Researchers and others  who already have a considerable understanding of the basic flaws in the official 911 story:  Focus on the smoking gun time lines as well as pictograms which seem unfamiliar or unexpected. I especially recommend the Ali Mohamed and flight school events because they each, on their own, are incredible proofs of wrongdoing and complicity on the part of the US military intelligence community; strong indications 911 was an Operation Northwoods scenario in support of oil wars and a power grab here in the US. There are significant ties being established between the terrorists and Global Hawk technology, not the least of which involves work to undercover same by a network of 200 Israeli spies operating in the US.

Pre September 11 Event Chronology

1942 Oct 20
Bush family history of trading with enemy and fascism established
Photo CNN
Source: Unauthorized Biography of George Bush, Congressional Record 
Enforcing the Trading with the Enemy Act, the US Government seizes the assets of Union Banking Corporation, Prescott Bush's Nazi friendly business responsible for numerous business deals between Nazi war industry firms and US companies, arrangements and deals which continued well after America entered the war. Other Bush firms and other partners are also involved, persons who will play a role in establishing the CIA and getting George Herbert Walker Bush started in the oil industry (a CIA proprietary.)
Bush family plays a role (with others) in establishing CIA

Source: Research accumulated for my book, MC Realities, perhaps best documented there. 
The mechanics and details are too complex to outline, here. But the outcome reflects the effort. The ranks of CIA over the years are filled with members of the secret society, The Skull and Bones, which is in turn tied to the German secret Thule Society, a like organization which boasted key members of the Nazi movement in Germany. Two other secret groups are also common, and the  Bush family has had connections with each: The Knights of Malta, and P2. All these groups are Satanic and Masonic in beliefs and construct . Prescott Bush , George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush were/are all members of Skull and Bones.
George Herbert Walker Bush connection to CIA and Oil Industry fronts established

Source: Mark Lane, Plausible Denial, CIA operative Maria Lorenz' testimony in Liberty Lobby vs. 
E. Howard Hunt. 
George Bush works for CIA as head of South American Assassinations during Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations. Stationed in Houston under cover of the Zapata Oil company, believed to be a CIA front, he will forever be entrenched as iconic power player in the oil industry. Under his direction, Operation 40, aka in later evolutions as Operation Mongoose, responsible for the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, is undertaken against Fidel Castro. Bush, in turn, reported to Richard Helms. Eventually, both Helms and Bush would be rewarded for their parts in these matters with Directorship of Agency, Bush additionally becoming Vice President and then President.
DOD establishes domestic state sponsored terrorism plan: Operation Northwoods

Source: NSA expert, James Bamford, Body of Secrets
This is a "model" plan which can generically be applied to create public support for war with a targeted nation where no legal basis for war otherwise exists. The plan calls for terrorism attacks against the United States to be staged by the military and intelligence community. They specifically call for events such as have been seen in recent history: blowing up American warships while in harbor in foreign ports; hijacking and crashing US jetliners; blowing up American government buildings; shooting American citizens on the streets, and more. The plan is submitted to President Kennedy as a means of pre staging an invasion of Cuba but Kennedy rightly rebukes the plan, which had been signed off on by all five members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Later after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Kennedy threatens to pull out of Vietnam, and threatens to disband the CIA. The entire Operation Northwoods document is available on the Professional Paranoid Reference CD-ROM. See a sample text, here.
JFK assassinated by George Bush's Bay of Pigs team. 

Source: Mark Lane, Plausible Denial, Marita Lorenz testimony before FBI, Congressional Committee on Assassination. JFK Image  John McAdams
According to sworn testimony by CIA operative Marita Lorenz, and as supported by additional materials uncovered in the trial of Liberty Lobby vs. E. Howard Hunt. The same CIA agents and Cuban operatives who planned Operation Zapata (also the name of George Bush's CIA oil firm) were involved not only in the murder of JFK, but also were the principle players involved in Watergate, which was the political assassination of President Richard Nixon, who himself had played a key role in Bay of Pigs.
George Herbert Walker Bush connects with Saudi wealth, including bin Laden family

Source: George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin; The Mafia, CIA, and George Bush, Peter Brewton
Photos - Osama bin Laden (AP), Prince Saud al Faisel (Reuters/Ali Jarekji), Kahled Mahfouz (, Jackson Stephens (
Both the CIA and Oil industry ties enjoyed by the Bush clan would be applied to establish a long string of joint Bush-CIA-Saudi business relationships. This would involve Saudi funding of CIA proprietaries as well as partnerships with the Bush family businesses, often one in the same. It would likewise involve Bush and CIA involvements in Saudi firms, the most notable being the Royal Family's Aramco Oil company. Another notable joint investment is the Carlyle Group, which will be mentioned frequently in this work. The Saudi interests would repeatedly involve three separate Saudi families, the most powerful and wealthy of the Arab power elite: The Mahfaouz family, The Saudi Royal Family, and the bin Laden family - all three families having very close business ties, if not blood or marriage ties. These cozy Saudi and CIA relationships would later be mirrored by George Walker Bush in his business evolutions, as will be described herein. In sum total, these relationships would include CIA airlines, involve Iran-Contra, the BCCI scandal, and much more -- CIA ventures frequently involving Bush, Stephen Jackson, and/or their resources. 
Osama's father, Sheik Mohammed bin Laden is killed in a mysterious airplane crash

Source: BBC biographical data 
The bulk of his wealth and power passes to Sheik Salem bin Laden, brother  to Osama bin Laden (and 53 other brothers and sisters.) The question is raised, but never answered: did CIA engineer the crash in a conspiracy favoring Salem, and could that be behind the very tight family relationships between the Bush and bin Ladens? 
James Bath established as financial representative for elite Arabic families and Bush family. 

Source: Houston Chronicle series on Bush finances, 1992 
Bath, described generally as CIA operative, represents the interests of the Saudi Royal family, the Mahfouz family, and the bin Laden family in the US, chiefly to the Bush family. Note: the Mahfouz and bin Laden families are joined - one of Osama bin Laden's wives is the daughter of the Mahfouz patriarch. Virtually all such investments would seem to benefit CIA proprietaries, including those in Bush controlled firms. 
1970's (mid decade)
MIT educators discuss millimeter wave technology research on uninformed Islamic human guinea pigs. 

Source: conversation with former MIT faculty by this author while researching electronic weapons of political control technology.
For more information on voice to skull technology, see MC Realities
This small bit of intelligence hardly seems related to anything until we jump forward in time to the development of RAATS, described later in this time line. Millimeter wave technology lies behind the development of "voice to skull" technology, a CIA and military intelligence toy which can cause an unwitting victim to hear a voice in their head that no one else can hear. It is more commonly used to make both victims and law enforcement and medical professionals to think the that the targeted individuals are suffering schizophrenia. The MIT conversation takes on special significance only when the discussion involves a statement to the effect that "The military is selecting Islamic students for the project. This project involves non consensual subjects who will not know where the voice is coming from, or why. The question I ask, is WHY ISLAMIC VICTIMS? The answer may lie in the future... and the fact that in this time frame, most Islamic students in America are from the wealthy elite and ruling class of Arabic nations -- to include members of the bin Laden, Mahfouz, and Saudi Royal families.
1971 - 1984
Ali Mohamed becomes Egyptian Army Intelligence Officer and establishes himself with terrorist groups

Source: see my special  review - BBC photo of Ali
Ali Mohamed is a Major in intelligence with an unusual combination of skills (fluent in English, Arabic, Hebrew, and French, believed to be trained in psychological warfare, surveillance, explosives, parachute assault, and more) which would make him suitable as a spy or double agent. While serving in Egypt Ali is in a position to come  into contact with American CIA, military, and FBI operatives as well as al Jihad terrorists in Egypt who will assassinate Anwar Sadat. Evidence is that he was a double agent working within al Jihad. He will also be in a position to participate in Operation Bright Star, a joint US-Egyptian war game which will be mentioned several times in this time line. Of more importance is that Ali  is sent to the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center at Ft. Bragg, where he trains along side of Green Beret and Delta Force units in special operations tactics expertise which will be useful later. It is possible that Ali has already been recruited by CIA.
Trust Agreement for George Herbert Walker Bush protects and insures his Arabic/CIA investments. 

Source: Houston Chronicle series on Bush finances, 1992
Photo of James baker (AP)
James Bath is given 'blind trust' control of the new CIA Director's business ventures in accordance with government policy regarding office holders. However, since Bath is CIA, this is an illegal back door arrangement. Trusts are supposed to be "blind" and not subservient with or tied to the office holder in any way that allows direct or indirect control or knowledge. James A. Bake of baker and Botts is the family lawyer.
Bath and bin Ladens and other wealthy Saudi invest in George Walker Bush's Arbusto Energy

Source: Houston Chronicle series on Bush finances, 1992. Photo (AP)
Arbusto is suspected of retaining CIA ties passed on from Zapata oil. Arbusto (Spanish for Bush) is a financial bust, but don't worry. They can fix it with more money from Arabs needing White House favors... It will eventually become part of the World's largest oil distribution network.
Soviets invade Afghanistan -- Defense Department establishes completely autonomous secret covert Afghanistan intelligence organization code named Grey Fox.

Book cover Taliban, Ahmed Rashid
The significance of this event will not be realized for some time. Out of Grey Fox will come many of the players in 911 history, both in terms of persons and in terms of whole organizations. Speculation of the meaning of the code name may be found in the role of Osama bin Laden, who is neither black or white when first created as a person of interest in media. Grey Fox would operate in Afghanistan along side of CIA. The organizational changes which spawned Grey Fox involved creation of the same DOD command (RDJTF - Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force) under General P. X. Kelley which became the spearhead for Desert Storm and the War in Afghanistan, via Colin Powell, and Norman Schwarzkoph. Kelley, who would have overseen Grey Fox, seems to have vague ties to CIA perhaps best expressed by his affiliation with CIA enmeshed Wackenhut once he became a civilian. Kelly was also in the spheres of influance of both Donald Rumsfeld and George Bush in the 79 time frame, who would soon become CIA Director.
Mr. Z is established as CIA operative within Afghanistan elite

Source to be revealed.
I arbitrarily choose to use Mr. Z instead of the individual's name for several reasons: For one, it appropriately rhymes with "mystery";  for another, a key dramatic point which underscores the conspiratorial and clandestine nature of events will be better made by revealing his identity later in the time line. Mr. Z is a pivotal and driving force behind these matters, a matter first apparent in the remarkable fast track to fame and power enjoyed by him. In 1979, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan and CIA needed a liaison between their efforts to aid the Mujahedin in that war. 

They selected Mr. Z, who was at the time a member of an elite Afghani family associated with the former King of Afghanistan. Attending college at the University of Beirut and in the US to obtain a doctorate in political science, he was given US citizenship and thrust directly into the White House, State Department, and Department of Defense as a "Special Advisor to the State Department" under President Reagan. He worked there directly with George Bush and the CIA to help establish CIA's covert funding and arming of the Mujahedin.

1979 - 1986 
Osama bin Laden joins Mujahedin, works with CIA

Source: BBC biographical data 
Osama receives CIA "security training" and other helps for the Mujahadine effort in Afghanistan. Such training is not for combatants (that training was also provided), but for "intelligence operatives." 
BCCI bank is set up as money laundering entity by efforts of CIA and partners, acts as conduit for funds which rescue Arbusto

Source: False Profits by Peter Truell and Larry Gurwin.
BCCI is principally an Arabic operation involving the Mahfouz family and representatives of the other elite Arabic, Pakistani and other Middle Eastern families close to CIA operations abroad, as well as of the American and Pakistani intelligence agencies. This includes efforts of George Bush's Bay of Pigs cohort, Richard Helms, as well as James Bath, and Jackson Stephens, a long time Bush family friend and political ally. The bank will be used to launder money on behalf of CIA and CIA drug smugling, CIA mob partners, CIA sponsored Iran Contra operations for Oliver North, and Osama bin Laden, CIA client arms smugglers, and CIA backed dictators. A SERIES OF SUPPORT ORGANIZATIONS TO FACILITATE TRANSFERS is also established by CIA at the same time. Money is routed through BCCI conduits for investment in Arbusto, which is renamed Harken Energy. George Bush is active in the background.
Mr. HK is established as CIA operative in Afghanistan

Source to be revealed.
I arbitrarily use initials here to conceal the identity of the man until revealing it will be more dramatic and make more clear the pattern of CIA manipulations of American foreign policy.  Mr. HK is a leader of one of the Afghani Mujahadine tribes, one of the stronger leaders in the war effort - much stronger than Osama bin Laden. Like Osama, he receives special training and a steady stream of war supplies from CIA. He personally knew CIA director William Casey and Vice President (at the time) George Bush. 
Ali Mohamed enters US for special military training 

Source:  see my special review  Photo (US Army)
Shortly after asassination of Anwar Sadat, Egypt's head of state and key to President Carter's hard won Middle East Peace Accords, Mohamed is sent to Ft. Bragg's Special forces Officer's School as part of an international training program operated by the DOD. He graduates from the JFK Special Warfare Center and returns to Egypt. This time line will offer evidence which suggests his training involved more than stated - that Mohamed was a double agent working for United States military intelligence. The first clue is that his costly special training is not put to much use in Egypt - he soon quits the military there, and returns to the US to become a citizen. See 016c
Iran contra conduit operates through Dutch Resources with terrorist helpers

Source:Virtual Truth Commission
CIA, fond of establishing air-operations for fun and profit, works closely with Oliver North and General Richard Secord to establish illegal arms shipments to Iran using proprietaries established on Dutch soil. Dutch laws are particularly lax when Dutch nationals are involved in Dutch firms doing business overseas, which makes it a perfect spot to set up an air operations. Such operations typically take on the appearance of an air transport, air maintenance, or air training facility - more commonly all  of the above. Regardless, it will need some local Dutch born cut outs to 'own' the companies. By 1986, CIA was working in Holland with terrorist arms dealer Manzer Al-Kassar. Remember this when we start talking about the terrorist flight schools in Florida, both of which were started by Dutch nationals who seem to be tied to Iran Contra and CIA affairs. BCCI handles the money.
1984  Oct.
CIA  cuts deal with Pakistan ISI that involves control of Afghanistan opium trade

Source: Center for Research on Globalisation; Michel Chossudovsky
Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa
In exchange for help in arming and training  Afghani resistance fighters, Pakistan's CIA (ISI) is given a lucrative (multi billion dollar) import/export partnership agreement for Afghani produced drugs. This provides unprescedented power and wealth only as long as cooperation between CIA, ISI, and Mujahideen (Osama bin Laden) is workable. BCCI handles the money. Opioum output increases 400% during the war years. By 1999, the United Nations official findings are ISI is taking in $2.5 billion a year in illicit drug money.
1984 through 1994
CIA initiates indoctrination of future terrorists in Afghanistan through textbooks

Washington Post, 3/23/02, CBC, 5/6/02 
Under the Reagan/Bush and Bush administrations CIA's USAID has the University of Nebraska create and print millions of 'special' textbooks for Afghan school children. Given  to an eager and poor schoolsystem in the guise of charity to aid children, they are filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings. Math illustrations are made with tanks, missiles and land mines.  These books were promoted and used right up to 2002, when...  George Bush, ignoring his father's own complicity, ordered less violent versions stating "respect for human dignity, instead of indoctrinating students with fanaticism and bigotry."  The University of Nebraska will later recieve $1M from Unocal to train Afghani for pipeline construction. Other Unocal money will be used to teach English to Islamic 200 Islamic students at U of N , all of whom simultaneously take paramilitary training which includes nightime parachute courses.
Ali Mohamed quits Egypt military and looks for 'employment' - officially establishes role as double agent

Source:  see my special review
Mohamed first goes to work for EgyptAir as a counterterrorism security expert. This is interesting because it likely gave him access to EgyptAir flight officer rosters and may have been related to any subsequent use of RAATS technology on the copilot of EgyptAir Flight 990 (see time line 009.)  After a short stint at EgyptAir, he establishes a relationship with CIA as 'informant 'on Middle East terrorist group activities - according to Larry Johnson, former CIA staffer and Deputy Director at the State Department's Office of Counter Terrorism, who described him as him a 'double agent.' 
Ali Mohamed is 'fired' by CIA to establish plausible denial - continues to work with CIA and/or other US intelligence groups

Source:  see my special review
Ali is somewhat publicly released from CIA and is allegedly put on a watch list as being untrustworthy - after only 30 days. Though he provided information on a new german cell of Hezbollah, he apparantly revealed to that group that he was also working for CIA. Doing so would perfectly fit the role of a double agent, and as he was not killed, it seems likely that his role was accepted by the other side - which should have made him very attractive to CIA. His termination itself serves to strengthen his image as double agent. What happens next demonstrates his termination was staged. CIA, instead of putting him on a watch list, obtains a special VISA for entry into the US through CIA's Clandestine Operations Group. In truth, no Federal Agency was advised to watch out for Ali, at all.
1986 - 1989
Ali Mohamed returns to US - joins US military intelligence

Source:  see my special review
Though he held the rank of Major in the Egyptian Army, Mohamed joins in the US Army as an enlisted man - which is also quite a departure from the alternative of terrorist informant. Unlike normal trainees, he is immediately promoted to Sergeant and is assigned to Special Operations at Fort Bragg with a Secret clearance, eventually becomming an instructor at the JFK SWTC. These are the first solid indicators (there will be more) that he has been working for US intelligence all along: placement at the same camp and duty section as he had attended before is like getting struck by lightening; a meteoric rise in rank is common for intelligence operatives; foreign national military members who are recent citizen converts are not readily granted security clearances unless there is a reason.  The best clue may be this: his Commander, Lt. Col. Robert Anderson, was personally convincedthat Mohamed was an operative of U.S intelligence, presumed to be CIA. While at Ft. Bragg, Ali will be assigned to Operation Bright Star under mysterious circumstances and with mysterious outcome. He will also trip Army Intilligence tripwires twice for illegally going to Afghanistan to fight Soviet s along side of Mujahadine (where he is thought to have first met Osama bin laden). However, Army Intelligence takes no actions whatsoever. Ali is known  to have contacted the Army's CIA Liason Officer while at Ft. Bragg, as well, and in the same time frame, he went directly to CIA fronts operating in support of the Mujahadine in New York. There he met, befriended, and helped set up and train the terrorist cell which bombed the WTC in 1993.
1987 - 1988
The bin Ladens and other wealthy Saudi again invest in Bush's failing firm.

Source: False Profits by Peter Truell and Larry Gurwin 
Arbusto is reborn as Harken Energy, now even more suspiciously looking like a CIA enmeshed operation. This money comes through BCCI and CIA conduits, and is soon followed by some fantastic financial windfalls, again thanks to special ties with the Arabic elite. The struggling Harkin will undergo a number of evolutions, takeovers, and acquisitions until it is the world's largest gasoline distribution network by the end of 2002.
Osama bin Laden forms Al Qaeda (Translates as "The Base")

Source: BBC biographical data
It is not a terrorist group, yet.
Almost exactly 20 years after his father's death by air crash, Sheik Salem bin Ladin is also killed in a mysterious airplane crash

Source: PBS news archives 
This crash is in Texas, after he, the brother of Osama, visited with the Bush family, presumably regarding oil deals. The question is raised, but never answered: did someone engineer the crash because a deal could not be reached? Could the deal have involved creating a new 'terrorist' personna for Osama bin Laden in future events? The bulk of the Wealth and power of the bin Ladens is now passed on to a mere handful of the many heirs, but Osama inherits a sizable fortune as well as interests in the businesses being run by the other brothers. The annual income stream alone would make Donald Trump envious.
1988 late
Ali Mohammed, while still in US Army, goes to Afghanistan to fight Soviets

Source:  see introduction
Mohamed's commanding officer confirms that Ali, despite military regulations against it, went to Afghanistan on leave where he fought the Soviets along side of Islamic fundamentalists, returning with souvenirs taken from killed Russian troops. Offical requests to investigate him were ignored by Army Intelligence, and as result, was no formal action taken against him. This further illustrates his "anointed" status as a intelligence operative. It is here where experts agree Ali likely first met Osama Bin Laden.
Someone shifts gears and key people change positions and relationships
Something happened in 1989 - a milestone was reached, or a key event took place:  The Berlin Wall fell and Boris Yeltzin was elected to head the Soviet Union on their way to the communist regimes fall from power. This freed up US intelligence and military resources and signaled a scramble for assets a strong Soviet state would normally protect: Caspian and Middle East oil resources. Thus, 'phase two' could begin.
Ali Mohamed leaves Army, continues to work with WTC terrorists, seeks to establish himself with military defense contractor associated with Operation Global Hawk

Source:  see my special review  Photo (US Air Force)
Mohammed moves to Santa Clara and from there start sto travel extensively in the US and in the Middle east, making many contacts with terrorists and actually working for Al Queda here and abroad. He applies for a position in security for a local defense contractor this authro believes may have been Raytheon, prime contractor for Global Hawk, a remote pilot project considered for use (among other things) as a means to remotely seizing control of civilian jetliners. There is peristent evidence supporting the possibility that 911 was staged by the military industrial complex using Global Hawk, outlined further in this time line
Osama returns to the family business working with his brothers

Source: BBC biographical data
Life is good. The war is over. He is a hero. Money flows. But is it enough? How does CIA respond to his seeming retirement? 
George Herbert Walker Bush Cabinet and White House team established to include many critical in Son's Presidency

Source: Official White House Administration rosters
Photo Richard Cheney (Meet The Press/Alex Wong); Donald Rumsfeld and  John Ashcroft (Reuters)
Sec. State James Baker will become "odd man out" in the second Bush Cabinet but will represent key ties to the oil interests, Carlyle Group, and Saudi families; Sec. Defense, Richard Cheney - to become Vice President (and many believe, the true power in the White House;) Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft, Paul Wolfowitz, and Paul O'neill were all tied to the elder Bush and made it into the younger Bush Administration. Add to this the veryimportant and pivitol roles of Mr. Z and Mr. HK, though that will not be apparant until later. Colin Powel is still in the military, but a key part of the Preseident's foreign Policy power projection.
Mr. Z land Mr. HK broght to US  Afghanistan after war and get cozy with the White House

Source to be revealed.
Mr. Z is appointed Undersecretary of Defense by President Bush and works closely with former Sec. Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Bush, the National Security Council, and his new Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney. These are very important ties with respect to the entire 911 history and its oil connections.
1989 Dec.
Terrorists meet in Oklahoma City 

Source: PBS Frontline time line

They include Wadih el-Hage and Mahmud Abuhalima who were subsequently convicted for their respective roles in the 1998 Embassy bombing and the 1993 WTC bombing. No one is watching
US military openly embraces "Revolution in Military Affairs", sees citizens as next enemy

Source: Suggest my own Proparanoid Newsletter free sample issue on political control technology, or my book, MC Realities
RMA is a  broad term but overly concerns itself with the notion that the military must prepare for a war with American patriots, survivalists, constitutionalists, militiamen, retired military, and the religious right. It responds by putting a lot of energy into weapons of political control technology which can only be described as Orwellian and draconic in nature - pure military-police state weapons which include mind control technology. Very active in this effort are DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) and the ANSWER Institute, a military-intelligence think tank essentially CIA led. 

Their handiwork includes HAARP and Command Solo, which have the earmarks of outright mind control projects, not to mention RAATS. Out of this environment comes the infamous "Shoot Americans" questionnaire given to military personnel, which also asks if soldiers would be willing to swear allegiance to the United Nations if the President abdicates power to the UN. Why would the military think you and I are going to be their enemy in the future? What do they know about the future that they are not telling? What actions are they taking now which insures that future? Could it have anything to do with Operation Northwoods? 

1990 Nov
Ali Mohamed implicated in WTC terrorist group training and planning after police investigate one of the terrorists for murder of a Jewish Rabbi

Source:  see my special review
The significance is that FBI was brought into the matter because of the terrorist angle, and the results of that were telling:  FBI took no actions against Ali or any of the terrorists, suggesting complicity and foreknowledge of Ali's double agent role. Further, they kept all such evidence out of the courtroom in the murder case, though it was good enough to use in the WTC trials some years later. The nature of the evidence involved several top secret and classified documents and videos from Ft. Bragg, including some dealing with Operation Bright Star. They also involved plans on how to destroy skyscrapers described as 'pillars of (our) civilization.' Ali Mohamed was clearly implicated by these materials as source of classified materials, trainer in explosives, surveillance, and other skills, and as taking part in planning sessions. Yet FBI ignored this?
1990 April
White House political favors: Harken is granted lucrative oil exploration rights in Bahrain waters by the Saudi. 

Source: Dave Emory Archives, Pravda
The Bahrain government had already expressed favoritism for their traditional exploration partner, the huge Amoco Oil firm well equipped for ocean exploration, presumably through contracts with CIA's Global Marine; Harken had absolutely no experience or assets related to exploration, being a tiny land drilling operation of no notable success. Again, BCCI and Arabic players in that scandal, and additional CIA interests, were involved. But most key was retired Mobil Oil executive, Mike Ameen, who was working under the Bush administration as consultant to the US ambassador to Bahrain. It was he who put Harken's name into the hat. All concerned insist the deal has nothing to do with the fact that the Bush family is White House power.
1990's (over time) 
George Herbert Walker Bush and friends, Saudi fmailies join Carlyle Group

Source: Village Voice
George Herbert Walker Bush becomes a figurehead and key investor/advisor along with the Saudi families and Bush administration  officials in Carlyle Group, a firm specializing in being the holding company for a plethora of US Defense Industry corporations and CIA proprietaries. Dick Cheney was involved with Halliburton, a Carlye company, and George Walker Bush with Caterair - see next two.
A chief benefactor of Centgas deal would be Halliburton's Dick Cheney

Source: Village Voice Photo -  Alex Wong, Meet The Press
Halliburton, a Carlyle Group oil industry service company, is headed at the time by Dick Cheney.
1990 - 1994
George Walker Bush becomes stockholder and serves on Board of Directors of Caterair, employs 911 terrorist

Source: Village Voice
Caterair, a Carlyle Company, would be extremely well placed to serve CIA interests, especially were CIA interested in smuggling large quantities of drugs into the country on aircraft that happened to serve meals in flight - or more to the point, interested in finding ways to smuggle things on and off of airliners, such as terrorists or box cutters? Guess who else gets a job at Caterair while Bush is there? A name scrawled on a note found in the car of one of the 911 hijackers is traced to an Islamic airport security guard suspected of aiding the terrorists in their plans, and who worked for Caterair at the same time George Bush sat on the firm's Board. The note was with a carton containing box cutters and cockpit pictures. 

The suspect is still in "custody as a material witness" Of course, that simply means he can't tell what he knows about any possible connection between 911 and the now defunct Caterair. These facts may have nothing to do with 911 - the  question would be moot if there were not also significant indicators that perhaps the terrorists were NOT passengers as claimed by FBI. That is taken up elsewhere in the time line. But there could certainly be a relationship, one which would allow the smuggling of terrorists, devices, or weapons onto American Airlines flights: Caterair was absorbed by Sky Chefs and their conglomarate holding company which undertook an exclusive10-year world-wide contract to service all American Airlines flights in 1992 - While George Bush was with Caterair. Sky Chefs was not only the food handling service for American Airlines, but also, for United Airlines. Thus all four 911 flights were serviced by a firm which had hired one of the 911 terrorists .

1990 July
CIA and State Department deliberately misleads Iraq with 'green light' to Kuwait invasion

Source: ABC News; Alfred Mendes, Spectrezine, Blood for oil
At a time when Iraq is a customer for the US war industry, both CIA back channel and formal State Department communications deliberately gives Iraq 'green light' indications. The invasion and subsequent war wre planned in advance in 1990 just as they were being planned in advance of 911. 
CIA Director's family married into Taliban, Centgas deal

Source: Village Voice article, Mondo Washington: The Accidental Operative, their source Laili Helms. Cover art Taliban, Ahmed Rashid
Laili Helms is the neice-in-law to former CIA Director Richard Helms (George Bush Bay of Pigs chohort), an Afghani national who is the official US spokesperson for the Taliban. She participates in negotiations between 
and Taliban over time. 
1990 Aug 2
Iraq invades Kuwait -Arabic and Bush Oil Ties at work for early war profits.

Source: False Profits by Peter Truell and Larry Gurwin.
Palestinian Talat Othman and a group of Arabs meet with George Bush and his National Security Adviser three times in 1990, including one two days after the invasion. Othman is a member of the Board of Directors of Jr. Bush's own Harken Energy (established with the help of Jackson Stephens.) Of course, Bush sold his shares in Harken just the month before the invasion, pocketing $848,000 before oil industry stock fell dramatically because of the invasion - leaving his investors with 45 cents on the dollar. In violation of SEC laws, Bush does not report the sale for eight months - the purchaser is never disclosed. 

Harken apparently enjoyed the unusual and creative talents for fraud of Arthur Andersen, who apparently let a few math errors slip with overvaluation of worth to the tune of nearly ten million dollars. Obviously, this was not a case of insider trading, or Enron style bookkeeping. We know this, because George Bush is an honest man, just like his father. Othman, on the other hand, is close buddies with the Mahfouz family, and the bin Ladens. He is also a member of the NWO think tank known as the Middle East Policy Council along side of a whole slew of Bush croneys who happen to be kingpins in the Carlyle Company. 

1990 Oct 10
CIA fosters lies to Congress and public about Iraqi killing Kuwaiti babies and stealing incubators

Source: Congressional Record
CIA bedfellows Hill and Knowlton create huge public flap over a story which is a complete fabrication in order to goad America into an otherwise illegal war (a Republic cannot go to war ecept it be the will of the people and approved by Congress, which also oversees so-called police actions.) That CIA, working under George Bush, applied (and continues to apply) the same covert tactics used to topple the governments of enemy states makes CIA the enemy of every American and the Constitution. Their methods are nothing less than a form of mind control which subvert and destroy the Constitution and make it not a Republic but a totalitarian regeim. We bought the lies in 1990, and now the same group of people is telling us why we want to go to war with the same oil rich 'enemy' as before. Are we stupid? 
1990 November
FBI discovers evidence WTC is targeted for bombing

Source: PBS Frontline time line
1990 November. FBI discovers more evidence WTC is targeted for bombing. Their response will involve infiltration of the group, but motives will need to be challenged, as will be seen. 
1991 - 1993
Ali Mohamed establishes himself as top aid to Osama bin Laden, arranges single most important step in amplifying Osama's power base and organizational size - fails to take opportunity as double agent to capture or kill virtually all top terrorists in a single strike

Source:  see my special review
Ali returns to Afghanistan and fights once more against the Russians, then helps Osama relocate from Afghanistan/Pakistan to the Sudan. He is then sent to Kenya where he establishes a new terrorist cell which he trains and provides with cover operations (fronts.) This group will be sent to Somalia and will be responsible for the deaths of US Marines in the battle which is the basis for the motion picture, Blackhawk Down. Finally, he organizes a meeting between the top three terrorist organizations in the world and strikes an accord between them: 

Ali Mohamed's al Jihad from Egypt joins with Hezbollah backed by Iran with Osama bin Laden to form what we now call al Qaeda. As a double agent, he acts more like agent provocateur establishing the power base of terrorism (al Qaeda literally means 'the base'.) He passes up an opportunity to get the top terrorists in a single action. If a double agent, this is proof positive that the US government is empowering terrorism as a puppet partner rather than fighting it as an enemy. In this act, he also turns over his own NY area cell who will soon attack the WTC, giving Osama bin Laden his first active US terrorist cell.

1991 Jan 17
Desert Storm starts, US presence 'infuriates' Osama bin Laden

Source: BBC biographical data
Osama bin Laden, who condemns US involvement in Islamic affairs (which is interesting, because if the US had not invaded, his home country of Saudi Arabia would have been threatened with subsequent invasion: the invasion of Kuwait involved age-old border disputes which involved Saudi territory, too,) and our presence on Islamic soil. He warns the US to get out of the Islamic holy lands or suffer the consequences.
Dept. Defense Begins plans to reinforce Pentagon against impact/blast attacks

Source: Pentagon Briefing
The significance of this Dick Cheney multi billion dollar project is that the design is specifically intended to protect against air impact assaults, that it is synchronous with Desert Storm and Osama's 'official' displeasure with US, but that nothing actually takes place at the Pentagon for years. In fact, the work will be 'just in time' for 'testing under fire.'
Condoleeza Rice joins Chevron management team and work on pipeline projects

Source: Chevron Web site, SEC filings
With a position on the Board of Directors, she is personally involved in Caspian pipeline projects. She has already worked with Mr. Z and Mr. HK in government circles,a nd will now do so in corporate circles. She will be paid $35K per year plus $1,500 for each Board meeting attended, and will enjoy hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock options.
CIA establishes Iran Contra-like arms smuggling operation in Bosnia which involves associates of Ali Mohamed and may be tied to Florida air schools

Source: The Guardian (Brittish) Simulator
(not associated with training of 911 hijackers)
The Dutch government falls because of revelations which mirror Iran contra in many respects, including arms deals with Islamic terrorists. It is very likely that any such arrangement would involve 'expert' resources already in the area, such as the two Dutch nationals who later set up the terrorist flight schools in Florida?
1991 -1997
Fall of Soviet Union allows US oil companies to become major owners of Caspian oil and gas reserves - pipelines become imperative

Source: Asiaonline - pipeghanistan
Largely through illegal (US and foreign law) bribes, virtually every major US oil company invests and partners in Caspian region resources, ending up with 75% control of an estimated $6 trillion  in oil and gas reserves. The only problem is, the only pipelines are owned by the Soviets and they are charging huge prices to access them. Alternatives must be found to maximize corporate profits and assure self reliance.
1992 Dec. 29 
Hotel bombing in Yemen targeting US troops blamed on Osama bin Laden

Source: BBC biographical data
This could be seen as fulfillment of an Operations Northwood style plan if any ties to CIA or US military can be found still in place subsequent to this date. This will prove to be the case. The US, for the first time, officially considers Osama a confirmed terrorist wanted for crimes of terrorism of the United States. From this point forward, there should be absolutely no signs of US support (i.e., friendly CIA contact) and every sign of hostile US actions against Osama bin Laden... UNLESS he is actually working for the US/Military on some covert plan such as an Operation Northwoods style project. This will prove to be the case.
Pentagon study comes up with idea of civilian jets used to bomb landmarks

Source:  Washington Post article by Joby Warrick and Joe Stephens
A special report called Terror 2000 is generated which includes this concept -- but it is edited out before publishing. Yet one of the authors will subsequently write 'Targets such as the World Trade Center not only provide the requisite casualties but, because of their symbolic nature, provide more bang for the buck. In order to maximize their odds for success, terrorist groups will likely consider mounting multiple, simultaneous operations with the aim of overtaxing a government's ability to respond, as well as demonstrating professionalism and reach.' If this was not held back for use in a Northwoods scenario or censored because someone knew it was to be used, then at the very least the government was clearly aware of the dangers of a 911 style attack and did nothing to prevent it.
Ali Mohamed helps terrorist using false passports  to get past Canadian Customs by telling Royal Canadian Mounted Police he works for FBI - and it checks out, proving Mohamed is a double agent.

Source:  see my special review Dudly Doright, Jay Ward cartoon character
Media does not learn of this until years later. In reporting it, they make the RCMP out to look like fools instead of focusing on the real story -- the ties to FBI and the apparant existence of a key double agent within the terrorist network. This was likely an arranged focus in the interest of 'national securuity,' but it is now clear that it was to cover up government complicity, as the Ali time line elements reveal.
Mr. Z leaves the White House to work for the Rand Corporation

Source to be revealed.
Rand Corporation is a CIA-military think tank. There he undertakes a "Risk Assessment" study on behalf of Unocal for the Afghanistan Centgas pipeline project. He concludes that such a pipeline can only be constructed if the civil war is somehow ended, which translates as either a moderate policy change on the part of the Taliban, or elimination of the Taliban altogether. 
Mr. HK goes to work for Unocal as "advisor" on Centgas deal

Source to be revealed.
For the first time we know of, Mr. Z, at Rand,  and Mr. HK work directly together - on the pipeline project. He is likely still on CIA payroll.
1993 Feb 26
WTC bombing takes place with key help from FBI, CIA - on the aniversary of the murder of Islamic in NYC which launched Ali Mohamed's 'career' with Osama bin Laden

Source: ABC news
In addition to the earlier training by Ali Mohamed, FBI infiltrator Emad Salem teaches and helps plan the attack, acquire bomb components, build and deliver the bomb, and more -- but does not stop them from actually using the bomb? This was despite assurances to their infiltrator that a harmless substance would be substituted for the bomb materials - a plan element blocked at high level just prior to the attack? FBI agents play the role not of infiltrators to capture terrorists and prevent terrorism, but to foment it as agent provocateurs. Operation Northwoods in the flesh? Another mystery: Ali Mohamed is named an unindicted coocnspirator to the attack, but he is never arrested and prosecuted though he voluntarily comes in for questioning --  a further sign he is anointed by the US intelligence community. Yet by the next year, he will be on the FBI's most wanted list right behind Osama. h.
1993 Oct 3-4 
Osama implicated in killing of 18 US troops in Mogadishu

Source: BBC biographical data
This could be seen as fulfillment of an Operations Northwood style plan if any ties to CIA or US military can be found still in place subsequent to this date. It becomes the plot basis for the film, Blackhawk Down. This will prove to be the case. 
1993 Feb 26
Osama bin Laden officially implicated in World Trade Center bombing

Source: BBC biographical data
This could be seen as fulfillment of an Operations Northwood style plan if any ties to CIA or US military can be found still in place subsequent to this date. This will prove to be the case.
Iraqi offer to turn over WTC terrorist to US is refused.

Source: Reuters, 60 Minutes (June 2002)
This  offer was likely tied to US concessions in the embargo  against Iraq and may have been rightly refused by President Clinton. However, it is completely in line withe the fact that EVERY offer to get or capture or even to harm terrorist organizations is repeatedly refused. We just don't seem to want them all that badly.
Little Known assassination attempt on Osama bin Laden fails, Ali Mohamed assigned to train Osama's personal security guards and oversee his security.

Source:  see my special review
Two questions: Why would an assassination attempt against Osama bin Laden fail to make the news? Why would America's top undercover double agent be assigned to protect him - and do such a great job when there is a bounty on his head in virtually every quarter? Answer: CIA and the US government does not really want to get bin Laden, but they did want to get better control of him. A botched (deliberately, perhaps) assassination gives Ali an opportunity to be promoted to a position of influance. If so, Osama is now under the influance of two persons capable of mind control methods.
FBI recalls Ali Mohamed in WTC investigation but fails to press charges, publicly claiming Ali knows nothing but crediting some super secret informant known only as CS-1 for key evidence used against terrorists.

Source:  see my special review
This is a strong indicator Ali is sanctioned, blessed, operated by, and a double agent for the FBI, if not CIA and/or Army. The evidence recovered from the murder of the Jewish Rabbi clearly showed Ali had been instrumental in all elements of the WTC attack except execution, yet he was not even indicted. The FBI even admited in court it had a secret informant who it never introduced - an inside agent who even provided video of terrorist meets before 911, and in agent provocateur style, trained and helped terrorists plan the attacks and make explosives. So I must ask why FBI allowed the blast to take place in the first place if they had that level of intelligence? The answer is political control through repressive ligislation beneficial to FBI powers which resulted immediately after the blast - it had already been written. Further, I ask why the FBI at first acted as if they did not know who carried out the attack or how, spending a great deal of public relations to show how hard they were investigating the matter.  In fact, it was only by the means of magically obtaining the serial number of the axel of the truck used to house the bomb that they 'caught' the terrorists. This only makes sense if they were covering up their own Northwoods-like culpability.
1994 Apr. 9
Saudi Arabia revokes Osama bin Laden's citizenship

Source: BBC biographical data
His family officially ousts him and changes the spelling of their last name to distance themselves from him. Yet the 'image' will seem somewhat  artificial as Osama continues to get helps from the family, and visits with them regularly. Despite this pattern, CIA still find Osama even though constantly watching his family just for such eventualities - or least that is what  we are to believe.
1994 Oct 4 
US Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson states 'The Caspian region will hopefully save us from total dependence on Middle East oil' 

Source: NY Times
Uh... Bill... The Caspian is in the Middle East! In fact, it is the doorway to it from Asia and Europe just as Egypt and the Sudan are its doorway to Africa, and still a part of the Middle East.
1994 Dec 24
Hijacked Air France airliner taken by French Commandos - French authorities learn intention was to crash the plane into Eiffel Tower. 

Source PBS Frontline timeline
US Intelligence community now officially understands terrorist plans involve use of hijacked commercial jets as flying bombs aimed at prominent national targets. However, they will later claim the french omitted these key details, despite the fact that the public media was ablaze with them. No excuse, unless CIA also ignors French newspapers. 
Sudanese government offers huge cache of intelligence files on Osama bin Laden and 200 of his men to US but is refused at highest levels

Source: The Guardian
This story will be repeated. The United States is repeatedly not interested. We might well ask why?  Was he being protected?
Oil industry consultant report puts it all into context: $$$

Source: Wind Energy Weekly, Vol 15, #684
Also in 1995, an exclusive firm, Petroconsultants, published a blockbuster report for insiders to the oil industry entitled "World Oil Supply 1930 - 2050." This "Grand Game" report cost $32,000 per copy. It warned that oil supplies would peak in the vicinity of the year 2000 and that from that point forward, oil prices would start to rise dramatically and never go back down. Of course, whomever controlled the greatest portion of the supply would be the ones to profit most. Given the trillion dollar oil and gas reserves in the Caspian region, and the other huge reserves in the remainder of the middle east, perhaps someone, somewhere, decided that terrorism might yet serve a useful purpose - and foment a series of wars resulting in control of oil.
Ali Mohamed and another top aid to Osama bin Laden visit US to raise funds, and an opportunity to meet with US intelligence handlers

Source: see my special review
Photo (FBI)

Remember that Ali and al-Zawahiri have been identified as psychologists adept in manipulating the mind using intelligence community methods. Remember that al-Zawahiri is one of Osama bin Laden's top aids, and his personal physician. In 1995, Ali would host and manage a visit and tour of the United States by al-Zawahiri in order to raise funds for bin Laden's organization through the guise of charity donations. Money from this trip would be used to fund the bombing of the Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan later in the year, killing 17 persons. The US has all along been aware of al-Zawahiri's role and importance with respect to bin Laden. It is inconceivable that the American intelligence community would not be aware of and disinterested in his visit to the United States - at a time the WTC bombing trial is taking place. It is even more inconceivable that they would not take an interest in anyone helping him, and in keeping track of the money they raised in any such visit. Yet it is clear that al-Zawahiri and Ali Mohamed have a truely magical mystery tour, one without so much as a "What's up Doc?" by US intelligence. This is a strong indicator Ali is a double agent, and perhaps al-Zawahiri, too.
1995 - 2000
DOD budgets $2B for RAATS "Voice of God" technology, conducts experiments on unwitting college students, activists, and prisoners

Source: Albany Times Union, Dec. 18, 2000,University of Albany Suspends Mind Control Implant Research Project, Andrew Brownsein, more detail on technology available in MC Realities
The technology works: RAATS (Radio wave Assaultive Auditory Transmitter) a bioimplant which is a kind of two-way radio injected behind the ear. It captures and relays the victim's EEG to a computer which translates portions of the signals in real time to detect and assemble the 27 basic phonemes used by that little voice in our head which is our mind making decisions, formulating thoughts, etc. The operator can then have a dialog by transmitting spoken words which are heard ONLY by the victim in their head. The effect and result is described as "The Voice of God which cannot be disobeyed."
1995 Jan
Philippine authorities capture Abdul Hakim Murad and first evidence of 911 attack

Source: see main text on Mohamed, for rest - PBS Frontline timeline
Computer files in his room specifically mention use of multiple (11-12) airlines to bomb US targets. Dubbed the "Bojinka Plan", it specifically mentions ground targets to include CIA headquarters in Langley or the Pentagon. US is now quite aware that hijacked civilian airliners are intended to become flying bombs to be aimed at prominent US ground targets. Murad confesses the plan and indicates he had already received flight training from four different US flight schools. This should have caused FBI to place all US flight schools on watch for Islamic students. They do not. Why? 
049  1995 Apr 17
Murrah building bombed in OKC, dozens of ties to Al Qaeda ignored by FBI

Source: Ryder Truck 'Bomb Factory'; WorldNetDaily; Transcript of David Schippers (Alex Jones Show)  Interview
I maintain OKC was undertaken by the US military to prove to Al Qaeda that we would allow them to conduct terrorism in the US because it benefited an Operation Northwoods type plan. By having some of their operatives peripherally involved but simultaneously protecting them in any subsequent investigation, a mutual trust is assured. If nothing else, such trust is gained by means of a blackmail insurance policy whereby the other party can demonstrate your own criminality. These kinds of "self mutilation" operations are not uncommon in the world of covert operations involving otherwise unlikely bed partners. Later, David Schippers, former Chief Counsel to the House Judiciary will represent FBI agents who wish to go public (but fear reprisals) with their concrete knowledge of the presence and activities of Islamic terrorists in the OKC matter. 
1995 Oct 21
Unocal signs contract to export $8B in gas through Afghanistan pipeline

Source: Washington Post
This contract gives Unocal a client. In order to meet the contrt, it needs to build a pipeline. Yet, it cannot, because of the Taliban. Unocal knows this, but signs, anyway. What do they know in 1995 that no one else seems to understand in the aftermath of 911?
FBI investigation of bin Laden family blocked by White House

Source: BBC
This is only one of many times the Clinton and Bush administrations will interfere with ongoing JusticeDept. investigations of wealthy Saudi family ties to Osama bin laden terrorist funding. BBC treats this story as a Bush-bin Laden sweetheart deal hush hush. So why does Clinton protect Bush? Because Bush protected Clinton's interests in Mena.
FBI informant provides intelligence on early terrorist flight school training in Oklahoma but FBI refuses to hear - takes no action.

Source: ABC News
FBI denies any such information given them despite statements by informant to the contrary and despite admiting they paid him for four years to inform on terrorists in Oklahoma. Why?  Perhaps because to acknowledge these facts would foster scrutiny which might reveal ties or  foreign terrorist into the Oklahoma City bombing? Independant research shows hundreds of suspected terrorists were in Oklahoma at the time.
Saudi Roayl mily starts paying al-Qaeda blackmail money to keep him from sparking revolution -- becomes single largest financial backer

Source: The New Yorker, The Warlord, Jon Lee Anderson
Evidence suggests the US government is very aware of this situation but tolerates it.  The big loosers should a revolution take place, other than for the Saudi Royal Family, are American oil companies.
1996 Spring
President Clinton signs a Top Secret Executive Order authorizing "any and all means" to destroy Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
From this point forward, and action by CIA or Military that illustrates no such effort is under way is proof that Osama bin Laden is still working for the US intelligence community, and the existence of a Project Northwoods like operation. This will prove to be the case.  Contrast this to the two items above and the next one below.
1996 'Early'
Osam bin Laden repeatedly uses CIA provided satellite phone to make calls -- calls are monitored but not used to locate and get bin Laden

Source: Sunday Times
O.J. Simpson was located by cell phone by local law enforcement... so why did CIA not use the tech to locate bin Laden? In fact, Osama stopped using the phone once he realized it could so be used -- after CIA passed up the chance. Bin Laden's calls completely identify a world-wide network of agents world wide -- 260 calls to Great Britain, 200+ to Yemen, 131 to the Sudan, 106 to Iran, 67 to Azerbaijan, 59 to Pakistan, 57 to Saudi Arabia, and 88 to other countries including the US. -- but CIA also does not go after them, either. Why? 

Also of importance in this matter is the fact that not one phone call goes to Iraq -- Iraq remains very carefull to avoid linkages with terrorism. Some other pretext for war with Iraq must be employed. News reports indicate the phone was given to Osama by 'a friend', but because complete intelligence is indicated on use of the phone, it seems clear the phone was 'hot' at the outset, which means the freind was a CIA operative -- perhaps Ali Mohamed. Regardless, if CIA can plant a phone in Osama bin Laden's hands, why can't they get him? Because they do not want to, despite President Clinton's orders

Israeli think tank report urges war with Iraq - members then gravitate to Bush Jr.Adminsistration posts where war with Iraq is word of the day

Source: document: A New Israeli Strategy Towards 2000
Photo Richard Perle: AP
The Institute for Advanced and Strategic Political Studies is a US-Israeli think tank. While wording is couched and the overall conclusions would not surprise too many people, it is who is involved and what they do e this a significant event. The report concludes that Iraq is key and central to long term Middle East peace and that it must be neutralized using 'preemptive' policy (first strike.) Chief architect of this report is Richard Perle, who later helps form PNAC, and then becomes Chairman of the Defense Policy Board. Other members of the group also join the Bush team. But first, they do something much more telling... see PNAC, below.
1996 March - October
In response to US pressure to 'do something about Osama' Sudanese Minister for Defense offers to extradite bin Laden, or at least "monitor" him - US refuses.

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
The Washington Post on 3 Oct reports the US refuses the offer, instead simply asks to have him leave the country to anywhere but Somalia. Early news accounts see CIA director Tenant refute the offer ever existed. In response to the US proposal, the Sudanese Minister said "We said he will go to Afghanistan, and they (US officials) said, "Let him."î 

Amazing how effective the intelligence community and State Department can be when they are trying to get a terrorist, isn't it? But I suspect that only applies to a Bush Administration... In addition to this refusal, for the second time (see  ), the SU also refuses to accept Sudan's massive intelligence files on bin Laden and hundreds of his operatives. The Sudan next tries to give the files to Brittish MI6, but they also refuse. No one wants bin Laden caught -- at least no one who will profit by joining in the war effort against the oil countries.

1996 June 25
Osama bin Laden implicated in the Khobar Tower truck bombing which kills 19 US servicemen

Source: PBS Frontline timeline Image, Corbis
This could be seen as fulfillment of an Operations Northwood style plan if any ties between Osama and CIA or US military can be found still in place subsequent to this date. This will prove to be the case. Osama bin Laden's family construction firm is given the contract to rebuild the structure.
1996 May - Aug 23
Osama bin laden returns to Afghanistan, declares "Jihad with the United States" 

Source: BBC biographical data.
Perhaps now we see the wisdom of letting him go to Afghanistan instead of stopping him in the Sudan? It is interesting to note that Osama takses an American made C-130 Cargo plane from the Sudan to Afghanistan. I have reason to believe this was a CIA provided plane from a specific CIA airline. Looking for proof at this time.
1996 Aug
A Secret Grand Jury is convened against Osama bin Laden

Source: PBS Frontline time line
The interesting thing about Grand Jurys is that they ARE secrete. Evidence is sealed and thus, you and I never get to hear what the evidence is, or who else is implicated.
1996 Aug 16
Unocal and Saudi Delta Oil sign Afghanistan pipeline agreement

Source: Unocal Press Release
Map (right) Forbes
1996 Nov
CIA cannot find Osama bin Laden but British journalists do, and do a documentary about him

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
How serious is the US effort to get bin Laden? Judge by the effectiveness of their effort - this phenomenon repeated seven times in this timeline, and many other examples as well. 
1996 late
Osama bin Laden offers 'protection' to opium traffic for $2B yeary income

Source: Star Tribuen 
But wait -- recall that ISI and CIA are already protecting the traffic for a cut. So who do the trafficers really need protection from? This appears to me to be CIA's way of helping to fund Osama bin Laden.
1996 Dec
Dept. Defense Begins work to reinforce Pentagon Wedge One against impact/blast attacks

Source: Pentagon Briefing
The significance lies in timing. The plan calls for vacating 5,000 office residents over one year (accomplished)  with construction to commence immediately and finish by Feb, 2001 (accomplished) and to have ocupants move back in immediately as occupants of Wedge Two move out and into Wedge One However, if Pentagon information is correct, everything goes as planned EXCEPT the move in. The move in starts in Feb., 2001 and was expected to be completed by Fall, but by Nov 11, the Wedge struck by Flight 77 is still essentially empty. Why? The whole project AND the time lines make sense in light of an Operation Northwoods scenario. 
1996 (various dates)
Eight of the 911 hijackers undertake special operations and/or flight training from the US Military

Source: Investigative author Daniel Hopsicker,; Newsweek. Simulator
Mohamed Atta (North Tower) attended Maxwell AFB's International Officers School. Saeed Alghamdi and Ahmad Alnami (Flight 93 - Pennsylvania) were traced to Pensacola Naval Air Station, where they were billeted as Foreign Flight Trainees along with Ahmed Alghamdi (South Tower of WTC); Another trained in strategy and tactics at the Montgomery Air War College, normally reserved for Air Force Intelligence Officers, and yet another trained at the Brooks Lackland AFB in Texas. Abdulaziz Alomari was getting training at Brooks AFB and Saeed Alghamdi attended the Defense Language Institute. 
1996 December
13 of the 911 hijackers leave the US to fight in Chechnya 

Source: various sources - see Paul Thompson time line
Russia book cover by Robin Millner-Gulland
This curious event is difficult to read because it could mean any number of things. Perhaps it was Operation Northwoods for hire, giving the Soviets the excuse (terrorism) they needed for the heavy handed military response to civil war. If so, it may have also given the US a blackmail card to insure Soviet cooperation (no objections) to US oil wars to come. 
200 Israeli spies establish a ring to spy on Islamics and select members and units of the US military- intelligence community

Source: Weekly Planet, Tampa, Book Cover Israeli Spies Exposed, John F. Sugg, Hoffman Wire
Likely, they were trying to determine why the US was training and harboring suspected terrorists (as in the above example). This specifically includes, per The Hoffman Wire by former AP reporter, Michael Hoffman spies located at the same time and place of housing as Mohamed Atta and others while at the Florida air training schools. Dozens of American cities and military establishments will be involved, each of which have ties to Global Hawk, many of which also have ties to terrorist activities tied to Global Hawk.
Zbigniew Brzezinski book gives motive for war a NWO twist: global domination - win the Grand Game

Source: his book The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy
and Its Geostrategic Imperatives Photo - Canadian Broadcasting Crp.
Former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski attributes domination of the Euro-asian regions as critical to world power. He then describes the Caspian oil reserves as the key to control of all of Eurasia.?US global primacy depends on control of the Caspian.?He then laments that this goal cannot be met "except in the circumstance of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat." So, if you are the US and you want control of the region, you must manufacture or sponsor that threat and market it for maximum effect -- ala Operation Northwoods. Brzezinski is not only a member of teh Council on Foerign Relations, but he contributes significantly to its direction, having worked closely with its founding leaders, the Rockefeller's, et al, and being a  Trustee of the CFR's policy think tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies. When he talks, people listen. The question is, did they decide to foment terrorism in order to take advantage of his strategic plan for world domination?
DOD seeks to establish military command of US law enforcement with ties to NATO 

Source: U.S. Military Disturbance Planning: The War at Home, Frank Morales
President Clinton approves a military proposal to create a new military department and commander to oversee US military responses to 'civil disturbances' which includes terrorism and civilian unrest. Admiral Harold W. Gehman Jr., NATO's Atlantic Supreme Allied Commander (SACLANT), is appointed Commander in Chief, USA (CINC-USA.) ACLU Attorney Gregory T. Nojeim stated that "our concern is that there be a bright line drawn between law enforcement and the military. This not only blurs that bright line, but virtually guarantees further involvement of the military in civilian law enforcement activity."
CIA first inserts specially trained paramilitary teams into Afghanistan - will produce no results in over five years of effort.

Source: Bob Woodward, Washington Post
These teams will freely enter and leave Afghanistan right up to the US attacks. By then, they number at least 150, are very experienced and well placed with local assets and resources, and equipped with Predator drones and ther advanced technology. Yet they still can't find Osama bin Laden? Perhaps their true role was to keep him safe when US military operations commenced? I believe this is a disinfo piece.
1997 May
Hoax anthrax attack of Jewish B'nai B'rith building has military ties to Dashle antrax attacks

B'nai B'rith is, among other things, closely associated with Israeli spy operations in the United States. It turns out not to be anthrax, but a biological compound similar to anthrax which is of little threat. The attack is tied to the DOD nd the Dashe anthrax attack in two ways. The actual compound, like the anthrax used against Dashle, comes ONLY from a U.S. military research facitliy. Also, as in the dashle case, a word is used and misspelled identically in the accompanying message: 'penacilin'.  What is remarkable about this event is that FBI never investigates the matter? That might make sense if the attack was meant as a warning frohe US intelence community to the Israeli -- lay off with the 200 man spy ring  targeting US terrorists and their military-intelligence contacts.
1997 May
FBI officially learns large scale Al Qaeda operations underway in US

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
Top terrorist counterintelligence agent John O'neill is assigned to head a task force to deal with the problem. Remember his name, his will become both a barometer of the government's true desire to get bin Laden and stop terrorism as well as a lightening rod for the dark forces at work. 
1997 May
CIA still can't find bin Laden but CNN does, and does an interview

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
1997 Spring
NWO establishes a new NWO Group: PNAC, Project for the New American Century -- which becomes the fountainhead for the Middle East War(s) Bleuprint and the entire Bush Jr. Presidential strategy

Additional material here. Photo Jeb Bush (AP)
This group is founded by an interesting cadre of people, all of whom have played an important role in this time line: Richard Perle, a George W Bush "thinker," architect of the 'total war' concept; future Vice President and former Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney; Donald Rumsfeld; Paul Wolfowitz, Lewis Libby, Cheney's chief of staff, CIA super lawyer William J Bennett, Reagan's education secretary, and MR. Z. Even Jeb Bush and Dan Qayle are members, along with some very powerful people from media and defense contractors. PNAC recommended a number of policies which the Bush Adminstration has readily adipted and pushed through: an increase in arms-spending by $48b in support of multiple front wars; development of "bunker-buster" nuclear weapons; to make "star wars" a national priority; the targeting of Iraq and other Islamic states in the guise of combating terrorism. Pilger writes:As for Iraq's alleged 'weapons of mass destruction', these were dismissed, in so many words, as a convenient excuse, which it is. "While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification," it says, "the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein." 
1997 Spring
NWO launches political arguments to escalate interest in Afghanistan oil

Source: Council on Foreign Relations Library
S. Frederick Starr writes Power Failure: American Policy in the Caspian,  for National Interest: "We should also encourage the development of pipelines across Afghanistan to Pakistan, and even across China, which may in the long run become the primary market for Central Asian energy.
1997 July 
CIA finally makes a "try" AT Osama bin Laden?

Source: Mideast Mirror 7/14/97--al-Hayat & al-Arab;  PBS Frontline timeline
A mercenary force of 1000 men, 11 ground vehicles, and 2 helicopters are dispatched to Afghanistan in the guise of "civilians." This does not make the American news. They are never heard of, again. Likely, this was a resupply mission for rather than against bin Laden - but at the very least, it accomplished nothing.
1997 July
Unocal and others sign deal for Centgas pipeline

Source: Unocal Web site
Why? How about the trillion dollar ($1,000,000,000,000) oil/gas reserves in Caspian region? Partners include Aramco, the official Saudi oil company which has US partners, and slated to undertake service contracts are Dick Cheney's Halliburton and bin Laden's construction firm.
1997 July 21
NWO darling gives speech that sets 'terrorism' stage for Osama and defines the stakes as oil.

Source: Council on Foreign Relations Library
Strob Talbott is known as a famous reporter, author, and State Department diplomat - even Deputy Secretary of State.  What most do not consider is that he is also a Director at the CFR.  On this day in a speech at John Hopkins University, Talbott says "If economic and political reform in the countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia does not succeed--if internal and cross-border conflicts simmer and flare--the region could become a breeding ground of terrorism, a hotbed of religious and political extremism, and a battleground for outright war...  It would matter profoundly to the United States if that were to happen in an area that sits on as much as 200 billion barrels of oil. That is yet another reason why conflict resolution must be job one for U.S. policy in the region: It is both the prerequisite for and an accompaniment to energy development."
1997 Aug
CIA creates a secret task force of covert operatives who are trained in the oil industry to scout out potential oil reserves and evaluate financial health of former Soviet States in the Caspian-Asian region

Source: Time Magazine
This would clearly seem to be in support of the oil industry and at the very least imply the CIA is very involved in oil politics.
1997 Oct 
Centgas Incorporates, Unocal the controlling partner with 54.11%

Source: Unocal Web site 
Two oil industry announcements this day are interesting clues to 911. Dick Cheney's Halliburton announces drilling contracts in the Caspian region, and Centgas, the Unocal/Delta consortium announces its formation as a legal business entity and its plans for an Afghanistan pipeline. Other partners are oil firms of Japan, Korea, Pakistan, and the Caspian states. Without a pipeline, Halliburton's contracts will be worth much less than if there is a pipeline. But the war in Afghanistan is not about pipelines, so we know Cheney and friends are not taking advantage, right? 
1997 Dec 4
Mr. Z meets with Taliban officials with and on behalf of Unocal officials in Texas

Source to be revealed.
The event does not even make it into the news until much later. Geroge Bush is currently the Governor of Texas -- the royal carpet is rolled out. The purpose of the meeting was to entice the Taliban into sacrificing their revolution and fundamentalistic stance, a principle source of the Afghani civil war, in exchange for the Centgas pipeline deal and all the money that would go with it. The Taliban tentatively agree to a $2B deal pending US recognition of the Taliban government. Two more meets in Afghanistan would take place in early 1998, but the Taliban would end up electing God over Gold. 
1997 Dec 14
Unocal contracts to train 400 Afghani at US University in preparation for pipeline construction

Source: The London Telegraph  U of N Web site, local TV news program
The University of Nebraska gets $1M from Unocal to train Afghani for pipeline construction -- 150 of whom are already at the school for some reason. This may be why: Other Unocal money will be later be found to have been used to teach English to 200 Islamic students at U of N , all of whom simultaneously just happen to be taken paramilitary training which includes nightime parachute courses. It appears that someone is systematically training terrorists in the US with oil money being part of the equation
USAF launches Joint Vision 2010, a special training, R&D, wargame project at Maxwell AFB Air Warfare Center -- which has two ties to 911

Source: Department of Defense report  Photo (BBC)
Tie number one is that 911 hijacker Mohamed Atta attended unspecified trainings at the Air Warfare Center in this time frame. Two, is that the project included test use of Global Hawk technology. Subsequent to attending the Center, Atta undertook flight training at a CIA enmeshed school in Florida, which was next door to CIA proprietary/Raytheon facility believed to have flight simulators for Global Hawk technology. 
060  1998 Jan 10
CIA cannot find Osama bin Laden but ABC's John Milner does in an interview with him

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
Starting to notice a pattern. Just the tip of the iceberg...
066  1998 Feb 12
Unocal asks Congress to change laws and intervene in Afghani affairs to end civil war, enable access to region oil

Source: Congressional Record: John J. Maresca before House Committee on International Relations
John J. Maresca, Unocal Vice President of International Relations gives Congressional testimony well worth a read, because it is a bit of a blackmail notice promising higher gas prices if they don't get their pipeline. Maresca himself is former Navy (intelligence background)  and was Deputy Secretary of Defense and State Department in various Soviet and Caspian regional matters. Apparantly it was not considered a conflict of interests when Bush later appoints Maresca as Special Ambassador to Afghanistan.
1998 Spring
NWO  dangles prospect for oil profits and points out why they are unattainable

Source: Council on Foreign Relations Library
Ian Bremmer writes  Oil Politics: America and the Riches of the Caspian Basin, for World Policy Journal: "There are proposals to pump oil east, including a $2.5 billion pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan. But this would require transit through Taliban-controlled Afghanistan 100 kilometers from the front lines of the Afghan civil war."
1998 May
CIA still cannot find Osama bin Laden but ABC can. John Millner interviews him in Afghanistan

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
1998 May 18
FBI field agents report multiple 'Middle Eatern males' taking flight training in Oklahoma City area -- report is ignored

Source: FBI memo
The report, entitiled Weapons of Mass Desrtuction, is ignored. It is later determined that at least one 911 hijacker was among these men, and at least three other terrorists were training there or planning to train there in the same time frame.
1998 July 19
Article discussing NWO thinking on Caspian oil/gas reserves states "Much of the future of the world's economy ... may hinge on who gains access to this wealth" 

Source: Tad Sauk, Parade Magazine
The article details the thinking on topic by the round table group, The Club of Rome. Club of Rome is a NWO elite group spin off of the Bilderbergers, and is an architect of a unified Europe as a steppingstone to a one-world government. 'Who gains access' is the key word phrase -China, the splintered Russian states, and the US, plnus the other Arabic oil states - all interested parties. In the NWO think taks, this is referred to as 'The Grand game.'
1998 August
CIA discounts intelligence report that al Qaeda terrorists will use a civilian airliner to attack the WTC

Source: Senate Intelligence Committee document
The report is discounted for several reasons, one being that the terrorists are not actually al Qaeda -- but it later turns out, they are. In fact, subsequent investigations reveal this was the time frame when al-Qaeda planned the 911 attack.  FBI will claim that this report was thouroughly investigated by 'many agencies' which is curious given that CIA has not passed anything along to FBI. Why thiis one?  Perhaps so that it couldeasily dismissed on the surface and then used after 911 to embarass FBI into a cooperative spirit with respect to any 'earnest' investigation into 911. A similar ploy was used in the JFK assassination by linking Oswald to FBI payroll, causing J. Edgar Hoover to perform poorly in the subsequent investigation.
1998 Aug 7
Osama bin Laden blamed for the bombing of two US Embassies in East Africa

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
Near synchronous attacks kill 213 and injure more than 4,500 persons in Kenya and Tanzania. This is somewhat a pivotal point in the 'marketing' of Osama bden as terrorist -- the first point where media openly credits him with a crime - a crime planned with the help of Ali Mohamed, US military intelligence double agent. The attack causes a US response which especially 'sells' Osama to the Islamic world, making him a folk hero -- see next.
1998 Aug 20
80 cruise missiles are fired at assorted bin Laden 'resources' in the Sudan -- but CIA provided targeting kills ISI agents spying on bin Laden instead

Source: London Observer Aug 23
The attack targets seven locations but only one had any connections at all to bin Laden. No known bin Laden figures were killed, but 30 others were: mostly secret operatives from Pakistan's ISI intelligence agency who were spying on bin Laden. The Arab world marvels at the grey fox' ability to escape the mighty US, and the highly accurate cruise missiles take out an entire US backed counterintelligence operation. Other of the facilities attacked were actually funded and built by CIA. Perhaps the ISI stumbled onto something someone in the US did not want to become public? Regardless, this event truly puts bin Laden on the Islamic political map -- his Washington PR firm at the White House doing a wonderful job.
1998 June 8
Secret Grand Jury finds Osama bin Laden indictable for crimes against the U.S. 

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
The indictment is sealed, however. The evidence heard by the Jury and their charges will never be made public. How convenient. 
1998 (precise date not stated)
George Herbert Walker Bush visits with Saudi Royal family and bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia on behalf of Carlyle Group

Source: Wall Street Journal, Sept 27, 2001
This puts the Bush family and Saudi families in the middle of something which involves the US military industrial complex - the part that makes a profit when there is a war. 
Two different Dutch Nationals establish Flight Training Schools in Venice Florida - used by terrorists

Source: Investigative writer Daniel Hopsicker,; Simulator
An 'amazing coincidence' - two different Dutch men, Arni Kruithof and Rudi Dekkers just "coincidentally" had the same exact idea at the same time and purchase firms almost adjacent to each other. These men would seem very connected to Iran Contra activities in Holland since many of their aircraft and employees, and funding sources, and aircraft were the same as from/used in Iran Contra. Further, their activities in Florida are strangely in close proximity to both George Bush and Jackson Stephens resources or stomping grounds from Iran Contra or bay of Pigs days. Now why would CIA end up training the terrorists and not know it? Why would terrorists take lessons from two different CIA proprietaries and not know it? The only answer is that the terrorists and the CIA were working together.
1998 Aug 7 - 
Four US Embassies (Kenya, Nairobi, Tanzania, and Dar es Salaam) are bombed by Al Qaeda with help of Ali Mohamed. Mohamed and others are arrested and pleads guilty at a pretrial hearing. Many mysteries abound.

Source: see my special review
On Aug. 7 of 1998, two trucks filled with explosives drove to the exact spots where Ali Mohamed and Osama bin Laden had planed, and took out the two US embassies, leaving 224 dead and nearly 5,000 nearby local citizens injured. The day after the bombing, FBI obtained a special secret warrant from a secret Federal Judge under FISA, the Federal Surveillance Intelligence Act, and visited Ali's home in California. There they found more training manuals of the sort found almost a decade earlier. This is all-too convenient, just the sort of thing a double agent would leave behind for FBI to "find" in order to justify extraction if and when needed, for any reason. A real terrorist would not leave such clues lying about in such an obvious place. 

But I will not rank this as an indicator, here -- better ones await. So they called Ali at his current location in Kenya, where he was working for Osama in the planning of yet another attack. Just as they had done in 1994, they asked if he could return to the US to answer some questions. Just as in 1994, Ali happily obliged, an act already described as more double agent like than terrorist like. You don't just walk into the jaws of an enemy who might suspect you for crimes for which you know you are guilty. But Ali did, twice.  Ali admitted to the FBI  he knew who was involved in the bombing but refused to name names (official version of the story.) This makes no sense, either. Why would a terrorist as smart in the ways of intelligence and law be so foolish. Any such statement would only lead to trouble. It did:

He was prevented from leaving the US and was, by May of 1999, giving testimony before a Grand Jury. He admitted nothing useful in open court.-- but lied to the Grand Jury over some unstated but verifiable matter. That should have been a trivial matter, but it would be leveraged into something else. Ali was charged along with 16 others charged with the Embassy bombings in 2000.

1998 Nov
US intelligence by now is able to interpret al Qaeda code due to message intercepts related to embassy bombings. The same language will be used to reference the 911 attacks, but government will claim they did not understand those al Qaeda amessages. This indicates prior nowledge and a cover up.

Source: The Cell, John Miller, Michael Stone and Chris Mitchell
Further, NSA itself announces in Feb of 2001 that it has cracked all of al Qaeda's code. Yet al Quaeda does not move to correct the problem and change their code. Perhaps they know they have a friend in US intelligence and higher, and thus, secrecy is of minor importance, except perhaps with other nations who might be listening? 
1998 Nov 4
New indictments against Osama bin Laden are made, this time detailing specific crimes - the embassy bombings

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
1998 Dec 4
Osama and US officials put bounties on each other's heads in a game of one upmanship -- all for show, apparantly to market bin Laden

Source: Senate Intelligence Committee document
The US announces a $5 reward for Osama's arrest. bin Laden responds offering a $9M reward (each) for the assassination of the head of FBI, CIA, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense. CIA Director George Tenet responds by 'declaring war' on Osama bin Laden. Before the year is out, Clinton authorizes an aggressive assassination program. We might then ask why CIA cannot find him... and when they do, the simply give him flowers and candy... 

In fact, top Islamic Jihad terrorist Mohammed Atef is located in a hotel room and CIA is assigned to terminate or capture him, but no effort to do so is made -- 'it is put in the too hard to do box.' Probably too hard to get past a 'do not disturb ' sign on the door, huh? Two submarines are assigned to standby patrols to launch cruise missiles at osama bin Laden. Three seperate times he is located and known to be staying for a period of time (6 hours notice is required for the targeting and firing process)  Each time, Tenet refuses to authorize the shots.

1998 Dec
CIA still cannot find Osama bin Laden three separate news agencies do: Time, ABC, and a reporter for a Pakistani newspaper all do interviews

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
Osama's Press Agent would seem to have him booked on just about every talk show in town. CIA is really trying though. Honest.
Seriousness of US to get bin Laden disproved. 

Source: Village Voice article, Mondo Washington: The Accidental Operative, their source being Laili Helms.
Taliban officials offer to turn over the communications equipment and files belonging to bin Laden to US officials. The US declines the offer. They are probably waiting until after Opra interviews him, because they really like the Oprah Show.
Seriousness of Saudi officials to get bin Laden disproved

Source: Village Voice article, Mondo Washington: The Accidental Operative, their source being Laili Helms.
Taliban officials offer to put bin Laden on a Saudi plane to facilitate his capture for turning over to US for trial. The Saudi kill the deal by insisting he is dead when put on the plane, a matter they know will cause the Taliban to break off discussions. It does. If the Saudi really wanted Osama dead, they could have accepted the deal as was and crashed the plane or killed him themselves. 
1998 Dec 5
Unocal "officially" backs out of Centgas deal citing civil war and terrorism concerns

Source: Business Recorder, Unocal Trying to Reenter Turkmen Pipeline Project
The Bush administration and Unocal and other oil interests are advising Pakistan to begin construction on the sea terminals needed to serve the pipeline once built through Afghanistan and Pakistan. What do they know about the future that no one else seems able to grasp, least of all American media that still does not realize the war is about oil (or, more correctly, refuses to print the truth because they are largely owned by the military industrial complex?)
1998 'late'
FBI learns of and taps key bin Laden phone number CIA had been monitoring for years

Source: Newsweek
It is described as a key logistics center where al Qaeda plans and tactics are discussed, but CIA had known about the phone since the traced satellite phone had been given him some two years earlier. Yet neither FBI or CIA fed any information from this phone to the other agency, nor did it stop any planned terrorist attack, certainly not 911, or intercept any known terrorists. Why?
MI5 is notified by French authorities that terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui is entering London and asks to have him surveilled. The request is ignored.

Source: The Independant
Given FBI's reluctance to even get a warrant on this 911 involved hijacker, perhaps MI5's reluctance was at FBI or CIA's request? After all, it wouldn't  do to actually have someone in hand to question, especially if their answers might reveal US complicity.
MI6 holds a special brefing with CIA counterparts to warn that al Qaeda will be using aircraft as flying bombs to attack US

Source: (London) Sunday Times
And government said 'We didn't see it comming?'
CIA and NSA , Egyptian intelligence monitor key al Qaeda communications but hear no evil, speak no evil

Source: Washington Post, Financial Times
CIA/NSA team slips into Afghanis install spcial listenng relay po to capture traffic to/from bin Laden HQ and Egyptian intelligence capture significant  telephone traffic in Egypt -- but no actual reported intelligence comes from these events. Why?
State Madeleine Albright suggests a Delta Force attack to kill bin Laden,
but Joint Chiefs of Staff head Shelton condemns it as "going Hollywood."

Source: Washinton Post
A plan is non the less drawn up, but never implemented. But wait!  What happened to the DOD's Grey Fox team? They were already in Ahanistan doing something?  But what? Apparantly not this. At the same time, CIA is inserting so many agents into Afghanistan that vtually no part of it is uncovered. They can't find bin Laden, either.
Multiple citizen reports to CIA and law enforcment about unusual activity by  various 911 terrorists are ignored -- FBI sees no evil

Source: multiple media accounts
Reports describe activities completely contrary to Islam tradition and al Qaeda training: drunken parties, prostitutes, and general nuiscance behavior as well as suspicious behavior involving late night visits, continuous cell phone use, and more. Yet FBI Director tells the Senate hearings that  "the hijackers did all they could to stay below our radar."
1999 Jan 16
An even more detailed indictment is handed down against Osama bin Laden

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
By now, the CIA probably is aware that there is some official interest in capturing or killing the man, if they didn't already know it. We shall see how aware they really are, soon.
1999 Jan 20
George Walker Bush takes the Oath of Office and the second Bush Oil Administration begins
Sec. State James Baker will become "odd man out" in the second Bush Cabinet but will represent key ties to the oil interests, Carlyle Group, and Saudi families; fmr. Sec. Defense, Richard Cheney - to become Vice President (and many believe, the true power in the White House;) Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft, and Paul O'neill were all tied to the elder Bush and made it into the younger Bush Administration. Add to this the veryimportant and pivitol rols of Mr. Z and Mr. HK, though that will not be apparant until later.
1999 Feb
Secret millitary-CIA document may be Operation Northwoods style blueprint for anthrax attacks by mail in the wake of 911

Source: BBC
The document examines the workability of using anthrax by mail as a weapon, and involves the same people who ultimately were tied to the actual military-grade anthrax used against Dashel and others after 911. It is also the same anthrax strain given over to CIA for delivery to various research laboratories, including one in England. That is interesting because other reports on anthrax attacks on news resources in Florida have connections to Brittains. The British speculate (using American experts) that the attacks were a CIA project that got out of hand. That this may be so is perhaps highlighted by the fact that though copies have been leaked to media, CIA steadfastly denies the document exists.
1999 Feb
fake anthrax mail attacks fit the Northwoods style blueprint for anthrax attacks by mail (above)

Source: New York Times
Media hardly reports it either at the time or after 911 (not until 2002) when the real anthrax attacks will hit some of the same (media) targets using almost identical messages and delivery style...  but anthrax is mailed to news and government offices. However, it is a type called 'wet anthrax' which is not dangerous -- but which is a type only used by the same military resources as described above. 
1999 April
Delegation of Saudi Royals and officials visits the same airfield in Venice which would become flight schools for terrorists

Source Investigative author Daniel Hopsicker,;
1999 April - Delegation of Saudi Royals and officials visits the same airfield in Venice which would become flight schools for terrorists. Their hosts there are a suspected CIA proprietary operated by Raytheon. The airport has a history of clandestine military and CIA activity going back to WW II. One of the Saudi delegates is one Mohammed Al-ghandi, the same name as a man detained by FBI in Florida for questioning after 911. Three of the 911 hijackers also share the name Al-ghandi. Source Investigative author Daniel Hopsicker, Now if this is not quite enough of a smoking gun, consider the rest of the story...
1999 April
Bush investment partner bin Mahfouz and other Saudi elite caught using charities and BCCI to fund Osama bin Laden - US takes no action

Source: Boston Herald

Five Saudi billionairs and several Islamic banks are involved. While the Saudi Government places Mahfouz under house arrest, the US seems to take no notice, does not ask Saudi for documentation which would have led to Islamic charities and other fronts, nor does it seek to freeze the funds involved at the time.  Mahfouz soon enters the hospital with a serious illness and the house arrest is lifted.
1999 Jun 7
FBI finally ads Osama bin Laden to Ten Most Wanted list

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
Gee... perhaps someone at FBI finally read all those indictments and figured out a causal relationship between the Most wanted, and being Indicted. At this point, there is officially no excuse for not getting bin Laden if given a chance. But we will see both FBI and CIA don't quite seem to get the message.
1999 June 15
NWO  laments Unocal cannot get pipeline unless Taliban dealt with

Source: Council on Foreign Relations Library  Image James baker Institute
Ira B. Joseph writes  a paper for James A. Baker Institute on Public Policy: "Meanwhile, the Unocal consortium, intent on building a pipeline through Afghanistan, will have difficulty attracting the necessary financing until Afghanistan's civil war is wound down... routes through Afghanistan will not become commercially financeable until a coalition government is put in place... Afghanistan's long history of regional strife and fractured political organization argues against the $2.7-billion gas pipeline in security terms."
1999 July 14
Audio tape reveals ISI had prior knowledge of 911 attack -- but  tapes are 'sanitized by the highest levels of US government' to censer evidence of foreknowledge. Illustrates Pakistan is NOT ally to US in war on terrorism.

The conversation, in a restruant with a view of the WTC, was between a government informant, a Pakistani ISI intelligence officer, and arms dealer. It included a visual referene to the towers with 'Those towers are coming down..." Glass reports the matter but later discovers the comments were edited out by someone in our own government.
1999 Sept
California business proves Mohamed Atta in US two years before official FBI version -- What was Atta doing US does not want us knowing?

Source: Miami Herald
The FBI continues to maintain that select terrorists were in the United States much later than evidence indicates. In this case, a California health club has membership card issued to Atta and several employees who remember him  regularly visiting the club. FBI claims Atta did ot enter US until June 3, 2000. In 1999, in the Hollywood area, Raytheon is actively working on project Global Hawk and flight simulator software.
1999 Sept
Official National Intelligence Council report to the President specifically warns of possible al Qaeda airliner attack on Pentagon and other targets. Bush White House denies knowledge of report, illustrates government deliberately ignored warnings.

Source: actual report
The report was 'disstributed broadly' within government circles dealing with intellige matters, and even posted it on the Internet in Sept. of 1999.
1999 Sept 11
Exactly two years PRIOR to the 911 attack, CIA/military intelligence think tank begins work on Homeland Security

Source: my research into the Anser Institute, documented in article in The Professional Paranoid Newsletter, Vol 3, Issue 3.
Understand the significance in the actions of the folks behind Homeland Security, the Anser Institute. Not only did someone start working on Homeland Security as a department and policy before it was needed, but they started two years TO THE DAY before the attack that would allow government to introduce the concept, policy, and department. It is almost as if someone had asked, "How long will it take to set this up?" and gotten the answer "I'd say two years," and then responded, "Great. Two years would make it Sept. 11, 1999. Start it then..." 

If this notion seems oblique. Ask yourself this:  When the OKC blast happened... when 911 happened... in both instances, how was it that specific "antiterrorism" legislation (which reduced civil liberties and could be described as more draconian police-state enforcement than antiterrorism) just "happened" to have been already written and needed only to be introduced on the floor of the House and Senate for discussion and voting?  This is what is meant by "prior knowledge." SOMEONE in government knows EXACTLY what will happen, and when, and is using that to create public policy and law IN ADVANCE as response. Operation Northwoods in action. Further, it is not even WHEN as much as WHO: Top CIA and military intelligence people, to include scientists involved in political control technology (non lethal weapons and electronic mind control technology) such as RAATS -- not to mention Global Hawk. I'm sure all those toys are being designed to combat terrorism.  See next

1999 Sept
FBI visit Norman, OK flight school because known terrorist is training there, but still refuse to put flight schools or students on watch list.

Source: Boston Globe
Investigation of Ihab Ali, an unindicted coconspirator of the 1998 Kenya Embassy bombing, leads to discovery of his Norman training in 1993. Other terrorists and Islamics are visiting and training there in 1999 and will train there after 1999, but FBI does not care to take note.
1999 Oct 12
Military coup in Pakistan puts General Musharraf in charge -- he immediately blocks CIA-ISI plan to capture bin Laden despite huge rewards offered. Illustrates Pakistan is NOT ally to US in war on terrorism.

Source: Bob Woodward, Washington Post
60 ISI Commandos had allegedly been working with CIA for the operation. While this illustrates Pakistan is not an ally, I believe the story is a plant to be used as an excuse for CIA failures, and possibly, for later use to justify actions against Pakistan to include war based on support of terrorism: a) CIA does not need ISI for such a mission because it already has its own operatives in place;b) Bob Woodward has been tied to the intelligence community; c) He was instrumental in the Watergate assassinion of President Nixon by George Bush's Bay of Pigs (JFK assassins) operatives; d) He himself fails to question the need for ISI participation due to preexistence of CIA operatives mentioned in his own article designed to showcase CIA participation in war on terrorism; e) The Washington Post is keystone of CIA's Project Mockingbird to infiltrate media and disinform America. Regardless, it is clear the reported facts contradict one another.
1999 Oct 31
Egyptair Flight 990 is thrown into a dive into the Atlantic by a "praying copilot," killing all aboard

Source: assorted news (Time, ABC, etc.), Map (NTSB)
Was this a test of RAATS or Global hawk technology? Analysis of the Islamic "prayer" by some accounts almost sounds more like an answer to God than a prayer to Him, with a final "acceptance of his will" at the critical moment, repeated endlessly. That, and the fact that the Egyptian  copilot was in Egypt at the same time frame as the terrorist pilots of 911 leads us to ask if perhaps Egyptair 990 was not some form of test of "Voice of God" technology (RAATS) to see if a pilot could be forced to crash his plane thinking it was God's will. Keep in mind that RAATS can be injected into a victim without their knowledge. Further, Flight 990 went down almost immediately above very sophisticated military intelligence communications and research laboratories located on Long Island. Both RAATS and Global hawk would require sophisticated communications to work at a distance. The significance of this event lays in the fact that there was an unusually a large number of Egyptian military and intelligence officers on board Flight 990. Most of th ese were associated with Operation Bright Star, and may have been in a posiiton to put two and two together when the court records of Ali Mohamed's guilty plea was made public.
1999 Nov
More 911 hijackers enter US and live in San Diego, but FBI insists they do not arrive in US until months later. What were they doing that FBI does not want us to know?

Sources are many:
Rental records, first person reports, and even NSA call traffic monitoring refute FBI. What is in San Diego area is a Raytheon facility which was working on Global Hawk technology. 
1999 Nov-Dec
FBI and CIA phone tap uncovers Al Qaeda "Millennium Plot" and a plan for terrorists to meet in December -- but no defensive action is taken

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
The precise address and date of meeting is known, and those meeting include members of the 19 hijackers of 911. No apparent attempt to intervene beyond surveillance is undertaken by US intelligence community. Note that any audio surveillance would have very likely revealed precise event-descriptive details of 911 attack plans.
1999 Dec 14
'Millennium Plot' bomber accidentally caught at border - leads to more arrests -- yet FBI still takes no defensive action. Terrorists are not brought to trial.

Source: NY Times
Ahmed Ressam is arrested entering Port Angeles with 130 lbs. of high explosives and detonators, admits to plan to blow up LAX on New Year's Eve, documents he carry lead to arrests in three other cities and all attacks are stopped. The White House will later state it had no understanding of al Quaeda's presence in theUS, and the FBI takes no actions to determine if other terrorists are lurking about. Later, it is learned that ClA fully expected a total of 15 attacks that night, but they apparantly told no one. Why? Despite the length of time and nature of events that have transpired since, the arrests, the terrorists have yet to be brougt to trial. Why? Perhaps it is because a trial may lead to discovery of US intelligence helps?
1999 Late Nov
911 hijacker pilots and members of Hamberg support cell meet with Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. 

Source: CBC News
This is the strongest evidence that Osama bin Laden was a part of the 911 plot, but it is not used by FBI publicly. Instead, CIA trots out a fake video tape (tampered audio, Osama bin Laden look alike) But perhaps one or more of the persons attending were double agents, such as Mohamed Ali, in which case government dare admit knowledgeof the event, because it would demonstrate prior knowledge. 
An FBI internal memo advises that a Middle East nation attempted to illegally purchase a flight simulator. No apparant investigation is made, the nation involved is not identified, and the report is not forwarded to other agencies. Why?

Source: Los Angeles Times, May 30, 2002
Perhaps it is because the nation involved is Saudi Arabia, the company involved is Raytheon, and the information would either lad to discoery of 911 plans, or be more valuable as blackmail evidence should the Saudi refuse to go along with the planned oil wars following 911? 
2000 Jan
CIA arranges for surveillance of second Al Qaeda meeting

Source PBS Frontline timeline
This illustrates GOOD audio intelligence coverage of first meeting, and thus, good intelligence on attack plans. All participants are photographed as they meet and include future members of the 911 attack as well as the attack on the USS Cole and US embassies. However, INTELLIGENCE GATHERED AT THIS MEETING IS NOT SHARED WITH FIELD AGENTS involved in counterterrorism operations. AS A RESULT, NOT ONE ATTACK IS FOILED. Why?
2000 Jan
George Herbert Walker Bush visits with Saudi Royal family and bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia for second time on behalf of Carlyle Group

Source: The Gaurdian
This puts the Bush family and Saudi families in the middle of  something which involves the US military industrial complex - the part that makes a profit when there is a war. Do we deem it a coincidence that he visits just prior to a regional war, each time? Why did Bush deny this meeting until a thank you te was found proving it?
2000 Jan 3
Al Qaeda attack on the USS The Sullivans in Yemen harbor fails through stupidity -- but US intelligence will match their quality of wit

Source: PBS Frontline timeline  Photo (CNN)
Their boat, overloaded with explosives, sinks before they leave the dock. The Sullivans is named for seven brothers of the Sullivan family who all perished serving aboard the same ship during WWII. Consequently, members of the same family are no longer allowed to serve together. US intelligence does not learn of this attack/failure until after the USS Cole is attacked, but any good defensive posture would have allowed discovery of the otherwise public (sinking) event by alert CIA/military intelligence operatives. 
2000 Jan
Network of 200 Isreali spies under cover as art students are first discovered. They are spying on al Qaeda terrorists AND their US contacts in military- intelligence circles, and defense contractors, all of whom seem associated with Global hawk.

Source: DEA Report
What they were doing and who they had been spying on up to this point is not known at this time. It is later learned ring has been active for years, and that they are especially curious at why al Qaeda operatives known to them (and thus, presumed to beown to US intelligence) are training at US military facilities, working for US Defense contractors, and involved with personages within the military-intilligence community. Eventually, FBI will identify all 200 spies and arrest them, but thee Bush White House will have them quietly deported rather than prosecuted. Why?  See my special report to find out.
2000 Jan-May
911 kingpin Mohamed Atta is under surveillance by CIA in Hamburg in this time frame. Though he violates law by procuring explosives and chemicals for bombs and biological warfare, his activities are not reported to German authorities and he is not arrested. Moerover, no effort is made is made to block his entry back into the US and, according to official statements, he is not under serurveillance, here. Why?

Source: London Observer
CIA will later claim in a report to Congress they had no information linking  Atta to al Qaeda or terrorism. This clearly illustrates CIA complicity in whatever Atta was doing -- protecting him with  a watchful eye, taking no actions against him, and then later lying about it to Congress
2000 Jan 5-8
High level al Qaeda meeting in Malaysia fails to attract US intelligence community interest - seen as unimportant despite the roster of top bin Laden aids. Why?

Source: London Observer
Local Malaysian intelligence operatives surveill the participants and the meeting and inform CIA. The official stance is that no audio surveillance is conducted, however, it is later revealed that what was discussed involved the USS Cole bombing and other, unspecified attack plans. Yet despite this intelligence, no defensive actions were taken, and the Cole was successfully attacked. Why? It only makes sense if an approved Operation Northwoods plan in motion.
2000 Jan 15
Two of the 19 hijackers of 911 enter the US under CIA's nose from Malaysia meeting

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
CIA not only allows them entry, but does nothing to track them once entering the country, does not notify FBI. Even later, hird party nation (unspecified) notifies CIA of their entry, CIA does nothing. Why? This only makes sense if they are working for CIA and their activities are guided. 
2000 Feb 15
Boeing announces Air Force ability to 'wrap' avionics software with alternate functions without apparant changes

Source: Boeing Press Release
This illustrates the military is developing software techniques which allow modification of commercial aircraft avionics systems with new capabilities in a way which is transparant (and thus, if needed, undetectible.) If Global Hawk technology were installed on the 911 aircraft it would be imperative to enable their functions remotely without the pilots awareness of the modifications having been made. Technology such as described in this release would be imperative. This announcement comes just weeks after the mysterious crash of Egyptair Flight 990 which might have been a test of Global Hawk using this 'wrap' capability.
2000 March
FBI destroys all Carnivore email intercepts of al Qaeda in the Denver area. Later, a cover up story self destructs.

Source: AP
The cover story, once reported, is that the destruction was accidental, due to inadvertant capture of al Qaeda emails not authorized under the specific Carnivore warrant in use. In trying to delete the illegal capture, all email was accidentally destroyed. Two problems with this: a) FBI would not destroy such evidence, even if illegally obtained (it never has in the past) though it might not use the evidence in court; b) FBI denied in the same article that the destruction had taken place, contradicting its own explanation. Thus, we must ask what information was actually destroyed, and why? Could it have been related to 911 or implicated Federal or corporate conspirators in some way?
2000 Apr
Public evidence indicates this earliest date Mohamed Atta and other terrorist arrive in the US to attend Florida flight school -- FBI ignores evidence

Source Investigative author Daniel Hopsicker,
Official FBI findings still maintain it to be June 2000 to this day. This implies that the terrorists were doing something for two months they don't want us to find out about - such as attending US military schools? As we will see, FBI also lies about when they finish the training and leave the flight schools. The reason for that may perhaps be more apparent when introduced into the time line, later. 
2000 April
Security at the Portland, Main Public Library will alter recall Mohamed Atta and others from 911 were using the library computers to access the Internet in this time frame. 

Source: Portland Press Herald
What exists in Portland Main are employees of the various firms supporting aircraft operations at the Portland, Main, airport, from whence the 911 flights were launched. This would include both security and food catering service that serviced the fatal flights on the morning of 911. The company contracted for food handling by both American and United Airlines was Sky Chefs, which had assumed control of Caterair, a failing food handling service run by no other than George Bush. While George Bush ran Caterair, a Carlyle Company, the firm also employed one of the 911 hijackers. 
2000 April 17
FBI investigates suspected terrorist attending flight training school in Phoenix

Source: PBS Frontline timeline Simulator
At this point, the intelligence community should officially have no excuse for not investigating and monitoring ALL flight schools in the US for Islamic students. Why did they not? 
2000 April - May
Hamburg Cell terrorist brags publicly that he will kill thousands in New York, specifically mentioning the WTC. This disproves government's claims that they could not know the date or target of the 911 attacks because the terrorists themselves did not know until hours beforehand. CIA ignores event

Source: Agence France-Presse
Marwan Alshehhi, one of the 911 hijackers, bragged to a librarian that, regarding the WTC, 'There will be thousands of dead. You will think of me... You will see, in America something is going to happen. There will be many people killed." Though there seems to be no public record indicating that this matter was reported to German or American authorities at the time, it still disproves US claims of poor intelligence about targets and dates. If the attackers themselves knew more than a year in advance, and were publicly bragging even a little, then intercepts of communications and surveillance should have provided enough clues to at least provide some needed details. Also - see next for even more blatant bragging and threats by Mohamed Atta.
2000 April - May
Mohamed Atta and fellow hijackers attempt to borrow money from a bank in Florida with ties to Jeb Bush. In the interviews, he makes chilling comments and threats in the form of questions. These again show the terrorists were not as careful and tight lipped as government claims.
Again, this does not result in useful intelligence at the time, being reported after 911. Again, however, it does show government claims of secrecy and hijackers being unawares of their targets are false. Moreover, it seems a flagrant attempt to get reported to FBI. Using his real name and identification, the questions included: a) Asking about security of the WTC and other landmarks; b) How she would like it if someone flew a plane into her friend's building; c) How would America like it if another country destroyed Washington; d) What would prevent him from cutting her throat and taking the money from the bank vault. Amid all this, he discusses both his association with and faith in al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden and his travels in the Middle East and Europe. 

He also tried to buy an aerial photograph of Washington, D.C. on her wall for increasingly large sumes of cash. Why would he need to borrow money ($65,000) in the first place - he has regularly gotten hundreds of thousands as neeed, will get $100,000 more in roughly 30 days from supporters in Pakistan (see   )? Why would he seek a loan from a bank to do it when he would clearly not be able to meet the minimum requirements for employment, residency, income, and prior credit history? Why did he utter such dangerous questions and comments?  I believe he was playing with the US intelligence community, taunting them, because he knew they would take no action to stop him. That is the big "Why?" of this whole matter. See June 2000 for Bush ties.

2000 Spring
Saudi Royal Family arranges for trip to Afghanistan on Royal aircraft by Osama bin Laden's mother. They play two cards: a) She is given a message for Osama to lay off Saudi targets in exchange for no crackdown on his followers in Saudi Arabia; b) they offer CIA an opportunity to put a tracking device in her luggage. CIA turns down the offer, makes no attempt to track the aircraft or othewise take advantage.

source: New Yorker
Once it becomes public, the Saudi state the CIA did not take them seriously. The CIA claims the offer was void of details. But what details are needed? You give them a device frequency and you start monitoring it. It seems clear CIA was not interested in getting at bin Laden all along. Further, why did the Saudi ask for a device? Does Saudi Intelligence not own their own?  Perhaps this was a test of US seriousness to get bin Laden?  If so, the CIA was too stupid to see it and fell for the bait and gave the wrong answer. No one has ever found the Arabic mind to be inferior to the Western mind, well able to look ahead at enemy strategies, meanings, and likely moves. 
2000 May
CIA and FBI investigative team is sent to Sudan to evaluate Sudan's role in terrorism. They find no evidence, but the US still does not remove Sudan from its list of terrorist nations. Further, Sudan offers for the third time to share its volumous files on al Qaeda and bin Laden operatives while in Sudan, but the US again declines.

Source: The Guardian
This again demonstrates getting bin Laden and destroying al Qaeda is not the goal. Why? It also reveals the deciet implicit in US foreign policy and public statements in that the Sudan is not given a clean bill of health. To do so would mean an appology was in order for the missile attacks in 1998.
2000 May
Bayer's anthrax drug Cipro is  proven ineffective and dangerous in tests, but results are kept secret. Despite this, the US government will contract for 1 million doses.

Source: The (London) Sunday Times
The drug proves unstable in the presence of other drugs and fails to kill bacteria. Nearly half of those tested in one instance acquire potentially life-threatening infections as a result. 
2000 May 8
Global Hawk flies from Florida (Eglin) to Portugal by operators in a trailer in Southwestern Va

Source: Washington Post
This demonstrates the capability of Global Hawk and its operational readiness well before 911 and within six months of Egyptair's mysterious Flight 990 crash . All news and military accounts of this test are unusually vague about the trailer in Virginia, perhaps because it may have been manned by CIA operatives. If so, perhaps it was training for missions on 911. That notion seems underscored by the fact that after 911, the military removed all Web pages referring to this flight, even those not mentioning the trailer (typical military overkill.) However, one remains cached, here.
2000 June
Mohamed Atta gets $100,000 from Pakistan ISI Director General Mahmud Ahmad. The deal is exposed in Indian media and Ahmad resigns. The man who actually wired the funds for Ahmad is later tied to and convicted for the kidnapping and murder of Daniel Pearl in early 2002. 

Source: The Times of India
This illustrates how connected 911 is to Pakistan, the ISI, and to CIA, who has at every step worked with ISI and Ahmad to: a) establish a working three-way relationship with the Mujahadine; b) establish a three-way working relationship with the Taliban; c) establish a three-way working relationship (pre al Qaeda) with Osama bin Laden; d) and establish a three-way working relationship with drug smuggling operations out of Afghanistan. CIA is not going to invest that kind of effort and money (billions annually) on someone without keeping an eye on them and without sanctioning their every move. No one in that position would think otherwise, and would be extremely foolish to do something not in line with their master's wishes -- something so easily detected as to have a newsman in another country uncover it. 

MORE TO THE POINT - this shows that it was not Afghanistan and the Taliban (and perhaps not even Osama bin Laden) who were behind 911, but implies instead that it was Pakistan. Yet in the war on terrorism, the US, with full knowledge of these facts, elected to war with Afghanistan rather than Pakistan. Indeed, it is this one event which gave the US the needed blackmail leverage to force Pakistan to join the US in that war (for the oil) or itself be targeted. It probably will still be targeted at some point in the future when the US government decides it is appropriate to "remember" this event and others like it -- after the pipeline is built or underway, no doubt.

2000 June
Mohamed Atta and other hijackers open 35 checking accounts in Florida's SunTrust Bank, which has numerous ties to the Bush Family

Source: new York Times
These accounts frequently used bogus Social Security numbers and several transactions fit into questionable categories requiring special treatment and scruitiny, and reporting to the Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. The bank repeatedly failed to investigate and report most of these violations, contrary to law. The few it did report were ignored by the Federal Government. The bank contributed more than $160K to Jeb Bush's election campaign, and its officers are frequently involved in various public events featuring the Governer -- who in turn is said to send his friends to Suntrust for their banking needs.
2000 June
A long list of Web domain names are reserved which seem clearly tied to 911. These are never renewed or used but would disprove government's claim that the attack date and target were not known in advance by the terrorists, and therefore, the US intelligence community had no useful advance knowledge.
Source: Cybercast News Service
The names included several which reveal foreknowledge:;;;;;, and similar. Governments response through disinformation is to debunk the claim as an urban legend in media. Yet if media had cared to check, they would have found it true -- the debunkers were eventually debunked when the names were found true. There is no known evidence that the FBI has investigated to see who registered these names. Note the date seems only somewhat finalized at this tim according to the names.
2000 July 27
The FDA approves Bayer's Cipro drug against inhalation anthrax despite its dangers, a highly unusual and risky move for FDA.

Source: Reuters
While the Bush family has strong ties with Eli Lilly and there has long been a general connection between Bush Adminstration actions beneficial to drug companies (espeicially Lilly) at larger and extensive lobbying and campaign contributions by the drug companies... this action seems to be more prompted by pressure from the Department of Defense. What did they know that no one else knew, that they would take such an unusual action?
2000 Aug
Italian intelligence captures Al Qaeda telephone conversations regarding use of hijacked planes as ground target bombs - informs US intelligence

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
However, FBI, as in the earlier French matter, claims they were unaware of these key details, and thus had no idea it foretold of a 911 style attack. Excuse me?  Still havn't learned to ask questions? Ever heard of 'investigative dialog' or 'documentary procedure?'
2000 Aug
White House through US State Department blocks FBI's top counterterroism agent and his team denied entry into Yemen to follow Al Qaeda leads

Source: PBS Frontline timeline  Photo (FBI)
John O'neill, frustrated, will find this is not the first time the Bush Administration blocks his investigative efforts. Repeatedly, his people are denied any ability to follow money laundering trails which lead to the Saudi Royal Family, the Mahfouz family, and the greater bin Laden family, and their financial investments - which would include Bush family and Cheney firms. He will resign his post over it, eventually. 
2000 August-September
Unmanned and experimental Predator aircraft first used to spy on Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. 

Source: Washington Post
Clinton, seeing film, orders the plane equiped with a missile system, but CIA later claims that infighting over who funds and controls the project caused it not to proceed until after 911. Contrary to this, CIA Director George Tenet later brags to President Bush that the aircraft had been steadily used for such surviellance. So why can't CIA find and get bin Laden?
2000 Augus 12
Italian Intelligence establish wiretap surveillance of a local terrorist cell. Conversations shared with FBI appear to discuss the upcoming 911 event in terms suitable to establish a general time frame, target, and method. 

Source: The Guardian
However, FBI apparantly takes no actions to fine tune this information with additional surveillance, arrests, or other intelligence, later denying any accuracy within the content
2000 Sept
The newly formed PNAC group finishes its first paper, a bluprint for global dominance. 

Source: The Report
A long list of political actions, foreign and domestic policy changes, governmental and military reorganizations, and weapon system developments are recommended. The Bush Administration, once coming to power, implementes virtually every recomendations. While the report does not spell it out, it seems clear to many analysts that these changes are virtually all in support of Middle East wars.
2000 Sept 29
911 hijacker Zacarias Moussauori and two others enter flight training at Norman, Oklahoma

Source: WorldNetDail
FBI investigates but does nothing, does not put other flight schools on watch, perhaps because it seems too closely tied to the Oklahoma city bombing. Norman Oklahoma is very near the photographed Ryder Truck "bomb factory" site. One of the other men is Nawaf al-Hasmi, who was stopped for speeding in Oklahoma twice. CIA had been tracking him as suspected terrorist but never told FBI at any point during his 21 month stay in the US before hijacking Flight 77 and crashing it into the Pentagon. Great teamwork, guys... but who's team are you playing on? If the answer is not yet clear to the reader, see what happens next...
2000 Sept - Oct.
Zacarias Moussaoui twice goes to Maylasia to the same appartment where the Maylasia meeting was held. Malyasian authorities had been monitoring the appartment but are ordered off by CIA just before Moussaoui arrives. 

Source: Newsweek
Maylasian authorities are alramed at CIA's lack of interest. I am, too -- because it marks the start of a pattern of protecting Moussaoui from undue attention (see   )
2000 Sept - Dec
FBI informant lives with and entertains numerous hijackers but FBI seems totally uninterested, despite unusual nature of event and high-level terrorists involved.

Source: Many - use
FBI informant Abdussattar Shaikh plays roomate to 911 hijackers Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdhar, and host to hijackers Mohamed Atta and Hani Hanjour. These folks engage in the same sort of strange and suspicious activities in California as had, in the same time frame, arroused neighbors of other 911 hijackers in Florida to call FBI. This makes no sense because FBI informants in such matters are generally held under a tight reign. FBI should have been well aware of what was going on, here -- but later claim that their informant had never even mentioned the men. Yet it is known that in one instance an FBI agent called Shaikh and was told he could not talk because Khalid was in the room. Someone is lying at FBI about something, for some reason. Why? Why did the hijackers unanimously make themselves so conspicuous -- contrary to all training and their own religious convictions?
2000 Oct 12
USS Cole blown up in Yemen, blamed on Osama bin Laden

Source: PBS Frontline timeline Cole Image by Corbis
This could be seen as fulfillment of an Operations Northwood style plan if any ties to CIA or US military can be found still in place subsequent to this date. This will prove to be the case. Further, this is the second attempt to blow up a US vessel in the same harbor -- something the intelligence community apparantly failed to 'detect' or share with the US Navy.
2000 Oct 12
Ali Mohamed pleads guilty to terrorism and avoids a trial which would lead to his intelligence community ties and role as a double agent, agent provocature

Source: Oct 24 pretrial hearing transcripts, see my special review
Ali Mohamed was charged along with 16 others charged with the Embassy bombings on this date. The list of codefendants include all of Osama's top organization as well as actual bombing participants, and Osama, himself. Of course, only four of the defendants were actually in custody beyond Ali (17.) In some respects, it was a show trial in favor of American foreign policy, as some of the participating lawyers so stated publicly (ibid.)

But the strangest thing is that Ali Mohamed, unlike his four associates, pled guilty. Why is this so strange?  Because terrorists benefit several ways from having trials, and a guilty plea insures there will be no such trial, and no such benefits. A trial gives the terrorist an opportunity to express their political cause publicly. Moreover, it forces the prosecution to reveal what it actually knows in order to gain a guilty plea. This, in turn, reveals intelligence gathering methods and, often, operatives involved in that effort. It can aid the terrorist organization in finding and killing (literally) information leaks and improving security methods. So while the others did their duty to their cause, Ali Mohamed, an acknowledged expert at such matters who even coached other terrorists in them, did not. Why? This is yet another indicator.

Could it be that he was CS-1, the double agent? His convenient stupidity in stating that he knew who did the bombing, followed by his convenient agreement to return to the US for questioning, followed by his convenient lies to the Grand Jury, allowed Ali to be arrested and made safe from reprisals. Please note that his arrest was kept secret for almost two years (1) before he was actually tried; his case was officially listed as "The United States vs. John Doe." Once this trial went to court, it would most surely reveal who CS-1 was, especially if CS-1 was actually one of the defendants. If Ali was a double agent, this move brings the spy in from the cold, a key indicator. But there is one more reason, one even more important...

By avoiding going to trial either as a witness for the prosecution or as defendant, Ali Mohamed also avoids having to reveal the full extent of his role... of CIA's role... of FBI's role... of the US Army's role in fomenting, supporting, aiding, and abetting of terrorism against the United States. CS-1 cannot be questioned in open court, and no specific evidences from within these agencies can be subpoenaed as result. Ali could have, and prosecution could have gone after him and his employers as a double agent. This is why these actions are not only indicators of Ali's double agent role, but of a Northwoods scenario.

2000 Oct. 24 - 26
Pentagon holds detailed emergency drills based on premis of hijacked airliner crashing into Pentagon.

Source: London Mirror
Yet after 911, a Pentagon spokesman and all of government will claim there was no way they could have known such an event was possible. ìThe Pentagon was simply not aware that this aircraft was coming our way, and I doubt prior to Tuesday's event, anyone would have expected anything like that here." It is more serious than this. The planning for the drill involved a 3-D mockup of Pentagon and nearby skyscrapers -- but in only one quadrant - that used by the 911 plane to hit the Pentagon. Such modling would only be need if planning a specific attack, not planning for any given possible plane crash. See special report, here. (go to bottom)
2000 Dec.
Terrorist Fahad al Quso is arrested in Yemen. Tied to the USS Cole bombing and the Maylasian meeting, he holds clues to 911 that beg his interrogation. Neither FBI or CIA will do so.

Source: Newsweek
CIA has photographs linking Quso to Maylasia but does not share them with FBI. FBI's top antiterrorist, John O'Neill wants to interview Quso despite the lack of such knowledge, but is thwarted by having been ejected from Yemen.
2000 Dec 26
911 Hijackers Mohamed Atta and Marwan Alshehhii fly a small plane from the Florida flight school to the Miami International Airport. Stalling out the engine on the tarmac taxiway, they simply abandon the plane, virtually guaranteed to force an FAA investigation of them and the school. It never happens. But the event may hold hidden clues...

Source: CNN
This is an extremely serious matter. They disobeyed tower instructions, violated FAA rules and regulations, and forced passenger jets to taxi around the small plane until it could be towed away. The plane's ID was used to track them to the flight school, the matter threatening the entire training program and terrorist mission, not to mention the risk of having the flight school shut down. But someone apparantly put the skids on the investigation. Likely, a phone call was made, and that was the end of that. Who would have such juice within the Federal system? Because of other revelations in this time line involving Atta, the art students, Raytheon, and the flight schools,, I specualte the matter my represent a test of Global Hawk technology on his plane to demonstrate to his satisfaction that it worked.
2001 (ongoing)
Department of Justice investigates bin Laden funding by Islamic Charities tied to Bush interests

Source: Pravda
Remember Talot Othman, member of Bush's Board of Directors at Harken, and buddy to about everyone? Turns out Justice is investigating Islamic Charities, where a primary player turns out to be Othman. Not to worry, the investigation will go nowhere once the trip wires twang at the White House. 
Defense Intelligence Agency operative from Afghanistan railroaded when she tries to provide intelligence on bin Laden assassination operations

Source: ABC News, 2/18/02
Julie Sirrs, DIA agent, travels twice to Afghanistan during the year and learns about and visits terrorist training camps. She also meets with Northern Alliance leader Ahmed Massoud and learns of bin Laden assassination plot against him. However, when the Taliban are defeated, it will be necessary for Massoud to die if Bush is going to be able to put his own people in control of Afghanistan.?Thus, when Sirrs makes her report, she is ignored and prevented from seeing higher up DIA officials. Instead, she is investigated by FBI and has her security clearance pulled, and eventually resigns, silenced forever by her oath of secrecy. 
2001 Jan
FAA issues 15 hijacking alerts in the month, more than all the prior year

Source: PBS Frontline timeline

This process will become ongoing, and lulls everyone to sleep. Very useful if you are to lull the industry into false alarms and "cry wolf" thinking that will actually make them more vulnerable when the real attacks finally come. Of course, this could be a legitimate and natural response to the developing situation from their point of view. Either way, they look like they are trying in the public view, even if actually a planned conspiratorial step. 
2001 Jan 4
FBI's investigation of the USS Cole bombing reveals multiple persons from the Malaysia terrorist meeting were involved, inlcuding the planner, bin Atash, and they share the find with CIA. However, neither CIA or FBI puts anyone from the Malaysian meeting on a watch list, and fail to seek and locate Khalid Almihdhar, known to already be in the US. Why?

Source:  CNN, 6/4/02
That same old "hear no evil, see no evil" theme that allows government to claim it was caught flat footed by the terrorists.
2001 Jan 24
Italian intelligence learns about preparation of false travel documents to allow terrorists into the US on a 'very, very secret mission'

Source: The Gaurdian
Advised of this, US intelligence does nothing to capture or track the terrorists, or stop their entry, or identify and surveil them upon entry. This only makes sense if they are already on the same payroll and their purpose and activities are known and guided. 
2001 Jan 25
National Security Council Chief of Counterterrorism, Richard Clark, calls for attack on two known al-Qaeda training camps for revenge on the USS Cole bombing, pointing to a large cache of intelligence proving their existence. Despite President Bush's campaign statements promising such revenge, no attacks are launched until after 911. Why?

Source: Washington Post 1/20/02
By waiting until after 911, it assured the training camps were virtually empty when struck, allowing several hundreds of terrorist graduates to flee to newly assigned terrorist cells.
2001 Jan 30
CIA has United Arab Emirate authorities detain and question future 911 hijacker Ziad Jarrah at length at the Dubai
International Airport when he arrives from Pakistan on his way to the US, and then let him go. CIA denies the event took place.

Source: CNN
CIA wanted to know about his travels in Afghanistan.  It is curious that CIA had put him on a watch list in the Middle East but not in the US, where he had already spent six months learning to fly. The incident smacks of the type of ploy often used to strengthen the position and credibility of an in place asset (double agent). Breaking the story in media and then denying it is in line with such a ploy.
2001 Jan 31
The US Senate Commission on National Security in the 21st Century submits a comprehensive report to President Bush with 50 recommendations on combating terrorism. Bush does not adopt a single suggestion and shuts the commission down.
The President already has in mind his own program for Homeland Security and a series of draconian steps well beyond those envisioned by Congress, even though 911 has not yet transpired.
2001 late Jan
Bush orders cruise missile submarines Clinton had put into place to get bin Laden to stand down, making it almost impossible to get bin Laden

Souce: Washington Post 1/20/02
With a six hour notice of locating bin Laden, a cruise missile could be programmed to strike his location. This significantly improved the actuarial tables on bin Laden's life expectancy.
2001 Jan - June
11 of the 911 hijackers pass through Britain on their way to the US under false identities, challenging FBI claims about identities, timing, and more. at odds with FBI claims they used their real names, and at odds with claimed and known arrival dates 

Source: London Times 9/26/01
The significance of this item lies in the multiple ways it refutes FBI claims regarding what they knew or didn't know prior to 911, as well as the actual entry dates of the terrorists. It implyies multiple persons assuming the same identities at the same time - allowing them to be in two places at once. However, among those involved, one does not find the names of the ring leaders such as Mohammed Atta. But the most significant matter this reveals is that it puts a big question mark on the actual identities of the 911 hijackers. The British press has questioned the validity of FBI claims that the 19 named men were actually correct, given the false identities used and other issues such as raised elsewhere in this time line and on the NOILWAR! pages.
2001 early in year
Taliban contacts CIA and offers to set Osama bin Laden up to allow the US to strike and destroy him

Source: Village Voice article, Mondo Washington: The Accidental Operative, their source being Laili Helms.
The CIA is by now so used to not finding Osama, they refuse the offer. Perhaps they fear change and are very conservative "stay inside the lines" thinkers?
2001 Feb
Multiple eyewitness accounts place 911 hijackers Satam Al Suqami and Salem Alhazmi in San Antonio, Texas in this time frame, but there are strange curiosities with their identifies which cast a shadow of doubt over FBI's assumptions of the true identity of any of the hijackers. 

Source: San Antonio Express-News 9/22/01
It turns out that these men seem to have their identities reversed, and one of them is later claimed by FBI not to have been one of the terrorists, but a different Islamic with the same name - despite the fact that that person, alive and well in Saudi Arabia, can prove he was never in the US. All of these things combine to illustrate FBI cannot make a clear case for the identity of the hijackers, their known entry dates into the US, and whereabouts, as claimed.  But there is something more to this story in terms of relevance. The date of this event is after the Israeli art student spy ring had come under scrutiny by Federal agents, and before they were arrested. The location is one where the art students were active. My special report on the art student matter reveals a likelihood that the Israelis wanted the US intelligence community to discover what they were doing, in essence leading them to discover the terrorists and ties to flight schools, and possibly, Global Hawk facilities located in the same area. See the special report for details.
2001 Feb
FBI investigates another Al Qaeda flight student but does nothing more

Source: PBS Frontline timeline  Photo (Arizona Star)
This one, Hani Hanjour, will fly the plane that crashes into the Pentagon. The prior month, the Arizona flight school had informed the FAA that the student lacked the English and flight skills necessary for obtaining the commercial pilot's license he had already obtained (required in order to access the advanced flight simulators). Likely, the license was forged, but neither FAA or FBI seem too concerned. Now FBI has two flight schools and two Islamics under their belt, but still fails to put all flight schools on a watch program. Why? 
2001 Feb 13
NSA breaks Al Qaeda's communications codes

Source: UPI Correspondent Richard Sale
Thus we have to ask how it is that the US would not have had prior knowledge of and the ability to stop 911? The only way would be if they were intentionally allowing 911 to proceed for reasons other than National Security - or if Al Qaeda was working for/with US intelligence in an Operation Northwoods scenario. 
2001 Feb 26
Bin Laden attends the wedding of his son Mohammad in Kandahar, Afghanistan, where bin Laden's mother, two brothers and sister are also present. 

Source: ABC News
Had CIA accepted the Saudi offer of a tracking device in his mother's belongings (Spring 2000), CIA would have known where he was and could have gotten him - if they wanted to. Even without the tracking device, the wedding was so well publicized that journalists were invited. CIA didn't get their invitation, apparently.
2001 March
NSA and FBI began coordiated effort to track the unusually large Israeli art student spy ring operating in the US

Source: Michael Rivero,, Fox News, Brit Hume.
The ring is unusually focused on two primary but related targets: The US Military intelligence community AND Islamics suspected of terrorist ties - largely because of their relationships to each other. Since spy rings operate with a SINGLE mission, this inherently implies that there is a DIRECT RELATIONSHIP in the Israeli's mind between the terrorist and the US military-intelligence community. My special report reveals the ring may have deliberly tried to attract US attention to lead FBI to the terrists and expose their partnership with US resources.
2001 March
Taliban envoy Rahmatullah Hashimi, visiting the US with a gift for President Bush, offers to turn over Osama bin Laden via a third country. The US turns down the offer.

Source: Washington Post 10/29/01
This would be the only way an Islamic government could do such a thing, for it would allow them to save face. All Bush had to do was to find an agreeable third party government who would in turn deal with bin Laden in an acceptible manner (dead or alive.)
2001 March 4
Fox TV airs a TV pilot in which terrorists try to fly an airplane into the WTC. 

Source: The Meyer Report
There are no terrorists on the planes however, because they use remote control technology to fly the jumbo jets into the towers - shades of Global Hawk. Even more "coincidental", the terror group responsible was actaully a rogue faction of the US government - shades of Operation Northwoods. Perhaps most remarkable of all is that no one seemed to recall this show in the aftermath of 911, despite the fact that it had good ratings. Media seemed completely oblivious to the irony, and failed to mention it once.
2001 March 7
The Russians give a secret report to the United Nations Security Council with unprecedented detail about his operations, operatives, location, camps, finances, and more. Experts declare it sufficient to insure his destruction, but the US takes no action on the material.

Source: Jane's Intelligence Review 10/5/01
Janes concludes that it was not an intelligence failure that resulted in 911, it was a concious policy decision by the US not to go after bin Laden.
2001 March 26
The Washington Post reports on a new CIA program called Oasis, an automated speech recognition system which creates searchable text dialogs differentiating between multiple speakers, and Fluent, which can perform cross-lingual searches, and translate languages (even as difficult as Chinese), and other software which can automatically parse texts to assess their likely relevance to a given issue.
Yet the government, after 911, will claim that key bin Laden messages were not decoded or even translated because analysts (a manpower-based, not computer based solution) were too swamped. This gives way to the slogan, "at CIA, we work harder, so our computers won't have to."
2001 April 1
Hijacker Nawaf Alhazmi ears a speeding ticket in Oklahoma, but because CIA had not put him on a watch list despite knowing he was in the country, he drives away clean.?

Source: Daily Oklahoman, citing Congressional Intelligence Committee Hearings 9/20/02
Further, his visa had expired and he was illegally in the US, but INS also had not put out a bulletin.
2001 May
The war plans for Afghanistan are drawn up and reviewed by Central Command - well before 911.

Source: Agence France-Presse, 7/23/02
This revelation comes from General William Kernan, Commander in Chief of the Joint Forces Command, the military command structure responsible for coordinating air-sea-land forces in time of conflict. This, and other news revealed by Agence France-Presse in the coming months, such as Osama bin Laden's meet with CIA Station Chief in the American Hospital of Dubai just prior to 911, are just a few of the reasons France and much of Europe failed to sign on to the Bush oilwars. Ironically, many of the stories released in France came from news organs controlled by the Carlyle Group. This is not as odd as it seems, however, since the Bush-Laden infected firm would likely wish the Europeans to sit these wars out - to allow t he US to be the virtually lone gun in town to control Iraq's oil and the Afghanistan pipeline. Only Britain as an ally makes sense, since on of the other Carlyle biggies is John Major, former Prime Minister of Britain.
2001 May
Vice President Cheney's National Energy Plan is announced. Burried within it are admonishments that the US must seek new oil sources, specifically targeting the Caspian region. 

Source: Japan Today
It also states the US cannot rely upon market forces or political intercourse to obtain these resources, and that it will encounter resistance from other governments when it projects its power into the Middle East in support of an oil agenda. Remarkably (or as we might expect), no one in US media or Congress takes note of these warning flags - it takes a foreign newspaper to discover and report it
2001 Spring
A series of US government, think tank, and military documents portend changes in American military and foreign policy in favor of going to war for oil - and spelling out exactly how to do it.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald (a series of reports)
The paper reveals in its series that the military will accept a new mission to procure oil supplies by force of arms, including a blueprint for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Army War College, for instance, argues the legitimacy of "shooting in the Persian gulf on behalf of lower gas prices", and proposes a that such a conflict would need to be sold to the American people on some other basis or pretext (such as terrorism or weapons of mass destruction.) The Defense Policy Board, a civilian advisory panel (think tank) made up of defense contractors, ex military leaders, and Bush-Cheney cronies of the New World Order variety, advises for such wars and privately among its own members discusses selling of Iraqi oil franchises to the rest of the world. James Baker and the Council on Foreign Relations (NWO group) promote the idea of war for oil in a special report to Dick Cheney entitled Strategic Energy Policy Challenges For The 21st Century. This revelation alone is sufficient reason why other nations wanted nothing to do with the Bush oil wars. Of course, American media did not report these facts, thought the rest of the world was aware of it.
2001 May
George Bush via Colin Powell gives Taliban $43M in US aid

Source: Los Angeles Times
However, we must ask why the money is spent given the three smoking guns, above, and especially given the next thing Colin Powell does in the region - see next. This wasteful expenditure, of course, makes it look like the US is NOT planning a war with Afghanistan and is optimistic about its future. To the world, we are seen as benevolent benefactors, when in fact, Colin Powell begins planning a mass murder of the Taliban in the very next month.
2001 June
China, Russia and four Central Asian countries form the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to oppose US domination of Caspian and Middle East oil and gas production. 
Source: The Guardian, 10/23/01
Though nothing concrete will seem to come from the effort (too little, too late), SCO's goal indicates their intelligence agencies were aware of US plans for Oilwars. Somewhere along the way, Colin Powell would find a way to convince the Russians to cooperate, breaking up the SCO's unity. 

As an aside, this did not apparently deter the Chinese, who had their own Caspian - South East Asia pipeline project on the table. Usually reliable intelligence (open) sources report a small contingent of half a million Chinese soldiers were positioning themselves on the border between China and Afghanistan just prior to hostilities, there, some advance reconnaissance operatives actually killed in early Coalition bombing. However, Bush visited China and worked some magic of his own with respect to Chinese-American relations, and China did not intervene, nor did anyone officially acknowledge their presence at the border. Thus it remains unverified.

2001 May 23
Bush appoints Mr. Z to the National Security Council as his Special Assistant and as Senior Director for Gulf, Southwest Asia and other regional Issues.

Source: The Independant (England)
This is an interim post which puts this "former" CIA operative and UNOCAL troubleshooter directly in the chain of command for the coming war, and prestages him for the ultimate promotion.
2001 May 31
The Wall Street Journal prints a report based on tens of thousands of pages of terroism trial evidence. It cites a vast array of al-Qaeda support groups (charities and front operations) in an array of American cities, including Brooklyn, Orlando, Dallas, Santa Clara, Columbia (Mo.), and Herndon, Va - many of the same cities to which the 911 hijackers had ties.  FBI takes no action to detect terrorists working with these fronts
More interesting, perhaps, is that these are also the same cities where the 200 Isreali art student spy ring operated, demonstrating they were on the trail of the 911 hijackers and were trying to lead FBI to discover what they knew - that the military industrial complex had forged an alliance with al-Qaeda. Get more info, here.
2001 June
German intelligence warns CIA, MI 6, and the Mossad about terrorist plans to hijack commercial aircraft to be used to attack prominet American-Jewish symbolic targets. The information came from Echelon, NSA's super-secret eavesdropping network, and was confirmed through other resources to European and Near East media at least six months before 911

Source: Various sources
Because Echelon was involved, and because the warnings were forwarded to CIA, the US cannot claim they had no idea 911 was brewing.
2001 June
The DEA prepares a 60-page internal memo on the Israeli "art student" spy ring for senior officials at the Justice Department
Justice leaks the sensitive document to the press, who slant the investigation as regarding Israeli drug smuggling operations despite the fact that the spy ring was spying on military and intelligence operatives. Fox news covers the story when 120 of the spies are expelled, rather than arrested and prosecuted under the law - a convenient means to hushing up what they were really doing. Almost immediately, when the public starts to want to know more, 'Fair and balanced' Fox pulls the story and refuses all comment, and the rest of media follows suit. Get my full review, here.
2001 June
State Department grants visa to 911 hijacker known to have attended Malaysia meeting

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
Khalid Almidhar has apparently not been under surveillance since the meeting, nor is he put under surveillance or arrested when entering the United States. Why?  It only makes sense if his actions are sanctioned.  Ergo, Operations Northwoods.
2001 June
Though extremely concerned about warnings of an "imminent attack" which National Security Council's Ramsey Clark subsequently describes as "absolutely related" to 911, FBI withdraws all agents from Yemen

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
Someone was apparently getting too close to the truth. John O'neill thwarted, again. Thank you Mr. Bush.
2001 June 26
Colin Powell makes plans for war with Taliban with Russia, India, and Pakistan, and other allies

Source: BBC News
The war plans are spelled out in this article, written before 911, which essentially accurately called all the basic shots. Unless there was truth to the story, how would the events be correctly predicted? That being the case, what event did Colin Powell imagine would justify such a war, when in a Republic, there must be a legal basis for war? The answer is Operation Northwoods or similar. Source, and this is clear evidence not only of prior knowledge, but of complicity in the 911 attack by the Bush Administration, military, and intelligence community - a plan that had to have been put into play well before Bush was elected. Elsewhere, it is learned that the original war was to ha been with Iraq, but that Colin Powell insisted that America was not yet ready for any arguments in favor of such a war -- strategically, it made more sense to go after Afghanistan -- a softer target, first. Meanwhile, suitable 'evidence' of terrorism from Iranian quarters is to be collected for a subsequent war with Iran. 
2001 July 10
Infamous FBI "Phoenix memo" finally requests all flight schools be put on watch list, but memo is ignored

Source: PBS Frontline timeline ; Investigative author Daniel Hopsicker,; Simulator
Ignored. Why?  Because CIA and the military is operating the flight schools used by the terrorists, as we shall see, next. 
2001 midyear
Terrorist flight school relationship to Saudi Royal family, CIA and Mob established

Source: Investigative author Daniel Hopsicker,; Simulator
A series of business ventures and relationships apparently provided money, planes, and pilots for Rudi Dekker's Huffman Aviation in Florida, and other similar ventures. Peripherally and perhaps directly involved are millions of dollars in missing funds from deals gone bad, a favorite Mob and CIA means of funding covert operations. Also involved were partnerships with other airlines, each of which had ties to the US Navy or CIA, and even Jeb Bush (outlined elsewhere in this time line.) This would not be revealed until well after 911, and would be completely ignored by FBI and media once discovered. 
2001 mid July
Pakistani Diplomat is told by US officials that the US would be at war with Afghanistan by mid October

Source: BBC News
This story confirms the IndiaReacts story and takes it a step further, correctly spelling out the date of the war with the Taliban. How would the date be known unless there is truth in the story? That being so, how did US officials know there would be justification for war prior to the Sept 11 attack? What event did they imagine would justify such a war, when in a Republic, there must be a legal basis for war? How did they know the date unless all was planned out in advance?  The answer is Operation Northwoods.
2001 July
Top FBI counterterrorism agent, John O'neill, ordered to back off investigations of Mahfouz and Royal family connections to Osama bin Laden by George Bush administration. 

Source cited shortly. 
The straw piling up on this camel's back is getting pretty heavy... O'neill, frustrated that he is repeatedly told not to do his job, resigns shortly thereafter.
2001 July 4th
Osama bin Laden checks into the American Hospital of Dubai for treatment of kidney disease. 

Source: same as above
This story illustrates friendly relations between Osama and the Saudi and Pakistani still exist despite their public statements to the contrary. Though CIA still can't find bin Laden, and he is allegedly wanted world wide by virtually every American resource, he is treated by top American medical expert, Doctor Terry Callaway at the American Hospital. He is accompanied by a plethora of personal and medical aids and body- guards, and takes a deluxe suite in the hospital normally reserved for the likes of Royal Saudi and other elites, and, of course, wealthy Americans.  He traveled there on a secret flight from Pakistan aboard a Royal Saudi Jet, which means both the Saudi and Pakistani governments cleared and arranged for the flight. But wait... it gets better - if you like treason.
2001 within next ten days
CIA finally finds Osama bin Laden - CIA Station Chief visits him in the hospital for a chat

Source: same as above
With candy and flowers, perhaps? The Station Chief flies immediately to Washington D.C. where he has been recalled and is debriefed, not by CIA at Langley, but someone in the White House. US Media completely ignore the event, which the French press does cover, which is probably one reason the French do not want to support the US efforts against Iraq.
2001 Aug
Former top FBI counterterrorism agent John O'neill talks publicly to foreign press and book authors (of bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth) about Bush administration blockage of his investigation
Days later he is offered a cushy security job that will cost him his life. He is offered the post of Head of Security for The World Trade Center. John O'neill will never tell what he really knows about it. He dies on 911 trying to do his job. What a coincidence, and how tidy for the Bush Administration.
2001 Late Aug. (approx)
The FBI quietly rounds up 200 Israeli spies

Source Fox News, Brit Hume, Michael Rivero,
However, instead of arresting them for spying... it eventually deports them them the Patriot Act's terrorism clause, or for emigration violations rather than for spying. It then detains them instead of entering them into the traditional legal conduits for processing. Fox News, the only American resource to break the story, quickly kills it, and refuses to answer questions as to why. My research shows the art students were interested in ties between global hawk, the terrrists, and US military intelligence.
2001 Aug
US Diplomats threaten Taliban with choice of 'Carpet of bombs or carpet of gold' 

Source: authors Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquie, bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth
The French book, bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth  describes Bush administration negotiations with the Taliban for ending civil war and allowing the pipeline to through Afghanistan to Pakistani sea ports - negotiations which took place right up to the month before the 911 attacks, in which US diplomats warned the Taliban that they could choose between "a carpet of gold" or "a carpet of bombs.") Not since Al Capone have such tactics been used. Only now, instead of machine guns brandished by hardened criminals from the underworld, it the the US military brandished by a hardened criminal from the White House. 
2001 Mid Aug- Early Sept. 
Mohamed Atta continues to conduct his business in Florida, contrary to FBI's official investigative findings

Source: Investigative author Daniel Hopsicker,
In an exclusive story, investigative author Daniel Hopsicker discovers several proofs of multiple instances where Atta remains active in Florida in this time period. The question is why does FBI not only fail to discover these leads and fail to investigate them even now, but why they want us to think he was not even  in Florida at the time. Perhaps it is because of who else was in Florida at the time, persons Atta was likely visiting, there. Who else was there: Well, despite what FBI says, eye witness evidence is that both Mohamed Atta and George Walker Bush (and his personal minions) were within two miles of each other the day before 911. It is also known that a van full of Middle Eastern men claiming an appointment with President Bush were turned away by Secret Service that same day. 
2001 Aug 11-12 
US Navy Intelligence Operative warns of WTC and other terrorist attacks

Source: Investigative author, Michael C. Ruppert;  Toronto Star
Lieutenant D. E. Vreeland was in Canadian jail trying to fight extradition to the US by Federal authorities for 'credit card fraud' for using his own credit card.  He claimed, however, that he was targeted for death if returned - and warned in a detailed note intended to prove he knew of which he spoke... of specific US targets  for terrorism, including the WTC, with instructions to open after Nov 11th. In part, the note reads, 'Let one happen, stop the rest...' On Sept 14th, the envelope was opened and caused a wave of response in the US, including a long list of stories popping up suggesting Vreeland was an unreliable witness involved in various crimes to include arson, and denials from the US Navy that he existed. However, Vreeland himself warned in the note that attempts to discredit him would be made. Vreeland vanished shortly after the attacks, and has since been reported found murdered (unconfirmed.)
2001 Aug 16
FBI arrests Zacarias Moussaoui on immigration charges but fail to exercise warrants to search his possessions, do so illegally

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
After 911, however, FBI will maintain that he was in possession of knives and a Flight Manual for 747 aircraft, an aviation radio, and protective combat clothing. But this is pre 911, and if Operation Northwoods is a reality, it wouldn"t do to uncover clues as to the nature of the 911 hijackings in advance, since the airlines might take reasonable steps to prevent such tactics from working. Thus it was imperative FBI mess up this arrest. George Bush has since given a special award 'exceptional service' to the FBI lawyer who refused to ask a judge for the warrant per fileld agent request.
2001 Aug 27
CIA finally shares information with FBI, informs them two of the 911 hijackers are in US

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
These include Kahlid Almidhar and Nawaf Alhazmi from the Malaysia meeting. However, they need not have bothered. Neither FBI or CIA pick up the trail and surveil the two, or if they do, do nothing to thwart their activities
2001 Sept (precise date unknown)
The National Security Agency intercepts telephone conversations between Mohamed Atta and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed days before Sept. 11

Source: PBS Frontline timeline
Details are never released, officials claiming the transcripts HAD NOT YET BEEN TRANSLATED. Mohammed is thought to be the operations chief of Al Qaeda, and thus, one wonders why NSA would not bother to translate - unless it already knew about the content and simply did not care. This could only be true of an Operations Northwoods plot. 
2001 Sept. 6
Multi jurisdictional Task Force shuts down 500 Islamic Web sites

Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation; others
The peculiar event led by FBI does not make the American News despite the implications with respect to Constitutional violations. Later, it is discovered the event is directly related to the events of 911, implying the government had prior knowledge to the attack. Shutting down the sites prior to the attack would have no effect on any such attack, but would prevent or hinder Arabic interests from communicating with each other after the attack and comparing notes - which might have made it possible to discover they (the greater Islamic community) were being set up as fall guys for an Operation Northwoods like crime -- and flee. 
2001 Sept. 6-7
Series of stock trades to profit by 911 attacks take place using CIA money laundering conduits

Source: Michael Ruppert and Tom Flocco, From The Wilderness 
The laundering firms involved were started by and managed by top CIA officials who go back to BCCI and beyond, basking in the shadow of Jackson Stephen's handiwork in those matters. The trades involve stocks of the airlines involved, insurance companies covering the WTC, and stock market firms based in the WTC buildings. The money is absorbed by, and remains in these conduits to this day.
2001 Sept 7
Florida Governor Jeb Bush declares State of Emergency and activates the National Guard

Source: Executive Order 01-261
One possible reason: it allows unusual activities designed to control access to newsworthy items which might naturally evolve on the day of and in the aftermath of 911 -- given the ties of the alleged terrorists to air training schools in Florida and the presence of George Bush on that date. It may account for the C-130 used by Jeb Bush in those investigations, as described in the next section.
2001 Sept 8-9
Israeli intelligence analysts spot Sept 6-7 stock trades as a sure sign of imminent terrorist attacks involving airlines and the WTC

Source: Investigative writer (From The Wilderness) Mike Ruppert, speaking on 911 Nov. 28, Portland State University.
They assume the American CIA, who similarly monitors stock activities specifically for such advance clues, understands the implications. But CIA is apparently deliberately asleep and chooses to ignore these warnings for reasons this time line should make clear - despite the fact that the funds involved are passing through their own CIA money laundering conduits. 
2001 Sept 10
Pakistani military hospital treats Osama day before attack - US media suppreses story

Source: Reuters Wire Service
As in the American Hospitial of Dubai, Osama bin Laden was recieveing the best of medical care the very day prior to the attack - this time at a Pakistani military hospital, attended and gaurded by America's allies in the war against Afghanistan. As before, it was treatment for his kidneys.This shows complicity of the Pakistani government in the protection of Osama bin Laden, implied in the earlier Dubai hospital visit when Saudi jets secretly flew him from Pakistan to the American Hospital of Dubia for treatment. It also shows there is no reason to assume that Osama bin Laden was ever in Afghanistan subsequent to 911. His "filmed" interviews could have been taken anywhere. Since all of this was done for Osama by America's ally, and is knwon to the US but not protested, we must presume that it is being done with the blessings of the US Government - as illustrated by the CIA's blessings of the Dubai visit.

September 11 and Post 911 Events

2001 Sept 11
Pakistani General who is the head of Pakistani Intlligence (ISI) is visiting Washington D.C. on September 11 - having lunch with Senators

Source: Washington Post
General Mohamed Ahmed, as head of ISI, is extremely likely to already at be aware that the US is to have a war with Afghanistan over terrorism, and thus, that Osama bin Laden is the lynch pin. We must therefore ask just how concidental is it that a) He allows Osama bin Laden safe access to a Pakistani military hospital the day before the attack; b) he himself is in Washington on the day of the attack; c) he is lunching with two Florida Senators that day; d) he has personally profited handsomely from his relationship with CIA, Osama bin Laden, and the Opium franchise in Afghanistan. Likely, CIA insured he would be here that day in order to be in a position to blackmail Pakistan into fuller cooperation in the long term should their Islamic populatin balk at US military adventures in the region against Islamic nations. Indeed, immediately after this visit, Ahmed is arrested in Pakistan and thrwon into prison for his profiteering -- silencing him from telling of CIA's part in the entire matter from day one. In like manner, both Florida Senators will now be less likely to interested in a protest against any fishy smells from the White House.
2001 Sept 11

FBI's former top terrorist fighter reports for work at the WTC. Though he has privately confided in friends that he beleives that terrorists will once again attack the WTC to finish the job, he fearlessly accepts his responsibility and takes the elevator up to his offices, from whence he shall never return. Many view the arrangement for this job offer and his death as an orchestrated murder -- a means of getting rid of someone who knew too much, someone who, if alive after 911, would point fingers at George Bush. 
2001 Sept 11
Two hours before the WTC attacks, an Israeli firm located two blocks from the WTC towers gets an email warning specifically about the attack

Source: Yuval Dror,Ha'aretz Daily, Israel 
This indicates, as discussed earlier, the Israelis knew precisely the details of the attack, as well as who was behind them -- both through their spying upon US terrorists and their American military intelligence helpers and through monitoring of stock trades. We might ask why they would not warn the world, instead of only their own people. The only logical answer is that to do so would embarrass the White House and severely damage relations with the US... if in fact, the White House or US military or intelligence community was, in fact, involved in an Operation Northwoods event. Clearly, the Israeli understood the complete picture, thanks to the efforts of the 200 man spy ring DOJ elected to kick out of the country rather than prosecute for spying. Of course, the Israeli are getting some benefit from terrorism, too - the dismantling of Arafat's power base, and with it, Palestinian autonomy and sovereignty as result of the wave of suicide bombing. 
2001 Sept 11
40 minutes before the first plane hits the WTC, the National Reconaissance  Office (NRO - spy sattelite agency) begins  a scenario drill (war game) involving  a pasenger jet striking a building. 

Source: Air Safety News resource
The NRO is a spy organization which rival's CIA in size which would seem to operate America's spy satellites. However, the agency and its huge facilities and staff were created after the end of the coldwar leaving many  to speculate they are really an agency designed to spy on Americans - as the name itself implies. CIA Officer John Fulton works at NRO as Chief of their Gaming Division. A National Law Enforcement and Security Institute document states "On the morning of Sept 11th, 2001, Mr. Fulton and his team were... were running a pre-planned simulation to explore the emergency response issues that would be created if a plane were to strike a building..." The operation had been planned for months.
2001 Sept 11
Terrorist hijack planes, Air Defense Command is notified, but Air Force is ordered to stand down

Best single source for review: Award winning Canadian journalist,
William Thomas
Well documented in fragments, no news media has dared print the full story: FAA notification to Norad per established procedure was at 8:38 AM, and this should have immediately set into play preexisting orders to launch aircraft - set procedures which DO NOT REQUIRE PRESIDENTIAL DECISIONS, even to include the decision to shoot down an airliner, which can be made by Air Defense Command. The Miami Herald noted Sept 14 that 18 minutes later that fighter jets were scrambled from Otis AFB on Cape Code despite two other ready interceptor squadrons located closer.  The scrambled jets were still 70 miles away when the second tower was hit; The Cape Cod Times reported Sept. 16 these jets were capable of Mach 2 speeds but were ordered to stay below the speed of sound; The jet heading for Washington D.C. was reported on that course more than twenty minutes before jets were scrambled from nearby Langley another twenty minutes AFTER the jet struck the Pentagon (same source.) Two scrambled jets at Andrews AFB were not launched, held on the ground despite constant requests from pilots. The Andrews AFB 321st Fighter Incerceptor Squadron's Web site, which had boasted "24 hour round-the-clock ready-to-fly" capabilities and an "antiterrorism mission" was taken down on Sept. 12th.  Perhaps they were afraid someone would notice the problematic contradictions implied.
2001 Sept. 11
WTC and Pentagon attacked, Osama blamed immediately

AP Photo, Pentagon Image from DOD sec. camera
Hours later, Osama bin Laden and 19 specific operatives are named as responsible by FBI. There are many problems with the speed, accuracy, and means of this revelation which suggest it was both a planned and staged Operation Northwoods style attack. Just a few of these are detailed in this time line. Many others are not, not the least of which is that miraculously, though not one iota of a shred of anything else from any person in the airplane that hit the towers or who was on the floors hit by the planes has been found, an entire Passport of one of the hijackers is found in the street beneath the dust and debris. Oddly, the same remarkable type of clue is used to identify Al Qaeda bombers in other terrorist attacks. How convenient that fate is so ironic and consistent. Apparently, someone thinks we will buy any magic bullet lie they can fabricate, time and time again.
2001 Sept 11
footnote: Could The Voice of God (RAATS) or Global Hawk have caused or at least insured 911 missions were carried out? 

For more information, see MC Realities.
Shortly after 911 a wave of suicide bombings in Israel begin. As with 911, these have only negative repercussions for the political and social groups responsible for the terrorism. Only the Israeli benefit from the bombings, by taking more control of Palestinian territory and destroying the political power base of the "legitimate" Palestinian movements of Arafat. Not since the Japanese Kamikaze pilots of WWII have so many elected to kill themselves in "combat." The difference, however, is that a declared war existed in WWII and the Kamikaze knew they were loosing the war. Yet they elected to attack military units, those forces which directly threatened their national sovereignty. 

Terrorists, however, ignore military targets and attack only innocent civilians. Why, unless to benefit the one attacked?  In the US, the benefactor is the military industrial complex - which responded through the Bush administration with an endless draconian legislative responses which destroy civil liberties and support a military-police state. Most of these were already written and ready to be introduced to the Congressional floors. RAATS technology may lie behind this illogical and irrational wave of attacks which no sane person could otherwise rightfully sanction or commit. Global Hawk technology, on the other hand, needs no political context to argue its possible existence and use. As shown elsewhere in this time line, the opportunity and ability to employ it would seem to exist.

2001 Sept 12-14
FBI and Jeb Bush seize all terrorist flight school records in Florida in nightime raid

Source: Investigative author Daniel Hopsicker,;
There are four remarkable points to this remarkable event. One - that all the records were quickly boxed up and put into Ryder trucks. The FBI does not use Ryder trucks. It has its own. Two - these two trucks were then driven aboard an unmarked C-130 aircraft. Driving the trucks aboard instead of transferring the boxes indicates there would be no official vehicles waiting at the other end of the flight to offload the cargo. Three - FBI is not known to own or operate, or lease, or need a military C-130 cargo plane. CIA does, and they are unmarked. Four - George Walker Bush's brother, Governor of Florida, was aboard the plane. Jeb Bush has no authority or purpose in an FBI raid, certainly not that portion of it involving transportation of documents. Something is very suspicious about this event. It MIGHT make sense if the flight schools were actually CIA proprietaries and/or could be traced somehow directly or indirectly to the Bush Empire of Crime In America, and that information needed to be sanitized prior to actually making records available to FBI. That Jeb Bush is personally involved is quite suggestive. 
2001 Sept. 13
A secret Presidential Order is given to allow a select Arabs to leave the country at a time when all commercial and civil aviation has been halted by Executive Order

Source (photo also): Investigative author Daniel Hopsicker,;
Tampa Tribune
The most interesting part is who, where, and how: Who is a Saudi Prince, the son of Saudi Arabia's National Defense Minister, and the son of a Saudi Army commander, and their entourage. Investigative journalist William Thomas claims this included Abdullah bin Laden, son to Osama. BBC news, on 6 Nov, claims 11 bin Laden family members are present. This makes one thing clear. On the day of 911, these Arabs were in Florida at the same time as George Walker Bush, and likely, given their "hall pass" out of the country and high-level credentials as representatives of a foreign power, had been meeting secretly with Bush about something. Perhaps it was to watch live television coverage of 911? Recall that twice, George Bush stated publicly he watched the FIRST airplane crash into the WTC LIVE AS IT HAPPENED. Where, is they flew from out from the same airport that housed the two terrorist flight training schools. How, is by a Lear Jet directly associated with CIA proprietaries and one of the flight schools where the terrorists trained
2001 Sept. 14
FBI lists all 19 hijacker names, orders Airlines not to release hijacker names

Source: Results of this author's inquiries to FBI and the airlines
Because of the speed of the release of names, and comments by FBI, it would appear that the names were taken directly from the passenger lists, with some research and adjustment for alias' which may have been used in at least some instances. They implied as much in press statements. Some curious questions arise, but media asks them not: If FBI is releasing the names, why are the airlines forbidden by FBI to release the same names or even the alias' used?  Why does the FBI refuse to answer this simple question? Inherent in the silence and the question are the implications that the names may not appear on the manifest, at all. In such a case, then, we would have to ask how it was that FBI came up with the names so quickly? It also implies that perhaps there were no hijackers on board as passengers, at all. Perhaps the hijackers gained access in some other way, such as through food delivery (which is why George Bush and one of the hijacker's simultaneous employment at Caterair is a bit suspicious.) Note this took place AFTER the Arabs had safely left America with George Bush's "hall pass" described above.  Their hall pass might really be suspicious if after "We now know it was Islamic terrorists.".
2001 Oct
US Senator demands confirmation or denial from FBI of press  disclosure that terrorists got US military Training - gets no answer

Source: Investigative author Daniel Hopsicker,
Florida's Democratic Senator, Bob Nelson has yet to receive a response from FBI on this question.  Apparantly, Nelson is not under the thumb of his Flordian Governor, Jeb Bush, or he wouldn't dare ask such questions.
2001 Oct 10
Mohammed Heikal, Egyptian journalist and former Foreign Minister questions Bush's bin Laden claims 

Source: Egyptian press
'Bin Laden does not have the capabilities for an operation of this magnitude. When I hear Bush talking about al-Qaeda as if it were Nazi Germany or the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, I laugh because I know what is there. Bin Laden has been under surveillance for years: every telephone call was monitored and al-Qaeda has been penetrated by US intelligence, Pakistani intelligence, Saudi intelligence, Egyptian intelligence. They could not have kept secret an operation that required such a degree of organization and sophistication.'  Perhaps they had help from a major intelligence agency in their efforts... such as CIA and the US military? 
2001 Nov. 4
George Walker Bush seals records of his Father's administration

Source: Cox News
In a move which violates the intent and letter of the law of the 1978 Presidential Records Act, the public is now prevented from examining the official record to see what steps taken during his Father's administration might be criminally linked to the 911 attacks, or at least to the oil industry's interests in the matter.
2001 Nov. 7
Unconfirmed reports are cited stating the National Security Administration is destroying records which could be evidence in 911

Source Investigative author Daniel Hopsicker,;, Boston Globe.
Central to the matter is Jackson Stephens. Of course, there will be no one looking into this matter... just as no one looked into Vince Foster and the other White House mysteries Stephens was involved in.  Walking between the raindrops, again... 
2001 Dec 4
Eckehardt Werthebach, former head of Germany's intelligence service, stops just short of accusing Bush directly of 911

Source: Christopher Bollyn, American Free Press, Dec 4, 2001
He strongly doubts the position of the American government as to the complicity of Osama bin Laden (alone,) stating it would have taken "years of planning" and massive resources such as only possible with "STATE ORGANIZED ACTIONS". He does not identify the state, but his hash comments could easily be taken to imply domestic state sponsored terrorism. He wisely leaves open the possibility that Islamic nations might be involved, but does not demonstrate any faith in their skills and ability to do so.
2001 Dec (approx)
The US quietly deports 200 Israeli spies arrested just prior to 911

Source: Michael Rivero <>
Very convenient if you don't want any trials where nasty questions asked or answered about what the spies were doing and why. Of course, what they were doing was spying on terrorists and their contacts in the military intelligence community, as described elsewhere in this timeline.
2001 Dec 
Bush-Baker Caspian pipeline ties confirmed

Source: Pipelineistan, Pepe Escobar. Baker AP photo
The George Bush Administration clears the last remaining obstacles and the Caspian Pipeline Consortium begins operations. This is not the Afghanisan pipleline, but runs from the Caspien to Europe, funded and promoted by many of the same players as the Afghanistan pipeline. Though one of the largest pipeline ventures in the world, it is largely ignored by media in the US. Perhaps it is because the law firm representing the Consortium (BP and many American oil company partners) in the venture is Baker-Botts, the law firm of James A. Baker, Secretary of State under President George Herbert Walker Bush, and Secretary of the Treasury under George Walker Bush. His firm has traditionally also been the law firm for the Bush family as well as Dick Cheney interests, and represented the Bush/Cheney campaign in the Florida vote count challenges. It also represents the Carlyle Group. Money from oil, money from elections, money from war... a real win-win situation all the way around. 
2002 Feb 25
Terrorist Flight Schools in Florida demonstrated to be CIA operations 

Source: Investigative author Daniel Hopsicker,;
A number of proofs are uncovered by investigative author Daniel Hopsicker which prove ties. The significance is this: Osama bin Laden, if a legitimate self-respecting terrorist, would NEVER select a training ground without investigating it thoroughly, first. ONLY IF WORKING WITH CIA FROM THE START would he send his front-line attack cell into the jaws of CIA. Further, ONLY if CIA was working with and towards the SAME GOAL as the terrorists, would they overlook their presence and not seek to uncover and thwart their plants. This is proof that 911 was DOMESTIC STATE SPONSORED TERRORISM of the Reichtags Fire variety. It is an Operation Northwoods in action. The proofs offered include: access to CIA aircraft; CIA trained pilots; co-ventures in other CIA proprietaries; proprietaries with direct ties to prior CIA operations to include drug smuggling, Iran Contra, Mena Arkansas, and thus, our key man in things that go bump in the night, Jackson Stephens, who's  seat of power is located an easy drive away from the flight training schools.
2002 Feb 25
Terrorist flight schools established as having ties to Bush family, and more
   Same plane - 3 'airlines'
Source (photo also): Investigative author Daniel Hopsicker,;, Harper's Magazine, June 25.  Jeb - AP photo
In a continuation of the above item, some of these same connections (Caribe Air and offshoot Caribe Airlines) are today controlled by a sister firm (Banc Caribe) which, in turn, is directly associated with money laundering for Osama bin Laden, and Enron, whose many offshore ventures used "Caribe" as part of their corporate naming structure. Caribe Air is also connected (by owner/operator ties) to various CIA proprietaries operating out of the nearby Charlotte County Airport (Florida) from which additional ties to the activities of Mohamed Atta were discovered. Finally, additional investment partnership ties exist to include joint interest in Florida Air (now Triple Diamond) and Discover Air. 

To these firms, can be connected Florida's Secretary of State, Katherine Harris, and, indirectly, Jeb Bush. Harris, now a Congresswoman as of the most recent election, is described frequently as "sexual partner" to Jeb Bush, and was key in removing 57,000 voters from the election fray that catapulted George Bush into the White House under questions of vote fraud. She was also co-chairwoman for the Bush campaign in Florida (where Jackson Stephens help was greatly appreciated.) No wonder whe was rewarded with a 'vote' to become a US Congresswoman.

Both Harris and Jeb Bush provided testimonies for Discover Air, and flew on the airline despite three significant problems: 1) Discover Air was not properly certified to carry passengers, and, 2) not one single ticket had been purchased,by the paying public, and 3) worse, one of their Lear Jets was earlier confiscated for drug smuggling by DEA. The confiscated plane came from the same source as planes used by Barry Seal to smuggle drugs into Mena Arkansas. This story is still developing...

2002 March 8
Mohammed Atta said to be member of Saudi Royal family - fact suppressed by American media

Source: Investigative author Daniel Hopsicker,
Hopsicker discovers foreign media is saying what American media is not, and finds an American eye witness to revelations that not only was Atta a member of the Royal family, but that while training at Huffman Aviation in Florida, he was at all times accompanied by a Saudi-state provided body guard. This would make it awfully hard for Atta to be a"legitimate" terrorist since his every action would be known subject to Saudi scrutiny and examination. The only way Atta could get away with it is if there was some conspiracy between the Saudi government (Royal family) and others (such as CIA, Bush family) to STAGE a terrorist event. In the same time frame, Atta's German connections are also traced back to US intelligence. 
2002 June 29
Florida flight training school owner nearly killed in suspicious plane crash prior to scheduled Congressional testimony

Source: Investigative author Daniel Hopsicker,;
In what many locals see as a typical CIA solution to eliminating witnesses, Arne Ktruithof, operator of one of the CIA enmeshed terrorist flight schools in Florida barely survives a mysterious crash of his own plane. Just as mysterious is why the wreckage was quickly hauled off and destroyed before the FAA and NTSB investigations could make any official determinations.  This is perhaps even more significant because, for whatever reason, Arne is the ONLY person in the flight training episode who has repeatedly and extensively been interviewed  by media. Perhaps he has said too much, or it is feared he is becomming too visible?
2002 Jul 10
The French book, bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth is released, makes "Carpet of Bombs" threat public

Source: authors Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquie


This book describes Bush administration negotiations with the Taliban for ending civil war and allowing the pipeline to through Afghanistan to Pakistani sea ports - negotiations which took place right up to the month before the 911 attacks, in which US diplomats warned the Taliban that they could choose between "a carpet of gold" or "a carpet of bombs.") Not since Al Capone have such 'generous terms' in business tactics been used. Only now, instead of machine guns brandished by hardened criminals from the underworld, it the the US military brandished by a hardened criminal from the White House.
2002, Dec 15
NY Times announce George Bush's State Department is working on establishing oil pipeline deals in Afghanistan
Colin Powell, Secretary of State is busy, again. A few days later, it will become crystal clear just how they will do it... see next two events.
2001 Dec 24
George Bush appoints Mr. HKas interim Prime Minister of the new American puppet government in Afghanistan

Source of HK materials: PBS Frontline timeline ; Afghan Information Center, BBC news
Mr. HK is non other than Hamid Karzai, the new Prime Minister of Afghanistan. This is a very fortunate post, because the road to leadership of the new Afghan "Republic" is paved with nearly a dozen assassinations of anyone who might have legitimately stood between Karzai and his CIA sponsored position of power. Strange that almost all of these assassinations were by bombs and blamed on Osama bin Laden, who ironically seems to have, by these assassinations, made it possible for CIA to have its way in the end. Karzai, former Unocal Advisor and architect of Centgas, now stands ready to implement any subsequent pipeline deals directly at the source. American Media hardly notices his CIA or oil industry past. The White House makes no mention of it, either. Oddly, Osama bin Laden no longer seems interested in assassinations in Afghanistan, now that CIA's man is installed. 
2001 Dec 31
Mr. Z is appointed as Special Envoy to Afghanistan by President Bush

Source of HK materials: PBS Frontline timeline
Afghan Information Center, BBC news
Mr. Z is non other than Zalmay Khalilzad, who now stands ready to implement subsequent oil pipeline deals directly at the source as Special Envoy - somewhat like an Ambassador's post. American Media hardly notices his CIA or oil industry past. The White House makes no mention of it, either. 
2002 Nov 23
Royal Saudi family funds traced to 911 hijackers.

Source: ABC News
This is significant if looked at from the viewpoint of CIA and Bush, now needing regional support for a war with Iraq: Threaten to expose Saudi financial ties to bin Laden with this relatively weak and questionable example... and they will roll over. They quickly did, and the issue was never raised again, media failing to ask why not.
2002 Nov 27
Henry Kissinger appointed to head independant 911 investigation.

Source: ABC News.  Photo (AP)
Only there are tremendous problems with this choice which hardly anyone in media takes note - the fix is in, Kissinger is spelled W-A-R-R-E-N and the findings will be another 'magic bullet'. The outcry is so great from the public that no amount of media inspired damage control will work. Bush recants and will later install someone elese just as bad. For details on how rigged the entire panel is, use the link, above.
Jan 2003
Israeli takes major and dangerous policy shift which is quite revealing: will sanction Mossad murders of suspected terrorists in the United States -- even to include American citizens.

Source: Richard Sale, UPI Intelligence Correspondent. Mossad cover, Ian Black, Benny Morris
This is unheard of and unprecedented, and has significant political ramifications under any circumstance. The significance is even greater, now, especially in the wake of 911 and the pre 911 ejection by the US of 200 Mossad agents who were spying on terrorists in the United States. Both of these events are clear indicators that Israel knows who and where the terrorists are, and also understands in a concrete way that they the US is not targeting them, but helping them. Thus we concretely know that there were and likely, still are members of the US military intelligence community working with terrorists in the United States. Israel has elected to defend itself.  Since Israel is being targeted by terrorists from the same organizations, as well, it must unilaterally act to protect itself, even to the point of risking political confrontation with the United States.
2002 Sept 9
CIA interrorgaters* announce that captive Omar al-Faruq confessed to being Osama bin Laden's top terrorist organizer for South East Asia, revealing many plots to assassinate officials and bomb various targets. This turns out to be a falsehood -- al-Faruq, like Ali Mohamed, is a CIA double agent, agent provocateur, and a strawman patsy.

Source: Time on line, Confessions of an al-Qaeda Terrorist. Photo (CNN)
*A deliberate misspelling - see InTERRORgation, CIA's Secret Manual
Confidential CIA documents are the basis for this Time's revelations. Given that Time Warner-AOL is a military industrial complex media outlet with very close ties to CIA, this makes sense - given it turns out to be pure disinformation intended to show CIA is doing a great job. CIA describes Faruq as 'mastermind' of SE Asian operations, but fails to mention who he really is or how he came into being. Read the rest of the story...
2002 Sept 19
The former chief of BAKIN, Jakarta's CIA counterpart, announces that Omar al Faruq was a CIA recruited operative.

Source: Tempo Interactive
A.C. Manalung indicates alFaruq's activities in Indonesia were orchestrated by CIA and a sham designed to imply Indonesia was a hotbed of terrorism and to make the US intelligence community look good to the world. The common term for this is 'strawman' or even patsy, but in this case, also involved a bit of work as agent provocateur.